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  • Charlene Hogger: Elite -> Boundary, London (30/11/2023)
    German model Charlene Hogger left Elite London and is now with Boundary. Charlene is also with Elite Paris, Identity NY and Fashion Milano. (courtesy of Glamour France / Steven Pan / models.com)
  • Sijia Kang: Why Not -> Monster, Milan (29/11/2023)
    Chinese model Sijia Kang switched from Why Not to Monster Mgmt in Milano. Sijia is also with Silent Paris, Elite NYC and Premier London. (courtesy of V Magazine / Nathaniel Goldberg / fashionotography.com)
  • Guinevere van Seenus: Models 1 -> Perspective, London (27/11/2023)
    Iconic American supermodel Guinevere van Seenus switched from Models 1 to Perspective Mgmt London where she was already represented as Photographer. Guinevere is also with ZZO Paris, DNA NY and D'Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of WSJ Magazine / David Sims /...
  • Rebeca Marcos now also @ Established, London (25/11/2023)
    German/Spanish model Rebeca Marcos is now also repped by Established London. Rebeca is already with Supreme Mgmt Paris. (courtesy of Vogue Arabia / Kevin Larreguy / models.com)
  • Sara Soric: Muse -> Supreme, NY (25/11/2023)
    Croatian model Sara Soric switched from Muse to Supreme Mgmt NY. Sara is also with Elite Paris & Milan and Select London. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK / Jem Mitchell / models.com)
  • Jan Baiboon: Wilhelmina -> Supreme, London (20/11/2023)
    Thai model Jan Baiboon switched from Wilhelmina to Supreme London. Jan is also with Supreme Paris+NY and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of 10 Magazine / David Vasiljevic / models.com)
  • America Gonzalez: Wilhelmina -> Supreme, London (18/11/2023)
    Venezuelan model America Gonzalez switched from Wilhelmina to Supreme Mgmt London, the new local division of Supreme Mgmt. America is also with Supreme Paris+NY and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Italia / Daniel Jackson / fashionotograp...
  • Hirschy Grace: Identity -> Muse, NY (18/11/2023)
    Australian model Hirschy Grace switched from Identity to Muse NY. Hirschy is also with Women Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of ELLE UK / Tom Schirmacher / models.com)
  • Coco Rocha: Women -> GIRL, Paris (16/11/2023)
    Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha left Women Mgmt Paris and is now with GIRL Mgmt. Coco is also with The Lions NY, Elite London and Women Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of Vogue HK / Max Papendieck / models.com)
  • Arizona Muse: Premier -> Next, London (11/11/2023)
    American supermodel and activist for sustainability Arizona Muse left Premier and is back with Next London. Arizona is also with Oui Mgmt Paris and DNA NY. (courtesy of Vogue France / Inez & Vinoodh / designscene.net)