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  • Alyssa Traore: IMG -> Brave, Milan (26/07/2023)
    Dutch model Alyssa Traore switched from IMG Milano to Brave Models. Alyssa recently joined Silent Paris. (courtesy of ELLE Netherlands / Pablo Delfos / anneofcarversville.com)
  • Annika Krijt: Elite -> Premier, London (25/07/2023)
    Dutch model Annika Krijt switched from Elite to Premier London. Anika is also with Elite Milano. (courtesy of Numero China / Laurie Bartley / designscene.net)
  • Annie Tice: Heroes -> One, NY (21/07/2023)
    American model Annie Tice switched from Heroes to One Mgmt NY. Annie is also with New Madison Paris, Premier London and Fashion Milano. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK / Agata Pospieszynska / anneofcarversville.com)
  • Valery Kaufman: Why Not -> Elite, Milan (21/07/2023)
    Russian model Valery Kaufman switched from Why Not to Elite Milano. Valery recently joined Elite London and is also with Elite Paris and The Lions NY. (courtesy of Marie Claire Italia / David Roemer / models.com)
  • Isabella Emmack: Supreme -> The Society, NY (19/07/2023)
    American model Isabella Emmack is switching from Supreme Mgmt NY (still on their website) to The Society. Isabelle is also with Oui Mgmt Paris, The Hive London and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of Glass Magazine / Aitken Jolly / models.com)
  • Rayssa Medeiros: PRM -> Premier, London (17/07/2023)
    Brazilian model Rayssa Medeiros switched from PRM to Premier in London. Rayssa is also with Women360 Paris, Women in NY & The Wall (Wave Mgmt) in Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Brasil / Fernando Tomaz / models.com)
  • Carolina Burgin: Elite -> The Wall, Milan (16/07/2023)
    American model Carolina Burgin switched from Elite Milano to The Wall (Wave Management). Carolina is also with Premium Paris, Fusion NYC and PRM London. (courtesy of Vogue Spain / Emma Tempest / models.com)
  • Mira Alldinger: D'Mgmt -> Manifesto, Milan (16/07/2023)
    German model Mira Alldinger switched from D'Mgmt to Manifesto Models Milano. Mira is also with Cover Paris and The Hive London. (courtesy of D Repubblica / Kiki Xue / models.com)
  • Cris Urena: One -> Ford, NY (14/07/2023)
    Dominican model Cris Urena switched from One Mgmt to Ford NY. (courtesy of Marie Claire France / Thierry Le Goues / anneofcarversville.com)
  • Ali Michael: Next -> IMG, NY (10/07/2023)
    American model Ali Michael switched back from Next NY to IMG NY. Ali is also with Next Paris and Milano. (courtesy of Sperga / Arno Frugier / models.com)