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  • Jessica Miller: Next -> IMG London

    30 octobre 2010 ( #London )

    After IMG NY and now IMG London... soon also IMG Paris and Milan ? (courtesy of Vogue Paris - Photographer: Peter Lindbergh)

  • Hailey Clauson now represented by Marilyn Paris

    31 octobre 2010 ( #Paris )

    After Marilyn NY, now Hailey has signed with Marilyn Paris... (Polaroid courtesy of Marilyn NY)

  • Rie Rasmussen: Select -> Next London

    31 octobre 2010 ( #London )

    From Select to Next London. Let's wait and see the result of this move... (courtesy of Vogue Italia - Photographer: Steven Klein)

  • Elsa Benitez: One management -> Elite NY

    01 novembre 2010 ( #NY )

    Just like Tamiris Freitas, Elsa Benitez moved from One to Elite NY... (courtesy of Vogue Italia - Photographer: Steven Meisel)

  • Ping Hue Chung now also @ IMG, Paris

    12 septembre 2014 ( #Paris )

    Chinese model Ping Hue Chung is now also represented by IMG in Paris (she used to be with Viva Paris). Ping is also with IMG in NY. (courtesy of Vogue China / Tommy Ton and Vogue China / Max Vadukul - models.com)

  • Sofie Oosterwaal, where are you ?

    01 novembre 2010 ( #NY )

    Not anymore at One... She had disappeared but is back on the websites of ELITE Paris and Elite Milan. ` (courtesy of Glamour Italia - Photographer: Fabio Chizzola)

  • Camille Rowe now at Marilyn NY

    30 octobre 2010 ( #NY )

    The A&F (Bruce Weber) model with Just WM agency in Paris is now signed by Marilyn NY. (courtesy of Jalouse / Matthew Frost / models.com)

  • Daniela Lopes: Women Direct -> Elite NY

    30 octobre 2010 ( #NY )

    Daniela Lopes is quite used to moves... After Next, DNA, Marilyn and Women Direct, she is now signed by Elite NY. Hopefully this is THE good move for her. (courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana - Photographer: Mario Testino )

  • Tamiris Freitas: One management -> Elite NY

    30 octobre 2010 ( #NY )

    The ex Armani Exchange model just switched from One to Elite NY... (courtesy of A/X Armani Exchange - Photographer: Matthew Scrivens)

  • Lydia Hearst now also @ Marilyn, Paris

    25 septembre 2015 ( #Paris )

    Socialite and model Lydia Hearst is now with Marilyn Paris. (courtesy of Genlux and Santa Barbara magazines / TFS)

  • Olga Kurylenko: Women -> Next Paris

    30 octobre 2010 ( #Paris )

    The ex James Bond girl is back to Next Paris... (courtesy of Vogue Italia - Photographer: Greg Williams)

  • Daisy Lowe: Next -> IMG Milan

    30 octobre 2010 ( #Milan )

    After now IMG Milan, London and Paris, will Daisy be back to IMG NY (where she was signed after NY models and before visiting Women management NY...) ? (courtesy of iD - Photographer Solve Sundsbo)

  • Adi Neumann at Metropolitan Paris

    30 octobre 2010 ( #Paris )

    She was with Next Paris and then IMG Paris... Now she is with Metropolitan Paris. (Courtesy of DDB/Delta underwear and You tube)

  • Taylor Warren: Wilhelmina -> Fusion models

    29 octobre 2010 ( #NY )

    Taylor Warren loves to switch from one model agency to another one... After NY models, Ford and Wilhelmina, she is now with Fusion models (Anna Schilling is also signed by Fusion in NY). (courtesy of Glamour UK - Photographer: Pamela Hanson)

  • Melissa Baker: Click -> Wilhelmina

    29 octobre 2010 ( #NY )

    Although Click offered her the opportunity to work with Bruce Weber, Melissa just switched for Wilhelmina. (courtesy of V magazine - Photographer: Bruce Weber)

  • Yulia Leontieva: Marilyn NY -> Silent NY

    29 octobre 2010 ( #NY )

    Initially signed by Metropolitan agency in Paris, Yulia had switched for Silent Paris and then was signed in NY by Marilyn. She just switched for Silent NY... (courtesy of Teen Vogue - Photographer: Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello)

  • Emma Stern: Next -> Women Direct, Milan

    26 septembre 2015 ( #Milan )

    Danish model Emma Stern switched from Next to Women Direct in Milan. Emma is also with Oui Paris, Silent NY and Premier London. (courtesy of ELLE Italia / Cedric Buchet and i-D / Dan Jackson - models.com)

  • Madelen de la Motte: IMG -> Ford Europe, Paris

    10 janvier 2013 ( #Paris )

    Swedish model Madelen de la Motte left IMG and is now with Ford Europe in Paris. Madelen is also with Ford in NY, Brave in Milan and Premier in London. (courtesy of ELLE Sweden / Jimmy Backius and Styleby / Jesse Laitinen - TFS)

  • Masha Tyelna: Joy -> Elite Milan

    30 octobre 2010 ( #Milan )

    Elite Milan : Is it going to be the move allowing Masha to be back in Vogue Italia ? The future will tell... (courtesy of Vogue Italia - Photographer: Steven Meisel)

  • Bo Don: Premier -> Next London

    27 septembre 2012 ( #London )

    Dutch model Bo Do left Premier to join Next in London. She is also with Next in Paris and Marilyn in NY. (courtesy of BLK DNM / Inez and Vinoodh and D / Taghi Naderzad - TFS)

  • Bo Don: Marilyn Agency -> Next NY

    13 octobre 2012 ( #NY )

    As expected model Bo Don switched from Marilyn Agency to join Next NY, New Faces Division. Bo is also now with Next Paris and London. She is not anymore on the website of Why Not in Milan. (courtesy of Terrysdiary.com / Terry Richardson / TFS)

  • Isabeli Fontana: Silent -> Next Paris

    18 septembre 2012 ( #Paris )

    Wowwwww ! Supermodel Isabeli Fontana left Silent (Eric DuBois) to join Next in Paris ! Isabeli had already joined Next in London... Isabeli is still with Women Mgmt in Milan and NY. (courtesy of H&M / Mikael Jansson and Vogue Paris / Mario Sorrenti -...

  • Sung Hee Kim now @ IMG Paris

    19 septembre 2012 ( #Paris )

    Like Soo Joo Park, South Korean model Sung Hee Kim is now with IMG Paris. Sung Hee is also with Wilhelmina in NY and Monster Mgmt in Milan. Can't see her anymore on the website of FM Agency. (courtesy of US Glamour / Benny Horne / zimbio.com)

  • Renata Sozzi: Women -> Premium, Paris

    15 septembre 2014 ( #Paris )

    Brazilian model Renata Sozzi switched from Women to Premium in Paris. Renata is also with Marilyn in NY and Fashion in Milan. (courtesy of Fashion Model Management)

  • Masha Novoselova: Marilyn -> IMG Paris

    19 septembre 2012 ( #Paris )

    Bo Don, Katlin Aas, Josephine Skriver and now... Masha Novoselova also left Marilyn Agency. She is now credited with IMG in Paris. Masha is also with Marilyn Agency in NY, Why Not in Milan and Storm in London. (courtesy of Velvet / Takay and Marie Claire...


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