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  • Dolores Doll: Ford -> Marilyn, Paris (16/11/2016)
    French model and actress Dolores Doll switched from Ford to Marilyn Paris (her Parisian agency when she started modeling in 2008). Dolores is also with Ford NY and Special Milan. (courtesy of Flair / Laurent Darmon / models.com)
  • Eveline Rozing: Supreme -> The Face, Paris (15/11/2016)
    Dutch model Eveline Rozing switched from Supreme Paris to The Face. Eveline is also with NYMM, Premier London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Grazia Italia / Jonathan Segade / models.com)
  • Maggie Jablonski: Elite -> Marilyn, Paris (15/11/2016)
    American model Maggie Jablonski switched from Elite Paris to Marilyn. Maggie is also with Marilyn NY and Elite Milan. (courtesy of ELLE UK / Kai Z Feng / models.com)
  • Aniek Klapwijk: Women -> Silent, NY (14/11/2016)
    Dutch new face Aniek Klapwijk switched from Women to Silent NY. Aniek is also with Oui Paris, The Squad London and Monster Milan. Aniek has now all the same agencies as Cara Taylor... (courtesy of Muse magazine / Alessio Boni / models.com)
  • Advertising on my blog (14/11/2016)
    Please be aware that the new presence of advertising on my blog is not a wish but a constraint given by overblog, my host site. I don't choose the ads, overblog does.
  • Sofia Fanego: SUPA -> The Squad, London (11/11/2016)
    Argentinian model Sofia Fanego switched from SUPA to The Squad London. SUPA recently closed its Women division. Sofia is also with Silent Paris, Heroes NY and Next Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Mert & Marcus / models.com)
  • Sui He: Women -> Fashion, Milan (11/11/2016)
    Chinese supermodel Sui He (Victoria's Secret Angel in Paris soon...) is switching back from Women Milan (still on their website) to Fashion. Sui He recently also switched back from Women NY to NYMM. Sui He is also with Women Paris and Storm London. (courtesy...
  • Grace Mahary: Why Not -> IMG, Milan (11/11/2016)
    Canadian model Grace Mahary switched from Why Not to IMG Milan. Grace is already with IMG Paris, NY and London. (courtesy of Glamour US / Patrick Demarchelier / models.com)
  • Alina Baikova: Next -> Marilyn, NY (11/11/2016)
    Ukrainian model Alina Baikova switched from Next NY to Marilyn. Alina is also with Next Milan. (courtesy of Gavin O'Neill / models.com)
  • Vasilisa Pavlova: Supreme -> Muse, NY (10/11/2016)
    Russian model Vasilisa Pavlova switched from Supreme NY to Muse. Vasilisa is also with Oui Paris, Select London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Denmark / Oliver Stalmans / models.com)


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