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  • Martha Hunt: Next -> IMG Paris

    09 septembre 2012 ( #Paris )

    American model Martha Hunt is on her way to become IMG Globally... After New York, she is not anymore with Next and is now with IMG in Paris. London (no more credited with Union) and Milan (no more credited with Next) soon I guess... She just did the...

  • Jessica Pitti (JP): Metropolitan -> Major Paris

    22 novembre 2012 ( #Paris )

    The mysterious JP (Jessica Pitti) is switching from Metropolitan to Major in Paris. Not a big surprise as JP is already with Major in NY... JP is also with Monster Mgmt in Milan and Profile Model Mgmt in London. (courtesy of Amica / Walter Chin / models&co...

  • JP (Jessica Pitti) is now @ Monster Mgmt Milan

    04 septembre 2012 ( #Milan )

    What a great job achieved recently on model Jessica Pitti. A new look, a new hair cut and a new name... Immediate success with a fashion story in vogue Italia shot by Emma Summerton and the new Brooks Brothers ad campaign ! JP is with Major in NY, Metropolitan...

  • Larissa Hofmann now @ DNA NY

    10 septembre 2012 ( #NY )

    German new face Larissa Hofmann is now represented by DNA in NY. Larissa is also with Viva in Paris and London. She has a great fashion story in the October issue of ELLE UK by Karen Collins... Could not find any decent scans to post but Larissa is incredibly...

  • Manon Leloup now @ Wilhelmina and @ FM Agency

    10 septembre 2012 ( #NY+London )

    The French new face Manon Leloup is now ready for a successful SS13 RTW FW... She is with Wilhelmina in NY and with FM Agency in London. Manon is also with Marilyn in Paris and Why Not in Milan. She is wonderful on the catwalk ; elegant and so chic. A...

  • Cara Delevingne: DNA -> Women Mgmt NY

    08 septembre 2012 ( #NY )

    Miss Cara Delevingne, model and actress ("Anna Karenia"), has just switched from DNA to Women in NY. Did not see it coming... This Fashion week is really full of major surprises this season... Cara also with Storm London, Elite Paris and Fashion in Milan....

  • Yulia Terentieva now @ Oui Mgmt Paris

    11 septembre 2012 ( #Paris )

    End of a long suspense... Yulia Terentieva, who had left Nathalie Agency and who was supposed to be with Next Paris (according to models.com), is eventually with Oui Mgmt ! Yulia is currently also credited on the websites of Next in London and Why Not...

  • Sung Hee Kim: FM Agency -> Union Models London

    01 octobre 2012 ( #London )

    The great looking South Korean model Sung Hee Kim switched from FM Ageny to Union Models in London. Sung Hee Kim is also with Wilhelmina in NY, Monster in Milan and IMG in Paris. She is one of the faces of the new Miu Miu Resort 2013 ad campaign by Steven...

  • Bo Don: Marilyn Agency -> Next Paris

    18 septembre 2012 ( #Paris )

    Not a good week for Marilyn Agency in Paris... After Katlin Aas and Josephine Skriver both leaving for IMG, Dutch model Bo Don left also Marilyn but to join Next in Paris. Below some great photos before Bo gets this hard look with her new short haircut......

  • Madelen de la Motte: IMG -> Premier Model Mgmt London

    01 décembre 2012 ( #London )

    Swedish model Madelen de la Motte is on the move. She is not credited anymore with IMG in Paris, Milan or London.. and she is now already with Premier Model Mgmt in London. It would be great to see her soon in ELLE or Bazaar UK :) Madelen is also with...

  • Madelen de la Motte: Marilyn Agency -> Ford NY

    18 septembre 2012 ( #NY )

    Although she is represented by IMG in Paris, Milan and London, Swedish model Madelen de la Motte is now represented by Ford in NY. Madelen has a very funny blog where you can follow her adventures. It's called singaporious.blogspot and it's really great....

  • Hirschy Hirschfelder now @ Women Mgmt Paris

    24 septembre 2012 ( #Paris )

    New face Hirschy Hirschfelder is now represented by Women Mgmt in Paris. Hirschy is also with with Supreme Mgmt in NY, Select in London and Women Mgmt in Milan. Steven Meisel, Alasdair McLellan, Craig McDean, Josh Olins,... Hirschy is doing well :) (courtesy...

  • News flash - IMG NY

    22 septembre 2012 ( #News flash )

    Men are back !!! IMG NY is representing again male supermodels... Tyson Ballou (he used to be with IMG), Mathias Lauridsen, Patrick Petitjean and RJ Rogenski. No bad for a start... I'm not an expert in male models but most of them used to be represented...

  • Stephanie Hall now @ Women Mgmt Paris

    22 septembre 2012 ( #Paris )

    The amazing new face Stephanie Hall is now represented by Women Mgmt in Paris. Stephanie is also with Models 1 (New Faces) in London, Women in Milan and Supreme in NY. She just did the Max Mara and Versace fashion shows in Milan... Good luck for the PFW....

  • Hannah Noble: Ford -> Trump NY

    29 septembre 2012 ( #NY )

    Cute Brit girl Hannah Noble said goodbye to Ford and is now in the good hands of Trump in NY. Hannah is also with Elite in London, Paris and Milan. She already seduced Tim Walker, Arthur Elgort, Boo George, Solve Sundsbo, Terry Tsiolis,... Who's next...

  • Ji Hye Park now @ Premier Model Mgmt London

    04 octobre 2012 ( #London )

    Amazing new face Ji Hye Park, who just finished an outstanding season of fashion shows, is now represented by Premier Model Mgmt London. Ji Hye Park is also with Elite NY, Oui Mgmt Paris and Why Not Milan. She has already been featured in many South Korean...

  • Juliana Schurig: Oui Mgmt -> Elite Paris

    08 octobre 2012 ( #Paris )

    What happened to Juliana Schurig this season ? The stunning American blond girl did so many major shows in Paris including Saint Laurent, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Giambatista Valli, Balmain, Lanvin... She switched from Oui...

  • Kate King: Elite -> D'Mgmt Milan

    08 octobre 2012 ( #Milan )

    While a rumour says that she will be featured in the Spring 2013 ad campaign of Dolce & Gabbana, model Kate King just switched from Elite to D'Mgmt (and Brave) in Milan... Marina Heiden, Hannelore Knuts and now Kate King... Looks like a booker switched...

  • Malgosia Bela: Next -> D'Mgmt Milan

    09 octobre 2012 ( #Milan )

    Legendary supermodel Malgosia Bela is not with Next Milano anymore (she had not been credited on the website for several months already) and joined D'Mgmt in Milan ! Malgosia is also with Next in NY+London and Elite in Paris. (courtesy of French ELLE...

  • Crystal Renn: Ford -> Women Mgmt NY

    18 octobre 2012 ( #NY )

    The stunning Crystal Renn is switching from Ford to Women Mgmt NY. Surprising move while the rumor of the opening of a new "Elite Paris" agency in NYC seems to be confirmed... Crystal is also with Elite in Paris and London. Soon with Women Mgmt Milan...

  • Lindsey Wixson: Marilyn Agency -> Elite Paris

    12 octobre 2012 ( #Paris )

    What's happening at Marilyn Agency Paris ??? Josephine Skriver (-> IMG), Katlin Aas (-> IMG), Bo Don (-> Next), Marie Piovesan (-> Oui Mgmt) and now Lindsey Wixson is credited on the website of Elite Paris ! Lindsey is also with Marilyn Agency NY, D'Mgmt...

  • Ali Michael: Elite -> IMG NY

    25 octobre 2012 ( #NY )

    Model Ali Michael is on the move again... She is switching from Elite NYC to IMG NY. Although she is still credited on the website of Oui Mgmt in Paris, Ali is not credited anymore on the websites of Elite London or Why Not in Milan. Let's wait and see......

  • Grace Mahary: Just WM -> IMG Paris

    25 octobre 2012 ( #Paris )

    After a great season of shows in Paris, new face Grace Mahary is switching from Just WM to IMG in Paris... Grace is also with Ford in NY and Why Not in Milan. can't see her anymore on the website of Premier Model Mgmt... (courtesy of German Vogue / Greg...

  • Grace Mahary: FM Agency -> Premier -> IMG London

    01 novembre 2012 ( #London )

    New face Grace Mahary, who recently left FM Agency for Premier, is now switching from Premier to IMG in London... Not a big surprise as Grace already left recently Just WM for IMG in Paris. Grace is also with Ford NY and Why Not in Milan. (courtesy of...

  • Anna Brewster now @ Monster Mgmt Milan

    24 novembre 2012 ( #Milan )

    The lovely actress and model Anna Brewster is now on the roads to Milan where she is now represented by Monster Mgt. She was recently featured in Vogue UK as part of the new generation of creative spirits ("London belongs to me" shot by Dan Jackson)....

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