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11 juin 2012 1 11 /06 /juin /2012 23:37

Julia Zimmer used to be with Marilyn but is now with Wilhelmina in NY.

Julia is with Monster in Milan, Marilyn in Paris and Storm in London.


(courtesy of Ponystep / models.com / Ellen von Unwerth and i-D / models.com / Amy Troost)


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11 juin 2012 1 11 /06 /juin /2012 17:03

American new face Hailey Hasbrook left Elite to join Oui mgmt in Paris.

Hailey is also with Elite NY (like several other models who joined Oui recently).


vuitton 0362012 03 06 14 56 43 valentino 4660[1]
(courtesy of Louis Vuitton / vogue.it and Valentino / nowfashion)

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8 juin 2012 5 08 /06 /juin /2012 20:37

American model Amanda Charlwood left VNY and is now with One.1 in NY.

Amanda is also with Storm in London.


(courtesy of Genlux / www.myfdb.com / Erik Dalmas)

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8 juin 2012 5 08 /06 /juin /2012 19:46

Russian newcomer Vasilisa Pavlova (showgirl of the catwalks for AW12) switched from FM to Select in London.

Vasilisa is also with Supreme in NY and Women in Paris (new faces) +Milan (Women Direct).

(courtesy of Tatler / Jam / models.com)

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7 juin 2012 4 07 /06 /juin /2012 19:47

The Swedish new face Ilda Lindqvist is now rep by Women Mgmt in Paris (New Faces).

Ilda is also with Women Mgmt in Milan.


(courtesy of MiuMiu / models.com / Mert & Marcus and Vogue Gioiello / models.com / Giampaolo Sgura)

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7 juin 2012 4 07 /06 /juin /2012 12:13

The stunning Argentine model Naomi Preizler left Marilyn to join Oui Mgmt.  
Another Elite NY modelto join Oui Mgmt in Paris ! Naomi is also with Next in Milan and Premier in London.


(courtesy of Muse / models.com / Roe Ethridge and ELLE Italie / models.com / Mark Pillai)

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6 juin 2012 3 06 /06 /juin /2012 19:06

The sexy SI 2012 Swimsuit American model Kirby Griffin switched from Women to IMG NY. 

Kirby is also with D'Management in Milan and Select in London.


(courtesy of SI 2012 Swimsuit Issue / fashionwomen-ain.blogspot.fr / Derek Kettela)

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5 juin 2012 2 05 /06 /juin /2012 22:04

Australian supermodel Catherine McNeil switched from Ford to Marilyn NY.
Good catch for the dynamic agency (just a few days after Heidi Mount joined too...) !

Catherine is also with Tess in London, Oui in Paris and Why Not in Milan.


(courtesy of Vogue Australia / Max Doyle and Diesel / Mert & Marcus - models.com)


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4 juin 2012 1 04 /06 /juin /2012 11:50

The "Anabel van Toledo mystery" ! This stunning Dutch model who is currently in the Fay ad campaign or the June issue of Italian ELLE (Ph: Michael Sanders) has disappeared from the websites of Viva Paris+London, DNA NY and now Why Not Milan... Is she back to school or in the process of switching agencies ?

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3 juin 2012 7 03 /06 /juin /2012 10:41

Belgian supermodel Ingrid Seynhaeve switched from Next to Metropolitan (Main Board) in Paris.

Ingrid is also with Premier in London, Trump in NY and Elite Direct in Milan.


418796311 Ralph9509 Collection 01 IngridSeynhaeve 122 28lo418802814 Ralph9509 Collection 06 IngridSeynhaeve 122 2lo
(courtesy of Ralph Lauren / bwgreyscale.com / Bruce Weber)

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