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  • Cai Lee: Wilhelmina -> Women 360, NY (28/05/2020)
    American model Cai Lee switched from Wilhelmina to Women 360 NY. Cai is also with The Claw Paris and Wilhelmina London. (courtesy of Hermès / Liz Collins / models.com)
  • Assa Baradji: COVER -> Oui, Paris (27/05/2020)
    French model Assa Baradji switched from COVER to Oui Paris. Assa is also with Heroes NY, Premier London and Special Milano. (courtesy of M Le Monde Magazine / Alasdair McLellan / TFS)
  • Florence Hutchings now also @ The Hive, London (26/05/2020)
    British model Florence Hutchings is now also represented by The Hive London. Florence is already with Oui Paris, Heroes NY and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / David Sims / models.com)
  • Irene Guarenas: GIRL -> Oui, Paris (25/05/2020)
    Venezuelan model Irene Guarenas switched from GIRL to Oui Paris. Irene is also with APM NY, Storm London and The Lab Milano. (courtesy of Numero China / Janneke van der Hagen / models.com)
  • Amar Akway: Ford -> DNA, NY (21/05/2020)
    Ethiopian model Amar Akway left Ford NY and is now represented by DNA NY. Amar is also with Ford Paris, Premier London and The Fabbrica Milano. (courtesy of Revue Magazine / Nicolas Kantor / models.com)
  • Cam Kerekes now also @ D'Mgmt, Milano (20/05/2020)
    Hungarian model Cam Kerekes is now also represented by D'Mgmt Milano. Cam is already with Select Paris and Established London. (courtesy of Unpolished Magazine / Agata Pospieszynska / fashioneditorials.com)
  • Jourdana Phillips: Supreme -> Elite, NY (04/05/2020)
    American model Jourdana Phillips switched from Supreme to Elite NYC. Jourdana is also with Women Paris+Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Arabia / Ace Amir / models.com)