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10 septembre 2012 1 10 /09 /septembre /2012 19:54

German new face Larissa Hofmann is now represented by DNA in NY.

Larissa is also with Viva in Paris and London. 

She has a great fashion story in the October issue of ELLE UK by Karen Collins... Could not find any decent scans to post but Larissa is incredibly gorgeous in it.


(courtesy of SID magazine / Liam Warwick / models.com)


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10 septembre 2012 1 10 /09 /septembre /2012 18:26

The French new face Manon Leloup is now ready for a successful SS13 RTW FW... She is with Wilhelmina in NY and with FM Agency in London.

Manon is also with Marilyn in Paris and Why Not in Milan.

She is wonderful on the catwalk ; elegant and so chic. A must-have girl ! Can't wait to see her soon in the editorial stories of the best fashion magazines.


(courtesy of Costello Tagliapietra and Christian Siriano SS13 shows / Style.com / TFS)

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10 septembre 2012 1 10 /09 /septembre /2012 18:05

Barbara Fialho had left Models 1 and is now with IMG London.

Barbara is now globally represented by IMG in Paris, NY, London and Milan.

She has a card for the SS13 RTW LFW. Good for her.


(courtesy of Liquido / Morgade Studio / Bellazon.com)

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9 septembre 2012 7 09 /09 /septembre /2012 19:03

American model Martha Hunt is on her way to become IMG Globally... After New York, she is not anymore with Next and is now with IMG in Paris.

London (no more credited with Union) and Milan (no more credited with Next) soon I guess...

She just did the Rag & Bone Spring 2012 RTW fashion show in NY. Well done !


(courtesy of Vogue Russia / Benjamin Horne / TFS and ELLE UK / Enrique Badulescu / TFS)

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9 septembre 2012 7 09 /09 /septembre /2012 10:47

Pretty Russian model Alina Ismailova left Next to join Monster Mgmt in Milan.

Alina is also represented by Oui Mgmt in Paris.

These eyes should be be back in many major fashion publications this season...


(courtesy of Oui Mgmt / TFS and Pennyblack / Josh Olins / models.com)

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9 septembre 2012 7 09 /09 /septembre /2012 10:00


Where Karolina Kurkova will be represented in Paris ? My best bet is Oui Mgmt or Marilyn Paris...
Why does it take so long for Hilary Rhoda to get a new agency in Paris ?... 
Tosca Dekker, Simone van Werkhoven, Carla Gebhart, Rosie Tupper or Romina Lanaro (Romina seems to be back in Europe and is in the SS13 show pack of Why Not. Romina is now with Nathalie Agency - 20/09/12) after Viva ?
Wlll Madison Headrick be represented in Europe for the SS13 FW ? Still too young ?
Nanou Vandecruys, Hirschy (Hirschy is now with Women Mgmt - 24/09/12) and Sam Rollinson need a model agency in Paris... Don't they ?
Why Kremi Otashliyska is not credited anymore on the website of Oui Mgmt or Bamby Northwood Blyth not credited anymore on the website of Elite Paris ?
Bara Holotova, Aiste-Regina Kliveckaite, Sharon Kavjian or Skye Stracke are not credited currently with any agency in Paris...



Still looking for news on this mysterious new agency in NY where Madisyn Ritland would be represented... So many new agencies in NY this year. Mix Model Mgmt, Paragon Model Mgmt and now "The Lions" ?

Can't wait to know where Othilia Simon, Colinne Michaelis or Hana Jirickova will be represented in NY ? The Lions - 20/09/12
Where is Taryn Davidson ? Still no agency in NY or did I miss something ?
Madelen de la Motte... Still with Marilyn (not credited anymore on the website) ? Madelen is now with Ford - 20/09/12
Elena Bartels or Juliane Gruner... Still no model agency in NY.
Marlena Szoka had a great fashion story in Marie Claire US but has no agency in NY ? Was she booked from LA models ?
Tanya Dziahileva... Where will she go after IMG, Elite, Marilyn and Women ?


Speaking of "where are they ?"... Where is represented Marike Leroux in London ? She was taken off the Models 1 website during summer...
Still no model agency for Nadja Bender ? Will she be booked directly from Paris for the London FW ? It is probably this scenario for all these Silent Paris girls with no agency in London (Othilia, Colinne, Hana, Mariane, Daria or Morgane).
Tanya Dziahileva... After Storm ?
If only Tanga Moreau could be represented in London and be back in i-D, LOVE, D&C, Another, HB, Vogue, ELLE,... The same for Iselin Steiro or Jamie Bochert...
Which agencies will welcome JP, Jessica Pitti (JP has already been with Profile for a while - 20/09/12) and Hailey Hasbrook ? Sessilee Lopez (Sessilee is back to Elite - 20/09/12) after Select ?
Why Camilla Rowe has still no agency there ?



Among the faces of the moment, Lara Mullen (just got one... Women Mgmt - 11/09/12)Amber Anderson, Mae Lapres (Mae is with Why Not now - 20/09/12), Anni Jurgenson, Camille Rowe, Hanna Wähmer or Kat Z (Kat is already in the Models 1 SS13 Show pack for the London FW) don't have an agency in Milan (or are not credited on the websites of model agencies) yet... I hope they will be represented soon. Maybe for the SS13 FW...

Bamby Northwood Blyth and Hana Jirickova (will she be again with D only for the shows ?) are still not credited anymore on the websites of model agencies...

Will Cara Delevingne stay with Fashion after switching from DNA to Women in NY ? 

... to be watched !

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9 septembre 2012 7 09 /09 /septembre /2012 08:38

Brazilian model Barbara Fialho is now also represented by IMG in Milan (she had been with Why Not in the past). She is not included though in the already available IMG Milan SS13 show cards.

Barbara is also with IMG in Paris and NY.


(courtesy of Bellazon.com)

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8 septembre 2012 6 08 /09 /septembre /2012 05:53

Miss Cara Delevingne, model and actress ("Anna Karenia"), has just switched from DNA to Women in NY. Did not see it coming... This Fashion week is really full of major surprises this season...

Cara also with Storm London, Elite Paris and Fashion in Milan.


(courtesy of i-D / Terry Richardson and British Vogue / Alasdair McLellan - models.com)

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7 septembre 2012 5 07 /09 /septembre /2012 21:25

The amazing Liza Golden switched from Joy to IMG in Milan.

Liza is also with IMG NY, Storm London and Ford Europe (Paris).


(courtesy of Ginny Edwards / TFS / Incredible tests by William Lords)

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7 septembre 2012 5 07 /09 /septembre /2012 19:49

Miss Cara Delevingne is not credited anymore on the website of DNA NY currently. Bug or switch ? :)

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