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  • Majesty Amare: Women -> The Lions, NY (31/08/2023)
    American model Majesty Amare left Women NY and is now with The Lions NY. Majesty is also with Metropolitan Paris, Premier London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Another Magazine / Craig McDean / models.com)
  • Lucan Gillespie: The Lions -> Muse, NY (30/08/2023)
    British model Lucan Gillespie used to be represented by The Lions NY. She is now with Muse NYC. Lucan is also with Metropolitan Paris, Select London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK / Agata Pospieszynska / models.com)
  • Ugbad Abdi: Next -> The Society, NY (30/08/2023)
    American/Somali model Ugbad Abdi is switching from Next NY (still on their website) to The Society. Ugbad is also with Next in Paris, London and Milano. (courtesy of i-D / Zoë Ghertner / fashionotography.com)
  • Carolyn Murphy: IMG -> DNA, NY (29/08/2023)
    American supermodel Carolyn Murphy switched from IMG NY to DNA. Carolyn is currently not credited anymore on the websites of IMG in Europe. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Steven Meisel / designscene.net)
  • Barbara Palvin: IMG -> Next, Paris (28/08/2023)
    Hungarian model Barbara Palvin is switching from IMG Paris (still on their website) to Next Paris. Barbara recently joined Ford NY and is also with IMG Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Hungary / David Ajkai / models.com)
  • Lily Nova: IMG -> One, NY (23/08/2023)
    Australian model Lily Nova switched from IMG NY to One Mgmt. Lily is also with IMG Paris and Milano. (courtesy of Numero China / Sofia & Mauro / fashioneditorials.com)
  • Janaye Furman: Premier -> Models 1, London (22/08/2023)
    American model Janaye Furman left Premier London and is now with Models 1. Janaye is also with Oui Paris, Ford NY and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of British Vogue / Steven Meisel / models.com)
  • Melodie Monrose: Next -> Ford, NY (20/08/2023)
    Martinican model Melodie Monrose is switching from Next NY (still on their website) to Ford NY. Melodie is also with Next Paris, London and Milano. (courtesy of ELLE USA / Liz Collins / anneofcarversville.com)
  • Hunter Pifer: Q -> Women, NY (18/08/2023)
    American model Hunter Pifer switched from Q Models to Women NY. Hunter is also with Makers Paris, The Squad London and Boom Models Milano. (courtesy of Swarovski / Steven Meisel / models.com)
  • Madisin Rian: Elite -> Ford, NY (17/08/2023)
    American model Madisin Rian switched from Elite NYC to Ford NY. Madisin is also with Select Paris, Kult London and Fashion Milano. (courtesy of Armani Beauty / Alasdair McLellan / models.com)