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  • Akon Changkou: New York Model Mgmt -> Elite, NY

    22 mars 2021 ( #NY )

    South Sudanese/Australian model Akon Changkou is switching from New York Model Mgmt (still on their website) to Elite NYC. Akon is also with Women/360 Paris, Premier London and Women Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Hong Kong / Luigi & Iango / models.com)

  • Liza Ostanina: Wave -> Fabbrica, Milan

    23 mars 2021 ( #Milan )

    Russian model Liza Ostanina switched from Wave to Fabbrica Milano. Liza is also with Le Bureau Paris. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar China / Ruo Bing Li / fashiongonerogue.com)

  • Imari Karanja: IMG -> Next, London and Milan

    25 mars 2021 ( #London+Milan )

    American model Imari Karanja switched from IMG to Next London and Milano. Imari recently joined Next NY. (courtesy of Teen Vogue / Daniel Jackson / models.com)

  • Mao Xiaoxing now also @ Storm, London

    26 mars 2021 ( #London )

    Chinese model Mao Xiaoxing is now also represented by Storm London. Mao is already with Makers Paris, Supreme NY and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Carlijn Jacobs / TFS)

  • Juliana Schurig: Elite -> Kult, London

    28 mars 2021 ( #London )

    American model Juliana Schurig switched from Elite to Kult London. Juliana is also with Ford Paris, New York Model Mgmt and Monster Milano. (courtesy of WSJ Magazine / Sarah Blais / models.com)

  • Filippa Hamilton: Next -> Marilyn, NY

    30 mars 2021 ( #NY )

    French model Filippa Hamilton switched from Next to Marilyn NY. Filippa is also with Next London+Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Germany / Patrick Shaw / models.com)

  • Shannan Click: Women -> Elite, NY

    29 mars 2021 ( #NY )

    American model Shannan Click switched from Women to Elite NY. Shannan is also with Marilyn Paris and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Italia / Laura Sciacovelli / fashionotography.com)

  • Lily Cole: Storm -> IMG, London

    01 avril 2021 ( #London )

    British model and actress Lily Cole switched from Storm to IMG London. Lily is also with IMG Paris+NY and D'Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of Super Magazine / Leslie Kee / models.com)

  • Ava Smith: Elite -> Select, Paris

    03 avril 2021 ( #Paris )

    American model Ava Smith switched from Elite to Select Paris. Ava is also with Women360 NY and Women Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Spain / Mario Sierra / models.com)

  • Luisa Bianchin: Karin -> Makers, Paris

    03 avril 2021 ( #Paris )

    German model Luisa Bianchin switched from Karin to Makers Paris (Metropolitan). Luisa is also with Monster Milano. (courtesy of Flair Magazine / J-F Campos / fashiongonerogue.com)

  • Cami You-Ten: Why Not -> Brave, Milan

    03 avril 2021 ( #Milan )

    Canadian model Cami You-Ten switched from Why Not to Brave Milano. Cami is also with Premium Paris and Fusion NY. (courtesy of LOVE Magazine / Solve Sunsbo / 39lolas.blogspot.com)

  • Anya Lyagoshina now also @ Marilyn, NY

    03 avril 2021 ( #NY )

    Russian model Anya Lyagoshina is now also represented by Marilyn NY. She had been with The Society. Anya is already with Elite Paris+London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Italia / Gilles Bensimon / models.com)

  • Nicole Pollard: The Lions -> Women360, NY

    03 avril 2021 ( #NY )

    Australian model Nicole Pollard switched from The Lions NY to Women360. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK / Lara Jade / models.com)

  • Matilda Lowther: The Squad -> Chapter, London

    04 avril 2021 ( #London )

    British model Matilda Lowther switched from The Squad to Chapter Mgmt in London. Matilda is also with Marilyn Paris, Heroes NY and Special Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Portugal / Frederico Martins / TFS)

  • Laura Morgan: Marilyn -> The Management NYC

    10 avril 2021 ( #NY )

    British model Laura Morgan switched from Marilyn to The Management NYC. Laura is also with Premier London. She also recently left Marilyn Paris and is now with Ford Paris according to Laura's IG page. (courtesy of Collection Issue Magazine / Laura Morgan...

  • Paige Reifler: The Lions -> Women, NY

    13 avril 2021 ( #NY )

    American model Paige Reifler switched from The Lions to Women NY. Paige is also with Oui Paris. (courtesy of ELLE Italia / Matt Jones / fashiongonerogue.com)

  • Neelam Gill: Next -> CAA, NY

    12 avril 2021 ( #NY )

    British model Neelam Gill switched from Next to CAA Fashion. Neelam is currently not credited anymore on the websites of Next in Europe. (courtesy of ELLE UK / Liz Collins / veylex.com)

  • Claudia Lavender: Next -> Women, Milan

    15 avril 2021 ( #Milan )

    British model Claudia Lavender switched from Next to Women Direct Milano. (courtesy of The Observer / Lara Jade / fashiongonerogue.com)

  • Vivienne Rohner: Elite -> Monster, Milan

    17 avril 2021 ( #Milan )

    Swiss model Vivienne Rohner switched from Elite Milano to Monster. Vivienne is also with Next Paris, Heroes NY and The Squad London. (courtesy of V Magazine / Inez and Vinoodh / models.com)

  • Maria Miguel: Next -> DNA, NY

    21 avril 2021 ( #NY )

    Portuguese model Maria Miguel is switching from Next NY (still on their website) to DNA. Maria is also with Viva Paris+London and Next Milano. (courtesy of Vogue CZ / Omar Macchiavelli / models.com)

  • Nour Rizk now also @ The Lions, NY

    13 avril 2021 ( #NY )

    Swiss/Lebanese model Nour Rizk is now also represented by The Lions NY. Nour is already with Silent Paris and Models 1 London. (courtesy of Vogue Paris / David Sims / models.com)

  • Shanina Shaik: IMG -> The Lions, NY

    22 avril 2021 ( #NY )

    Australian model Shanina Shaik is switching from IMG NY (still on their website) to The Lions NY. Shanina is also with IMG Paris, London and Milano. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Greg Swales / models.com)

  • Matilda Lowther: Women -> Marilyn, Paris

    12 septembre 2017 ( #Paris )

    British model Matilda Lowther switched from Women to Marilyn in Paris. Matilda is also with Heroes NY, The Squad London and Special Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Japan / Liz Collins / models.com)

  • Isilda Moreira now also @ Why Not, Milan

    08 septembre 2017 ( #Milan )

    Portuguese new face Isilda Moreira is now also represented by Why Not Milan (Development division). Isilda is already with New Madison Paris and Models 1 London. She should appear soon on the website of Elite NYC according to her IG. (courtesy of L'Express...

  • Amelia Rami: Elite -> The Hive, London

    28 octobre 2017 ( #London )

    Dominician model Amelia Rami switched from Elite London to The Hive (New Faces division). Amelia is also with MP Paris+Milan and Heroes NY. (courtesy of V Magazine / Brett Lloyd / models.com)