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1 juin 2022 3 01 /06 /juin /2022 21:42

This is an index of all the 2022 major model switches (and new representations) in Paris, NY, London and Milan. Latest update on: June 1, 2022


Some switches are immediate but some are only in progress with the model still with her current agency but already credited on the website of her next destination. Latest updates in RED.


Ajak Deng now also @ Supreme
Alejandra Alonso: Elite -> The Face
Alma Durand: Supreme -> Women360
Anastasia Kolganova now also  @ City
Anna Cleveland: Next -> Premium
Ansley Gulielmi: Ford -> Premium
Audrey Marnay: IMG -> Supreme
Ece Biçak: Marilyn (still on their website) -> Oui
Erin Wasson back on the website of Elite
Gabby Westbrook-Patrick: Oui -> Select
Gaia Orgeas: Premium -> IMG
Ivanka Smilenko: IMG -> Next
Jac Jagaciak: IMG -> Ford
Leila Nda: Women -> Select
Liv Walters: Ford -> Viva
Ola Rudnicka: IMG -> Next
Olga Sherer: Next -> Select
Paula Anguera: Ford -> Viva
Ruiqi Jiang: Marilyn -> Ford
Shelby Hayes: Elite -> Ford
Tessa Bruinsma: Next -> Viva
Tian Yi now also  @ GIRL
Valentine Alvarez now also @ Oui
Vika Ihnatenko: Premium -> Women360

New York
Adhel Bol: DNA -> Heroes
Alicja Tubilewicz: IMG -> Women
Alyda Grace now also @ Elite
Amrit: DNA -> The Industry
Angelica Erthal: The Society -> Women360
Bibi Abdulkadir: Muse (still on their website) -> Elite
Charlene Hogger: The Society -> The Identity

Cris Urena: NYMM -> One
Eniko Mihalik: The Society -> New York Model Mgmt
Gisele Bundchen: The Lions -> CAA Fashion
Gizele Oliveira: IMG -> The Industry
Grace Elizabeth: Next -> The Society
Hind Sahli: Official -> Muse
Hollie May Saker now also @ Muse
Irina Lazareanu back on the website of The Society
Izabel Goulart: Supreme -> Women360
Jess Maybury now also @ APM
Julia Frauche: Next -> Women360
Kai Newman: Elite -> The Society
Kristine Lindseth now also @ DNA
Leila Nda: New York Model Mgmt -> Muse
Leomie Anderson: CAA Fashion -> The Lions
Mathilde Brandi: Official -> Next
McKenna Hellam: IMG -> Kollektiv
Mini Anden: DNA -> The Model CoOp
Mona Tougaard: Next (still on their website) -> The Society
Rose Daniels: DNA -> New York Model Mgmt
Samantha Gradoville: Women -> Ford
Sara Esparza: Ford -> Elite
Sasha Luss: IMG -> The Lions
Shelby Hayes: Ford -> Muse
Sora Choi: Ford -> The Lions
Theresa Hayes now also @ Muse
Wallette Watson: Supreme -> Women360

Yilan Hua: New York Model Mgmt -> Coven Mgmt -> NYMM

Adesuwa Aighewi: Storm -> Premier
Ayobami Okekunle: IMG -> Premier
Bibi Abdulkadir: Storm -> Premier
Chane Husselmann: Viva -> Kult
Elisabeth Erm: Wilhelmina -> Linden Staub
Ella Rattigan: Storm -> Premier
Emma Balfour: Storm -> Models 1
Erin Wasson: IMG -> Elite
Faith Lynch: IMG -> Storm -> ?
Greta Hofer: Milk -> Elite
Isabel Jones: Storm -> Elite
Jasmine Daniels now also @ Linden Staub
Jess Maybury: Elite -> Milk
Jess PW: Storm -> Elite
Kai Newman: Premier -> Elite
Karlie Kloss: IMG -> Models 1
Laura Morgan: Premier -> Milk
Liv Walters: Storm -> Viva
Lou Schoof: Models 1 -> Premier
Magda Laguinge: Next -> Linden Staub
Mathilde Brandi: Models 1 -> Next
McKenna Hellam: IMG -> The Hive
Ola Rudnicka: IMG -> Next
Paula Anguera: Storm -> Viva
Ruiqi Jiang: Established (still on their website) -> The Hive
Tanya Curbanova: Viva -> M+P
Tessa Bruinsma: Next -> Viva
Theresa Hayes: ANTI -> Milk
Tian Yi now also @ The Hive
Valentine Alvarez now also @ Storm
Vaughan Ollier: Models 1 -> Kult
Willow Hand: The Hive -> Kult

Anita Pozzo: The Lab -> Women
Ayobami Okekunle: IMG -> Fabbrica
Chai Maximus now also @ Fabbrica
Dasha Khlystun: Monster -> Special
Emmy Rappe: IMG -> Elite

Erin Wasson: IMG -> Elite
Jana Julius: Select (still on their website) -> Fabbrica (currently not credited anymore)
Jazzelle Zanaughtti: D'Mgmt -> Elite
Jill Kortleve now also @ Women
Lulu Tenney now also @ Fabbrica
McKenna Hellam: IMG -> Why Not
Ola Rudnicka: IMG (still on their website) -> Next
Pasha Harulia now also @ Monster
Pyper America: IMG -> Brave
Sara Soric: Select -> Elite
Valentine Alvarez now also @ Brave
Vika Ihnatenko: Monster -> Special
Willow Hand: The Lab -> Monster



2021 Index here

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1 février 2022 2 01 /02 /février /2022 17:03

This is an index of all the 2021 major model switches (and new representations) in Paris, NY, London and Milan. Latest update on: February 1, 2022


Some switches are immediate but some are only in progress with the model still with her current agency but already credited on the website of her next destination. Latest updates in RED.


Adele Farine: Supreme -> Oui
Akiima: IMG -> Oui
Alisa Ahmann: Elite -> Marilyn
Alma Durand: Marilyn -> Supreme
Amelia Roman now also @ Select
Annie Tice: Oui -> New Madison
Ava Smith: Elite -> Select
Candice Swanepoel: IMG -> Elite
Carla Ciffoni: IMG -> Supreme
Carolin Loosen: Elite -> Titanium
Claudia Lavender: Next -> Select
Daniela Kocianova: Premium -> Supreme
Emmy Rappe: IMG -> Elite
Evie Saunders now also @ Oui
Franzi Mueller: Premium -> IMG
Frederikke Sofie: Viva -> Oui
Georgie Palmer: Supreme -> IMG
Guinevere van Seenus: Next -> Ford
Hallie Hummer now also @ Oui
Heloise Giraud: Viva -> Premium
Imari Karanja: Elite -> Next
Indira Scott: Silent -> Oui
Inguna Butane: Marilyn -> Next
Isabel Monsees: Le Bureau -> Premium
Jake Junkins: GIRL -> New Madison
Jasmine Tookes: IMG -> Elite
Jazzelle: Women360 -> Elite
Katlin Aas: Women -> Supreme
Louise Lefebure: Silent -> Viva
Luisa Bianchin: Karin -> Makers
Maggie Rizzer: Premium -> Ford
Mara Kasanpawiro: Women -> Next
Michi Delane: Premium -> New Madison
Milena Litvinovskaya: IMG -> Ford
Mona Tougaard: Elite -> Next
Paulina Frankowska now also @ Titanium
Polina Sova: The Claw -> New Madison
Saffron Vadher: Elite -> Viva
Samantha Gradoville: IMG -> Women
Sofia Mechetner: Viva -> Select
Varsha Thapa: Makers -> Elite
Thialda Bok: Silent -> Makers

New York
Adrienne Jüliger now also @ Heroes
Akiima: IMG -> Heroes
Akon Changkou: New York Model Mgmt -> Elite
Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov: The Society -> Kollektiv
Alina Baikova: Next -> Women360
Aline Weber: New York Model Mgmt -> Muse
Alisa Ahmann: The Society -> Identity
Amandine Pouilly: The Identity -> Heroes
Amber Valletta: IMG -> The Society
Amber Witcomb now also @ Muse
Anais Pouliot: NYMM -> Women360
Anastasia Kolganova: Official -> Ford
Anya Lyagoshina now also  @ Marilyn
Aylah Peterson now also @ Elite
Bar Refaeli: Elite -> One
Bekah Jenkins: Wilhelmina -> Ford
Claudia Lavender: Next -> Official
Constanze Saemann: The Lions -> Women
Cris Urena: The Society -> New York Model Mgmt
Dana Drori : Women360 -> Elite
Daphne Groeneveld: Elite -> The Lions
Darya Kostenich: One -> Wilhelmina
Eftagine Fevilien: Elite -> New York Model Mgmt
Elsa Hosk: CAA Fashion -> IMG
Elza Matiz now also @ Marilyn
Emmy Rappe: IMG -> Women
Eva Herzigova: DNA (still on their website) -> The Lions
Evie Saunders now also  @ Elite
Filippa Hamilton: Next -> Marilyn
Gabby Westbrook: The Lions -> Elite
Gemma Francis-Burnett: New York Model Mgmt -> Coven Mgmt
Georgia May Jagger: IMG -> CAA
Gisele Bündchen: IMG -> The Lions (currently not credited anymore on their website)
Grace Valentine: New York Model Mgmt -> Heroes
Heather Marks now also @ IMG
Helena Christensen: One -> Women
Hilary Rhoda: IMG -> Ford
Hind Sahli now also @ Official
Imari Karanja: IMG -> Next
Irina Kravchenko: Women -> Muse
Jac Jagaciak: IMG -> DNA
Jade Nguyen now also @ The Society
Jasmine Daniels: The Industry -> Ford
Joanna Tatarka now also @ One
Josie Canseco: Next -> Elite
Kaja Wojakowska now also @ Ford
Karen Elson: IMG -> CAA Fashion
Katlin Aas: Women -> Supreme

Karlie Kloss: IMG -> The Society
Kayako Higuchi: NYMM -> The Society

Keke Lindgard: Women -> Elite
Kelly Gale: Ford -> NEW
Laiza de Moura now also  @ Elite
Laura Morgan: Marilyn -> The Management NYC
Lea Julian: The Society -> Ford
Leila Goldkuhl: Next -> Marilyn
Lola Nicon now also  @ DNA
Loli Bahia now also @ Women
Londone Myers: Ford -> Heroes
Louise de Chevigny: DNA -> Elite
Maria Miguel: Next -> DNA
Maria Zakrzewska: One -> New York Model Mgmt
Marike Le Roux now also @ State
Maryel Sousa: Women -> Ford
Michelle Gutknecht: The Lions -> Ford
Milla Jovovich: The Society -> IMG
Missy Rayder: One -> Supreme
Mona Tougaard: The Society -> Next
Naomi Campbell: DNA -> Women
Nastya/Nanna Abramova: Wilhelmina -> New York Model Mgmt
Neelam Gill: Next -> CAA
Nicole Pollard: The Lions -> Women360
Nour Rizk now also @ The Lions
Paige Reifler: The Lions -> Women
Pyper America: IMG -> Fusion
Roos Abels: Fusion -> The Industry
Saara Sihvonen: Fusion -> The Identity
Samantha Archibald: Marilyn -> Elite
Sculy Mejia now also @ IMG
Shalom Harlow: The Lions -> IMG
Shanina Shaik: IMG -> The Lions
Shannan Click: Women -> Elite
Simona Kust now also  @ The Lions
Sofia Mechetner now also @ One
Sohyun Jung: One -> Elite
Steinberg: Ford -> The Lions
Stella Maxwell: The Lions -> IMG -> The Lions
Suzanne Diaz: Next -> Women360
Tasha Tilberg: Marilyn -> The Management NYC
Tianna St. Louis: New York Model Mgmt (still on their website) -> Coven Mgmt
Tori Praver: One -> Ford
Vasilisa: Muse -> Ford
Vaughan Ollier: APM -> Elite
Vlada Roslyakova: Women -> Women360
Willow Hand: Supreme -> Elite
Yilan Hua: New York Model Mgmt -> Coven Mgmt

Ajak Deng: Milk -> iDAL
Alana Zimmer: Elite -> Kult
Alejandra Alonso now also @ Kult
Anna Cleveland: Next -> The Squad
Anna Jagodzinska: Elite -> Kult
Ansley Gulielmi: Storm -> Premier
Antonia Wesseloh: Models 1 -> Linden Staub
Ariel Nicholson now also @ Premier 
Bridget Malcolm: Elite -> Kult
Britt Oosten now also  @ Milk
Carolin Loosen now @ Titanium
Caroline Knudsen: The Hive -> Next
Caroline Winberg now also @ Storm
Claudia Lavender: Next -> Select
Devon Windsor: IMG -> Next
Dipti Sharma: Premer -> The Hive
Fran Summers: Storm -> Elite
Gem Refoufi: Present -> iDAL -> Present
Georgia Palmer: IMG -> KMA
Gisele Norman: Storm -> Premier
Hayett McCarthy: IMG -> Tess
Heidi Mount now also @ iDAL
Iana Godnia: Premier -> The Hive
Ida Heiner now also @ Premier
Imari Karanja: IMG -> Next
Irina Shayk: Select -> Models 1
Jazzelle: Storm -> Elite
Jeisa Chiminazzo now also @ PRM
Juliana Schurig: Elite -> Kult

Kasper Kapica: M+P -> Storm
Kremi Otashliyska: Elite -> Kult
Kristen McMenamy back at Models 1
Lauren de Graaf: Elite -> Kult
Lily Cole: Storm -> IMG
Lina Hoss: Next -> Linden Staub
Lisa Cant now also @ Milk
Liza Ostanina: Next -> Milk
Londone Myers: Storm -> Premier
Lorelle Rayner: Established -> Elite
Lorena Maraschi: Next -> Kult
Louise Lefebure: Select -> Viva
Maartje Verhoef: Select -> Next
Madisin Rian now also @ Kult
Madison Stubbington now also @ Kult
Mae Lapres: Milk -> The Squad
Mao Xiaoxing now also @ Storm
Mara Kasanpawiro: Premier -> Next
Matilda Lowther: The Squad -> Chapter
Matilde Buoso: Storm -> Models 1
Merilin Perli: Elite -> iDAL
Missy Rayder: Premier -> Models 1
Mona Tougaard: Elite -> Next
Nyasha Mantonhodze: Titanium -> Models 1
Rachel Marx: Established -> Premier
Saffron Vadher: Elite -> Viva
Samantha Gradoville: IMG -> Elite
Sija Jure: Premier -> iDAL
Sophia Friesen: Next -> Established
Taja Feistner: Premier -> Storm
Valerie Scherzinger now also  @ The Squad
Vanessa Moody: Storm -> Models 1
Varsha Thapa: Premier -> Models 1

Ana Barbosa: The Lab -> Monster
Anna Jagodzinska: Elite -> Monster
Britt Oosten now also @ Monster
Cami You-Ten: Why Not -> Brave
Carla Ciffoni: IMG -> Monster
Chloe Oh now also @ Monster
Claudia Lavender: Next -> Women Direct
Daphne Groeneveld: Women -> Monster£
Deidre Firinne now also  @ Why Not
Elisabeth Erm: D'Mgmt -> Women Direct
Estelle Chen: Elite -> Fabbrica
Giselle Norman now also  @ Fabbrica
Hayett McCarthy: IMG -> D'Mgmt
Imari Karanja: IMG -> Next
Joanna Tatarka: The Lab (stil on their website) -> D'Mgmt

Klara Kristin now also @ Elite
Lily Cole: D'Mgmt -> IMG
Liza Ostanina: Wave -> Fabbrica
Madisin Rian: Women Direct -> Fashion
Madison Stubbington now also @ Wave/The Wall
Maeva Marshall: Why Not -> Monster
Marie-Sophie Wilson now also @ Women Direct
Michi Delane: Monster -> Why Not
Mona Tougaard: Elite -> Next
Naomi Campbell: D'Mgmt -> Women
Nour Rizk now also  @ Fabbrica
Patricia van der Vliet: Elite -> Fabbrica
Primrose Archer: Fabbrica -> Select
Samantha Gradoville: IMG -> Monster
Sara van der Hoek now also  @ Why Not
Soo Joo Park: Monster -> IMG

Stella Maxwell now also @ IMG
Vivienne Rohner: Elite -> Monster



2020 Index here

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1 janvier 2021 5 01 /01 /janvier /2021 14:23

This is an index of all the 2020 major model switches (and new representations) in Paris, NY, London and Milan. Latest update on: February 1, 2021


Some switches are immediate but some are only in progress with the model still with her current agency but already credited on the website of her next destination. Latest updates in RED.


Adele Farine: GIRL -> Supreme
Ai Tominaga now @ IMG
Aivita Muze: IMG -> Viva
Alex Binaris: Elite -> Ford
Alma Durand: Oui -> Marilyn
Amber Valletta: IMG -> Women
Anna Barbosa now also @ Titanium
Antonia Wesseloh: Elite -> Marilyn
Arizona Muse: Viva -> Oui

Assa Baradji: COVER -> Oui
Aya Jones: Oui -> Elite
Bo Gebruers: Marilyn -> The Claw
Bridget Malcolm: Elite -> Ford

Cara Taylor: Oui -> Next
Chiara Mazzoleni now also @ Le Bureau
Dafne Cejas: Elite -> The Claw
Debra shaw: Makers (Metropolitan) -> Oui
Effie Steinberg now also @ Oui
Elien Swalens now also @ The Claw
Elsemarie Riis now also @ Oui

Elza Matiz: Marilyn -> Metropolitan
Flaviana Matata: Next -> Premium
Herieth Paul: Women -> Select
Irina Guarenas: GIRL -> Oui
Isis Bataglia: Metroplitan -> Premium
Jessica Burley: Elite -> Titanium
Jessica Fennix now also @ Select

Jill Kortleve now also  @ Women
Joan Smalls: IMG -> Women
Julia Cumming: Marilyn -> Supreme
Julie Ordon: Marilyn -> Karin

Kasia Jujeczka: Metropolitan -> Le Bureau
Kasia Struss: Women -> Next
Katya "Kid" Plotnikova now alo @ Marilyn
Kim Schell: Elite -> Viva
Lara Stone: IMG -> Elite
Lea Julian: Elite -> Ford (she is currently not credited anymore on their website)

Liza Ostanina: Next -> Le Bureau
Lulu Tenney now also @ Ford
Maartje Verhoef: Women -> Oui
Maggie Jablonski: Marilyn -> Titanium
Mariana Santana now also  @ Premium
Mariana Zaragoza now: IMG -> Titanium
Maryel Sousa: Elite -> Premium
Melissa Stasiuk: Next -> The Claw
Mia Brammer: Marilyn -> Women
Nadja Giramata: Marilyn -> Titanium

Naomi Chin Wing: IMG -> Oui
Natalie Ludwig: Silent -> Elite
Raica Oliveira: Oui -> Premium
Sara Soric: Ford -> Select
Sasha Knysh: Women360 -> Premium
Sedona Legge: Next -> Women360
Taja Feistner: Oui -> Premium
Vaquel Tyies: Makers -> Silent
Veronika Kunz now also @ Viva
Victoria Lee: Viva -> Oui

New York
Agnes Nieske Abma: One -> New York Model Mgmt
Agyness Deyn: The Lions -> Ford
Aleece Wilson: Elite -> One
Alek Alexeyeva: Supreme -> Official
Alessandra Ambrosio: IMG -> CAA
Alice Metza: The Society -> VNY
Aliet Sarah: Ford -> Elite
Alla Kostromichova: NYMM -> One
Amar Akway: Ford -> DNA
Amira Pinheiro: Women360 -> Elite
Amrit now also @ DNA
Angel Rutledge: The Lions -> One
Anna Selezneva: Women -> Elite
Anna Speckhart: The Society -> Women360
Aqua Parios: Heroes -> Women360
Aube Jolicoeur: Next -> The Lions
Austria Ulloa: One -> NYMM
Ava Smith: The Lions -> Women360
Aweng Ade-Chuol: State -> IMG
Bara Holotova: Women360 -> Elite
Bente Oort: Ford -> DNA
Berit Heitmann: Ford -> The Society
Bianca Balti: Women -> Wilhelmina
Bo Gebruers now also @ Marilyn
Bridget Malcom: Ford -> Women
Cai Lee: Wilhelmina -> Women360
Candice Swanepoel now also @ The Lions
Carissa Pinkston now also @ VNY 
Caroline Neal: Wilhelmina -> Red
Caroline Trentini: Ford -> The Society
Cayley King: The Lions -> Elite
Chiara Mazzoleni now also @ Marilyn
Chiharu Okunigi: Ford -> The Society
Christina Kruse: The Lions -> Ford
Chrystal Copland: Fenton -> New Icon
Cintia Dicker: Ford -> Women
Claudia Schiffer now also  @ CAA
Cora Emmanuel: Ford -> The Society
Danielle Herrington: Women360 -> Elite
Delilah Koch: The Lions -> Ford
Dilone: DNA -> CAA
Dipti Sharma: Elite -> Kollektiv
Dorota Kullova: Supreme -> Elite
Duckie Thot: New York Model Mgmt -> CAA
Elisa Sednaoui: IMG -> Women
Elisabeth Erm: Wilhelmina -> Official 
Eliza Kallmann: Women -> Elite
Elsa Hosk: IMG -> CAA
Elsemarie Riis now also @ DNA
Emanuela de Paula: Ford -> Women
Emm Arruda: Women -> Elite
Evie Harris now also @ DNA
Fatou Jobe: State -> New York Model Mgmt
Fran Summers: Ford -> The Society
Georgia Palmer: Ford -> IMG
Giselle Norman: Women -> Elite
Grace Bol: The Lions -> Ford
Heidi Mount: One -> Q
Irina Kulikova: IMG -> One
Isabella Emmack: DNA -> Supreme
Iselin Steiro: Women -> Elite
Janaye Furman: The Lions -> Ford
Jasmine Tookes: IMG -> The Lions
Jia Li Zhao: Ford -> The Society
Jourdana Phillips: Supreme -> Elite
Kat Carter now also @ Women
Kate King: Fusion -> Wilhelmina
Kate Upton: The Lions -> CAA
Katya Plotnikova: Muse -> Official
Katya Riabinkina: One -> Official
Kenza Fourati: One -> Wilhelmina
Kirsten Owen: The Lions -> Ford
Kitty Hayes: Next -> Women
Kremi Otashliyska now also @ New York Model Mgmt
Kristen McMenamy: The Lions -> Ford
Lara Stone: IMG -> The Lions
Leomie Anderson: Fusion -> CAA
Liisa Winkler: One -> New York Model  Mgmt
Lily Stewart: The Lions -> DNA
Linda Vojtova: One -> Women360
Londone Myers: The Lions -> Ford
Luma Grothe: Women -> The Society
Madisin Rian: Supreme -> Elite
Madison Stubbington: Muse -> New Icon
Mae Lapres: One -> Women
Maggie Jablonski: Marilyn -> Muse
Maggie Rizzer: The Lions -> Ford
Manon Leloup: Wilhelmina -> Supreme
Mariana Zaragoza: IMG -> Fusion
Marsella Rea: The Lions -> Ford
Maryel Sousa: The Society -> Women
Maxima Cortina: The Lions -> Ford
Michi Delane: The Industry -> Kollektiv
Mina Cvetkovic: Women -> Elite
Mirte Maas: Women -> Elite
Nadja Bender now also @ Heroes
Naomi Chin Wing: IMG -> Elite
Noemie Lenoir now also  @ Muse
Nyasha Matonhodze now also @ Women
Olesya Ivanischcheva: Official -> New York Model Mgmt
Olivia Forte: The Lions -> Heroes
Ondria Hardin now also @ Heroes
Pixie Geldof now also @ Women
Pritika Swarup now also @ IMG
Roosmarijn de Kok: Women -> New York Model Mgmt
Samantha Ellsworth: Supreme -> One
Samantha Gradoville: IMG -> Women
Sanne Vloet: NYMM -> Heroes
Sara Esparza: The Lions -> Ford
Sasha Melnychuk: One -> Wilhelmina
Serena Marques: One -> Wilhelmina
Shanelle Nyasiase: Women -> Elite
Shelby Hayes: The Lions -> Ford
Sky Ferreira: Heroes -> Women
Skylar Tartz: Elite -> Kollektiv
Soo Joo Park: Women -> Elite
Sophia Ahrens: DNA -> Elite
Sophie Koella: Heroes -> DNA
Steffi Cook: NYMM -> The Identity
Sunghee Kim: Women -> Elite
Taja Feistner: Muse -> Ford
Teddy Quinlivan: Women -> Supreme
Tess McMilan: Muse -> IMG
Thairine Garcia now also @ Women
Theresa Hayes: Ford -> The Lions
Ubah Hassan: Supreme -> Women360
Vita Sidorkina: IMG -> Elite
Wallette Watson: Q -> Supreme
Yumi Lambert: IMG -> Women


Aivita Muze: IMG -> Viva
Alena Blohm: Storm -> Premier
Anabela Belikava now also @ Premier
Bo Gebruers now also @ Wilhelmina
Cara Taylor: The Squad -> Next
Carla Ciffoni: IMG -> The Squad
Chiara Mazzoleni now also @ Present
Coco Rocha: Models 1 -> Elite
Duckie Thot: Elite -> Tess
Effie Steinberg now also @ The Hive
Ellen Rosa: Viva -> Premier
Elien Swalens: The Squad -> Elite
Emma Champtaloup now also @ Elite
Florence Hutchings now also @ The Hive
Hailey Clauson: Premier -> The Squad
Herieth Paul: Elite -> The Squad
Hilal Ata: Tess -> The Squad
Indira Scott: Anti -> Premier
Irene Guarenas: Storm -> The Squad
Issa Lish: The Squad -> Next
Jessica Burley: Elite -> Titanium
Jessica Fennix now also @ Established
Kim Schell: Elite -> Viva
Lara Stone: IMG -> Models 1
Lary Müller: The Hive -> Wilhelmina
Leila Nda: Models 1 -> Premier
Londone Myers: Select -> Storm

Lulu Tenney now also @ Next
Mariana Zaragoza: IMG -> Titanium
Marina Nery: Elite -> Select
Misha Hart: Elite -> Wilhelmina
Naomi Chin Wing: IMG -> M+P
Ophélie Guillermand: Storm -> Models 1
Rebecca Longendyke: Storm -> Models 1
Rebeca Marcos: Models 1 -> Storm
Riley Montana: Next -> IMG
Sasha Knysh: M+P -> Models 1
Shanelle Nyasiase: Storm -> Select
Simone Carvalho now also  @ Wilhelmina
Sohyun Jung: Wilhelmina -> Select
Songhwa Oh: Storm -> The Squad
Theresa Hayes now also @ Anti
Vaughan Ollier now also @ Models 1
Zlata Semenko: Established -> Linden Staub

Adele Farine now also  @ Monster
Ala Sekula: IMG -> Women
Amber Valletta: IMG -> Women
Anastasia Ivanova: Monster -> The Lab
Anniek Kortleve: Monster -> Wonderwall
Antonia Wesseloh: Monster -> Fashion
Asia Piwka: Elite -> Monster
Cam Kerekes now also @ D'Mgmt
Carola Remer: Why Not -> The Lab
Charlotte Wiggins: Women -> Select
Corinna Ingenleuf: Elite -> The Lab
Daria Strokous now also @ Monster
Effie Steinberg now also  @ Special
Elien Swalens: D'Mgmt -> Elite
Eliza Cummings: Women -> Select
Ellen de Weer: Why Not -> D'Mgmt
Evie Harris now also  @ Monster
Fatou Jobe: Monster -> Special
Ilona Desmet: Monster -> Women
Issa Lish: Women -> Next
Jacquelyn Jablonski now also @ Elite
Kat Carter now also @ Women
Leomie Anderson: Monster -> D'Mgmt
Liza Ostanina: Next -> Wave
Louise Robert now also @ The Fabbrica
Lululeika Ravn Liep: Women -> Select
Madeleine Fischer now also  @ Women
Mariana Santana: Monter -> Why Not
Marina Nery now also @ Fashion
Marlijn Hoek: Next -> Monster
Melissa Tammerijn: Women -> Fashion
Naomi Chin Wing: IMG -> Monster
Olivia Anakwe: Select -> D'Mgmt
Rebeca Marcos now also @ D'Mgmt
Remington Williams now also @ The Fabbrica
Sabina Lobova: Why Not -> The Fabbrica
Sam Rollinson: Women -> Select
Sveta Black: Special -> Wonderwall
Tilda Jonsson: Wave -> Brave
Willow Hand: Monster -> The Lab




2019 Index here

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1 janvier 2019 2 01 /01 /janvier /2019 10:12

This is an index of all the 2018 major model switches (and new representations) in Paris, NY, London and Milan. Latest update on: February 1, 2019


Some switches are immediate but some are only in progress with the model still with her current agency but already credited on the website of her next destination. Latest updates in RED.


Abby Hendershot: Viva -> Marilyn
Adele Taska now also @ Elite
Adesuwa Aighewi: Oui -> Elite
Alena Blohm: Oui -> Ford
Alexandra Micu: Elite -> Ford
Aliz Menyhert: Viva -> Mademoiselle

Amelia Rami: MP -> New Madison
Andie Arthur: IMG -> Marilyn
Andreja Pejic: Elite -> Ford

Antonina Petkovic: Elite -> Next
Arizona Muse: Next -> Viva
Astrid Holler: IMG -> Silent

Beegee Margenyte: Oui -> Marilyn
Behati Prinsloo: Elite -> Women
Bo Don: Next -> The Face
Carola Remer: Premium -> Marilyn
Caroline Trentini: Elite -> Ford
Chiara Hovland: M -> Ford

Clarence Haaster: Oui -> Silent
Corinna Ingenleuf: Metropolitan -> GIRL
Daiane Conterato: Elite -> Marilyn
Daisy Cvitkovic: New Madison -> Oui -> Elite
Dana Drori: Elite -> Premium
Dasha Khlystun: Silent -> IMG

Dolores Doll: Marilyn -> Women
Edwina Preston: The Face -> Premium
Esti van Balen: Oui -> Premium
Fatou Jobe: Silent -> Oui

Franzi Mueller: IMG -> Premium
Gem Refoufi: IMG -> New Madison
Guinevere van Seenus: Elite -> Next

Hana Jirickova: IMG -> Silent
Hannah Claverie: Ford -> Oui

Hannah Elyse: Oui -> Premium
Hannah Motler now also @ Ford
Inguna Butane: Premium -> Marilyn

Irina Shayk: Oui -> Elite
Isabeli Fontana: Next -> Women
Jana Julius: Supreme -> Ford
Jay Wright: Next -> MP

Jazzelle Zanaughtti now also @ Women
Jeisa Chiminazzo: IMG -> Marilyn
Johanna Defant: Elite -> Oui
Juju Ivanyuk: Marilyn -> Oui
Juliet Ingleby: IMG -> Ford
Kelly Gale: Elite -> Ford
Kris Grikaite: Marilyn -> Ford
Laiqah Omar: Ford -> Viva
Lais Ribeiro: Supreme -> Women
Lea Holzfuss: Marilyn -> Elite
Lexi Boling: IMG -> Oui
Lieke van Outen: Marilyn -> Ford
Liene Podina: MP -> Supreme
Linda Helena: IMG -> Oui
Louise Pedersen: Women -> Marilyn
Luisa Bianchin now also @ Karin
Luisana Gonzalez: Elite -> Next
Mackenzie Hamilton: Viva -> Premium

Maddie Kulicka: Elite -> New Madison
Mae Lapres: Marilyn-> New Madison
Maeva Giani: The Claw -> Oui
Malgosia Bela: ZZO/Elite -> Viva
Marie-Ange Casta: Marilyn -> Women
Marike Le Roux: Marilyn -> Women
Mathilde Henning now also  @ Women

Matilde Buoso: New Madison -> Oui -> Elite
Missy Rayder: Marilyn -> Oui
Monika Sawicka: Ford -> Premium
Nicole Atieno: Supreme -> MP
Noemie Lenoir: IMG -> Next

Ola Rudnicka: Next -> IMG
Pamela Bernier: Oui -> Premium
Pauline Hoarau: Elite -> Next
Pauline van der Cruysse: Silent -> Premium
Pooja Mor: Premium -> Viva
Pritika Swarup: Women -> Premium
Rachel Roberts: Next -> Karin
Radhika Nair: Marilyn -> Ford
Remington Williams now also @ Silent
Rina Fukushi: New Madison -> Women
Rose Valentine: GIRL -> Oui

Sabina Lobova: Elite -> Oui
Sanne Vloet: Viva -> Oui
Sarah Abney: Supreme -> Women Stage
Shelby Hayes: Oui -> Elite
Sigrid Agren: Elite -> Ford
Snejana Onopka: Next -> The Face

Sojourner Morrell: IMG -> MP
Sora Choi: Marilyn -> Ford
Suzi Leenaars now also @ GIRL
Sveta Black: Silent -> Oui
Vlada Roslyakova: Women -> Premium

New York
Abby Hendershot: DNA -> Marilyn
Adesuwa Aighewi: Silent -> The Society
Agnes Abma: Supreme -> One
Agnes Sokolowska: Major-> Silent
Alexandra Hochguertel: The Society -> Women/360
Alexandra Micu: The Society -> Ford
Aline Weber: IMG -> NYMM
Allie Barrett: Re:Quest -> Muse -> JAG
Allie Lewis: IMG -> NYMM
Amanda Norgaard: IMG -> Silent
Amber Anderson: Next -> NYMM
Amy Wesson now @ NYMM
Anabela Belikava: IMG -> Supreme ->  One
Anais Pouliot: The Society -> NYMM
Anastasia Chekry: Wilhelmina -> Silent
Anastasia Lagune: MC2 -> Women/360
Andie Arthur: IMG -> Marilyn
Anmari Botha: Ford -> Muse
Ansolet Rossouw now also @ The Society
Antonina Vasylchenko: IMG -> The Identity
Arizona Muse: Next -> DNA
Ava McAvoy now also @ One
Bente Oort now also @ Ford
Bridget Malcolm: The Society -> Ford
Cara Taylor: Silent -> Next
Caroline Corinth now also @ Marilyn
Cayley King: IMG -> The Lions
Cecilia Chancellor: Muse -> The Model CoOp
Chiharu Okunugi: NYMM -> Ford
Claudia Mason: Trump -> The Model CoOp
Daiane Conterato: The Society -> Marilyn
Dalianah Arekion: Next -> NYMM
Daniela de Jesus: Major (still on their website) -> NYMM
Daniela Pestova: Trump -> The Model CoOp
Danielle Zinaich: IMG -> The Lions
Darya Kostenich: Muse -> One
Edwina Preston now also @ NYMM
Ella Richards: Supreme -> NYMM
Ella Wennström: Next -> Muse
Elyse Taylor: IMG -> Supreme
Estella Boersma: DNA -> Elite
Estelle Chen: The Society -> Ford
Esther de Jong: Trump -> The Model CoOp
Eugenia Silva: Trump -> The Model CoOp
Fanny François now also  @ The Identity
Fatima Siad: One -> NYMM Direct
Flavia Lucini: The Lions -> Marilyn
Freja Beha Erichsen: IMG -> DNA
Freya Lawrence now also  @ NYMM
Gabrielle Rul: Silent -> Heroes
Hailey Clauson: Women -> Ford
Hannah Elyse: The Lions -> Silent -> Fusion
Hannelore Knuts: Trump -> The Model CoOp
Hartje Andersen: ANTI -> ANTHM
Heather Marks: Women -> Women/360
Heloise Giraud: DNA -> Wilhelmina
Hye Park: Trump -> The Model CoOp
Iris Landstra: Supreme -> Wilhelmina
Jamily Meurer: Major (still on their website) -> Fusion
Juju Ivanyuk: Marilyn -> Muse
Jules Mordovets: Re:Quest -> One.1
Julia Cumming: Marilyn -> Wilhelmina
Julia Merkelbach now also @ The Society
Juliana Schurig: DNA -> Ford
Kamila Hansen: The Society -> IMG
Kate Bock: Elite -> The Society
Katya Riabinkina: Marilyn -> One
Kid Plotnikova: Women -> Muse
Kiki Willems: IMG -> DNA
Kris Grikaite: DNA -> Ford
Leila Nda: Elite -> NYMM

Leilani Bishop now @ The Model CoOp
Lexi Boling: IMG -> Heroes
Li Xio Xing: Women -> Women/360

Lina Zhang back on the website of Fusion
Linda Helena: IMG -> DNA
Lisa Cant: Trump -> The Model CoOp
Liya Kebede: IMG -> DNA
Loane Normand now also  @ The Society
Lorelle Rayner: Wilhelmina -> Heroes
Louise Pedersen: Women -> Marilyn
Luna Mira Alldinger now also @ Silent
Mackenzie Drazan back on the website of The Society

Mae Lapres: Marilyn -> One
Mae Telkamp now also @ Wilhelmina
Malgosia Bela: The Society -> DNA
Marcelina Sowa: One -> Elite (Women division)
Marihenny Rivera Pasible: NYMM -> Women/360
Marina Nery: IMG -> One
Mathilde Henning now also @ Women
Maud Le Fort: ANTI -> ANTHM
Michi Delane: Elite -> The Industry
Ming Xi: The Society -> The Lions
Mira Alldinger: Silent -> One 
Missy Rayder: Marilyn (sill on their website) -> One
Nicole Atieno: Wilhelmina -> Muse
Pamela Bernier: Women/360 -> One.1
Pamela Elsesser: Muse -> IMG
Peyton Knight: IMG -> NYMM
Phillipa Hemphrey: The Lions -> The Industry
Pritika Swarup: Women/360 -> Marilyn (currently not credited anymore)
Rachel Marx now also @ Women
Robyn Lawley: Wilhelmina -> Muse
Roosmarijn de Kok: Wilhelmina -> Women
Rose Bertram: IMG -> One
Rose Smith: Muse -> Marilyn

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley back on the website of IMG
Rozanne Verduin: Supreme -> Women
Shanelle Nyasiase: Red -> Women
Shirley Mallmann: ANTI -> The Model CoOp
Signe Veiteberg now also @ DNA
Skye: Elite -> JAG
Sophie Touchet: The Society -> Muse
Stephanie Hall: Supreme -> Silent
Stephanie Joy Field: Next -> NYMM
Tami Williams: Elite -> The Society
Tatjana Patitz: NYMM -> The Model CoOp
Valeria Dmitrienko: Muse -> One.1
Veronika Vilim: Wilhelmina -> The Lions
Yasmin Le Bon: Trump -> The Model CoOp
Valerija Sestic: Elite -> Muse
Vanessa Lorenzo: IMG -> The Model CoOp
Vanusa Savaris: NYMM Direct -> Next Direct
Veranika Antsipava: Muse -> One
Veronika Kunz now also @ The Society
Victoria Schons: Wilhemina -> Silent 
Winnie  Harlow now also  @ Women
Zen Sevastyanova: ANTI -> ANTHM

Abby Hendershot: Viva -> Select
Aira Ferreira: Premier -> Elite
Alewya Demmisse: Storm -> The Squad
Alex Binaris: Elite -> Titanium
Alexandra Micu: Elite -> Titanium
Aliz Menyhert: Viva -> The Squad
Alma Durand: Premier -> Milk
Andie Arthur: IMG -> M+P
Anna Brewster: Next -> The Hive
Antonina Petkovic: Elite -> Next
Antonia Wesseloh: Elite -> Models 1
Arizona Muse: Next -> Viva
Assa Baradji now also @ Premier
Cam Kerekes: Select -> Established
Camille Hurel: Select -> The Squad
Catherine McNeil: Tess -> Elite
Coco Rocha: IMG -> Models 1
Coline Leclere now also @ Wilhelmina
Daniela Kocianova: Nevs -> The Squad
Dasha Khlystun: Storm -> IMG
Ebonee Davis now also @ Select
Elodia Prieto now also @ Milk
Emm Arruda: Premier -> The Squad
Eva Berzina: Storm -> Wilhelmina
Eva Dolezalova: Tess -> Nevs
Flavia Lucini now also @ Premier
Georgia Howorth: Viva -> Next
Gertrud Hegelund now also @ The Squad
Gisele Fox now also @ Select
Hanna Halvorsen now also @ Premier
Ilvie Wittek: Viva -> Linden Staub
Imade Ogbewi: D1 (still on their website) -> Premier
Jamie Bochert: Premier -> Kate Moss Agency
Jamily Meurer: Wilhelmina -> Established
Jay Wright: Next -> The Squad
Jeneil Williams: Premier -> IMG
Johanna Defant: Elite -> The Squad
Julia Frauche: Next -> Elite
Juliet Ingleby now also @ The Hive
Katie Moore: Elite -> Established
Kim Riekenberg: Premier -> The Hive
Kinga Rajzak: Elite -> Titanium
Laiqah Omar now also @ Viva
Leah Rödl: The Hive -> Premier
Lexi Boling: IMG -> The Squad
Lieke van Outen: Models 1 -> Premier
Linda Helena: IMG -> Premier
Line Brems: Models 1 -> Next
Lorelle Rayner: Select -> Established
Liya Kebede: IMG -> Viva
Maggie Jablonski: Elite -> Titanium
Malgosia Bela: Next -> Viva
Marine van Outryve: The Hive -> Wilhelmina
Megan Williams: Storm -> Select
Meghan Roche now also @ Storm
Michelle McCallum: Storm -> The Hive
Michelle Gutknecht now also @ Select
Milla Jovovich back on the website of IMG
Mina Cvetkovic: Premier -> Elite
Missy Rayder: The Hive -> Premier
Monika Sawicka: Storm -> Established
Nadja Giramata: Elite -> Titanium
Nova Orchid: IMG -> Premier
Ola Rudnicka: Next -> IMG
Olivia Forte now also  @ The Hive
Pamela Elsesser now also @ IMG
Paulina Frankowska: The Hive -> Titanium
Pauline Hoarau: Elite -> The Squad
Polina Kuklina now also @ Present
Pritika Swarup: Storm -> Select
Queeny van der Zande: Tess -> Anti-Agency
Roosmarijn de Kok: Wilhelmina -> Elite
Sanne Vloet: Viva -> Elite
Sarah Brannon: Storm -> Premier
Sarah Dahl now also @ Premier
Sera Mann: Elite -> The Hive

Shanelle Nyasiase now also @ Storm
Shlomit Malka: Elite -> Titanium
Signe Veiteberg now also @ Viva
Steph Smith: Premier -> Storm
Taja Feistner: Models 1 -> Premier
Willow Hand: Premier -> The Hive

Alejandra Alonso: D'Mgmt -> Monster
Alexina Graham: D'Mgmt -> Women
Amelia Rami: MP -> Why Not
Amy Wesson now also @ Why Not
Anabela Belikava: IMG -> Monster
Andie Arthur: IMG -> The Fabbrica
Anouk de Heer: Next -> Elite
Antonina Petkovic: Elite -> Next
Antonina Vasylchenko: Why Not -> Monster
Assa Baradji now also @ Special
Astrid Holler: IMG -> Why Not
Becca Horn: Why Not -> Monster
Camille Hurel: Elite -> Women
Chiara Baschetti: Elite -> Women Direct
Coline Leclere now also @ The Fabbrica
Dafne Cejas: Why Not -> The Lab
Daiane Sodre: Brave -> The Lab
Dolorès Doll: Special -> D'Mgmt
Edwina Preston now also @ Monster
Eliza Fairbanks: Why Not -> D'Mgmt
Fatou Jobe now also @ Monster
Freya Lawrence now also  @ Monster
Gem Refoufi now also @ Why Not
Gertrud Hegelund now also @ Women Direct
Guinevere van Seenus: Women -> Next
Hailey Clauson: Women -> Why Not
Hanna Halvorsen now also @ Monster
Harleth Kuusik: Elite (still on their website) -> Special

Iris van Berne: Next (still on their website) -> Why Not
Isabeli Fontana: Elite -> Women
Janaye Furman now also @ Why Not
Jay Wright: Next -> Monster
Jazzelle Zanaughtti now also  @ D'Mgmt
Julia Frauche: Next -> Fashion
Kamila Filipcikova: MP (still on their website) -> The Lab
Katlin Aas: D Mgmt -> Women
Lexi Boling: IMG -> Special
Linda Helena: IMG -> Why Not
Linda Vojtova: D'Mgmt -> Monster
Ling Ling Chen: Crew -> Monster
Luisana Gonzalez: Elite -> Next
Magdalena Frackowiak: Elite -> D'Mgmt
Mariacarla Boscono: Elite -> Women
Mayka Merino: IMG -> Why Not
Milana Kruz: Women -> The Fabbrica
Misha Hart now also @ Why Not
Marine Deleeuw: The Society -> Elite
Mijo Milhaljcic: IMG -> Elite
Milena Ioanna: The Fabbrica -> Why Not
Minnie Wastie now also @ The Fabbrica
Mona Matsuoka: D'Mgmt -> IMG
Niki Trefilova: D'Mgmt -> Wave
Ola Rudnikca: Next (still on their website) -> IMG
Rachel Marx now also  @ Women
Romee Strijd: Why Not -> IMG 
Roos van Elk now also @ Why Not
Rose Cordero: D'Mgmt -> The Lab
Sabina Lobova: Elite -> Why Not
Sanne Vloet: Why Not -> Monster
Sarah Brannon: Fashion -> Elite
Sarah Dahl now also @ Women
Snejana Onopka back at Why Not

Vasilisa Pavlova: Monster -> Brave
Ymre Stiekema: Women -> Special
Yulia Musieichuk: Why Not -> The Fabbrica
Winnie Harlow now also @ Women


2017 Index here

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1 janvier 2018 1 01 /01 /janvier /2018 11:11

This is an index of all the 2017 major model switches (and new representations) in Paris, NY, London and Milan. Latest update on: January 1, 2018


Some switches are immediate but some are only in progress with the model still with her current agency but already credited on the website of her next destination. Latest updates in RED.


Achok Majak: MP -> Viva
Adesuwa Aighewi: New Madison -> Oui
Adwoa Aboah: Oui -> Viva
Alessandra Ambrosio: Viva -> IMG
Ally Ertel: MP -> Oui

Amra Cerkezovic back on the website of Women
Aqua Parios: Crystal -> Marilyn
Britt Maren: Supreme -> Metropolitan
Cara Taylor now (officially) @ Oui
Carly Moore: Elite -> Premium
Caroline Corinth: Oui -> Marilyn
Charlotte Nolting: Marilyn -> Girl
Clarence Tennessee Haaster: Silent -> Oui (currently not credited anymore on their website)
Cora Emmanuel: Elite -> Ford
Dorota Kullova: Elite -> Silent
Ella Richards: Supreme -> Silent
Elyse Taylor now also @ IMG
Elza Luijendijk back on the website of IMG
Emily Baker: Viva -> Women (currently not credited anymore on their website)
Erin Wasson: IMG -> Elite
Estelle Chen: Elite -> Ford
Estelle Lefebure now also @ ZZO
Eva Herzigova: Marilyn -> ZZO
Frances Coombe: MP -> Premium
Freya Lawrence now also @ Premium
Gia Tang: Mademoiselle -> New Madison
Hana Jirickova: Silent -> IMG
Hana Soukupova: IMG -> Marilyn
Hirschy Grace: Next -> GIRL
Imari Karanja: M -> IMG
Indre Aleksiuk now also @ Supreme
Iris van Berne: Next -> Premium
Issa Lish: Supreme -> Women
Jacquelyn Jablonski: Elite -> IMG
Jamie Bochert: Oui -> Next
Jamily Meurer: Oui -> Supreme
Janice Alida: Oui -> Premium
Juju Ivanyuk: Elite -> Marilyn
Juliane Grüner now also @ Women
Julita Formella: Marilyn -> Viva
Karen Elson: Viva -> IMG
Kate King: Elite -> Marilyn
Kesewa Aboah now also  @ Viva
Kim Noorda back on the website of Viva
Klara Kristin: Premium -> Elite
Kremi Otashliyska: Elite -> Premium
Kris Gottschalk: Premium -> Marilyn
Lea Holzfuss: Silent -> Marilyn
Leah Rödl: Next -> Oui
Lucan Gillespie now also  @ Oui
Luna Mira Alldinger: Supreme -> Oui
Maeve Whalen now also @ Silent
Marie Piovesan: Viva -> New Madison
Mariina Keskitalo back on the website of Oui
Marte Mei van Haaster: IMG -> Viva
Matilda Lowther: Women -> Marilyn
Maud Le Fort: Marilyn -> Premium
Maud Welzen: Marilyn -> Women
Mila Krasnoiarova back @ Silent
Milly Simmonds: Marilyn -> New Madison
Mirte Maas: Women -> Premium
Naomi Campbell: Marilyn -> ZZO
Nathalia Oliveira: Elite -> Metropolitan
Neelam Gill: Elite -> Next
Paige Reifler now also @ Oui
Pyper America: Next -> IMG
Queeny van der Zande: Supreme -> Marilyn
Romee Strijd: Viva -> IMG
Romy de Grijff: Elite -> Supreme
Rose Daniels now also  @ Viva
Rosie Tupper: Next -> IMG
Sabrina Nait: Marilyn -> Premium
Samantha Ellsworth: Next -> Women
Sara van der Hoek now also @ Viva
Sarah Engelland: Oui -> MP
Skylar Tartz: Premium -> Oui
Stella Maxwell: Oui -> Elite
Sui He: Women -> Premium
Taja Feistner: Women -> (MP ->) Oui
Thairine Garcia: Next -> Ford
Valeriia Karaman: Silent -> Premium
Vasilisa Pavlova: Oui -> Ford
Vika Falileeva: Silent -> Premium -> MP
Vika Ihnatenko: Women -> Premium
Zuzana Gregorova: Elite -> Marilyn

New York
Aaliyah Hydes now also @ Muse
Achok Majak: Red -> DNA
Adwoa Aboah: The Lions (still on their website) -> DNA 
Agnes Akerlund now also @ Next
Alena Bohm: The Society -> Ford
Alice Cornish: Supreme -> Women/360
Alima Fofana: Supreme -> Women/360
Alina Baikova: Marilyn -> Next
Alla Kostromichova: Supreme -> NYMM
Alma Durand: Fusion -> One
Alyona Subbotina: Trump -> Red
Alyssa Miller: IMG -> NYMM
Amalie Frijs-Djurhuus: DNA -> Silent
Amalie Moosgaard: Next -> Silent
Amalie Schmidt: One -> Silent
Amanda Googe: Women/360 -> Women
Amelia Rami: Trump -> Heroes
Anastasia Ivanova: Supreme -> Wilhelmina
Andreja Pejic: The Society -> Ford
Anmari Botha: IMG -> Ford
Anna de Rijk: DNA -> Wilhelmina
Anne Verhallen: NYMM -> Wilhelmina
Anni Jürgenson: Marilyn -> One
Annie Tice: State -> Heroes
Asia Chow: Marilyn -> The Lions
Ashika Pratt: Trump -> Heroes
Athena Wilson: Marilyn -> Muse
Audrey Marnay now also @ Wilhelmina
Ava Smith: Wilhelmina -> The Lions
Barbra-Lee Grant: Trump -> NYMM
Bruna Tenorio: Women -> NYMM
Cai Lee: DNA -> Wilhelmina 
Cam Kerekes: The Lions -> One
Cara Delevingne: Women -> IMG
Carly Moore: The Society -> NYMM
Caroline Trentini: The Society -> Ford
Cecilie Moosgaard: Next -> Silent 
Charlott Cordes: Trump -> Elite
Chrystal Copland: Muse -> Fenton
Cindy Bruna: Wilhelmina -> The Society
Cintia Dicker: The Society -> Ford
Codie Young: DNA -> Muse
Constanze Saemann: Marilyn -> The Lions
Cora Emmanuel: The Society -> Ford
Dana Drori: Trump -> Women/360
Danielle Herrington: Trump -> Women/360
Edda Oscars: Supreme -> Women/360
Edda Petursdottir: Supreme -> Women/360
Elena Bartels: DNA -> Wilhelmina
Eliza Cummings: Women -> The Lions
Eliza Fairbanks: DNA -> Marilyn
Ellen de Weer now also  @ Wilhelmina
Elza Luijendijk back on the website of IMG
Emanuela de Paula: The Society -> Ford
Emeline Ghesquiere: Muse -> Silent
Emilie Evander: Wilhelmina -> Supreme
Emily Baker: DNA -> Women
Emily Sandberg: Trump -> ANTI
Emma Stern Nielsen: One -> Heroes
Erika Labanauskaite: Next -> Silent
Erin Wasson: IMG -> The Society
Eugenia Volodina: Supreme -> Wilhelmina
Eva Herzigova: One -> DNA
Eva Minaeva now also @ Silent
Fatima Siad: Wilhelmina -> One
Flaviana Matata: Wilhelmina -> The Lions
Gabrielle Rul: The Lions (still on their website) -> Silent
Georgie Wass: Trump -> Women/360
Gertrud Hegelund now also @ Elite
Gia Tang: One -> Wilhelmina (currently not credited anymore on their website)
Guinevere van Seenus: The Lions -> DNA
Hanna Halvorsen now also @ DNA
Hana Soukupova: IMG -> Ford
Hartje Andresen: Trump -> ANTI
Heather Hahn: Trump -> Women/360
Hollie-May Saker: Trump -> Supreme (currently not credited anymore on their website)
Imari Karanja now also @ IMG
Inga Dezhina: One -> Women
Irina Liss: The Lions -> Muse
Isabella Melo back on the website of IMG
Jamily Meurer: DNA -> Major
Jay Wright: Next -> NYMM
Jeisa Chiminazzo: IMG -> Marilyn
Jessiann Gravel: Marilyn -> Wilhelmina
Jessica Clarke: DNA -> Supreme
Josephine Le Tutour: The Society -> Ford
Jourdana Phillips: Major -> Supreme
Juju Ivanyuk: Next -> Marilyn

Juliane Grüner now also @ Women
Kadri Vahersalu: Muse -> One
Karen Elson: The Lions -> IMG
Karolina Kurkova: One -> Wilhelmina
Kate King: IMG -> Marilyn -> Fusion
Kate Upton: IMG -> The Lions
Katie Moore: Trump -> Marilyn
Kayla Clarke: Trump -> Marilyn 
Kelly Gale: The Society -> Ford
Kesewa Aboah now also @ DNA
Kim Noorda: DNA -> Wilhelmina
Kitty Hayes: Heroes -> Next
Kristine Froseth: Supreme -> IMG
Lea Holzfuss: MC2 -> The Identity
Leila Nda: Women -> Elite
Lieke van Outen: The Society -> Wilhelmina
Lizzy Jagger: Elite -> The Lions
Louise Donegan: One -> ANTI
Louise Lefebure: MC2 -> The Identity -> MC2 -> The Identity
Louise Robert now also @ DNA
Luisa Bianchin: Trump -> One
Luisana Gonzalez: Ford -> Next
Madison Leyes: Muse -> Q
Maeve Whalen: MC2 -> The Identity
Maggie Rizzer: Trump -> The Lions
Manuela Frey: The Society -> NYMM Direct
Marie-Ange Casta: IMG -> Marilyn
Marique Schimmel: Supreme -> Fusion
Marine van Outryve: Ford -> Major -> Silent (Direct)
Marie Piovesan: The Society -> Muse
Mariina Keskitalo: NYMM -> Fusion
Marique Schimmel: Supreme -> Fusion
Marte Mei van Haaster: IMG -> DNA
Mathilde Frachon: IMG -> Elite Direct
Maud Le Fort: Marilyn -> ANTI
Maud Welzen: DNA -> Women/360
May Bell back on the website of Elite
Meredith Mickelson: Next -> The Lions
Mia Brammer now also @ The Industry
Mia Kang: Trump -> Women/360
Michele Hicks: Trump -> Wilhelmina
Michelle Buswell: The Society -> Ford
Milana Keller: Trump -> ANTI (currently not credited anymore on their website)
Mona Johannesson: IMG -> Next
Moya Palk: The Lions -> Marilyn
Nadja Giramata: Trump -> Elite Direct
Naomi Campbell: NYMM -> DNA
Neelam Gill: Wilhelmina -> Next
Nika Lauraitis: Trump -> Women/360
Niki Trefilova: Heroes -> Fusion
Nina Agdal: IMG -> Elite
Nora Attal now also @ DNA
Nykhor Paul: Wilhelmina -> Muse
Othilia Simon: Heroes -> DNA
Pamela Bernier: The Society -> Women/360
Patricia van der Vliet: The Society -> Women/360
Pia Priewe now also @ Heroes
Poppy Delevingne: One -> IMG
Pyper America: Next -> IMG
Rachel Alexander: Supreme -> Women/360
Rachel Finninger: DNA -> Muse
Rachel Roberts: Next -> One
Ragnhild Jevne: Silent -> Ford - Women Direct
Raica Oliveira: Elite -> One
Rebeca Marcos: Supreme -> Elite Direct
Rhiannon McConnell: Wilhemina -> Supreme
Romee Strijd: DNA -> IMG
Romy de Grijff: The Society -> Wilhelmina
Rose Cordero: NYMM -> Re:Quest
Rose Smith: The Society -> Muse
Rosie Tupper: Next -> IMG
Ruby Aldridge: Next -> IMG
Samantha Ellsworth: Next -> Women -> Supreme
Samantha York: Trump -> ANTI
Sara van der Hoek now also @ DNA
Sarah Brannon: NYMM -> The Society
Sarah Dahl now also @ Women
Shalom Harlow: DNA -> The Lions
Shirley Mallmann: Trump -> ANTI
Sofia Mechetner now also @ DNA
Solange Wilvert: Ford -> Next Direct
Soo Joo Park: IMG -> Women
Sophie Jones: DNA -> Muse
Sophie Rask: One -> Silent
Stasha Yatchuk: Women -> Elite
Svetlana Zakharova: Muse -> Silent
Tali Lenox: IMG -> The Lions
Tatjana Patitz: Trump -> NYMM
Tian Yi: IMG -> Fusion
Tiana Tolstoi: Trump -> Marilyn
Tina Veshaguri: Trump -> Silent
Tyg Davison: Ford -> Wilhelmina
Valerija Kelava: The Lions -> Silent
Valery Kaufman: The Society -> The Lions
Veranika Antsipava: Supreme -> Muse
Vika Falileeva: DNA -> Elite -> Silent
Viviane Oliveira: MC2 -> ANTI
Vita Sidornika: The Society -> IMG
Yana Karpova: IMG -> NYMM
Ymre Stiekema: DNA -> Silent
Zen Sevastyanova: Wilhelmina -> ANTI
Zhenya Migovych: Trump -> Women/360

Achok Majak: Nevs -> Viva
Adesuwa Aighewi: SUPA -> Storm
Adriana Lima now @ Elite
Alessandra Ambrosio: Viva -> IMG
Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov: Storm -> The Squad
Alisa Ahmann now also @ Premier
Amalie Moosgaard: Next -> The Hive
Amanda Norgaard: Storm -> Next
Amelia Rami: Elite -> The Hive
Anastasia Lagune: Storm -> Milk
Andie Arthur now also @ IMG
Anne-Marie van Dijk: Wilhelmina
Annie Tice: Models 1 -> Premier
Ansley Gulielmi now also @ Storm
Bara Podzimkova: Elite -> Premier
Benthe de Vries: Next -> Premier
Camilla Christensen: Models 1 -> Next
Cara Delevingne: Storm -> IMG
Cecilie Moosgaard: Next -> The Hive
Charlotte Carey: Wilhelmina -> The Hive
Cindy Bruna: Elite -> Storm
Clarence Tennessee Haaster now also  @ The Hive
Crystal Renn: Elite -> Storm
Daisy Lowe: Select -> Elite
Dalianah Arekion: Next -> Premier
Daniela Pestova: Next -> Elite
Daria Pleggenkuhle now also @ The Squad
Dree Hemingway: Models 1 -> Viva
Elena Bartels: Premier -> Established
Elise Crombez: The Squad -> Tess
Elza Luizendijk back on the website of IMG
Emily Astrup: Premier -> Established
Eniko Mihalik: Storm -> Premier
Erjona Ala: Elite -> Present
Ewa Wladymiruk: Models 1 -> Premier
Ez now also @ The Hive
Gabrielle Rul: Storm -> The Hive
Gem Refoufi: IMG -> Present
Guinevere van Seenus: IMG -> Next
Hana Soukupova: IMG -> The Squad
Harleth Kuusik: Storm -> The Squad
Hirschy Grace: Select -> The Squad
Imari Karanja now also  @ IMG
Ina Maribo Jensen now also  @ Premier
Iris van Berne: Next -> The Hive
Iris Palmer now @ Storm
Isabel Scholten: Wilhelmina -> Premier
Jasmine Daniels: Tess -> Storm (still on their website) -> Premier
Jazzelle Zanaughtti now also  @ Storm
Joanna Tatarka: Premier -> M+P
Jourdan Dunn: Storm -> The Squad
Jourdana Philipps now also @ Models 1
Julia Merkelbach now also @ Elite
Julita Formella: Storm -> Viva
Kadhijha Red Thunder: Milk -> Storm
Kadri Vahersalu: Storm -> Wild -> Milk
Karen Elson: Tess -> IMG
Kasia Jujeczka: IMG -> Wild
Kate Bock: Milk -> Storm
Kesewa Aboah: Storm -> Viva
Kim Noorda back on the website of Viva
Kitty Hayes: The Squad -> Next
Lais Oliveira: Storm -> Models 1
Laura O'Grady: Select -> M+P
Leomie Anderson: Premier -> Tess
Lex Herl now also  @ Premier
Liza Golden: Storm -> Milk (Curve division)
Lucy Evans: Select -> Wilhelmina
Luisana Gonzalez: Elite -> Next
Luna Mira Alldinger now also @ The Hive
Mackenzie Hamilton: Models 1 -> Established
Mae Lapres now also @ Milk
Maeve Whalen: The Squad -> Select
Manon Leloup: Storm -> The Squad
Marga Esquivel: Elite -> Premier
Mariacarla Boscono now also @ Elite
Marie-Ange Casta: IMG -> Models 1
Marte Mei van Haaster: IMG -> Viva
Mathilde Frachon: IMG -> M+P
Melissa Tammerijn: Next -> Wilhelmina
Mia Brammer now also @ The Squad
Missy Rayder: Elite -> The Hive
Naomi Campbell: Tess -> The Squad
Natalie Ludwig: Storm -> Premier
Neelam Gill: Models 1 -> Next
Nicole Atieno: Wilhelmina -> Storm
Nina Agdal: Elite -> IMG

Nimue Smit: Next -> Select
Nyasha Matonhodze: Elite -> Milk
Nykhor Paul: Wilhelmina -> First
Paige Reifler: Storm -> Tess
Patricia van der Vliet: Select -> The Hive
Paulina Frankowska: Elite -> The Hive
Pooja Mor: Wilhelmina -> Premier
Poppy Delevinge: Storm -> IMG
Pyper America: Next -> IMG
Rachel Roberts: Next -> Models 1
Rina Fukushi now also @ Premier
Romee Strijd: Viva -> IMG
Romy de Grijff: Elite -> Wilhelmina
Rose Daniels now also  @ Viva
Rose Smith: Elite -> Established
Rose Valentine now also @ The Squad
Rosie Tupper: Next -> IMG
Ruby Aldridge: Next -> IMG
Sabina Lobova: Elite -> Premier
Samantha Ellsworth: Next -> The Squad
Sara van der Hoek now also @ Viva
Sasha Luss: Premier -> IMG
Skylar Tartz: Elite -> Premier
Sofia Mechetner now also  @ Viva
Soo Joo Park: Wilhelmina -> Storm
Sophia Skloss: Premier -> The Hive
Staz Lindes: Premier -> Elite -> Premier -> Elite
Stephanie Rad: Storm -> The Squad
Tali Lennox: Next -> IMG
Thairine Garcia: Next -> Premier
Theresa Hayes now also @ Premier
Yumi Lambert: The Squad -> IMG
Valery Kaufman: Storm -> Select
Zlata Semenko: Premier -> Established
Zuri Tibby: Storm -> IMG

Abby Hendershot now also @ Why Not
Adesuwa Aighewi now also  @ Brave
Alessandra Ambrosio now also @ IMG
Alina Baikova: Next -> The Lab
Aliz Menyhert now @ Why Not
Amalie Moosgaard: Next -> Women
Amanda Norgaard: Women -> Women Direct
Amra Cerkezovic back on the website of Women
Anastasia Lagune: Monster -> Women Direct
Anne-Marie van Dijk back @ Women
Anne-Sophie Monrad: Next -> Brave
Annie Tice: D'Mgmt -> Why Not
Ansley Gulielmi now also @ The Fabbrica
Britt Maren: Women -> Brave
Cara Delevingne: Fashion -> IMG
Camille Rowe now also @ The Lab
Chiara Baschetti: Pop -> Elite
Daisy Lowe: D'Mgmt -> Elite
Dalianah Arekion: Next -> Monster
Daria Pleggenkuhle: D'Mgmt -> Brave
Dasha Khlystun: Women -> Monster
Dilone now also  @ D'Mgmt
Elisa Sednaoui: D'Mgmt -> Elite
Elisa Agee now also @ The Fabbrica
Elizabeth Davison: Why Not -> Special -> MP
Elizabeth Moore: Major (still on their website) -> Next
Ellen Rosa now also @ Why Not
Elodia Prieto: D'Mgmt -> The Lab
Elza Luizendijk back on the website of IMG
Emily Baker: Why Not -> Women -> Why Not
Erin Wasson: IMG -> Elite
Ewa Wladymiruk: Women -> Special
Fernanda Oliveira: The Fabbrica -> Special
Flo Dron: Monster -> Why Not
Frances Coombe: Why Not -> Monster
Frida Aasen: Women -> Monster
Hana Soukupova: IMG -> Why Not
Hannah Motler now also @ The Fabbrica
Heloise Giraud now also @ Why Not
Imari Karanja now also  @ IMG
Ina Marinbo Jensen now also  @Women
Isabeli Fontana: Women -> Elite
Isilda Moreira now also @ Why Not
Izabel Goulart: Women -> Elite
Jeisa Chiminazzo: IMG -> Elite
Jessica Hart: Women -> Monster
Joanna Tatarka: Monster -> The Lab
Jourdana Philipps now also  @ Women
Juju Ivanyuk: Next -> Monster
Juliane Grüner now also  @ Women
Kadhijha Red Thunder now also @ Women
Karen Elson: Why Not -> IMG
Kasia Jujeczka: IMG -> The Fabbrica
Kirin Dejonckheere: D'Mgmt -> Why Not
Kitty Hayes: Monster -> Next
Lais Ribeiro: Elite -> Monster
Laura O'Grady now also @ Fashion
Lea T: Women -> Elite
Leila Nda: Fashion -> D'Mgmt
Ling Liu: Women -> Monster
Lisa Verberght: Women -> Women Direct
Luna Mira Alldinger: Women -> Monster
Mariacarla Boscono: Women -> Elite
Marie-Ange Casta: IMG -> D'Mgmt
Marina Nery: Elite -> IMG
Maud Welzen: The Fabbrica -> Monster
Meghan Collison: Next -> D'Mgmt
Nasta Kusakina: Women -> The Fabbrica
Nathalia Oliveira: Elite -> Next
Neelam Gill: Special -> Next
Nina Agdal now also @ D'Mgmt
Olga Maliouk now @ The Lab
Poppy Delevingne: D'Mgmt -> IMG
Pyper America: Next -> IMG
Rachel Roberts: Next -> D'Mgmt
Ria Serebryakova: Why Not -> Monster
Romy de Grijff: Elite -> The Fabbrica
Rose Daniels now also @ Why Not
Rosie Tupper: Next -> IMG
Samantha Ellsworth: Next -> Women
Sofia Fanego: Next -> Brave
Sophie Fisher now also @ Pop
Theresa Hayes now also @ The Fabbrica
Tina Veshaguri: Why Not -> Brave
Tyg Davison: Special -> MP
Wallette Watson: Women -> Monster
Zlata Semenko: Special -> Monster
Zuzu Tadeushuk now also  @ The Fabbrica


2016 Index here

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This is an index of all the 2016 major model switches (and new representations) in Paris, NY, London and Milan. Latest update on: February 1, 2017


Some switches are immediate but some are only in progress with the model still with her current agency but already credited on the website of her next destination. Latest updates in RED.


Ali Michael: IMG -> Next
Alina Baikova: Next -> Metropolitan
Aline Weber: Next -> IMG
Alla Kostromichova: Marilyn -> Premium
Alyona Subbotina: Supreme -> Karin
Aniek Klapwijk: Women -> Oui
Anna Brewster: IMG -> Next
Anna Jagodzinska: Elite -> Women
Anne-Sophie Monrad: WM -> GIRL
Ari Westphal: Ford -> Viva
Camilla Christensen: Next (still on their website) -> Oui
Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse: WM -> GIRL
Carla Mattei: Supreme -> Ford
Carola Remer: Oui -> Premium
Carolina Thaler: Supreme -> Next
Charlotte Lindvig: Ford -> Supreme
Chiharu Okunugi: Women -> Oui
Chrystele Saint-Louis Augustin: IMG -> Women
Coco Rocha: IMG -> Women
Corinna Ingenleuf: Elite -> Metropolitan
Daisy Lowe now also @ ZZO
Danielle Ellsworth now also @ Elite
Dasha Gold: Next -> M
Dolores Doll: Ford -> Marilyn
Egle Tvirbutaite: Next -> Marilyn
Elise Agee now also @ Ford
Eliza Fairbanks now also @ Oui
Emeline Ghesquiere: Oui -> Premium
Emily Ratajkowski: Ford -> Viva
Estelle Lefebure: Karin (still on their website) -> Women
Eva Minaeva: Ford -> Silent
Eveline Rozing: Supreme -> The Face
Ewa Wladymiruk: Supreme -> Premium
Flavia Lucini: Viva -> Premium
Georgia Howorth now also @ Viva
Gertrud Hegelund now @ Oui
Gracie Carvalho: Viva -> Oui
Hailey Clauson: Oui -> Women
Issa Lish: Premium -> Supreme
Hailey Baldwin: Silent -> IMG
Hanne Gaby Odiele: IMG -> Women
Heather Kemesky: Oui -> Viva
Iana Godnia: Elite -> Oui
Ilva Heitmann: Women -> Premium
Ina Maribo Jensen now also @ Women
Iva Grdic: M -> New Madison
Jasmine Sanders now also @ Elite
Jules Mordovets: IMG -> Premium
Julia Frauche: Supreme -> Women
Julie Hoomans: Supreme -> Next
Juile Ordon: Karin -> Next
Julija Step: IMG -> Women
Karmen Pedaru: IMG -> Next
Kate Somers: Elite -> MP
Kate Upton now @ Next
Katrin Thormann: Supreme -> Silent
Keilani Asmus: City -> Marilyn
Kitty Hayes: Ford -> Oui
Lais Ribeiro: Oui -> Supreme
Laura Hagested now also  @ Oui
Lea Holzfuss: Marilyn -> Silent
Leah Rödl: Next -> Oui
Leomie Anderson: Oui -> Premium
Lera Abova now also @ Oui
Lily Stewart now also @ Oui
Lin Kjerulf: Next -> Oui
Ling Liu now also @ Premium
Lotte van Noort: Marilyn -> Viva
Lottie Moss now also @ Elite
Louise Lefebure now also  @ Silent
Maggie Jablonski: Elite -> Marilyn
Mariana Santana back on the website of Oui
Marie-Ange Casta: IMG -> Marilyn
Marie Fofana: Ford -> IMG
Marina Perez: IMG -> Next
Marine van Outryve: Ford -> Premium
Marjan Jonkman: New Madison -> Women
Maud Welzen: Elite -> Marilyn
Meghan Collison: Next -> IMG -> Next
Milou Sluis: Supreme -> Metropolitan
Miriam Haney: Ford -> Marilyn
Molly Smith: Next -> IMG
Mona Johannesson: IMG -> Next
Morgane Dubled: Viva -> Supreme
Moya Palk: Ford -> Oui
Nadja Auermann: IMG -> Viva
Nadja Giramata now also  @ Marilyn
Nastya Abramova: MP -> Oui
Natalya Piro: WM -> Metropolitan
Nicole Keimig: Elite -> Marilyn
Nika Cole: IMG -> New Madison
Nimue Smit: Next -> Oui
Ola Munik: New Madison -> Premium
Ophelie Guillermand: Women -> Elite
Paulina Frankowska now also @ Premium
Queeny van der Zande: Viva -> Supreme
Rhiannon McConnell now also @ Marilyn
Roos Abels: Ford -> IMG
Roxane Glineur: City -> Premium
Samantha Archibald: Premium -> Marilyn
Sarah Dahl now also  @ Women
Selena Forrest now also @ Next
Sharam Diniz: Next -> Premium
Shaughnessy Brown: Next -> Women
Shelby Hayes now also @ Oui
Snejana Onopka: Women -> Next (not anymore with the agency)
Sophie Jones: MP -> Oui
Stasha Yatchuk: Women -> Premium
Sui He: Oui -> Women
Tetyana Brazhnyk: IMG -> Exclusive
Tina Veshaguri: Marilyn -> MP
Ulrikke Hoyer now also @ Oui
Varya Shutova: Premium -> Supreme
Vika Ihnatenko: Women -> Silent
Viktoriya Sasonkina: Women -> Premium
Waleska Gorczevski: Oui -> Viva
Wanessa Milhomen: M -> MP
Willow Smith now also @ Elite
Yoon Young Bae now also @ Elite
Yue Han: MP -> Marilyn
Zhenya Katava: Women -> Premium
Zlata Semenko: Premium -> Marilyn

New York
Aleah Morgan now @ Silent
Alessandra Ambrosio: DNA -> IMG
Alexandra Martynova: Wilhelmina -> Muse
Alexina Graham: The Society -> Women
Ali Michael: IMG -> Next
Alina Baikova: Next -> Marilyn
Aline Weber: Next -> IMG
Alma Durand now (officially) also @ Fusion
Ally Ertel: Muse -> Wilhelmina
Alyona Subbotina: Supreme -> Trump
Amber Anderson now also @ Next
Aniek Klapwijk: Supreme -> Silent
Anja Rubik: IMG -> DNA
Anna Iaryn: NYMM -> Q
Antonia Wesseloh: Women -> Silent
Aqua Parios: The Society -> Heroes
Ari Westphal now also @ DNA
Austria Ulloa: Re:Quest -> The Society
Bianca Balti: IMG -> Women
Birgit Kos: One.1 -> The Society
Candice Huffine: Muse -> IMG
Carola Remer: One -> Marilyn
Carolina Thaler: Elite -> Next
Charlott Cordes: Silent -> Trump
Charlotte Kay: DNA -> Fusion
Charlotte Nolting: Wilhelmina -> Silent
Chloe Lecareux now also @ Marilyn
Clara Settje: Trump -> Women/360
Clarisse Lemoine now also @ Heroes
Coco Rocha: IMG -> Nomad
Daneila de Jesus: IMG -> Major
Daniela Freitas: Soul Artist -> Wilhelmina
Daniela Kocianova now also @ Women
Daphne Velghe: Supreme -> Silent
Dasha Denisenko: Supreme -> Silent
Dasha Gold: Next -> VNY
Dilia Martins now also @ The Lions
Eline Bocxtaela now also  @ The Lions
Eliza Fairbanks now also @ DNA
Elizabeth Davison: Ford -> Elite
Elodia Prieto: Heroes -> NYMM
Emeline Ghesquiere: NYMM -> Muse
Esther de Jong: Wilhelmina -> Trump
Eugenia Volodina now also @ Supreme
Eva Dolezova: MC2 -> Wilhelmina
Fatima Siad: IMG -> Wilhelmina
Grace Anderson: Marilyn -> Heroes
Grace Bol: Elite -> The Lions
Gracie van Gastel: Ford -> Heroes
Hailey Baldwin: Heroes -> IMG
Hailey Clauson: One -> Women
Hannah Holman: DNA -> Heroes
Hanne Gaby Odiele: IMG -> Women
Hannelore Knuts now also @ Trump
Heidi Mount: IMG -> Elite
Hind Sahli: DNA -> Next
Iesha Hodges: Ford -> One.1
Ina Maribo Jensen now also @ Women
Indre Aleksiuk: Q -> Silent
Irene Hiemstra back on the website of DNA
Irina Nikolaeva: Women -> Marilyn
Issa Lish: Muse -> Women
Jena Goldsack: Wilhelmina -> Women
Jess PW now also @ The Society
Jessie Bloemendaal now also @ Women
Jing Wen: Supreme -> Women
JP (Jessica Pitti): Major -> State -> Major
Julia Banas now (officially) also @ The Society
Julita Formella now also @ Elite
Kaia Moore now also @ Heroes
Karen Alexander: Trump -> IMG
Karmay Ngai: Wilhelmina -> Nomad
Karmen Pedaru: IMG -> Next
Karolina Waz: Muse -> NYMM Direct
Kate Upton now @ Next
Katya Riabinkina: Women -> Marilyn
Keke Lindgard: Wilhelmina -> Women
Kenya Kinski-Jones: Ford -> The Lions
Kim Riekenberg: IMG -> Wilhelmina
Kirsten Owen: One -> The Lions
Kitty Hayes: Ford -> Heroes
Laetitia Casta: IMG -> DNA
Laura Sorensen: DNA -> Silent
Leah Rodl: Next -> Silent
Lera Abova now @ DNA
Lia Pavlova: One -> Next
Lina Zhang back on the website of Fusion
Lisa Verberght: Women -> Elite
Lottie Moss now also @ The Society
Lucan Gillepsie now also @ The Lions
Luma Grothe: One -> Women
Luping Wang: Wilhelmina -> NYMM
Madison Leyes: Elite -> Muse (Direct)
Madison Headrick: The Society -> The Lions
Mads Manning now (officially) also @ The Society
Maggie Jablonski: The Society -> Marilyn
Malaika Firth: The Lions -> Marilyn
Mariana Santana back on the website of The Lions
Marina Nery: The Society -> IMG
Marjan Jonkman: One -> Next
Matilda Lowther: Women -> Heroes
Meghan Collison: Next -> IMG -> NYMM
Meredith Mickelson: NYMM -> Next
Merilin Perli back on the website of The Society
Milou Sluis: DNA -> Wilhelmina
Milana Kruz: Women -> Muse
Molly Smith: Next -> IMG
Moya Palk: Ford -> The Lions
Naomi Campbell: Marilyn -> NYMM
Nicola Haffmans now also @ One
Nicole Keimig: The Society -> Marilyn
Nika Cole: IMG -> One
Nikola Romanova: NYMM -> Major (currently not credited anymore)
Nina Agdal: Elite -> IMG
Nimue Smit: Next -> The Lions
Noot Seear: One -> Marilyn
Nykor Paul: Red -> Wilhelmina
Ola Munik: Muse -> APM
Paris Roberts: The Society -> Elite (Direct)
Rachel Finninger: Silent -> DNA
Ragnhild Jevne: IMG -> Silent
Romy de Grijff now (officially) also @ The Society
Roos Abels now also @ Fusion
Ros Georgiou: The Society -> Fusion
Rose Bertram: Marilyn -> IMG
Roxane Glineur: Ford -> Muse
Samantha Archibald: Major -> Soul Artist -> Marilyn
Sarah Abney: Fusion -> Muse
Sarah Engelland: Elite -> Major
Sasha Luss: Women -> IMG
Selena Forrest: NYMM -> Next
Sharam Diniz: Next -> NYMM -> One
Shaughnessy Brown: Next -> NYMM
Snejana Onopka: Women -> Next -> Marilyn
Soo Joo Park: Wilhelmina -> IMG
Sophia Linnewedel now also @ Supreme
Staz Lindes: One -> The Society
Sui He: NYMM -> Women -> NYMM
Suzi Leenaars now also @ Heroes
Svetlana Zakharova: Women -> Muse
Taja Feistner: Wilhelmina -> IMG -> NYMM
Tamy Glauser: Marilyn -> Next
Tasha Tilberg: Wilhelmina -> Marilyn
Teddy Quinlivan: One -> Women
Tiiu Kuik: The Society -> Wilhemina (Direct)
Toni Garrn: The Society -> The Lions
Ulrikke Hoyer now also @ DNA 
Valeria Dmitrienko: Supreme -> Muse (Direct)
Valerie van der Graaf: Marilyn -> Wilhelmina
Vasilisa Pavlova: Supreme -> Muse
Veronica Webb: Trump -> Muse
Wanessa Milhomem: Marilyn -> One
Yasmin Wijnaldum now also @ The Society
Yoon Young Bae now also @ The Society
Yulia Musieichuk: Ford -> Supreme
Zoe Colivas: DNA -> NYMM
Zoi Mantzakanis: Next -> Trump
Zuzana Gregorova: DNA -> Women/360
Zuzana Lettrichova: Trump -> Next Direct

Agnes Nabuurs: Viva -> Wilhelmina
Agnes Sokolowska: SUPA -> IMG
Alek Alexeyeva: Storm -> Elite
Ali Michael: IMG -> Next
Alice Buckingham: Viva -> The Squad
Anna Nevala: M+P -> The Hive
Anna Brewster: The Hive -> Next
Anna Selezneva: Storm -> Select
Anne-Sophie Monrad: Next -> Present
Annelot de Waal: Storm -> The Hive
Ari Westphal now also @ Viva
Austria Ulloa: SUPA -> Select
Ava McAvoy: Nevs -> The Squad
Barbara Fialho: IMG -> Select
Breonne Rittinger now also @ The Squad
Brogan Loftus: Select -> Linden Staub 
Candice Huffine: Select -> IMG
Caroline Schurch: Storm -> The Squad
Celine Bouly now also @ Storm
Cheyenne Keuben: Viva -> Milk
Chiara Scelsi now also @ Models 1
Cristina Piccone: SUPA -> IMG
Daisy Lowe now @ Select
Daniela Freitas: FM -> Milk
Danielle Ellsworth now @ Elite
Daphne Simons back on the website of Next
Daria Strokous: Select -> Tess
Dasha Denisenko: M+P -> Linden Staub
Dorothea Barth-Jorgensen: Elite -> Premier
Elise Agee now also  @ The Squad
Elise Crombez: Tess -> The Squad
Ella Richards: Storm -> Tess
Emanuela de Paula: Tess -> Elite
Emily Ratajkowski now also @ Viva
Emily Senko: Premier -> IMG
Emma Champtaloup: Viva -> Select
Estee Rammant: Storm -> The Squad
Estelle Yves: FM -> Storm
Eva Doll: Premier -> Tess
Eva Herzigova: Storm -> Unsigned
Felicity Gilbert: Established -> Models 1 (Classic)
Flo Dron: Select -> Present
Franciska Gall: IMG -> Storm
Grace Anderson: Elite -> Premier
Grace Bol: Storm -> The Hive
Hailey Baldwin: Storm -> IMG
Hana Jirickova: Storm -> IMG
Hanne Gaby Odiele: IMG -> The Squad
Heather Kemesky: The Hive -> Viva
Helena Christensen now also @ Unsigned
Iana Godnia: M+P -> The Squad -> Premier
Ine Neefs: Premier -> The Squad
Isis Bataglia: Premier -> Wilhelmina
Issa Lish: Storm -> The Squad
Iza Michalska now also @ Milk
Jamie Bochert: Next -> Premier
Jessica Clarke: Viva -> Premier
Joanna Tatarka: Select -> Premier
JP: Storm -> Profile
Julia Fuchs: Storm -> PRM
Julia Nobis: Premier -> Viva
Juliane Grüner now also @ Storm
Julie Ordon: Premier -> The Squad (currently not credited anymore)
Karly Loyce now also @ The Squad
Karmen Pedaru: IMG -> Next
Kate King: Premier -> Select
Kate Moss: Storm -> KMA
Kate Upton now @ Next
Katrin Thormann: Premier -> Models 1
Kim Riekenberg: IMG -> Premier
Kirin Dejonckheere: Storm -> The Squad
Kitty Hayes: SUPA -> The Squad
Laura Love: Models 1 -> Viva
Laura Schellenberg: IMG -> The Squad
Leah Rödl: Next -> The Hive
Liene Podina: M+P -> Models 1
Lina Zhang back on the website of Elite
Linda Vojtova now also @ The Squad
Lisa Seiffert: Models 1 -> Established
Lotte van Noort now also @ Viva
Louise Lefebure now also @ Select
Mad Manning now also @ Elite
Madison Headrick: Storm -> Select
Mariana Santana back on the website of Select
Marina Perez: IMG -> Next
Marine Deleeuw: Premier -> The Squad
Marine van Outryve: Models 1 -> The Hive
Matilda Lowther: Select -> The Squad
Maud Welzen: Elite -> The Hive
Milou van Groesen: Select -> Premier
Molly Smith: Next-> IMG
Mona Johannesson: IMG -> Next
Morgane Warnier now also @ The Hive
Morta Kontrimaite: IMG -> The Squad
Nika Cole: IMG -> Premier
Nykhor Paul: Nevs -> Wilhelmina
Othilia Simon now also @ The Squad
Pernille Moeller: Models 1 -> Present
Pia Priewe: M+P -> Linden Staub
Portia Freeman: Premier -> Select
Raica Oliveira: Storm -> Next
Rosie Tapner: Storm -> The Squad
Ruby Jean Wilson: Premier -> Models 1
Sally Jonsson: FM -> Milk
Sarah Abney: SUPA -> The Squad
Sarah Endres: The Hive -> Wilhelmina
Selena Forrest now also @ Next
Sharam Diniz: Next -> Models 1
Shaughnessy Brown: Next -> The Squad
Shlomit Malka: Re:Quest -> The Lions
Snejana Onopka: Premier -> Next (not anymore with the agency)
Sofia Fanego: SUPA -> The Squad
Sojourner Morrell: Storm -> Wilhelmina
Sophie Klock: Wilhelmina -> Premier
Sunghee Kim: Wilhelmina -> Premier
Tatjana Patitz: Storm -> Viva
Tyg Davison now also @ The Hive
Valerie van der Graaf: Premier -> Wilhelmina
Waleska Gorczevki: Premier -> Viva
Wallette Watson now also  @ The Squad
Willow Hand now also @ Premier
Winnie Harlow now also @ The Squad
Yoon Young Bae now also @ Elite
Yumi Lambert: IMG -> The Squad
Zlata Semenko: M+P -> Premier
Zuzu Tadeushuk now also @ Models 1

Agnete Hegelund: Women -> Women Direct
Alexina Graham: Elite -> D'Mgmt
Ali Michael: IMG -> Next
Aline Weber: Next -> IMG
Alla Kostromichova: Women -> Monster
Alma Durand: Elite -> Monster
Alyona Subbotina: Women -> MP
Anett Oun now also @ The Fabbrica
Aniek Klapwijk: Women -> Monster
Anna Brewster now also @ Next
Anna Cholewa: Women Direct -> The Fabbrica
Anouk Hagemeijer: D'Mgmt -> The Lab
Aqua Parios: Elite -> Special
Ari Westphal: Elite -> Why Not
Bara Holotova now also @ Women Direct
Camilla Christensen: Next (still on their website) -> Women Direct
Candice Huffine now also @ IMG
Caroline Schurch: Why Not -> Women
Catherine McNeil: Elite -> Why Not
Celine Bouly: Fashon -> Women
Cindy Bruna: Fashion -> Special
Constanze Saemann: Brave -> Monster
Daiane Sodre: Next -> Brave
Daniela Mirzac: Why Not -> Women Direct
Danielle Ellsworth now @ Elite
Elaine Irwin now also @ D'Mgmt
Ellen de Weer now also  @ Why Not
Emilie Evander: Why Not -> MP
Emily Astrup: Monster -> Special
Estelle Boersma now also @ Why Not
Estelle Yves: Elite -> Women
Eva Minaeva: Women Direct -> The Lab
Flavia Lucini: MP -> The Lab
Grace Anderson now also @ Special
Grace Mahary: Why Not -> IMG
Hailey Baldwin now also @ IMG
Hailey Clauson: Monster -> Women
Hana Jirickova: Women -> IMG
Hanna Rundlöf now also @ The Lab
Hanne Gaby Odiele: IMG -> Women
Hanne Linhares: Major (still on their website) -> The Lab
Iana Godnia: Elite -> Special
Irene Hiemstra back on the website of Why Not
Issa Lish: Why Not -> Women
Jasmine Sanders now also @ Elite
Julia Merkelbach now also @ Elite
Karmen Pedaru: IMG -> Next
Kate Upton now @ Next
Kim Noorda back on the website of Why Not
Laura Schellenberg: IMG -> D'Mgmt
Lisa-Helene Kramer back on the website of Women
Lottie Moss now also @ D'Mgmt
Louise Lefebure: Monster -> Fashion
Mad Manning now also @ Elite
Maggie Jablonski: Major -> Elite
Maggie Maurer: IMG -> D'Mgmt
Mariana Santana back on the website of Monster
Marina Perez: IMG -> Next
Marlena Szoka: Fashion -> D'Mgmt
Matilda Lowther: Women -> Special

Maud Welzen: Elite -> The Fabbrica
Meghan Collison: Next -> IMG -> Next
Molly Smith: Next -> IMG
Mona Johannesson: IMG -> Next
Nika Cole: IMG -> Brave
Niki Trefilova now also @ D'Mgmt
Samantha Archibald: Special -> Fashion
Sarah Abney: Special -> Monster
Sasha Luss: Women -> IMG
Selena Forrest now also @ Next
Sharam Diniz: Next -> Monster
Shaughnessy Brown back on the website of Next
Shelby Hayes now also @ Monster
Snejana Onopka: Women -> Next (not anymore with the agency)
Stav Strashko: Elite -> The Fabbrica
Sui He: Fashion -> Women -> Fashion
Svea Berlie: Why Not -> Fashion
Tyg Davison: Major (still on their website) -> Special
Vanessa Cruz now also @ The Lab
Vanusa Savaris now also The Lab
Vika Falileeva: Monster -> Fashion
Viktor ven Pelt now also @ Special
Yoon Young Bae now also @ Elite
Zuzana Gregorova: Why Not -> Women Direct


2015 Index here

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31 janvier 2016 7 31 /01 /janvier /2016 16:21

This is an index of all the 2015 major model switches (and new representations) in Paris, NY, London and Milan. Latest update on: February 13, 2016


Some switches are immediate but some are only in progress with the model still with her current agency but already credited on the website of her next destination. Latest updates in RED.


Achok Majak now also @ MP
Adrianna Zajdler: Marilyn -> Supreme
Adwoa Aboah: Ford -> Oui
Alexa Yudina now also @ Premium
Alyona Subbotina: WM -> Supreme
Amber Valletta: Women -> IMG
Anaïs Mali: Viva -> Next
Anja Rubik: IMG -> Next
Anna Iaryn: City -> Metropolitan
Angel Rutledge now also @ Oui
Angela Lindvall: Oui -> IMG
Anna Rudenko: Women -> Oui
Anna Brewster: Marilyn -> IMG 
Anna Speckhart now also @ Elite
Anne-Sophie Monrad: Next -> WM
Antonia Wilson now also @ Premium
Arlenis Sosa: Marilyn -> Elite
Ashley Smith: IMG -> Elite
Aya Jones: Silent -> Oui
Barbara Fialho: IMG -> Oui
Beegee Margenyte: Viva -> Oui
Bridget Malcolm: IMG -> Elite
Caroline Corinth: Marilyn -> Oui
Caroline Ribeiro: Marilyn -> Elite
Cato van Ee: IMG -> Viva
Charlotte Nolting: Marilyn -> Women
Chrystal Copland: Marilyn -> MP
Coco Rocha: ZZO -> IMG
Dana Drori now also @ Elite
Dasha Gold: Oui -> Next
Dasha Maletina: Marilyn -> Oui
Debra Shaw now @ M
Dree Hemingway: Elite -> Viva
Dylan Xue: Supreme -> Silent
Edda Petursdottir now also @ Supreme
Elinor Weedon: Oui -> Premium
Ella Richards now also @ Supreme
Emanuela de Paula: Marilyn -> Elite
Emeline Ghesquiere: Silent -> Oui
Erika Wall now also @ Next
Erin O'Connor: Ford -> Silent
Estelle Yves: Viva -> Women
Eva Doll: Karin -> Marilyn
Ewa Wladymiruk: City -> Supreme
Fabiana Semprebom: Women -> Marilyn
Fanny François: Women -> IMG
Farah Holt: Oui -> Premium
Fernanda Tavares: Marilyn -> IMG (currently not credited on the website anymore)
Frankie Rayder: IMG -> Oui
Hailey Baldwin: Ford -> Silent
Hannah Holman: Elite -> Oui
Ine Neefs: Elite -> Oui
Iris Egbers: Women -> Marilyn
Iza Olak now also @ Exclusive
Jessica Hart: Women -> Oui
Juju Ivanyuk: Next -> Elite
(currently not credited on the website anymore)
Julia Cumming now also @ Marilyn
Kate Bock: Oui -> Premium

Katie Whitley now also @ Karin
Katlin Aas: IMG -> Women
Kelly Gale: Viva -> Elite
Kelsey van Mook: IMG -> Next
Kim Riekenberg: IMG -> Oui
Kirsi Pyrhonen: Viva -> Oui
Kristina Salinovic: Elite -> M
Laetitia Casta: IMG -> Viva
Laura Kampman: Supreme -> Oui
Lexi Boling: Ford -> IMG
Lieke van Houten: Elite -> Marilyn
Loris Kraemerh: Oui -> Premium
Loulou Robert: WM -> Viva
Lululeika Ravn Liep now also @ Women 
Lydia Hearst now also @ Marilyn
Mad Manning now also @ Elite
Magdalena Langrova: Next -> Silent
Maggie Jablonski: Major -> Elite
Malgosia Bela: Elite (still on their website) -> ZZO
Manon Delplanque: Oui -> M
Marcele Dal Cortivo: Oui -> Premium
Maria Borges: Supreme -> IMG
Maria Gregersen: Marilyn -> Oui
Mariacarla Boscono: Viva -> Women
Mariana Braga: WM -> Major
Mariana Coldebella: Oui -> Premium
Marie Meyer: Viva -> Premium
Marine van Outryve: Women -> Ford
Maryna Linchuk: Viva -> Oui
Mariska van der Zee: Viva -> Marilyn
Marland Backus now also @ Supreme
Martha Streck: IMG -> Premium
Masha Novoselova: IMG -> Women
Maxine Schiff: Next -> Ford Direct
Milla Jovovich: IMG -> ZZO -> IMG
Nadejda Savcova: Marilyn -> Oui
Nicola Haffmans: Silent -> Marilyn
Nina Brosh now @ City
Noemie Lenoir: Elite -> IMG
Noot Seear: Women -> New Madison
Ola Munik: Marilyn -> New Madison
Ondria Hardin: Elite -> Viva
Pamela Bernier: Marilyn -> Oui
Pauline van der Cruysse: Next -> Silent
Polina Sova: Elite (still on their website) -> Silent
Pong Lee now also @ Metropolitan
Pooja Mor: M -> Premium
Poppy Okotcha now also @ Oui
Riley Montana: Oui -> Next
Roberta Narciso: Elite -> Crystal
Rose Bertram: Premium -> IMG
Saara Sihvonen: Silent -> Premium
Samantha Archibald: MP -> Premium
Santa Urbane: M -> Karin
Shanina Shaik: Next -> IMG
Shaughnessy Brown: Silent -> Next (currently not credited on the website anymore)
Shu-Pei Qin: Next -> Oui
Simone van Werkhoven: Premium -> Marilyn
Skye Stracke now also @ MP
Solange Wilvert now also @ Ford Women
Sofie Oosterwaal now @ City
Sophie Ahrens now also  @ Oui
Sophie Pumfrett now also @ Ford
Sora Choi: Evidence -> Marilyn
Staz Lindes now also @ Elite
Sung Hee Kim: IMG -> Women
Suvi Riggs/Koponen: Next -> Viva
Tamy Glauser: Marilyn -> Next
Tian Yi: Oui -> IMG
Tora Wählin: Supreme -> New Madison
Vanessa Cruz: IMG -> Premium
Vita Sidorkina now also @ Elite
Viviane Oliveira now also @ M
Yulia Serzhantova: Silent -> M
Zuzanna Bijoch: Next -> IMG

New York
Aleah Morgan: IMG -> One (currently not credited on the website anymore)
Aline Weber: Next -> IMG
Amber Valletta: DNA -> IMG
Ana Buljevic: Supreme -> Elite
Anaïs Mali: DNA (still on their website) -> Next
Anastasia Eremenko: Q -> Silent
Angela Lindvall: The Lions -> IMG
Anja Konstantinova: Marilyn -> The Society
Anne-Sophie Monrad: Next -> Silent
Anouk de Heer: IMG -> Next
Antonia Wilson now also @ Marilyn
Anna Cholewa: One -> Supreme
Athena Wilson: The Society -> Marilyn
Ava McAvoy: Women -> Elite
Beegee Margenyte: Supreme -> Wilhelmina 
Bregje Heinen: Supreme -> The Lions
Bridget Malcolm: IMG -> The Society
Caroline Francischini: Supreme -> Wilhelmina Direct
Cate Underwood: NYMM -> The Lions
Chantal Stafford-Abbott: Wilhelmina Direct -> One
Charlott Cordes: Ford -> Silent
Charlotte Carey: Wilhelmina -> Muse
Chrystal Copland: Fusion -> Muse
Cierra Skye: One -> Elite
Clarence Tennessee Haaster: The Lions -> Heroes
Coco Rocha: Wilhelmina -> IMG
Corinna Ingenleuf now also  @ Muse (currently not credited on the website anymore)
Cris Urena: NYMM -> The Society
Christina Carey now also @ The Lions
Dafne Cejas now also @ Marilyn
Daine Sodre: Next -> One
Daniela de Jesus: Major -> IMG
Dasha Denisenko: One -> Supreme
Denisa Dvorakova: The Society -> Supreme
Dorota Kullova: The Society -> Supreme
Drielle Valeretto: Muse -> One.1
Elena Melnik: Next -> Heroes
Ella Richards: Wilhelmina -> Supreme
Elodia Prieto: The Lions -> Heroes
Elyse Taylor: Marilyn -> IMG
Emeline Ghesquiere: The Lions -> NYMM
Emilia Nawarecka: Next -> One
Emily Ratajkowski: Ford -> DNA
Emma Stern: Silent -> One
Erin O'Connor: Ford -> Heroes
Erjona Ala: The Society -> Muse
Estella Boersma now also @ DNA
Estelle Chen now also @ The Society
Eva Tramunt: MC2 -> Wilhelmina Direct
Ewa Wladymiruk: Supreme -> Elite
Flavia Lucini now also @ The Lions
Flo Dron: NYMM -> Marilyn 
Gertrud Hegelund Hansen: IMG -> Wilhelmina
Gracie Carvalho: DNA -> The Lions
Hadassa Lima: Muse -> One -> Silent -> Fusion
Hailey Baldwin: Ford -> Heroes
Hana Jirickova: Women -> Heroes -> IMG
Hanaa Ben Abdesslem: IMG -> Next
Hannah Holman now also @ DNA
Harmony Boucher now also @ Ford
Helena Greyhorse: One -> Wilhelmina 
Iana Godnia: Major -> Heroes
Irina Sharipova: Women Direct -> Women
Iris Egbers: Wilhelmina -> Marilyn
Izabel Goulart: Women -> Supreme
Jana Knauerova now also @ Wilhelmina Direct
Janeta Samp: NYMM -> One.1
Jayne Windsor now also @ Wilhelmina Direct
Jean Campbell now also @ DNA
Jessiann Gravel: Marilyn -> Trump
Joanna Tatarka: Ford -> Supreme
Juana Burga: NYMM -> The Lions
Jules Mordovets: IMG -> Re:Quest/Click
Julia Jamin now also @ The Society
Julia Valimaki: Trump -> NYMM
Julie Hoomans: Supreme -> Next
Kai Newman: One -> Elite
Karlina Kaune: NYMM -> DNA
Karly Loyce now also @ Women
Katlin Aas: IMG -> Next
Kelsey Gerry: Women / 360 -> Muse
Kim Cloutier: Wilhelmina -> NYMM
Kirsty Hume: IMG -> DNA
Laura Kampman: NYMM -> The Lions
Leila Nda: NYMM -> Women
Lexi Boling: Ford -> IMG 
Lily Stewart: Ford -> The Lions
Ling Tan: Muse -> One.1
Linn Arvidsson: DNA -> NYMM
Lisa Helene Kramer now also @ Supreme
Luciana Curtis: Ford -> IMG
Luisa Bianchin now also @ Trump
Lululeika Ravn Liep now also @ Women
Madison Whittaker: Major -> Fusion
Magdalena Langrova: Next -> Women/360
Maggie Jablonski: Major -> The Society
Maggie Maurer: IMG -> Marilyn
Malaika Firth: NYMM -> The Lions
Malgosia Bela: Next -> The Society
Manon Delplanque now also @ The Lions
Maria Borges: Supreme -> IMG
Marie Meyer now also @ Muse
Marina Linchuk: DNA -> The Lions
Martha Streck: IMG -> Major
Masha Voronina: Marilyn -> IMG
Mayara Rubik: IMG -> Wilhelmina 
Michaela Kocianova: The Society -> Supreme
Michele Hicks now also @ Trump Legends
Milana Keller now also @ Trump
Miriam Haney: Ford -> Muse
Morgane Warnier: The Lions -> Heroes
Natalya Piro: Ford Women -> Women/360
Natasha Remarchuk: Elite -> Supreme
Nika Lauraitis: Next -> Trump
Niki Trefilova now also @ Heroes
Noemie Lenoir: DNA -> Ford
Ola Munik: One -> Muse
Othilia Simon: The Lions -> Heroes
Paulina Heiler: DNA -> Next
Pauline van der Cruysse now also @ Heroes
Phillipa Hemphrey: NYMM -> The Lions
Pong Lee now also @ Supreme
Qi Wen Feng: Wilhelmina -> Q
Raica Oliveira: The Lions -> Elite
Reid Kastyn: IMG -> Next Direct
Riley Montana: NYMM -> Next
Ruth Bell now also @ The Society
Shaughnessy Brown: One -> Next (currently not credited on the website anymore)
Shu-Pei Qin: Next -> DNA
Simone Carvalho: Ford -> Muse
Soekie Gravenhost now also @ DNA
Sofia Fanego: One -> Heroes
Sophie Dahl now also @ Ford
Sophie Pumfrett now also @ Ford Women
Sora Choi: Muse -> Wilhelmina
Sung Hee Kim: Wilhelmina -> Women
Suvi Riggs/Koponen: Next -> DNA
Svieta Nemkova: IMG -> Marilyn
Toni Garrn: Women -> The Lions
Tova Wählin: Supreme -> Trump
Ujjwala Raut: IMG -> Next Direct
Valerie van der Graaf: Supreme -> Marilyn
Valerija Sestic: Supreme -> Elite
Vittoria Ceretti now also @ The Society
Yulia Serzhantova: The Lions -> MC2 (currently not credited on the website anymore)
Yulia Vasiltsova: Next -> Muse (currently not credited on the website anymore)

Adwoa Aboah: Storm -> Tess
Alana Bunte now also @ Premier
Alessandra Ambrosio: Models 1 -> Viva
Alexandra Martynova: Storm -> The Hive
Alexandra Tomlinson now also @ FM
Ali Stephens: Models 1 -> Wlhelmina
Allie Barrett now also @ The Hive
Ally Ertel now also @ The Hive
Alyona Subbotina: Select -> Premier
Anaïs Mali: Viva -> Next
Anastasia Lagune: Wilhelmina -> Storm
Anastasija Kondratjeva now also @ Wilhelmina
Angel Rutledge now also @ Premier
Angela Lindvall: Select -> IMG
Anja Rubik: IMG -> Next
Anni Jurgenson: Elite -> Storm
Bambi Northwood-Blyth: Premier -> IMG
Becca Horn: Elite -> Models 1
Beth Donaghy: Select -> SUPA
Bridget Malcolm: IMG -> Elite
Britt Maren: Select -> The Hive
Candice Huffine: Milk -> Select
Cato van Ee: Storm -> Viva
Cecile Sinclair: The Hive -> Premier
Charlotte Lindvig: Storm -> Elite
Chrystal Copland: Premier -> Established
Cierra Skye now also @ Storm
Coco Rocha: Models 1 -> IMG
Daiane Sodre: Next -> Storm
Daniela de Jesus Cosio now also @ IMG
Daniela Freitas now also @ FM Direct
Daniela Kocianova: IMG -> Nevs
Dolores Doll now also @ SUPA
Dovile Virsilaite: Models 1 -> Wilhelmina
Emile Evander now also @ Storm
Emilia Nawarecka: Next -> Storm
Emma Stern: Models 1 -> Premier
Erin O'Connor: Tess -> Models 1
Erika Wall: Established -> Next
Estelle Yves: Viva -> FM
Fanny François: Models 1 -> IMG
Farah Holt: The Hive -> Premier
Felicity Gilbert: Storm -> Established
Flaviana Matata: Next -> Wilhelmina
Frances Coombe: Wilhelmina -> The Hive
Georgia Howorth now also @ Viva
Gia Tang now also @ Select
Hanaa Ben Abdesslem: IMG -> Next
Hannah Holman: Premier -> The Hive
Heide Lindgren: Storm -> The Hive
Helena Greyhorse: Premier -> Models 1
Herieth Paul: Select -> Elite
Idina May Moncrieffe: Viva -> IMG
Jayne Windsor back @ Select
Jennifer Messelier now also @ FM
Jing Wen: Storm -> Storm
Juju Ivanyuk: Next -> Elite
Julia Cumming now also @ Premier
Julia van Os now also @ The Hive
Juliana Schurig: Premier -> Viva
Julita Formella now also @ Storm
Kasia Struss: Storm -> Elite
Kate Grigorieva now also @ Premier
Kirsi Pyrhonen: Viva -> Premier
Kouka Webb now also @ Select
Kremi Otashliyska: Select -> Elite
Laetitia Casta: IMG -> Viva
Lexi Boling: Storm -> IMG
Lieke van Houten: Elite -> Models 1
Lorelle Rayner now also @ Select
Louise Parker: Select -> Storm
Loulou Robert: Storm -> Viva
Lululeika Ravn Liep now also @ Premier
Madison Whittaker: M+P -> Select
Magdalena Langrova: Next -> Premier
Marcele Dal Cortivo: Wilhelmina -> The Hive
Maria Borges: Elite -> IMG
Maria Veranen now also @ Premier
Marie Meyer: Viva -> The Hive
Marihenny Rivera Pasible: Storm -> Premier
Marland Backus: FM -> Elite
Maryna Linchuk: Viva -> Select
Milly Simmonds: The Hive -> Models 1
Miriam Haney: SUPA -> Premier
Moya Palk: SUPA -> Select
Nadja Bender now also @ Premier
Nastya Kusakina: Women -> Elite
Natasa Vojnic: Wilhelmina -> The Hive
Nicola Haffmans: Next -> Models 1
Nicole Pollard: FM -> Premier
Niki Trefilova now also @ Storm
Pau Bertolini now also @ SUPA
Pauline van der Cruysse: Next -> FM
Polina Sova: Elite -> SUPA -> Milk
Rhiannon McConnell now also @ Models 1
Riley Montana: Premier -> Next
Roos Abels now also @ FM
Sally Jonson now also @ FM
Sarah Brannon: Premier -> Storm
Shaughnessy Brown: Elite -> Next (currently not credited on the website anymore)
Shlomit Malka: Storm -> Elite
Sofia Fisher: Models 1 -> Established
Sofie Oosterwaal now @ IMG
Suki Waterhouse: Next -> Tess
Tallulah Morton: Storm -> Premier
Tamy Glauser: FM -> Next
Tian Yi: Storm -> IMG
Tiana Tolstoi now also @ Models 1
Ubah Hassan now also @ Models 1 Classic
Veronika Vilim: Wilhelmina -> Elite

Alba Galocha: Women -> IMG
Alewya Demmisse now also @ The Fabbrica
Alexandra Martynova: Monster -> D'Mgmt
Ali Stephens: Elite -> The Fabbrica
Allie Barrett now also @ Monster
Amalie Frijs now also @ Why Not
Anaïs Mali: Why Not -> Next 
Anastasia Ivanova: MP -> Monster
Angel Rutledge now also @ Monster
Angela Lindvall: Women -> IMG
Anna Grostina now also @ Fashion
Anne Verhallen now also @ Monster
Antonia Wilson now also @ Women
Aya Jones now also @ Monster
Beegee Margenyte: Women -> Fashion
Bridget Malcolm: IMG -> Elite
Chloe Norgaard: Why Not -> Monster
Cierra Skye: Monster -> MP
Claudia Mason: Elite (still on their website) -> D'Mgmt
Coco Rocha: Monster -> IMG
Daniela Freitas: Elite -> The Fabbrica
Dauphine McKee now also @ The Fabbrica
Denise Dvorakova: Elite -> Why Not
Dorota Kullova: Elite (still on their website) -> Why Not
Eilika Meckbach: Urban (still on their website) -> Women
Elinor Weedon: Why Not -> Brave
Ella Richards now also @ D'Mgmt
Emilia Nawarecka: Next -> Fashion
Emeline Ghesquiere: D'Mgmt -> Monster
Emma Stern: Next -> Women Direct
Fanny François: Elite (still on their website) -> IMG
Franzi Mueller: IMG -> Monster
Gwen Lu: Beatrice -> Beyond
Hanaa Ben Abdesslem: IMG -> Next
Heide Lindgren: Why Not -> The Fabbrica
Inguna Butane: Women -> D'Mgmt
Iris Egbers: Women -> Why Not
Isis Battaglia: Why Not -> The Lab
Jennifer Messelier: Why Not -> Elite
Julia Cumming now also @ The Fabbrica
Juliana Schurig: Elite -> Why Not
Julie Hoomans: Women -> Next
Julie Ordon: Elite -> The Fabbrica
Karmen Pedaru: Elite -> IMG
Karly Loyce now also @ Women
Kat Cordts: Monster -> Fashion
Kayla Scott now also @ Special Management (currently not credited on their website anymore)

Kim Riekenberg: IMG -> D'Mgmt
Kirsi Pyrhonen: Women -> Monster
Kitty Hayes now also @ Monster
Lexi Bollng: Special -> IMG
Lieke van Houten: Elite -> Monster
Lily Stewart now also @ Monster
Lina Berg: Elite -> IMG
Luisa Bianchin: Why Not -> Monster
Lululeika Ravn Liep now also @ Women
Madison Whittaker now also @ D'Mgmt
Mae Lapres: Fashion -> D'Mgmt
Magdalena Langrova: Next -> The Lab
Maria Borges: Women -> IMG
Maria Veranen now also @ Elite
Marland Backus: Brave -> Women
Merethe Hopland: Women -> Monster
Michaela Kocianova: Elite -> Why Not
Milla Jovovich: IMG -> D'Mgmt
Miriam Haney now also @ Monster
Monika Sawicka: Elite -> The Fabbrica
Moya Palk now also @ Monster
Nadejda Savcova: Why Not -> Women Direct
Ola Munik: Why Not -> The Fabbrica
Pauline van der Cruysse: Next -> Special
Pernille Moeller: Monster -> Special Management
Poppy Okotcha now also @ Women
Raniya Mordana: Elite -> The Fabbrica
Riley Montana: D'Mgmt -> Next
Roberta Narciso: Elite -> Beyond
Rose van Bosstraeten: Why Not -> Elite
Ruby Jean Wilson: Elite -> D'Mgmt
Ruth Bell now also @ Elite
Saara Sihvonen: Why Not -> The Lab
Shanina Shaik: Next -> IMG
Shanna Jackway now also @ Women
Shaughnessy Brown: Why Not -> Next (currently not credited on the website anymore)
Shirley Mallmann: IMG -> D'Mgmt
Sofie Oosterwaal now @ IMG
Sophia Ahrens now also @ Monster
Tamy Glauser: Pop -> Next
Tatjana Patitz: Elite (still on their website) -> D'Mgmt
Valerie van der Graaf: Women -> Fashion
Valerija Kelava: Why Not -> Monster
Vasilisa Pavlova: Women -> Monster
Veronika Vilim now also @ The Lab
Viviane Oliveira now also @ Monster
Willow Hand now also @ Monster
Zlata Mangafic: IMG -> Monster

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24 décembre 2014 3 24 /12 /décembre /2014 10:31

This is an index of all the 2014 major model switches (and new representations) in Paris, NY, London and Milan. Latest update on: January 26, 2015


Some switches are immediate but some are only in progress with the model still with her current agency but already credited on the website of her next destination. Latest updates in RED.


Adwoa Aboah now also @ Ford (SS15 show package)
Aiste-Regina Kliveckaite now also @ Silent
Alba Galocha: City -> IMG
Aleksandra Marczyk now also @ M
Alessandra Ambrosio: Elite -> Viva
Alewya Demmisse now also @ Elite
Ali Michael back on the website of IMG
Alison Nix: Marilyn -> Ford
Alma Durand: Viva -> Oui
Alyosha Kovalyova now also @ Ford
Amanda Norgaard: Women -> IMG
Amalie Schmidt now also @ Oui
Amber Valletta now also @ Women
Anabela Belikova: Silent -> IMG
Anastasia Khodkina: WM -> Major
Anastasia Kolganova now also @ Next
Angela Lindvall: Women -> Oui
Anja Konstantinova: IMG -> Elite
Anja Leuenberger: City (still on their website) -> Premium
Anja Rubik: Next -> IMG
Anne-Sophie Monrad: Marilyn -> Next
Anni Jurgenson: Oui -> Elite
Anya Kazakova now also @ WM
Aya Jones now also @ Silent (not credited anymore)
Behati Prinsloo: Marilyn -> Elite
Betty Adewole: Major -> IMG
Camilla F. Christensen now also @ Next
Caroline Trentini: Oui -> Elite
Cat Decome: Marilyn -> IMG
Cecilia Chancellor: IMG -> Premium
Caroline Schurch: Silent -> Nathalie -> Women
Charlotte Carey: IMG -> Nathalie
Charlotte Lindvig now @ Ford
Christina Carey now @ Viva
Cintia Dicker: Marilyn -> Elite
Clara Mas: IMG -> City
Coco Rocha: Marilyn -> ZZO 
Courtney Shallcross: Nathalie -> Premium
Cristina Piccone: City -> Premium
Crystal Noreiga: Elite -> Premium
Damara Lewis: Angels (& Demons) -> The Face
Dolores Doll: Women -> Ford
Dorota Kullova now also @ Elite 
Elisa Sednaoui now also @ ZZO
Emily Ratajkowski now also @ Ford
Emily Senko now also @ IMG
Emma Oak: Nathalie -> Oui
Emma Stern Nielsen now also @ Oui
Erin Heatherton: Marilyn -> IMG
Erin O'Connor: Oui -> Ford
Esmee Vermolen: Marilyn (still on their website) -> Oui
Esther de Jong: Major -> IMG
Ginta Lapina: Women (still on their website) -> Viva
Grace Plowden now also @ Premium
Hailey Clauson: Next -> Oui
Hanaa Ben Abdesslem: IMG -> Next
Hanne Brüning: Elite -> New Madison
Harmony Boucher: Nathalie -> Ford
Heide Lindgren: Nathalie -> Silent -> Major
Heloise Guerin: Women -> Elite
Hilary Rhoda: Oui -> IMG
Hirschy Hirschfelder: Women -> Next
Idina Moncreiffe: Marilyn -> Viva
Inguna Butane: Viva -> Premium
Irina Shayk: Elite (still on their website) -> Oui
Issa Lish: M -> Premium
Jena Goldsack: Women -> Premium
Jennifer "JP" Pugh: IMG -> Major
Jessica Miller: IMG -> Next
Jessica "JP" Pitti: Nathalie -> New Madison
Ji Hye Park: Oui -> Elite
Jo Molenaar: Women -> Viva
Josephine Skriver: IMG -> Elite
Julia Jamin now @ IMG
Julia Nobis: Elite -> Viva
Julia Restoin-Roitfeld: IMG -> Next
Juliana Schurig: Elite -> Viva
Kadri Vahersalu: Exclusive -> Premium
Karmen Pedaru: Oui -> IMG
Karolin Wolter now also  @ Next
Kat Hessen : Next -> Elite
Kate Goodling now also @ Ford
Kate Harrison: Elite -> Ford
Katja Krivorota: M -> Silent (not credited anymore...)
Kirstin Kragh Liljegren now also @ Women
Kori Richardson: IMG (still on their website) -> Oui
Laura Love now also @ Viva
Leaf Zhang: Oui -> Premium
Leila Nda: New Madison -> Women
Lexi Boling now also @ Ford
Line Brems now also @ Oui
Lottie Hayes now also @ Women
Lou Doillon: Next -> ZZO
Luize Salmgrieze: New Madison -> Major
Malaika Firth: Nathalie -> Oui
Manon Delplanque: Viva -> Oui
Maria Veranen now @ also Elite
Marie Piovesan: Oui -> Viva
Marihenny Pasible: Nathalie -> WM
Marinet Mathee: Elite -> Oui
Marlena Szoka: Premium -> Marilyn
Mathilde Frachon: Next -> IMG
Melodie Monrose: Women -> Next
Miriam Haney now also @ Ford
Monika Sawicka: Nathalie -> Ford
Nadja Auermann: Marilyn -> IMG
Nadja Bender: Nathalie -> Oui
Naty Chabanenko: Women -> Next
Neelam Gill now also @ Elite
Olga Sherer: Women -> Next
Olympia Campbell now also @ Viva
Pernille Moeller now @ M
Phillipa Hemphrey now also @ Oui
Ping Hue now also @ IMG
Renata Sozzi: Women -> Premium
Riley M now also @ Oui
Rose Cordero: Elite -> Major
Rose Smith: Next -> Elite
Rosie Tupper now also @ Next
Taryn Davidson: Viva -> Next
Sabrina Nait: Oui -> Marilyn
Santa Urbane: M -> City -> M
Sara Sampaio: Women -> Oui
Sara Steiner: Premium -> Marilyn
Sarah Brannon now also @ Oui
Sibyl Buck: Nathalie -> ZZO
Simone van Werkhoven now also @ Premium
Siri Tollerod now also @ Oui
Sojourner Morrell: Marilyn -> IMG
Steffy Argelich now @ IMG
Stella Maxwell: Viva -> Oui
Sui He: Nathalie: Nathalie -> Oui
Tamy Glauser: Premium -> Marilyn
Tsheca White: Women -> Ford
Veroniek Gielkens now also @ IMG
Veronika Vilim: Next -> Supreme
Vika Falileeva: Women -> Silent
Yulia Vasiltsova: Next -> IMG
Zuzana Lettrichova: New Madison -> Premium
Zuzu Tadeushuk now also @ Ford


New York

Adrianna Zajdler: Ford -> Supreme
Agyness Deyn: Elite -> The Lions
Aiste-Regina Kliveckaite: Wilhelmina -> Women/360
Alana Bunte: Elite (still on their website) -> The Lions
Alejandra Guilmant now also @ Fusion
Alex Yuryeva: The Lions -> Supreme
Alexa Yudina now also @ Muse
Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov now also @ The Society
Alewya Demmisse now also @ Women
Alex Hochguertel now also @ The Society
Ali Michael back on the website of IMG
Alice Cornish now also @ Supreme
Alma Durand now also @ NYMM
Amalie Schmidt: The Lions -> One
Ana Mihajlovic: Muse -> One.1
Anastasia Bondarenko now also @ Muse
Anastasia Kolganova: DNA -> Next
Anja Rubik: Next -> IMG
Anne-Sophie Monrad: Ford -> Next 
Arlenis Sosa: Marilyn -> The Society
Atong Arjok back on the website of Trump
Aurelia Gliwska: Ford Women -> Marilyn
Aya Jones now @ The Lions
Bara Holotova: Ford -> Women/360
Barbara Fialho: IMG -> The Lions
Betty Adewole: One -> IMG
Bianca Klamt: Muse - > Wilhelmina
Brenda Kranz: Ford -> Silent
Brogan Loftus now also @ NYMM
Cameron Russell: Elite -> The Lions
Caroline Ribeiro: Marilyn -> The Society
Caroline Schurch now also @ NYMM
Caroline Trentini: Elite -> The Society 
Cassi van den Dungen: Next -> Silent
Cecilia Mendez: Next -> Muse
Chantal Stafford-Abbott: Marilyn -> Wilhelmina Direct
Charlie Newman now also @ DNA
Charlotte Di Calypso now also @ Elite
Charlotte Kay now also @ DNA
Charlotte Lindvig now @ Ford
Christina Kruse: Elite -> The Lions
Constanze Saemann: Silent -> Marilyn
Courtney Shallcross: The Society -> Muse
Daiane Sodre: Marilyn -> Next
Dajana Antic: IMG -> Muse
Damara Lewis: Ford Women -> Marilyn
Darya Kurovska: Frame -> Major
Denisa Dvorakova: DNA -> The Society
Dioni Tabbers: Supreme -> Trump
Dolores Doll now also @ Ford
Dorothea Barth-Jorgensen: Elite -> The Lions
Dovile Virsilaite: Elite -> Muse
Edythe Hughes: Ford -> Marilyn
Elinor Weedon: Women -> Supreme
Emily Astrup: Ford (still on their website) -> NYMM
Emma Oak: Elite -> NYMM
Eniko Mihalik: DNA -> The Society
Erin O'Connor: One -> Ford
Esther de Jong: Mix -> Wilhelmina
Evelina Mambetova: Silent -> MC2
Fernanda Tavares: One -> IMG
Frankie Rayder: IMG -> The Lions
Gabby Westbrook: Elite -> The Lions
Georgia May Jagger now also @ IMG
Georgie Badiel: The Lions -> Major
Ginta Lapina: Women -> DNA
Grace Plowden now also  @ Trump
Gwen Loos now also @ Marilyn
Hanna Rundlöf: One -> Major
Heidi Harrington-Johnson: IMG -> Ford Direct
Heidi Mount: Marilyn -> One -> IMG
Henna Lintukangas now also @ Major
Hilary Rhoda: Elite -> IMG
Hollis Wakeema: NYMM -> Wilhelmina Direct
Irina Liss: Elite (still on their website) -> The Lions
Iris Egbers: Supreme -> Women/360 -> Wilhelmina
Isabel Scholten now also @ The Society
Jacquelyn Jablonski: Supreme -> IMG
Jamie Bochert: Elite -> The Lions
Jennifer "JP" Pugh: IMG -> Muse
Jessica Miller: IMG -> Next
Ji Hye Park: Elite -> The Society
Jitte Oerlemans now also @ The Lions
Julia Restoin-Roitfeld: IMG -> Next
Julia Shvets now also @ Muse
Kadri Vahersalu now also @ Muse
Kamila Filipcikova: IMG -> Muse
Karen Elson: Elite -> The Lions
Karolin Wolter now also @ Next
Karolina Waz: One -> Muse
Kat Hessen: Next -> The Society
Katarina Scola: Marilyn -> Next Direct
Katsia Zingarevich: Ford -> Marilyn
Kelly Gale: DNA -> The Society
Kelsey van Mook: IMG -> Next
Kid Plotnikova now also @ Women 
Kirsi Pyrhonen: DNA -> NYMM
Kristin Kragh Liljegren now also @ Women
Kori Richardson: IMG -> The Lions
Kristen McMenamy: DNA -> The Lions
Lieke van Houten now also @ The Society
Lili Sumner: Fusion -> Next
Liza "Teddy" Schwab: NYMM -> Supreme
Loris Kraemerh now also @ Wilhelmina Direct
Lottie Hayes now also @ Supreme
Luize Salmgrieze now also @ Muse
Lyoka Tyagnereva: Supreme -> Women/360
Lys Inger now also  @ Wilhemina Direct
Maartje Verhoef: Supreme -> Women
Marcelina Sowa: NYMM -> One
Marcella Boaventura now also @ Marilyn
Mariana Braga: One -> Wilhelmina
Mariana Santana: Elite (still on their website) -> The Lions
Marina Dociatti: Women Direct -> Next Direct
Marine van Outryve: One -> Ford
Marinet Matthee: DNA -> The Lions
Mathilde Brandi: The Lions -> Silent
Mathilde Frachon: Next -> IMG
Matilda Lowther: Supreme -> Women
Maud Le Fort: MC2 -> Marilyn
Melodie Monrose: Women -> Next
Merilin Perli now also @ The Society
Mica Arganaraz: One -> DNA
Michaela Kocianova: DNA -> The Society
Michelle Alves: Elite -> The Lions
Misha Hart now also @ DNA
Monika Sawicka: Supreme -> Ford Women
Nadejda Savcova: Wilhelmina -> Women/360
Natalia Zakharova: Women Direct -> Muse
Naty Chabanenko: Women -> Next
Neelam Gill now also @ Wilhelmina
Nicole Pollard: Elite (still on their website) -> The Lions
Nikola Romanova: Women -> NYMM
Olya Zueva: The Lions -> Women/360
Pau Bertolini: One -> Muse
Raica Oliveira: Elite (still on their website) -> The Lions (not credited anymore)
Ranya Mordanova: The Lions -> Muse
Rebeca Marcos now also @ Supreme
Rosanne Swart now also @ Elite
Rosie Tupper: DNA -> Next
Saara Sihvonen: Supreme -> Fusion
Sara Sampaio: Women -> The Lions
Shanina Shaik: Next -> IMG
Shaughnessy Brown: Marilyn -> Marilyn
Shirley Mallmann: IMG -> Trump
Sofia Fisher: DNA -> Wilhelmina
Solange Wilvert: Supreme -> Ford
Sora Choi now @ Muse
Staz Lindes: Re:Quest -> One
Steffy Argelich now also @ IMG
Stella Maxwell: Ford -> The Lions
Stephanie Shiu: Muse -> The Society
Tali Lennox: Supreme -> IMG
Taylor Foster: Women -> The Lions
Taylor Warren: One.1 -> Muse
Terese Pagh now also @ One.1
Tian Yi: Fusion -> IMG
Tiana Tolstoï now also @ Trump
Valeria Dmitrienko: Women -> Supreme
Valerija Kelava: Elite (still on their website) -> The Lions
Vanessa Cruz now also @ Wilhelmina
Veroniek Gielkens now also @ IMG
Vita Sidorkina: NYMM -> The Society
Yasmin Le Bon: Elite -> Trump
Ylonka Verheul now also @ Wilhelmina
Yulia "Keats" Kolyasnikova now @ Muse
Yulia Terentieva (now called Yulia Terenti) now also @ Marilyn
Zen Sevastyanova: IMG -> Wilhelmina
Zippora Seven now also @ IMG



Aiste-Regina Kliveckaite: Storm -> Union
Alek Alexeyeva: Select -> Storm
Alex Hochguertel now also @ Premier
Ali Michael back on the website of IMG
Alla Kostromichova: Union -> The Hive
Alma Durand: Viva -> Premier
Alyona Subbotina: Profile (still on their website) -> Select
Alyosha Kovalyova now also @ SUPA
Amanda Nimmo: Storm -> Premier
Amy Greenhough: Select -> IMG
Anastasia Kolganova: Premier -> Next
Andy Nagy: Elite -> Milk
Anja Rubik: Next -> IMG
Anna Brewster: Union -> The Hive
Anne-Sophie Monrad: Storm -> Next
Anouk de Heer now also @ Next
Antonella Graef: Premier -> SUPA
Anya "Barrett" Lyagoshina: Models 1 -> Elite
Athena Wilson: Models 1 -> Premier
Aymeline Valade: Select -> Viva
Bar Refaeli: Models 1 -> Premier
Barbara Berger: Premier -> Milk -> IMG
Benthe de Vries now also @ Next
Bria Condon now also @ Union
Brogan Loftus: M+P -> Select
Bruna Tenorio: Storm -> Elite
Carola Remer: Tess -> Premier
Carolina Sjostrand: Union -> Storm
Carolina Thaler: Storm -> Established
Cecile Sinclair: Union -> The Hive
Charlotte Hoyer: Models 1 -> SUPA
Charlotte Lindvig now also @ Storm
Christina Carey now @ Viva
Claudia Mason: Premier -> Models 1
Dalia Dubrindyte: Models 1 -> Milk
Dasha Gold: Premier -> Next
Delfine Bafort now also @ M+P
Diana Moldovan: Storm -> IMG
Dioni Tabbers: Select -> Models 1
Dorota Kullova now also @ Elite
Emily Astrup: Storm -> Premier
Erin Fee: Select -> Storm 
Farah Holt: Union -> The Hive
Frances Coombe now also @ Union
Gabby Westbrook now also @ Premier
Georgina Stojilkovik: Select -> Milk
Ginta Lapina: Storm -> Viva
Hadassa Lima now also @ The Hive
Hailey Baldwin: Elite -> Storm
Hailey Clauson: Next -> Premier
Harmony Boucher: Elite -> SUPA
Heidi Mount: IMG -> Premier -> IMG
Herke Room now also @ Union
Hilary Rhoda now also @ IMG
Idina Moncreiffe: Select -> Viva
Iesha Hodges now also @ SUPA
Imogen Newton: Viva -> Models 1
Issa Lish now also @ Storm
Izabel Goulart now also @ Elite
Isis Bataglia: Union -> Premier
Jacquelyn Jablonski: Select -> IMG
Jennifer "JP" Pugh: IMG -> Milk
Jessica Miller: IMG -> Next
Ji Hye Park: Premier -> Elite
Jing Wen now also @ Storm
Julia Suszfalak: Select -> IMG
Jamie Bochert now also @ Next
Jo Molenaar: Premier -> Viva
Josefien Rodermans: Union -> The Hive
Julia Banas: SUPA -> Elite
Julia Jamin now also @ IMG
Juliana Forge: Storm -> Next
Kadri Vahersalu: Premier -> Storm
Karolin Wolter: Storm -> Next
Kat Hessen now also @ Elite
Kate Bock: Storm -> Milk
Kate Harrison: Elite -> SUPA
Katryn Kruger back on the website of IMG
Kayla Scott now also  @ SUPA
Keke Lindgard: Models 1 -> Storm
Kel Markey: Select -> Elite
Kelly Gale: Viva -> Elite
Kelsey van Mook: IMG -> Next
Kiera Gormley: Storm -> Established
Kirstin Kragh Liljegren now also @ Storm
Leila Nda now also @ Models 1
Lexi Boling now also @ Storm
Lily Donaldson: Storm -> IMG
Lina Sandberg: Premier -> Union
Lisa Verberght: Select -> Elite
Liu Wen: Select -> Storm
Maggie Rizzer now also @ Models 1
Manon Leloup: FM -> Storm
Maria Borges: Premier -> Elite
Maria Palm: Models 1 -> Elite
Mariana Braga: Premier -> M+P
Mariana Coldebella: Premier -> Storm
Marie Piovesan: Select -> Viva
Marinet Mathee: Elite -> Premier
Mathilde Frachon: Next -> IMG
Melodie Monrose: Premier -> Next
Milana Keller now also @ Established
Milly Simmonds: Elite -> Union -> The Hive
Miriam Haney now also @ SUPA
Missy Rayder now also @ Elite
Moya Palk now also @ SUPA
Naty Chabanenko: Select -> Next
Niina Rätsep: Union -> IMG
Nykhor Paul: D1 -> Nevs
Paolla Rahmeier now also @ Premier
Pritika Swarup now also @ Storm
Raica Oliveira: Premier -> Storm
Reka Ebergenyi: Storm -> Tess
Renata Sozzi: Models 1 -> Established
Riley M now also @ Premier
Rose Cordero: Premier -> SUPA
Rosie Tupper: Models 1 -> Next
Saara Sihvonen: Union -> The Hive
Sarah Brannon now also @ Premier
Shanina Shaik: Next -> IMG
Sharon Kavjian: IMG -> FM
Shlomit Malka: Premier -> Storm
Snejana Onopka back @ Premier
Sofie Nielander: Premier -> Milk
Sophia Ahrens: Union -> The Hive
Sophie Pumfrett: Select -> The Hive
Sora Choi now also  @ Union
Staz Lindes: Models 1 -> Premier
Steffy Argelich now also @ IMG
Svieta Nemkova: Next -> IMG
Tamara Weijenberg: Union -> The Hive
Tanya Dziahileva: Storm -> Premier
Taryn Davidson: Viva -> Next
Tessa Westerhof: Select -> Union
Tscheca White: Storm -> Premier
Valerie van der Graaf: Select -> Premier
Vanessa Moody now also @ Storm
Veroniek Gielkens now also @ IMG
Veronika Vilim: M+P -> Union
Victoria Brito now also @ Milk
Victoria Lee: Premier -> Viva
Vita Sidorkina now also @ Elite
Yana Karpova: Elite -> IMG



Alba Pistolesi now also @ MP
Alex Sandor now @ Brave
Ali Michael back on the website of IMG
Alyosha Kovalyova now also @ Special
Alyssa Miller: Monster -> IMG
Amalie Schmidt now also @ Monster
Anastasia Kolganova: Why Not -> Next
Anett Griffel now also @ Monster
Anne-Sophie Monrad: Elite -> Next
Antonella Graeff back on the website of Why Not
Audrey Marnay now also @ IMG
Bara Holotova: Why Not -> IMG
Caroline Schurch now also @ Why Not
Caroline Trentini: Why Not -> Elite
Charlotte Carey now also @ Monster
Charlotte Lindvig now @ Special
Christina Kruse credited again @ Fashion
Coco Rocha: Elite -> Monster
Dajana Antic: IMG -> Why Not
Daria Pleggenkuhle now also @ D'Mgmt
Dasha Gold: Monster -> Next
Diana Farkhullina: Elite -> The Fabbrica
Dolores Doll: Women -> Special
Dorothea Barth-Jorgensen now also @ Monster
Elena Baguci: Next -> Women Direct
Estee Rammant: Monster -> D'Mgmt
Eve Tramunt now also @ The Lab
Ewa Wladymiruk: Brave -> Women
Fabiana Semprebom: Women -> MP
Frances Coombe: Elite -> Why Not
Gigi Hadid: Fashion -> IMG
Hadassa Lima: Brave (still on their website) -> Elite -> Fashion
Heidi Mount: IMG -> Monster
Herke Room now also @ D'mgmt
Hilary Rhoda now also @ IMG
Ilvie Wittek now also @ Monster
Imaan Hamman now also @ Why Not
Issa Lish: Brave -> Why Not
Jacquelyn Jablonski: Elite -> IMG
Jessica Miller: IMG -> Next
Ji Hye Park: Why Not -> Elite (SS15 show package)
Josephine Skriver: Monster -> IMG -> Elite
Julia Bergshoeff now also @ Why Not
Julia Jamin now @ Women
Julia Nobis: Elite -> D'Mgmt
Julia Restoin-Roitfeld: IMG -> Next
Julija Step: MP -> IMG
Kadri Vahersalu: Why Not -> The Fabbrica
Karolin Wolter: Women -> Next
Kat Hessen: Next -> Elite
Kate Grigorieva now also  @ Monster
Kelly Gale now also @ Why Not
Kelsey van Mook: IMG -> Next
Kendall Jenner now also @ Elite
Kori Richardson: IMG -> Monster
Kirstin Kragh Liljegren now also @ Women
Kristina Salinovic: Next -> Elite 
Lais Ribeiro: Women -> Elite
Laragh McCann now also @ MP
Lexi Boling now also @ Special
Lili Sumner: Next -> MP
Liza "Teddy" Schwab: Monster -> Women
Madara Malmane: Brave -> Women Direct
Magda Laguinge: Next -> D'Mgmt
Maria Bradley: Elite -> Why Not
Maria Pilliroog: Elite -> The Fabbrica
Marie Piovesan: Elite -> Why Not
Marija Vujovic bak on the website of Why Not
Marinet Mathee: Elite -> Why Not
Melodie Monrose: Women -> Next
Milana Keller: Elite (still on their website) -> D'Mgmt
Mimmi Soderstrom now @ The Lab
Missy Rayder: IMG -> Fashion
Natasha Remarchuk: Why Not -> The Fabbrica
Naty Chabanenko: Women -> Next
Neelam Gill now also @ Special
Niina Rätsep now also @ D'Mgmt
Nykhor Paul now also @ MP
Ondria Hardin: Elite -> D'Mgmt
Pamela Bernier: Why Not -> Elite
Pernille Moeller now also @ Monster
Phillipa Hemphrey now also @ Monster
Raica Oliveira now also @ Why Not
Riley M now also @ D'Mgmt
Roos van Bosstraeten: Fashion -> Why Not
Rose Cordero: Elite -> D'Mgmt
Rosie Tupper now also @ Next
Sarah Brannon now also @ Fashion
Sheila Baum now @ The Lab
Sora Choi now also @ Special
Staz Lindes now also @ Why Not
Steffy Argelich now also @ IMG
Tina Tolstoi now also @ Fashion
Victoria Anderson now also @ Brave
Vika Falileeva: Fashion -> Monster
Yana Karpova: Elite -> IMG

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1 janvier 2014 3 01 /01 /janvier /2014 12:07

This is an index of all the 2013 major model switches (including new representations) in Paris, NY, London and Milan. Latest update on: January 1, 2014


Some switches are immediate but some are only in progress with the model still with her current agency but already credited on the website of her next destination. Latest updates in RED.


Adriana Lima: Marilyn -> Elite
Ajuma Nasenyana: Premium* -> City
Alena Blohm: Angels -> Oui
Ali Michael: Oui -> IMG
Alla Kostromichova: Women -> Premium* -> Marilyn
Alyona Osmanova now @ Just WM
Alyssa Miller: Oui -> IMG
Amanda Norgaard: Viva -> Nathalie
Amanda Ware now @ Oui
Anaïs Mali: Elite -> Viva
Anastasia Bondarenko: Marilyn -> Karin
Andie Arthur: Elite -> IMG
Anja Konstantinova now @ IMG
Anouk de Heer: IMG -> Next
Anna Iaryn now @ City
Anna Ewers: Marilyn -> Women
Anna-Mariya Urazhevskaya now @ Viva (currently not credited anymore)
Ashley Smith: Marilyn -> IMG
Asia Piwka: Oui -> Elite
Audrey Marnay: Next -> IMG
Athena Wilson now @ Elite
Ava Smith: Marilyn -> Elite
Aymeline Valade: Women -> Viva
Bara Holotova back @ IMG
Benthe de Vries: IMG -> Next (currently still credited on both websites)
Bria Condon now @ Oui
Brogan Loftus now @ Nathalie
Carla Bruni: Marilyn -> ZZO
Carmen Maria Hillestad/Villain: Women -> Viva
Chloe Norgaard now @ Oui
Chrystele Saint-Louis Augustin: Marilyn -> IMG
Clementine Deraedt now @ Nathalie
Constance Jablonski: Elite -> Viva
Constanze Saemann: Major -> Oui
Cora Emmanuel: Oui -> Elite
Daisy Lowe: back @ Next
Daniela Pestova: Women -> Karin
Elena Bartels: Premium* -> Nathalie
Elianne Smit now @ Karin
Elisabeth Erm now @ Elite
Eliza Cummings: Nathalie -> Women
Elyse Taylor: Oui -> IMG -> Marilyn
Emilie Ellehauge now @ Nathalie
Emily Astrup: M -> Oui
Emma Xie: Elite -> Angels 
Erin Fee now @ Oui
Estee Rammant: Elite -> Nathalie
Esther de Jong: Oui -> Major
Eugenia Volodina: Viva -> Nathalie
Fanny François: City -> Nathalie
Fatima Siad now @ IMG
Flavia Lucini: IMG -> Viva
Grace Bol: Just WM -> Oui
Guinevere van Seenus: IMG -> Elite
Gwen Loos: Marilyn -> Next
Hanne-Gaby Odiele: Elite -> IMG
Harmony Boucher now @ Nathalie
Helena Christensen: Marilyn -> ZZO
Hilary Rhoda: Women -> Oui
Hollie-May Saker now @ Elite 
Ieva Laguna: Women -> Elite
Ine Neefs now @ Elite
Inguna Butane: Oui -> Viva
Irina Denisova: Women -> Oui
Irina Lazareanu: Marilyn -> Elite
Irina Shayk: Women -> Elite
Isabel Scholten: Marilyn -> Elite
Janice Seinen Alida: Premium* -> Oui
Jean Campbell now @ Viva
Jennifer Messelier: Viva -> Women
Jess Gold: IMG -> Women
Joanna Tatarka now @ Nathalie
JP: Major -> Nathalie
Julia Bergshoeff now @ Viva
Juliana Forge now @ Oui
Julia Suszfalak: Oui -> IMG
Karlie Kloss: Next -> IMG
Karolina Kurkova now @ ZZO
Katryn Kruger credited again @ IMG
Katya Riabinkina: Women -> Elite
Kayley Chabot: Nathalie -> Next 
Keilani Asmus now @ City
Kelsey van Mook: Next -> IMG
Kiara Kabukuru: Silent -> IMG
Kirby Griffin now @ IMG
Kremi Otashliyska: Oui -> Elite
Kristina Salinovic: Women -> Elite
Kristy Kaurova: Nathalie -> Just WM
Lesly Masson: City -> IMG
Liberty Ross: Marilyn -> Nathalie
Liu Wen: Marilyn -> Elite
Louise Parker: Marilyn -> Elite
Luma Grothe: Elite -> Oui
Maarjan Ridaalan: Silent -> Elite
Maartje Verhoef now @ Women
Madelen de la Motte: IMG -> Ford
Madison Headrick now @ Elite
Madison Leyes: Marilyn -> Nathalie
Magdalena Jasek: Marilyn -> Oui
Magda Nowicka: Viva -> Oui 
Manon Leloup: Marilyn -> IMG
Marie Piovesan: Marilyn -> Oui 
Marie-Sophie Wilson: Viva -> Nathalie
Marieke van de Braak now @ Women
Marlena Szoka: Viva -> Premium*
Masha Voronina: Marilyn -> IMG
Melodie Monrose: Silent -> Nathalie
Merilin Perli: Marilyn -> Elite
Missy Rayder: IMG -> Marilyn
Nadine Strittmatter: Nathalie -> Next (currently still on both websites)
Nadja Giramata now @ Next
Natalia Siodmak: Women -> IMG
Natalya Piro: Women -> Just WM
Nicola Haffmans credited again @ Silent
Olga Kurylenko: Next -> IMG
Olympia Campbell now @ Viva (currently credited only on Viva London website)
Ophelie Guillermand: Marilyn -> Women
Pau Bertolini: Viva -> Oui
Pauline van der Cruysse: Elite -> Next
Petra Nemcova now @ Marilyn
Rebeca Marcos now @ Women
Renata Sozzi credited again @ Nathalie
Roberta Cardenio: Marilyn -> Oui
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Women -> IMG
Rosie Tapner now @ Elite
Sabrina Ioffreda: Viva -> Next
Sam Rollinson now @ Women
Santa Urbane: Premium* -> M 
Sharan Bala now @ Angels
Sharon Kavjian: IMG -> City
Shelby Keeton: Nathalie -> Next
Simone Carvalho: Oui -> Nathalie
Siri Crafoord: Viva -> Next
Sofie Sjaastad now @ Oui
Solweig Lizlow: Major -> Nathalie
Svieta Nemkova: Next -> Just WM
Tamara Suarez: Nathalie -> Oui 
Tanga Moreau: Oui -> Nathalie
Tatiana Kravikova: Just WM -> M
Tess Hellfeuer now @ Women
Tessa Bennenbroek now @ Women
Tessa Vander Weyden: City -> M
Tetyana Brazhnyk: Marilyn -> IMG
Thairine Garcia now @ Next
Tian Yi: Marilyn -> Oui (currently still credited on both websites)
Ulrikke Toft Simonsen: Nathalie -> Marilyn
Valeriia Karaman: Oui -> Silent
Valeriane Le Moi: Oui -> Premium*
Valery Kaufman: Marilyn -> Elite
Vasilisa Pavlova: Women -> Oui
Victoria Anderson: Viva -> City 
Vika Falileeva: Viva -> Nathalie
Vika Kuropyatnikova now @ Just WM
Viviane Orth: IMG -> Nathalie 
Yulia Leontyeva now @ New Madison 
Yuliya Paul: Oui -> Premium*
Zosia Prominska now @ Metropolitan

(Premium*: Ford Europe changed its name for Premium in December 2013)


Abby Brothers: Marilyn -> Next
Abi Fox: One -> Wilhelmina
Adriana Lima: Marilyn -> The Society
Adwoa Aboah now @ the Lions
Aine O'Gorman: One -> Major
Alejandra Alonso: Women -> Next
Alena Blohm: Marilyn -> The Society
Alexandra Martynova now @ Wilhelmina
Alexina Graham: Supreme -> The Society
Aline Zanella: Ford -> Marilyn
Alison Arboux: Silent -> IMG
Alison Nix: Marilyn -> Ford
Alla Kostromichova: Women -> Supreme
Alyona Osmanova: Ford -> Women Direct
Alyona Subbotina: Marilyn -> Supreme
Alyssa Miller: Elite -> IMG
Amanda Charlwood: One.1 -> Frame 
Amanda Norgaard: Ford -> IMG
Amanda Ware: Silent -> Elite
Amy Hixson: Marilyn -> Supreme
Anaïs Mali: Ford -> DNA
Anaïs Pouliot: Trump -> The Society
Anastasia Bondarenko: Silent -> Ford (currently not credited anymore)
Anastasia Ivanova: Ford Women -> Supreme
Anastasija Kondratjeva: NYMM -> Wilhelmina
Angela Lindvall: Women -> The Lions
Anna Ewers: Women Direct -> Women
Anna Piirainen now @ Wilhelmina
Anna Speckhart: Marilyn -> The Society
Annabelle Tsaboukas: Women -> Supreme
Anne Vyalitsyna: Women -> The Lions
Annemara Post: DNA -> Trump
Anni Jürgenson: Ford -> Marilyn
Antonia Wesseloh: Ford -> Women
Ashley Smith: Marilyn -> The Society
Asia Piwka: Marilyn -> The Society
Athena Wilson: Ford  -> The Society
Aymeline Valade: Women -> DNA
Britt Maren: Women -> Supreme
Camille Rowe: Marilyn -> The Society
Candice Huffine: Ford -> Muse
Carla Crombie now @ Soul Artist
Carolin Loosen: IMG -> The Society
Caroline Brasch Nielsen: Marilyn -> The Society
Carolina Sjostrand now @ Wilhelmina
Carolina Thaler: Ford Women -> Elite
Caterina Ravaglia: DNA -> IMG
Catherine McNeil: Marilyn -> The Society
Cecile Sinclair now @ Wilhelmina
Cecilia Chancellor now @ Muse
Charlotte Carey: IMG -> Wilhelmina
Charon Cooijmans now @ DNA
Ciara Nugent: One.1 -> Muse
Cintia Dicker: Marilyn -> The Society
Cisco Tschurtschenthaler: One.1 -> One
Colinne Michaelis: Silent -> The Lions
Cora Emmanuel: Ford -> The Society
Daga Ziober: Marilyn -> The Society
Daiane Conterato: Ford -> The Society
Daiane Sodre: Marilyn -> Major
Daisy Lowe: back @ Next

Daphne Groeneveld: Supreme -> Women
Daria Pleggenkuhle: Silent -> The Lions (currently still on both websites)
Darya Kurovska now @ Frame
Dauphine McKee: The Society -> IMG 
Dorith Mous: S Models -> Muse
Elena Baguci: Marilyn -> Women Direct
Elena Bartels now @ DNA
Eliza Sys now @ Muse
Elyse Taylor: Ford -> Marilyn
Emanuela de Paula: Marilyn -> The Society
Emma Xie: Trump -> Muse
Erin Heatherton: Marilyn -> IMG
Erjona Ala: Ford -> The Society
Eve Delf: NYMM -> Supreme
Ewa Wladymiruk now @ Supreme
Fabiana Semprebom: Supreme -> Marilyn
Farah Holt: Women Direct -> Marilyn
Fatima Siad: NYMM -> IMG
Flo Gennaro: S Models -> Silent 
Frederikke Winther now @ DNA
Georgie Badiel: Paragon -> The Lions
Grace Bol: Muse -> Elite
Grace Mahary: Ford -> IMG
Guinevere van Seenus: Women -> The Lions
Guisela Rhein: Next -> Wilhelmina
Hana Jirickova: The Lions -> Women
Hanna Rundlöf: Marilyn -> One
Hanne-Gaby Odiele: Ford -> IMG
Heidi Rock now @ One
Hyunyi Lee: Silent -> The Lions
Ine Neefs now @ DNA
Inga Eiriksdottir now @ IMG
Irina Lazareanu: Marilyn -> The Society
Irina Shayk: Women -> The Lions
Iza Olak: Next -> One.1
Janice Seinen Alida: Ford -> Elite
Jaunel McKenzie: Muse -> Paragon -> Fusion
Jennifer Massaux: Ford Women -> Wilhelmina
Jess Gold now @ Supreme
Jessiann Gravel now @ Marilyn NY
Jessica Hart: Women -> The Lions
Jessica White now @ NYMM
Josephine Le Tutour now @ The Society
Josephine Skriver: Marilyn -> The Society
Josephine van Delden now @ Supreme
Juju Ivanyuk: NYMM -> Next
Julia Bergshoeff now @ DNA
Julia Johansen: Elite -> The Society
Julia Nobis: Ford -> DNA
Juliana Forge now @ Elite 
Juliana Imai: Ford -> Wilhelmina
Juliana Schurig: Ford -> DNA
Julier Bugge: Soul Artist -> Supreme
Kamila Hansen: Ford -> The Society
Karo Mrozkova: Marilyn -> Supreme
Karolina Waz: Women -> One
Kat Chadwick now @ NYMM
Kat Zakharchenko: Silent -> The Lions 
Kate King: Ford -> IMG
Katlin Aas: Marilyn -> IMG
Katrin Thormann: Women -> Supreme
Katya Riabinkina: Supreme -> Women
Kelly Mittendorf: Marilyn -> The Society
Kiara Kabukuru: Soul Artist -> IMG
Kim Cloutier: Ford Women -> Wilhelmina
Kremi Otashliyska: Ford Women -> Supreme 
Lara Mullen: Ford -> DNA
Laragh McCann now @ Marilyn
Laura Love: Ford -> DNA
Laura McCone: Elite -> One
Lauren Brown now @ Trump
Leomie Anderson: Ford -> Fusion
Lily McMenamy now also @ Next NY
Lindsey Wixson: Marilyn -> The Society
Ling Tan: Wilhelmina -> Muse
Liu Wen: Marilyn -> The Society
Loris Kraemerh: Ford -> Marilyn
Louise Parker: Marilyn -> The Society
Luize Salmgrieze: Women Direct -> Ford Women
Lydia Hearst: Wilhelmina -> Next
Lyndey Scott: Next -> Elite
Mackenzie Drazan: Marilyn -> The Society
Madelen de la Motte: Ford -> One
Madison Headrick: Marilyn -> The Society
Madison Leyes: Wihelmina -> Elite
Magdalena Jasek: Marilyn -> The Society
Mariana Coldebella: Marilyn -> Supreme -> Elite
Marie Piovesan: Marilyn -> The Society
Marieke van de Braak now @ Women
Marikka Juhler: Ford -> Women
Marina Heiden: Wilhelmina -> One
Marine Deleeuw: Ford -> The Society
Marine Vacth: Marilyn -> The Society (currently not credited anymore)
Mariya Markina: Muse -> Silent
Marlena Szoka now @ One
Mayara Rubik Marchi now @ IMG
Melissa Tammerijn: NYMM -> Next
Merethe Hopland: Marilyn -> Supreme
Michelle Buswell: Marilyn -> The Society
Mila Krasnoiarova: Silent: The Lions -> Supreme
Milly Simmonds now @ Wilhelmina
Mina Cvetkovic: Supreme -> Women
Ming Xi: Ford -> The Society
Missy Rayder: IMG -> Marilyn
Monika Sawicka: Marilyn -> Supreme
Nadia Giramata now @ Trump
Natalia Siodmiak now @ IMG
Natalie Kayser: MIX -> Fusion
Nicole Hofman: Trump -> NYMM (currently still on both websites)
Nova Malanova: Ford Women -> Supreme 
Olympia Campbell now @ DNA (currently only credited on Viva London website)
Ophelie Guillermand: Marilyn -> Women
Othilia Simon: Silent -> The Lions
Pamela Bernier: Marilyn -> The Society
Patricia van der Vliet: Marilyn -> The Society
Pau Bertolini: Marilyn -> One
Paulina Heiler now @ DNA
Paulina King: Ford Women -> Supreme 
Pauline Hoarau now @ The Society
Pauline van der Cruysse: Marilyn -> Next
Ping Hue Chung: DNA -> IMG
Queeny van der Zande now @ Marilyn
Raica Oliveira: Ford -> Elite
Ranya Mordanova: Ford -> The Lions
Raquel Nave: Root -> Re:Quest 
Rebecca Iannacone: Wilhelmina -> Trump
Reka Nagy: DNA -> Supreme
Renata Sozzi credited again @ Marilyn
Rhianna Porter: Next -> Elite
Roberta Narciso: Elite -> The Society
Ros Georgiou: Marilyn -> The Society
Rose Cordero: Ford -> NYMM
Rose Smith: One -> The Society
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Elite -> IMG
Rosie Tapner: Ford -> The Society
Ruby-Jean Wilson: Ford -> DNA 
Sabrina Ioffreda: DNA -> Next
Sam Rollinson: NYMM -> Women
Sara Sampaio: Women Direct -> Women 
Sara Steiner now @ Marilyn
Sara Emilia Bernat now @ Women Direct
Sarah Engelland: One -> Elite
Shelby Coleman: IMG -> NYMM
Shelby Keeton: DNA -> Next 
Sigrid Agren: Ford -> The Society
Simona Andrejic: Marilyn -> One
Siri Crafoord now @ Next
Skye Stracke: Women Direct -> Red 
Sophia Ahrens now @ DNA
Sophie Pumfrett now @ Supreme
Suzie Bird: Supreme -> Ford
Tali Lennox: Next -> Supreme
Tamy Glauser now @ Marilyn
Tao Okamoto: Ford -> The Society
Tara Jean Nordbrock: Supreme -> Trump
Taryn Davidson now @ Next
Tasha Tilberg: One -> Wilhelmina
Tatiana Lyadochkina: NYMM -> Muse
Taylor Kraemer: Silent -> MC2
Tess Hellfeuer now @ NYMM 
Tiiu Kuik: Marilyn -> The Society
Tsheca White: MIX -> Ford
Valerie Avdeyeva: Women -> Women Direct
Valery Kaufman: Marilyn -> The Society
Vanessa Stanat now @ Supreme
Veranika Antsipava: Ford -> Supreme
Veronika Vilim: Next -> Wilhelmina 
Victoria Lee: Ford -> DNA
Victoria Sekrier now @ Wilhelmina
Vita Sidorkina: Silent -> NYMM (currently still on both websites)
Viviane Orth: IMG -> Ford Women
Yulia Kharlapanova: Women -> Supreme
Yulia Lobova: Supreme -> One
Zuzana Straska now @ NYMM 


Alejandra Alonso: Storm -> Next
Alexandra Martynova now @ Storm
Ali Michael: Elite -> IMG
Alex Yuryeva now @ Storm
Alexina Graham: Elite -> Models 1
Alyssa Miller: Select -> IMG
Amanda Norgaard: Viva -> Storm
Anaïs Mali: Premier -> Viva
Andy Nagy: Storm -> Elite
Anja Konstantinova: Models 1 -> Premier
Anna Schilling: Storm -> Premier
Anna-Mariya Urazhevskaya now @ Viva (currently not credited anymore)

Annabelle Tsaboukas now @ Select
Anniek Kortleve: Select -> Premier
Ariel Meredith: IMG -> Models 1
Athena Wilson: Premier -> Models 1
Audrey Marnay: Next -> IMG
Bara Holotova: Storm -> IMG
Betty Adewole: Models 1 -> IMG
Bianca Balti: Profile -> Storm (currently still credited on both websites)
Camille Rowe now @ Premier
Carla Crombie: Premier -> SUPA
Carly Engleton now @ Storm
Candice Huffine: Models 1+ -> Milk
Cecila Chancellor: Tess -> Models 1
Charlotte Carey: Storm -> Union
Chiara Baschetti now @ Models 1
Chloe Norgaard now @ Premier
Constance Jablonski: Elite -> Viva
Cris Urena: Select -> Premier
Crista Cober: Premier -> Next
Daisy Lowe: back @ Next

Dasha Magilyna: Models 1 -> Next
Eden Clark: Tess -> Established
Elisabeth Erm now @ Union
Elyse Taylor: Elite -> IMG
Emanuela de Paula now @ Tess
Emeline Ghesquiere now @ Storm
Emily Astrup: M+P -> Storm
Emma Oak now @ Premier
Emma Stern Nielsen now @ Models 1
Erin Heatherton: Select -> IMG
Erika Wall now @ Established
Estee Rammant: Select -> Storm

Eva Poloniova now @ M and P
Fei Fei Sun: Elite -> Select
Flavia Lucini: IMG -> Viva
Georgina Bevan: Storm -> Tess
Giedre Kiaulenaite now @ Select
Gwen Loos: Premier -> Next
Hanne-Gaby Odiele: Storm -> IMG
Harmony Boucher: Models 1 -> Elite
Heide Lindgren: Select -> Storm
Henna Lintukangas: FM -> Storm
Hind Sahli: Storm -> Premier
Ida Lindqvist now @ Storm
Ine Neefs now @ Premier
Inguna Butane: Premier -> Viva
Isabel Scholten: FM -> Union
JP (Jessica Pitti): Profile -> Storm
Jamily Meurer now @ Union
Jay Shin now @ Select
Jean Campbell now @ Viva
Jess Gold: IMG -> Models 1
Joanna Tatarka now @ Select
Johanna Jonsson now @ Elite
Jordan Cohayney: Select -> Premier
Josephine van Delden now @ Models 1
Julia Bergshoeff now @ Viva
Julie Henderson: Select -> Established
Julier Bugge now @ Storm
Karlie Kloss: Next -> IMG
Karmen Pedaru: Premier -> IMG
Kate Kondas: Storm -> SUPA
Katya Riabinkina: FM -> Storm
Kelly Mittendorf: Premier -> Elite
Kelsey van Mook: Next -> IMG
Kiara Kabukuru now @ IMG London
Kremi Otashliyska: Storm -> Select
Kristina Salinovic: Select -> Elite
Kristy Kaurova: Select -> FM
Lauren Brown: Models 1 -> Premier
Leila Jay: Select -> Profile
Lesly Masson now @ Tess
Lili Sumner: Storm -> Next
Lily McMenamy now also @ Next London
Louise Parker now @ Select
Maarjan Ridalaan now @ Tess
Madison Headrick now @ Storm
Magda Nowicka: Viva -> Select
Magdalena Frackowiak: Storm -> Models 1
Maria Borges now @ Premier
Mariana Idzkowska: Premier -> FM
Marie Piovesan: Storm -> Select
Marike Le Roux: Models 1 -> Union
Martha Hunt: Union -> IMG
Masha Voronina now @ IMG
Megan Thompson now @ Premier
Merethe Hopland now @ Select
Michaela Kocianova: Models 1 -> Elite
Mila Krasnoiarova: Tess -> Premier
Ming Xi: Elite -> Storm
Morgane Heidbreder now @ Premier
Nanda Hampe: Next -> Union
Natalia Siodmiak now @ IMG
Natalie Keyser: Storm -> FM
Nicole Trunfio: Next -> IMG
Nikola Romanova now @ Storm
Olya Ivanisevic credited again @ Premier
Pauline van der Cruysse: Elite -> Next
Reka Nagy: Models 1 -> Premier
Renata Sozzi credited again @ Models 1
Rosanne Swart: Premier -> Milk
Rose Smith : Next -> Elite
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Models 1 -> IMG
Rosie Tupper: Viva -> Models 1
Roxanne Glineur: Union -> Premier
Sabrina Nait: Elite -> Premier
Sabrina Ioffreda: Viva -> Next
Santa Urbane: Elite -> Union -> Storm
Sara Steiner now @ Union
Shelby Coleman: IMG -> FM
Shelby Keeton: Storm -> Next
Simone Carvalho: Premier -> Storm
Siri Crafoord: Viva -> Next 
Sophie Sumner: Storm -> Next
Stella Tennant: Select -> Viva
Stina Rapp now @ Models 1
Tamy Glauser now @ FM
Tess Hellfeuer now @ Models 1
Tessa Vander Weyden: Models 1 -> Established
Timea Birkner now @ SUPA
Veronika Vilim: Next -> M and P
Victoria Anderson: Viva -> Storm
Vika Falileeva: Viva -> Premier
Ylonka Verheul: Models 1 -> Milk
Yulia Lobova now @ Premier 
Yulia Terentieva: Next -> Premier 
Zosia Prominska: Premier -> Milk


Adrina Lima now @ Elite
Aiste-Regina Kliveckaite: MP -> IMG
Alena Blohm now @ D'Mgmt
Alejandra Alonso: Women -> D'Mgmt
Alexandra Martynova now @ Monster
Alison Arboux now @ IMG
Alyona Subbotina now @ Women
Alyssa Miller: D'Mgmt -> Monster
Amy Wixson: Why Not -> Women
Andie Arthur: Elite -> IMG
Anna Ewers: Women Direct -> Women
Anouk de Heer: IMG -> Next
Anya Kazakova: Why Not -> D'Mgmt
Aurelie Claudel: IMG -> MP
Benthe de Vries: IMG -> Next 
Betty Adewole: Elite -> IMG
Bria Condon now @ Why Not
Brogan Lofus now @ Monster
Carolina Sjostrand: Boom -> Monster
Catherine McNeil: Why Not -> Elite
Charlotte Hoyer: Women -> Next
Charlotte Pallister: Fashion -> Women
Chloe Norgaard now @ Why Not
Cora Emmanuel: Why Not -> Elite
Dafne Cejas: Women -> Why Not
Daisy Lowe: back @ Next

Darla Baker: Why Not -> Pop
Dovile Virsilaite: Why Not -> Monster
Elisabeth Erm: Women -> D'Mgmt
Elodia Prieto credited again @ D'Mgmt
Elyse Taylor: Why Not -> IMG
Emily Astrup: Line -> Monster
Emily Senko: Elite -> IMG
Emma Stern Nielsen now @ Next
Erin Heatherton: Joy -> IMG
Erin Macdonald: Monster -> Next
Estee Rammant: Women -> Monster
Eugenia Volodina: Why Not -> Next
Flavia Lucini: IMG -> MP
Gwen Loos: Why Not -> Next
Hailey Clauson: Next -> Monster
Hana Jirickova: D'Mgmt -> Women
Hanna Sorheim now @ Why Not
Hanne-Gaby Odiele: Elite -> IMG
Hannelore Knuts: D'Mgmt -> Line -> Special
Helena Sopar now @ MP
Henna Lintukangas: Why Not -> Brave
Ine Neefs now @ Special
Jess Gold: IMG -> Women
Joanna Tatarka: Why Not -> Monster
Julia Zimmer: Monster -> Women
Juliana Forge now @ Monster
Kamila Filipcikova: IMG -> MP
Karlie Kloss: Next -> IMG
Karlina Caune: 2Morrow -> Line -> Fashion
Kayley Chabot: Why Not -> Next
Keilani Asmus now @ Why Not
Kelsey van Mook: Next -> IMG
Kiara Kabukuru now @ IMG
Kremi Otashliyska: Why Not -> Women
Larissa Hofmann now @ Why Not
Leila Jay: Women -> The Lab
Lily McMenamy now also @ Next Milan
Ling Ling Kong (now called Duran): Fashion -> Next
Liu Wen now @ Elite Milan
Loris Kraemerh: Joy -> MP
Lottie Hayes now @ Monster
Louise Parker now @ D'Mgmt
Maarjan Ridaalan: D'Mgmt -> Elite
Madison Headrick now @ Elite
Mae Lapres: Why Not -> Fashion
Magdalena Jasek: Monster -> Why Not
Mariana Braga: Why Not -> The Lab
Mariana Coldebella: Women -> Why Not
Mariana Idzkowska: Fashion -> Next
Marie Piovesan: Why Not -> Elite
Marieke van de Braak now @ Women
Masha Voronina: Why Not -> Monster
Morgane Warnier credited again @ D'Mgmt
Nadja Giramata now @ Elite
Naomi Preizler: Next -> Monster
Natalia Siodmiak: Women -> IMG
Nicole Pollard: Why Not -> Monster
Nikola Romanova: Women -> Monster
Nikole Luna: 2Morrow -> Line
Nova Malanova: Next -> Women
Olga Maliouk: IMG -> MP
Pauline van der Cruysse: Elite -> Next
Rebeca Marcos now @ Monster
Rose Smith: Next -> Elite
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley now @ IMG
Rosie Tapner now @ D'Mgmt
Sam Rollinson: Monster -> Women
Sara Steiner now @ Fashion
Sessilee Lopez: Major -> Monster (currently still on both websites)
Siri Tollerod: Why Not -> Monster
Sofie Sjaastad now @ Special
Svetlana Lazareva: MP -> IMG 
Tatiana Krasikova: Why Not -> Line -> Pop
Tess Hellfeuer now @ Monster 
Thairine Garcia: Next -> Why Not
Zuzanna Krzatala: Women -> Why Not

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7 janvier 2013 1 07 /01 /janvier /2013 21:30

This is an index of all the 2012 major model switches (including new representations) in Paris, NY, London and Milan.


Some switches are immediate but some are only in progress with the model still with her current agency but already credited on the website of her next destination. Latest updates in RED.


Adina Forizs: IMG -> Women
Agyness Deyn: Viva -> Elite -> Oui
Alejandra Alonso: Women -> Elite
Aleksandra Marczyk: City -> Oui
Ali Michael: Viva -> Elite -> Oui
Aline Zanella: Women -> Oui
Alison Arboux: Silent -> Marilyn
Allaire Heisig: Viva -> Ford
Alma Durand: Elite -> Viva
Alyssa Miller: Elite -> Oui 
Ana Beatriz Barros: Silent -> Next
Anna Nocon now @ Just WM
Anna Schilling: Major -> Marilyn
Anna Brewster now @ Marilyn
Antonella Graef: Oui -> Women
Ashton Philipps now @ Oui
Bambi Northwood-Blyth: Elite -> IMG
Barbara Fialho now @ IMG
Bekah Jenkins now @ Elite
Bo Don: Marilyn -> Next
Brittany McPhee now @ Nathalie
Cameron Russell: Elite -> Oui
Carla Crombie: Women -> Metropolitan
Caroline Trentini: Marilyn -> Oui 
Caterina Ravaglia: Elite -> IMG
Charlotte Wiggins now @ Nathalie
Charon Cooijmans: Marilyn -> Viva
Christina Kruse: Women -> Elite -> Oui
Cristina Tosio: Marilyn -> Nathalie
Daniela Mirzac: Metropolitan -> Oui
Dana Drori: Ford -> Elite
Dorothea Bath Jorgensen: Elite -> Oui
Dorte Limkilde now @ Women
Farah Holt now @ Oui 
Frida Aasen: Viva -> Women
Georgie Badiel: New Madison -> Major
Grace Mahary: Just WM -> IMG
Gracie Carvalho: Marilyn -> Viva
Hailey Hasbrook: Elite -> Oui
Helen McCusker: Elite -> Metropolitan
Helena Sopar: Marilyn -> City
Herieth Paul now (officially) @ Women 
Hirschy Hirschfelder now @ Women
Ilda Lindqvist now @ Women
Irina Kravchenko now @ Nathalie
Ingrid Seynhaeve: Next -> Metropolitan
Irina Nikolaeva: Ford -> Oui 
Irina Shayk: IMG -> New Madison -> Women
Isabeli Fontana: Silent -> Next
Jamie Bochert: Elite -> Oui 
Jen Messelier: Elite -> Viva
Jeneil Williams: Nathalie -> IMG
Johnna Kneppers-Corbel: Just WM -> Nathalie
Josephine Skriver: Marilyn -> IMG
Josilyn Williams now @ Nathalie
JP (Jessica Pitti): Metropolitan -> Major
Juju Ivanyuk: Nathalie -> Next
Juliana Schurig: Oui -> Elite
Julia Suszfalak: Marilyn -> Oui 
Karman Perdaru: Elite -> Oui
Kat Zakharchenko now @ Silent
Kate Bock: Marilyn -> Oui 
Katlin Aas: Marilyn -> IMG
Kelli Lumi: Viva -> Nathalie
Kelsey van Mook: Elite -> Next
Kendra Spears: Elite -> Next
Kinee Diouf: Viva -> IMG
Kiera Gormley now @ Major (used to be @ Marilyn)
Kristy Kaurova: Women -> Nathalie
Lais Ribeiro: Women -> Oui
Lakshmi Menon: Nathalie -> Women
Lesly Masson: IMG -> City
Lina Zhang: Metropolitan -> Elite
Lindsay Wixson: Marilyn Agency -> Elite
Liza Golden: Ford -> IMG
Loris Kraemerh: Elite -> Oui
Lyoka Tyagnereva: Oui -> City
Lys Inger: Nathalie -> Oui
Malin Persson: Next -> Oui
Maria Borges now @ Women 
Marie Piovesan: Just WM -> Marilyn -> Oui (not credited anymore. TBC)
Marlena Szoka: Nathalie -> Viva (not credited anymore)
Martha Hunt: Next -> IMG
Masha Novoselova: Marilyn -> IMG
Michelle McCallum: Marilyn -> Oui 
Milly Simmonds: Nathalie -> Marilyn
Milou van Groesen: Viva -> Women
Nancy Williams now @ Ford 
Naomi Preizler: Marilyn -> Oui
Nicole Pollard: Next -> Oui
Nikole Ivanova recredited @ Nathalie
Ophelie Rupp: Metropolitan -> Viva
Patricia Gardygajlo: Nathalie -> Next 
Raica Oliveira now @ Oui Mgmt
Rebecca Iannacone: Elite -> Ford
Reka Nagy: Just WM -> Ford
Romina Lanaro: Viva -> Nathalie
Sara Sampaio: Marilyn -> Women
Sessilee Lopez: Nathalie -> Major
Sharon van der Knaap: Viva -> Next
Shelby Keeton: Viva -> Nathalie
Signe Kayser: City -> Just WM
Silvia Ranguelova: Elite -> Karin
Snejana Onopka: Silent -> Women
Sophie Pumfrett now @ Nathalie 
Soo Joo now @ IMG
Stephanie Hall now @ Women 
Sung Hee Kim now @ IMG
Susannah Liguori now @ IMG
Tanya Chubko now @ Trend's of Metropolitan 
Tatiana Krasikova now @ Just WM
Tsheca White now @ Nathalie Agency
Viera Schottertova now @ City 
Victoria Sekrier now @ City
Vika Falileeva: Exclusive -> Viva
Virginia Slaghekke: Marilyn -> New Madison
Wang Xiao: Major -> Elite
Yulia Kharlapanova: Elite -> Oui
Yulia Terentieva now @ Oui
Zuzanna Krzatala: Women -> Marilyn 


Agnes Karlsson now @ 1 Management (not credited anymore)
Akuol de Mabior now @ Muse
Alex Sandor: One -> Major
Alexa Yudina: Women -> Supreme
Ali Michael: Elite -> IMG
Alicia  Rountree: Ford -> One 
Alana Zimmer: Ford -> Women
Aline Zanella: Women -> Ford
Amber Anderson now @ Marilyn
Amanda Charlwood: VNY -> One.1
Amanda Norgaard: DNA -> Ford
Amanda Ware: S Models -> Silent 
Amy Finlayson: Next Direct -> Mix
Amy Lemons: Ford+ -> Wilhelmina Curve
Ana Bela Santos: Marilyn -> Next Direct
Andi Muise: Marilyn -> Muse -> One.1
Andie Arthur: Ford -> IMG
Ania Kisiel: Next -> Major
Anna Davolio now @ One (used to be @ IMG)
Anna Jagodzinska: Ford -> Women
Anna Selezneva: Silent -> Women
Antonella Graef: Ford -> Elite Direct
Anya Kazakova: Marilyn -> Wilhelmina
Ariel Meredith: IMG -> Supreme
Awa Ceesay: IMG -> Muse
Bambi Norhtwood-Byth: Ford -> IMG
Bara Holotova: IMG -> Ford Women
Barbara Berger: Ford -> IMG
Bo Don: Marilyn -> Next
Bojana Panic: Women -> Women Direct
Cailin Hill: Ford -> Muse (not credited anymore. TBC)
Camilla Babbington: Trump -> One
Cara Delevingne: DNA -> Women
Caroline Corinth: Ford -> Supreme
Caroline Trentini: Women -> Elite 
Catherine McNeil: Ford -> Marilyn
Catrina Stella: NYMM -> Next
Charlott Cordes: Elite -> Ford
Ciara Nugent: NYMM -> One.1
Claudia Mason: One -> Trump
Constance Jablonski: Marilyn -> DNA
Crystal Renn: Ford -> Women
Dafne Cejas credited again @ Ford
Daniela Freitas: Wilhelmina -> Soul Artist 
Diana Khullina: IMG -> Elite
Donna McPhail: Next -> Wilhelmina
Dorith Mous: Next -> S Models
Dorothea Barth-Jorgensen: Women -> Elite
Dovile Virsilaite: NYMM -> Elite Direct
Drielle Valeretto now @ Muse
Eden Clark: S Models -> Silent
Ekat Kiseleva now @ IMG
Elaine Irwin: Next -> IMG 
Emily Senko: Ford -> IMG
Eniko Mihalik: Marilyn -> DNA
Erin McDonald: Ford -> Next
Estella Warren now @ One
Estelle Lefebure now @ Trump
Esther de Jong: Muse -> Mix
Eugenia Silva: Next -> Trump
Eva Bohatova: Wilhelmina -> Major
Evelina Mambetova: NYMM -> Silent
Flo Gennaro now @ S Models
Frida Aasen: DNA -> Women
Georgie Badiel: Muse -> Paragon
Grace Bol: Major -> Muse
Grace Gao now @ DNA
Hana Jirickova: Silent -> The Lions
Hannah Noble: Ford -> Trump 
Hanna Wähmer now @ DNA
Hannelore Knuts: Ford -> Mix
Hawa Diawara: Elite -> S Mgmt -> Silent 
Heidi Mount: IMG -> Marilyn
Iana Godnia: Supreme -> Women Direct
Imogen Newton now @ DNA
Inna Pilipenko: Ford -> Silent
Irina Kravchenko: Ford -> Women
Isabel Scholten now @ Ford (already not credited anymore)
Israela Avtau: Next -> Wilhelmina
Hilary Rhoda: Women -> Elite
Inka Hoper now @ Fusion
Irina Denisova: Women Direct -> Supreme
Irina Shayk: Marilyn -> Women
Jade Jackson: One -> Next (to be confirmed. Still not credited on the website of Next)
Jade Parfitt now @ Mix Model Mgmt 
Jana Knauerova: NYMM -> Ford Women
Janaina Reis: NYMM -> Wilhelmina
Jaunel McKenzie: IMG -> Muse
Jeneil Williams: NY Models -> IMG
Jessica Clarke credited again @ DNA
Johanna Wahlberg now @ DNA (not credited anymore)
Julia Zimmer: Marilyn -> Wilhelmina
Karlie Kloss: Next -> IMG
Karmen Pedaru: Ford -> IMG
Karolina Kurkova: IMG -> One Mgmt
Karolina Waz: Ford -> Women
Kat Zakharchenko: S Models -> Silent -> The Lions (not credited anymore. TBC)
Katarina Ivanoska: Women -> Women Direct
Kate Kondas: MC2 -> Trump
Kate Somers: Supreme -> Muse
Kayley Chabot: Ford -> Next
Kelsey van Mook: Next -> IMG
Kenza Fourati: Ford Women -> One
Kiara Kabukuru: Silent -> Sout Artist (not credited anymore)
Kirby Griffin: Women -> IMG
Kristina Salinovic: Women -> Next
Kristy Kaurova: Women -> NYMM
Laragh McCann now @ Re:Quest
Larissa Hofmann now @ DNA
Laura Blokhina: DNA -> Elite Direct
Leilani Bishop: One.1 -> Trump
Li Xioa Xing now @ Women
Liza Golden: NYMM -> IMG
Loris Kraemerh: Supreme -> Ford Women
Lotte Tuinstra now @ Silent 
Louise Donegan: Ford -> One
Louise Maselis now @ Ford Women
Loulou Robert: MC2 -> IMG
Lovisa Ingman: Women Direct -> Supreme
Lydia Willemina Collins: Ford -> Elite
Madara Malmane now @ Major
Madelen de la Motte: Marilyn -> Ford
Madisyn Ritland: Silent -> The Lions
Mae Lapres now @ Marilyn
Manon Leloup now @ Wilhelmina
Maria Palm Lyduch now @ Trump
Martha Hunt: Next -> IMG
Martina Correa now @ S Mgmt
Maryna Linchuk: Ford -> DNA
Masha Kirsanova credited again @ Elite
Megan McNierney: IMG -> One
Melodie Monrose: Silent -> Women
Mila Krasnoiarova: Silent -> The Lions (not credited anymore. TBC)
Milou van Groesen: DNA -> Supreme
Mimi Roche: IMG -> Women Direct
Monique Olsen now @ S Mgmt
Morgane Warnier: Silent -> The Lions
Nadine Strittmatter now @ Muse (used to be @ MC2)
Nanou Vandecruys credited again @ One Management
Neele Hoper now @ Elite
Nicole Pollard: Next -> Elite
Ninja Singh: Ford -> Marilyn
Odile Coco: Marilyn -> Muse
Ondria Hardin: Ford -> DNA
Ophelie Rupp: Trump -> DNA
Patrycja Gardygajlo: NYMM -> Next
Petra Nemcova: Next -> One
Pilar Solchaga now @ S Mgmt
Poppy Delevingne now @ One
Portia Freeman: Next -> One 
Rebecca Iannacone: MC2 -> Wilhelmina
Regina Feoktistova: Women -> Supreme
Reina Montero credited again @ Ford
R'el Dade: Marilyn -> Next
Rose Smith: Next -> One 
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Women -> Elite
Rosie Tapner now @ Ford
Roxanne Glineur now @ One (still not credited on the website though)
Saara Sihvonen: Silent -> Supreme
Sabrina Nait: Re:Quest -> Supreme
Sam Rollinson now @ NYMM
Sarah Engelland now @ One
Sessilee Lopez: Supreme -> Major
Sharon Kavjian: IMG -> Wilhelmina
Sharon van der Knaap: DNA -> Next
Snejana Onopka: Silent -> Women
Spencer Peterson now @ One.1
Stella Maxwell: Trump -> Ford Women
Stephanie Rad credited again @ NYMM
Stephanie Hall now @ Supreme
Tanya Dziahileva: Marilyn -> Women 
Tara Lynn: Ford -> IMG
Taylor Foster: One -> Women
Taylor Kraemer now @ Silent
Taylor Warren: Fusion -> One.1
Teresa Lourenco: One.1 -> Women Direct
Teresa Moore: Marilyn -> Elite Direct
Thairine Garcia: Ford -> Next
Thana Kuhnen now @ MC2 
Ubah Hassan: Women -> Supreme
Valerija Kelava: Ford -> Elite 
Veronica Webb: Elite -> Mix 
Victoria Anderson: DNA -> Wilhelmina
Yana Karpova: NYMM -> IMG
Yulia Serzhantova: Silent -> The Lions
Zuzanna Stankiewicz: Women -> Supreme 


Alexa Yudina: Select -> Premier 
Ali Michael: Viva -> Elite (not credited anymore)
Alice Kastrup now @ Premier
Amanda Laine: Premier -> Union
Amy Finlayson: Models 1 -> FM Agency
Ana Bela Santos now @ Next (used to be @ Models 1)
Anastasia Khodkina: Premier -> Storm
Angela Lindvall: IMG -> Select
Anna Jagodzinska: Premier -> Elite
Anna Nocon now @ United (London, NY)
Annabella Barber: Premier -> Tess
Anni Jürgenson: Storm -> Elite
Ashley Smith: Models 1 -> Storm
Athena Wilson now @ Premier
Barbara Fialho: Models 1 -> IMG (show package)
Bon Don: Premier -> Next
Britt Maren now @ Select
Caroline Brasch Nielsen: Next -> Storm
Caterina Ravaglia: Elite -> IMG
Celine van Amstel: IMG -> Next
Charon Cooijmans: Storm -> Viva
Clara Settje: Elite -> Models 1
Coco Rocha: Storm -> Models 1
Chrystal Copland: Storm -> Premier
Diana Khullina: IMG -> Premier
Elena Lazic now FM Agency
Ellen Pinaffi now @ Union
Elsa Sylvan now @ Premier (used to be @ Viva)
Eugenia Mandzhieva now @ IMG 
Frida Aasen now @ Select
Gaye McDonald: IMG -> Union
Gwen Lu now @ M+P
Grace Bol: FM Agency -> Storm
Grace Mahary: FM -> Premier -> IMG
Gwyneth Harrison: Tess -> Models 1 (Classic Division)
Hana Jirickova now @ Storm
Heloise Guerin: Premier -> Select
Inguna Butane: Tess -> Premier 
Irina Shayk: Models 1 -> Select
Jen Messelier: Elite -> Viva
Jenny Albright now @ Premier
Ji Hye Park now @ Premier
Josilyn Williams now @ Premier
Juju Ivanyuk: Storm -> Next
Julia Suszfalak now @ Select
Julia Valimaki now @ Storm
Karolina Babczynska: Premier -> IMG
Karolina Kurkova: IMG -> Storm
Kat Zakharchenko now @ Models 1
Kate King: Models 1 -> Storm -> Premier
Kate Somers now @ FM Agency (used to be @ Premier)
Kelli Lumi: Viva -> Elite
Kim Cloutier: Models 1 -> FM Agency
Kinee Diouf: Viva -> IMG
Laragh McCann now @ Storm
Laura Love now @ Models 1
Liliane Ferrarezi: Models 1 -> IMG
Lisa Seiffert: FM Agency -> Models 1
Lorraine Pascale: Storm -> Models 1
Loulou Robert now @ Storm
Lovisa Ingman now @ Elite
Luana Teifke: Select -> FM Agency
Luize Salmgrieze now @ Premier
Lydia Hearst: Union -> Next
Lydia Willemina now @ Premier
Lys Inger: Storm -> Premier
Madelen de la Motte: IMG -> Premier
Manon Leloup now @ FM
Manuela Lazic: Elite -> Models 1
Marie Piovesan now @ Storm
Marina Heiden: Elite -> Premier 
Marlena Szoka: Storm -> Viva -> Storm
Mila Krasnoiarova: Premier -> Tess
Milly Simmonds: Union -> Elite
Milou van Groesen now (officially) @ Select
Myrthe de Poel: Select -> Models 1
Nadja Giramata: Viva -> Elite
Natalie Schueroff now @ FM Agency
Nicole Pollard: Next -> FM Agency
Noreen Carmody now @ Elite 
Olga Serova: Select -> Elite
Olympia Campbell now @ Viva
Ondria Hardin: Storm -> Premier
Ophelie Rupp: Storm -> Viva
Pamela Bernier: FM Agency -> Premier
Patricia Gardygajlo: Storm -> Next
Patricia van der Vliet: Elite -> Select
Portia Freeman: Next Worldwide -> Premier
Roberta Narciso now @ Elite London
Rosanne Swart: Viva -> Premier
Rosemary Ferguson now @ Storm
Roxanne Glineur now @ Union
Sabrina Nait: Storm -> Elite (not credited anymore)
Sarah Engelland now @ Premier
Sarah Stephens: Next -> Premier
Sessilee Lopez: Select -> Elite
Sharon van der Knaap: Viva -> Next
Shena Moulton: Models 1 -> Storm
Signe Kayser: Profile -> Union
Silvia Ranguelova: Elite -> Next
Skye Stracke: Viva -> Models 1
Sojourner Morrell now @ Storm
Soo Joo now @ Union
Sophie Dahl now @ Models 1
Sung Hee Kim: FM Agency -> Union
Svea Kloosterhof now @ Premier
Tatiana Krasikova now @ Storm
Taylor Kraemer now @ Premier 
Thairine Garcia now @ Next
Tosca Dekker now (officially) @ Select 
Valerie Avdeyeva now @ Premier
Vasilisa Pavlova: FM Agency -> Select
Virginia Slaghekke: Select -> Storm 
Vika Falileeva: Storm -> Viva
Vika Kuropyatnikova credited again @ Storm
Yulia Terentieva: Premier -> Next 
Zuzanna Stankiewicz now @ Storm 


Aiste-Regina Kliveckaite: Elite -> MP Mgmt (not credited anymore)
Alex Sandor now @ Fashion
Ali Michael: Why Not -> IMG
Alina Ismailova: Next -> Monster Mgmt
Alison Nix: D'Mgmt -> Monster
Anna Brewter now @ Monster
Amber Anderson now @ Monster
Anna Nocon now @ Flash
Anna Schilling: Joy -> Monster
Anna Selezneva: D'Mgmt -> Women
Anne Kruger: Why Not -> Monster
Anne-Sophie Monrad: D'Mgmt -> Elite
Anni Jurgenson now @ Monster
Anniek Kortleve: D'Mgmt -> Monster
Antonia Wesseloh: Joy -> Monster
Athena Wilson now @ Monster
Aysche Tiefenbrunner: Joy -> Why Not
Bambi Northwood-Blyth: Elite -> IMG
Bar Refaeli now @ MP Mgmt (used to be @ IMG)
Barbara Fialho now @ IMG
Bo Don: Why Not -> Next
Caroline Corinth now @ Women
Caroline Trentini: Women -> Why Not
Carrie-Anne Burton: Joy -> Monster Mgmt
Caterina Ravaglia: Elite -> IMG
Cecile Sinclair: Elite -> Fashion
Chandra North now @ Why Not
Charlotte Nolting: Joy -> Monster
Charon Cooijmans: D'Mgmt -> Monster -> Why Not
Chiara Baschetti: Beatrice -> Pop
Chrystal Copland: Joy -> D'Mgmt
Cicely Telman now @ Brave
Corinna Drengk: Beatrice -> Pop
Cris Urena: D'Mgmt -> Monster
Danna Drori: D'Mgmt -> Monster Mgmt
Danni Li now @ Next
Darla Baker credited again @ Why Not 
Dewi Driegen: Elite -> Women
Diana Khullina: IMG -> Elite
Dolores Doll now @ Women
Dorothea Barth Jorgensen: Women -> Elite
Edie Campbell now @ Why Not 
Ekat Kiseleva credited again @ D'Mgmt (not credited anymore)
Ella Verbene now @ IMG
Erin Fee: Joy -> Monster
Eugenia Silva: Next -> D'Management
Evelina Mambetova now @ Brave
Farah Holt: Women -> Why Not
Fei Fei Sun: Elite -> Women
Frida Aasen: Joy -> Women
Gantz Gilles now @ Fashion
Giedre Kiaulenaite: MP Mgmt -> Women 
Gwen Lu now @ Beatrice
Hailey Hasbrook now @ Why Not
Hannah Johnson: Joy -> Monster
Hannelore Knuts: Elite -> D'Mgmt
Harmony Boucher now @ Why Not
Irina Kravchenko now @ Monster
Irina Shayk now @ Women (used to be @ IMG)
Isabel Scholten: Joy -> Monster Mgmt
Jen Messelier: Elite -> Why Not
JP (Jessica Pitti) now @ Monster Mgmt
Josephine Skriver: Joy -> Monster
Juju Ivanyuk: Next -> Women -> Next
Julia Stegner: IMG -> Women
Julia Zimmer: Why Not -> Monster Mgmt
Julier Bugge: IMG -> Women
Julija Step: Elite -> MP Mgmt
Ines Sastre now @ D'Mgmt
Karen Elson: Elite -> Why Not
Karlina Caune: Why Not -> 2Morrow
Karolina Babczynska now @ IMG
Karolina Kurkova: IMG -> D'Mgmt
Kate Bock now @ Why Not
Kate King: Elite -> D'Mgmt/Brave
Kati Nescher: Joy -> Why Not
Katie Whitley now @ Women
Kirsty Hume still @ Why Not
Kristina Salinovic: Women -> Next
Lara Mullen now @ Women
Leila Jay now @ Women
Lena Hardt: Joy -> Why Not
Leomie Anderson: Elite -> Monster
Lisanne de Jong: Joy -> Monster
Liza Golden: Joy -> IMG
Louise Pedersen: Women -> D'Mgmt
Lovisa Ingman: Women -> Elite
Luisa Bianchin: Joy -> Why Not
Luize Salmgrieze: Women -> Why Not
Madelaine Hjort: Next -> Why Not
Madelen de la Motte: IMG -> Brave
Madisyn Ritland: D'Mgmt -> Monster
Mae Lapres now @ Why Not
Magdalena Jasek: D'Mgmt -> Monster
Malgosia Bela: Next -> D'Mgmt
Mariana Coldebella: Why Not ->Women
Maria Bradley now @ Elite 
Marie Piovesan now @ Why Not 
Marina Heiden: Elite -> D'Mgmt
Marloes Horst: Joy -> Next
Martha Hunt: Next -> IMG
Maraya Rubik Marchi now @ Women
Melodie Monrose: D'Mgmt -> Women
Merethe Hopland: Joy -> Women
Milou Sluis: Joy -> Monster
Nadine Ponce: Fashion -> Elite
Nanou Vandecruys credited again @ D'Management
Natalia Zakharova: Women -> Why Not
Nicole Pollard: Next -> Why Not
Nikole Luna now @ 2morrow 
Nur Hellmann: Joy -> Why Not
Pamela Bernier now @ Why Not
Patrycja Gardygajlo: Fashion -> Next
Paul Pavloska: Fashion -> 2morrow
Queeny van der Zande now @ Why Not
Querelle Jansen: D'Mgmt -> Monter
Ranya Modanova: Women -> Elite
Reka Ebergenyi: Why Not -> Fashion
Renee van Seggern: Joy -> Next 
Rianne Ten Haken: Elite -> Women
Romee Strijd now @ Why Not 
Ros Georgiou: D'Management -> Monster -> D'Mgmt 
Sam Rollinson now @ Monster
Sarah Kees: Joy -> Monster
Sarah Stephens: Next -> Women Direct
Selita Ebanks: Women -> D'Management
Sharon Kavjian: IMG -> Monster
Simone van Werkhoven: Why Not -> Women
Signe Kayser: Joy -> Monster
Siri Crafoord: Joy -> Monster
Siri Tollerod: Joy -> Why Not
Sofie Nielander: Women Direct -> Fashion
Solange Wilvert: Fashion -> Women
Soo Joo now @ Monster
Sophie Dahl back @ D'Management
Sung Hee now @ Monster
Svea Kloosterhof: Women -> Why Not
Svetlana Lazareva: Elite -> MP Mgmt (not credited anymore)
Svieta Nemkova: Women -> Next
Tanga Moreau now @ D'Management 
Tatiana Krasikova: Elite -> Why Not 
Thairine Garcia now @ Next 
Vanusa Savaris: Women -> Monster
Viera Schottertova: Joy -> Major 
Viviane Orth: IMG -> Why Not 

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