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  • McKenna Hellam: IMG -> The Hive, London

    30 avril 2022 ( #London )

    American model McKenna Hellam switched from IMG London to The Hive. McKenna recently joined Kollektiv NY and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK / Agata Pospieszynska / www.graveravens.com)

  • Emmy Rappe: IMG -> Elite, Milan

    30 avril 2022 ( #Milan )

    Swedish model Emmy Rappe left IMG Milano and is now with Elite Milano. Emmy is also with Elite Paris and Women NY. (courtesy of French Revue de Modes / Thierry Le Goues / models.com)

  • Rose Daniels: DNA -> New York Model Mgmt, NY

    03 mai 2022 ( #NY )

    American model Rose Daniels switched from DNA to New York Model Mgmt. Rose is also with Why Not Milano. (courtesy of Puss Puss Magazine / Cass Bird / models.com)

  • Leomie Anderson: CAA Fashion -> The Lions, NY

    06 mai 2022 ( #NY )

    British model, brand founder, activist and TED talker Leomie Anderson switched from CAA Fashion to The Lions NY. Leomie is also with Tess London and D'Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs / Desiree Mattsson / models.com)

  • Angelica Erthal: The Society -> Women360, NY

    11 mai 2022 ( #NY )

    Brazilian model Angelica Erthal switched from The Society to Women360 NY. Angelica is also with Elite Paris and Milan. (courtesy of Bobbi Brown / Lachlan Bailey / models.com)

  • Charlene Hogger: The Society -> The Identity, NY

    11 mai 2022 ( #NY )

    German model Charlene Hogger left The Society NYC and is now with The Identity. Charlene is also with Elite Paris+London and Fashion Milano. (courtesy of ELLE France / Gregory Derkenne / www.fashionotography.com)

  • Jill Kortleve now also @ Women, Milano

    13 mai 2022 ( #Milan )

    Dutch model Jill Kortleve is now also represented by Women Milano. Jill is already with Women Paris, Muse NYC and Milk London. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar / Josh Olins / models.com)

  • Shelby Hayes: Elite -> Ford, Paris

    14 mai 2022 ( #Paris )

    American model Shelby Hayes switched from Elite to Ford Paris. Shelby recently joined Muse NYC and just did the LV Cruise fashion show in San Diego... (courtesy of Vogue Mexico / Tom Schirmacher / models.com)

  • Eniko Mihalik: The Society -> New York Model Mgmt, NY

    19 mai 2022 ( #NY )

    Hungarian model Eniko Mihalik is switching from The Society (still on their website) to New York Model Mgmt. Eniko is also with Elite Paris and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of i-D Magazine / Inez & Vinoodh / stylefrizz.com)

  • Pyper America: IMG -> Brave, Milan

    19 mai 2022 ( #Milan )

    Model, actress and musician Pyper America left IMG Milan and is now with Brave Models. Pyper recently joined Fusion NYC. (courtesy of Vogue Me China / Dennis Leupold / models.com)

  • Jess Maybury now also @ APM, NY

    20 mai 2022 ( #NY )

    British model Jess Maybury is now also represented by APM NY. Jess recently joined Milk London and is also with Elite Paris+Milano. (courtesy of ES Magazine / Maria Ziegelboeck / TFS)

  • Olga Sherer: Next -> Select, Paris

    21 mai 2022 ( #Paris )

    Belarus model Olga Sherer switched from Next Paris to Select Paris. Olga is also with New York Model Mgmt and Next London+Milan. (courtesy of Ralph Lauren / Lachlan Bailey / models.com)

  • Leila Nda: Women -> Select, Paris

    21 mai 2022 ( #Paris )

    Burundian/Belgian model Leila Nda left Women and is now with Select Paris. Leila recently joined Muse NYC and is also with Premier London and D'Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of L'Officiel Malaysia / Tak Sugita / models.com)

  • Jana Julius: Select -> Fabbrica, Milan

    20 mai 2022 ( #Milan )

    German model Jana Julius is switching from Select Milano (still on their website) to Fabbrica. Jana is also with Ford Paris, Supreme NY and Storm London. Jana is currently not credited anymore on the website of Fabbrica (5/24/22). (courtesy of Sixteen...

  • Bibi Abdulkadir: Muse -> Elite, NY

    26 mai 2022 ( #NY )

    Somali-British model Bibi Abdulkadir is switching from Muse (still on their website) to Elite NYC. Bibi recently joined Premier London and is also with Women Paris and Fabbrica Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Turkey / Ina Lekiewicz / anneofcarversville.co...

  • Chane Husselmann: Viva -> Kult, London

    26 mai 2022 ( #London )

    South African model Chané Husselmann left Viva and is now with Kult London. Chané is also with Why Not Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Japan / Luigi & Iango / anneofcarversville.com)

  • Kasia Struss: Elite -> Next, London

    06 juin 2019 ( #London )

    Polish model Kasia Struss switched from Elite to Next London. Kasia is also with Women Paris, NY and Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Denmark / Marco van Rijt / fashioneditorials.com)

  • Anna Brewster: The Hive -> Next, London

    03 juin 2019 ( #London )

    British model and actress Anna Brewster switched back from The Hive to Next London. Anna is also with Next Paris+Milano. (courtesy of Evening Standard Magazine / Pelle Crepin / standard.co.uk)

  • Alyssa Miller: IMG -> Select, London

    31 mai 2019 ( #London )

    American model and singer ("Primrose Forever Sanctuary") Alyssa Miller switched back from IMG London to Select. Alyssa is also with New York Model Mgmt. (courtesy of ELLE Kazakhstan / Masha Maltsava / models.com)

  • Meghan Roche: Women -> IMG, NY

    12 juin 2019 ( #NY )

    American model Meghan Roche switched from Women (still on their website) to IMG NY. Meghan is also currently on the websites of Women Paris+Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Giampaolo Sgura / fashionotography.com)

  • Josie Canseco: Next -> Elite, NY

    02 octobre 2021 ( #NY )

    American model Josie Canseco switched from Next to Elite NY. (courtesy of Town & Country / Matthew Brookes / models.com)

  • Juliana Schurig: Ford -> New York Model Mgmt, NY

    12 novembre 2019 ( #NY )

    American model Juliana Schurig is switching from Ford NY (still on their website) to New York Model Mgmt. Juliana is also with Ford Paris, Elite London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Turkey / Benjamin Lennox / models.com)

  • Aline Weber now also @ The Lab, Milan

    16 novembre 2019 ( #Milan )

    Brazilian model Aline Weber is now also represented by The Lab Milano. Aline is already with Premium Paris, New York Model Mgmt and Next London. (courtesy of ELLE Serbia / Greg Swales / models.com)

  • Kremi Otashliyska: Supreme -> One, NY

    03 novembre 2019 ( #NY )

    Bulgarian model Kremi Otashliyska switched from Supreme NY to One. Kremi is also with Premium Paris, Elite London and Women Milano. (courtesy of Russh Magazine / Elina Kechicheva / talentandpartner.com)

  • Remington Williams: The Hive -> Models 1, London

    02 septembre 2019 ( #London )

    American model Remington Williams is switching from The Hive (still on their website) to Models 1 London. Richard Habberley, who recently joined Models 1, used to be her booker at DNA NY... Remington is also with Silent Paris and DNA NY. (courtesy of...