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  • Mona Johannesson: IMG -> Next, Paris (10/11/2016)
    Swedish model Mona Johannesson switched from IMG to Next Paris. Mona is also with IMG NY and Next London+Milan. (courtesy of Costume magazine / Olivia Frolich / models.com)
  • Laura Hagested now also @ Oui, Paris (10/11/2016)
    Danish model Laura Hagested is now also rep by Oui (Development division) in Paris. Laura is already with Premier London. (courtesy of A.P.C. / Coco Capitan / models.com)
  • Heather Kemesky: The Hive -> Viva, London (10/11/2016)
    American model Heather Kemesky is switching from The Hive (still on their website) to Viva London. Heather is also with Viva Paris, DNA NY and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Vogue UK / Rory Payne / models.com)
  • Wallette Watson now also @ The Squad, London (10/11/2016)
    American new face Wallette Watson is now also rep by The Squad London. Wallette is already with Supreme Paris and Q NY. Wallette is part of amazing edit shot by Steven Meisel in the new Vogue Italia November 2016 issue... (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Steven...
  • Sojourner Morrell: Storm -> Wilhelmina, London (09/11/2016)
    American equestrian and model Sojourner Morrell switched from Storm to Wilhelmina London. Sojourner is also with IMG Paris and Wilhelmina NY. (courtesy of Glamour UK / Markus Pritzi / TFS)
  • Marine van Outryve: Models 1 -> The Hive, London (09/11/2016)
    Belgian model Marine van Outryve switched from Models 1 to The Hive London. Marine is also with Premium Paris and Elite Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Mexico / Benjo Arwas / models.com)
  • Ally Ertel: Muse -> Wilhelmina, NY (09/11/2016)
    American model Ally Ertel is switching from Muse (still on their website) to Wilhelmina NY. Ally is also with MP Paris, The Hive London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Self Service magazine / Alasdair McLellan / models.com)
  • Raica Oliveira: Storm -> Next, London (07/11/2016)
    Brazilian model Raica Oliveira is switching from Storm (still on their website) to Next London. Raica is also with Oui Paris, Elite NY and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of ELLE France / Serge Leblon / models.com)
  • Elise Agee now also @ Ford, Paris (06/11/2016)
    American model and V/Ford model search winner Elise Agee is now also rep by Ford Paris. Elise is already with Ford NY. London ? Milan ? (courtesy of Vogue Paris / David Sims / models.com)
  • Ellen de Weer now also @ Why Not, Milan (06/11/2016)
    Belgium model Ellen de Weer is now also rep by Why Not in Milan. Ellen is already with Viva Paris+London. NYC ? (courtesy of L'Express Styles / Stefano Galuzzi / models.com)


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