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  • Nicole Atieno now @ Women360 Paris and Soul Artist NY (31/10/2023)
    Kenyan/German model Nicole Atieno is now also repped by Women360 Mgmt Paris and Soul Artist Mgmt NY. Nicole is already with The Wolves Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Germany / Stefan Heinrichs / models.com)
  • Mahany Pery: Oui -> Women360, Paris (31/10/2023)
    Brazilian model Mahany Pery switched from Oui Mgmt to Women360 Mgmt Paris. Mahany is also with The Industry NY, The Squad London and D'Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of Chanel / Inez & Vinoodh / theindustrymodelmgmt.com)
  • Joan Smalls: IMG -> No Smoking Period, NY (30/10/2023)
    Puerto Rican supermodel Joan Smalls switched from IMG NY to No Smoking Period, the new talent agency of Kyle Hagler, the ex-President of Next Management NY. (courtesy of W Magazine / Steven Meisel / wmagazine.com)
  • Lakshmi Menon now also @ Oui, Paris (26/10/2023)
    Indian model Lakshmi Menon is now also represented by Oui Mgmt in Paris. Lakshmi is already with Marilyn Agency NY. (courtesy of Vogue India / Ashish Shah /models.com)
  • Angela Lindvall: IMG -> Marilyn, Paris (21/10/2023)
    American supermodel Angela Lindvall left IMG Paris and is now with Marilyn. Angela recently joined The Rebellion NY. (courtesy of ELLE Russia / Xavi Gordo / designscene.net)
  • Shalom Harlow now also @ Women, Milan (19/10/2023)
    Canadian supermodel Shalom Harlow is now also represented by Women Mgmt in Milano. Shalom recently joined Women Mgmt in Paris and NY. (courtesy of Vogue China / Ned Rogers / models.com)
  • Shalom Harlow: IMG -> Women, NY (18/10/2023)
    Canadian supermodel Shalom Harlow switched from IMG to Women NY. Shalom recently joined Women Paris. (courtesy of Vanity Fair Italia / Luigi & Iango / models.com)
  • Karen Elson: CAA Fashion -> DNA, NY (18/10/2023)
    British supermodel and singer Karen Elson is switching from CAA Fashion (still on their website) to DNA NY. Karen recently joined Perspective Management in London. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Steven Meisel / designscene.net)
  • Ash Foo: New York Model Mgmt -> IMG, NY (17/10/2023)
    Canadian model Ash Foo switched from New York Model Mgmt to IMG NY. Ash is also with Oui Mgmt Paris and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of The Wow Magazine / Max Papendieck / models.com)
  • Naomi Chin Wing: Muse -> Ford, NY (14/10/2023)
    Trinidadian model Naomi Chin Wing switched from Muse to Ford NY. Naomi is also with Select Paris+London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Italia / Kristijan Vojnovic / models.com)