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  • Katlin Aas: Tess -> The Squad, London (30/06/2023)
    Estonian model Katlin Aas switched from Tess Mgmt to The Squad Mgmt in London. Katlin is also with Supreme Mgmt in Paris & NY and with Women Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of Vanity Fair Italia / Mario Gomez / models.com)
  • Alyssa Traore: IMG -> Silent, Paris (30/06/2023)
    Dutch model Alyssa Traore switched from IMG Paris to Silent Models. Alyssa is not credited anymore with IMG in NY, London or Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Netherlands / Pablo Delfos / models.com)
  • Greta Varlese: The Society -> Muse, NY (29/06/2023)
    Italian model Greta Varlese switched from The Society NYC to Muse Model Mgmt. Greta is also with Oui Mgmt Paris, M+P London and Monster Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of ELLE / Jan Welters / models.com)
  • Steph Smith: Women -> GIRL, Paris (24/06/2023)
    Canadian model Steph Smith left Women Paris and is now with GIRL Mgmt. Steph is also with Elite NYC and The Hive London. (courtesy of Allure / Emma Tempest / models.com)
  • Carolina Burgin: Elite -> PRM, London (23/06/2023)
    American model Carolina Burgin switched from Elite London to PRM Agency. Carolina is also with Premium Paris, Fusion NYC and Elite Milano. (courtesy of Amazing Magazine / Walter Chin / models.com)
  • Sophia Ahrens: The Hive -> The Squad, London (21/06/2023)
    German/British model Sophia Ahrens left The Hive and is now with The Squad Mgmt London. Sophia is also with Oui Paris, Elite NYC and Monster Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of Marie Claire Italia / Alessio Albi / monster-mgmt.com)
  • Naty Chabanenko now also @ City, Paris (17/06/2023)
    Ukrainian model Naty Chabanenko is now also represented by City Models in Paris. Naty is already with Monster Mgmt in Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Japan / Dan Jackson / pulloutyourfreakumdress.tumblr.com)
  • Nastya Abramova: Oui -> City, Paris (17/06/2023)
    Ukrainian model Nastya Abramova switched from Oui to City Models in Paris. Nastya is also with New York Model Mgmt, Wilhelmina London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Alessio Albi / metromodels.com)
  • Flaviana Matata: Elite -> Wilhelmina, NY (17/06/2023)
    Tanzanian model, entrepreneur, creator and philanthropist Flaviana Matata switched from Elite NYC to Wilhelmina NY. (courtesy of Iris Covet Book / Dustin Mansyur / models.com)
  • Grace Mahary: IMG -> Ford, NY (17/06/2023)
    After Barbara Palvin and Maria Borges, Canadian model Grace Mahary switched from IMG NY to Ford NY... (they most likely followed Lorraine Antonetti, now Senior Manager art Ford). Grace is currently not credited anymore on the websites of IMG in Europe. (courtesy...