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  • Sarah Engelland: Elite -> Major, NY (29/11/2016)
    American model Sarah Engelland switched from Elite to Major NY. Sarah is also with Oui Paris, Premier London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of SCMP / Benjamin Kanarek / models.com)
  • Leomie Anderson: Oui -> Premium, Paris (29/11/2016)
    British model Leomie Anderson switched from Oui to Premium Paris. Leomie is also with Fusion NY, Premier London and Monster Milan. Leomie is one of the 52 VS Angels on the Grand Palais catwalk tomorrow night in Paris. (courtesy of Nylon / Sacha Maric...
  • Marjan Jonkman: New Madison -> Women, Paris (29/11/2016)
    Dutch model Marjan Jonkman switched from New Madison to Women Paris. Marjan is also with Next NY, Premier London and MP Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Me / Zeng Wu / TFS)
  • Sophie Klock: Wilhelmina -> Premier, London (25/11/2016)
    New face Sophie Klock switched from Wilhelmina to Premier London. Sophie is also with Supreme Paris. She is currently not credited anymore on the websites of Wilhelmina NY or Women Milan... (courtesy of M Le Monde / Dario Catellani / models.com)
  • Elise Agee now also @ The Squad, London (24/11/2016)
    American model Elise Agee is now also rep by The Squad in London. Elise is already with Ford Paris+NY. (courtesy of Vogue Paris / David Sims / models.com)
  • Ali Michael: IMG -> Next, Paris (23/11/2016)
    American model Ali Michael also switched from IMG to Next in Paris... Ali recently left IMG NY, London and Milan to join Next. (Courtesy of Sixteen Journal Vol. 1 / Chadwick Tyler / TFS)
  • Nadja Giramata now also @ Marilyn, Paris (22/11/2016)
    French model Nadja Giramata is now also rep by Marilyn Paris. Nadja is already with Trump NY and Elite Milan. London ? (courtesy of ELLE UK / Mark Pillai / models.com)
  • Molly Smith: Next -> IMG Paris, NY, London and Milan (21/11/2016)
    British model Molly Smith left Next and joined IMG Paris, NY, London and Milan. (courtesy of ELLE UK / Kal Griffig / models.com)
  • Egle Tvirbutaite: Next -> Marilyn, Paris (21/11/2016)
    Lithuanian model Egle Tvirbutaite switched from Next Paris to Marilyn Paris. Egle recently switched from Next NY to Marilyn NY. (courtesy of Marie Claire France / Daniel Thomas Smith / TFS)
  • Kim Riekenberg: IMG -> Wilhelmina, NY (20/11/2016)
    German model Kim Riekenberg switched from IMG NY to Wilhelmina NY. Kim is also with Oui Paris, Premier London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Madame Figaro / Jimmy Backus / Model Management)


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