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  • Camilla Babbington: Trump -> One NY

    11 mai 2012 ( #NY )

    Brit model Camilla Babbington switched from Trump to One Model Mgmt in NY. Camilla, new face of the Burberry Brit White label, is also with Ford Europe in Paris, Why Not in Milan and Models 1 in London. (courtesy of Burberry Brit White / models1blog.com...

  • Jamie Bochert: Elite -> Oui Mgmt Paris

    14 mai 2012 ( #Paris )

    After Karmen, Agyness and Alyssa, Jamie Bochert is another top model switching from Elite to Oui Mgmt in Paris... Jamie is also with Elite in NY and Milan. (courtesy of Purple fashion / models.com / Theo Wenner and Vogue Italia / models.com / Steven...

  • Kendra Spears: Elite -> Next Paris

    14 mai 2012 ( #Paris )

    Kendra Spears eventually switched from Elite to Next Paris. Kendra was already with Next in London, Milan and NY. What's happening at Elite Paris ? A major flow to Oui Mgmt and now Next... (courtesy of French Numero / models.com / Sebastian Kim)

  • Lydia Hearst: Union -> Next London

    14 mai 2012 ( #London )

    Socialite and model Lydia Hearst switched from Union to Next London. Lydia is also with City in Paris, D'Mgt in Milan and Wilhelmina in NY. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar LatAm / models.com / Benjamin Kanarek and D / models.com / Paul Jasmin)

  • Kinee Diouf: Viva -> IMG Paris

    01 mai 2012 ( #Paris )

    Model Kinee Diouf left Viva Paris and is now with IMG in Paris. Kinee is also with D'Mgt in Milan and IMG in NY. Will she stay with Viva London ? (courtesy of French / models.com / Thierry Le Goues and Tank / models.com / Juergen Teller)

  • Alyona Subbotina: WM -> Supreme, Paris

    12 février 2015 ( #Paris )

    Kazakhstan model Alyona Subbotina switched from WM to Supreme Paris. Alyona is also with Supreme NY, Select London and Women Milan. (courtesy of Surface magazine and Armani Collezioni - models.com)

  • Erin Fee: Joy -> Monster Mgmt Milan

    03 mai 2012 ( #Milan )

    Model Erin Fee has decided to switch from Joy to Monter Mgmt in Milan. Erin is also with Select in London and One in NY. (courtesy of Interview / pphotographyb.blogspot.fr / Greg Harris and Top Shop / TFS / Paolo Roversi)

  • Maryna Linchuk: DNA -> The Lions, NY

    12 février 2015 ( #NY )

    Russian supermodel Maryna Linchuk left DNA for the second time... This time the destination is The Lions NY. Maryna is also with Viva in Paris+London and Why Not in Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Espana / David Bellemere / models.com)

  • Svea Berlie: Women Mgmt -> Why Not Milan

    14 septembre 2012 ( #Milan )

    Dutch new face Svea Kloosterhof/Berlie switched from Women Mgmt to Why Not in Milan. Svea is also with Marilyn Paris+NY and Premier Model Mgmt in London. (courtesy of Grit Magazine / Niclas Heikkinen / models.com and ELLE Netherlands / Duy Quoc Vo /...

  • Daria Pleggenkuhle: Silent -> The Lions, NY

    21 février 2013 ( #NY )

    German model Daria Pleggenkuhle is switching from Silent to The Lions in NY (she is still credited on both websites). Daria is also with Silent in Paris. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK / Mark Segal / models.com)

  • Querelle Jansen: D'Mgmt -> Monster Milan

    16 avril 2012 ( #Milan )

    Iconic model Querelle Jansen (probably one of my favorites girls...) left D to join Monster Mgmt in Milan. Querelle is also with Nathalie in Paris, Storm in London and NYMM in NY. (courtesy of Vogue China / dustyburrito.blogspot.fr and Givenchy / Models.com...

  • Shena Moulton: Models 1 -> Storm London

    18 avril 2012 ( #London )

    The beautiful model Shena Moulton left Models 1 to join Storm in London. Shena is also with Muse in NY and Elite in Paris+Milan. (courtesy of Marc Jacobs / Juergen Teller - Models 1 Blog and Teen Vogue / Jason Kibbler - Models.com)

  • Chrystal Copland: Storm -> Premier London

    08 avril 2012 ( #London )

    Live in Phuket ! New face and Vogue Italia April issue cover, Chrystal Copland switched from Storm to Premier in London. Chrystal is also with Joy in Milan, Fusion in NY and Marilyn in Paris. (courtesy of Vogue Italia and models.com - Photographer: Steven...

  • Lexi Boling now also @ Storm, London

    11 avril 2014 ( #London )

    American model Lexi Boling is now also represented by Storm, the legendary London model agency. Lexi is already with Ford in NY+Paris and Special Management in Milan. (courtesy of Prada and Vogue Italia / Steven Meisel / models.com)

  • Raica Oliveira now @ Oui Mgmt Paris

    08 avril 2012 ( #Paris )

    Timeless supermodel Raica Oliveira is now represented in Paris by Oui Mgmt. Raica is also with Ford Women in NY and Premier Model in London. (courtesy of El Dominical and magazine-covers.lucywho.com - Photographer: Juanlu Real)

  • Danni Li now @ Next Milan

    13 avril 2012 ( #Milan )

    Model Danni Li is now also represented by Next Milan (she used to be with Women Milan). Danni is also with Next in NY+London and is also still credited with Women in Paris. (courtesy of Vogue China and models.com - Photographer: Max Vadukul)

  • Lisa Seiffert: FM -> Models 1 London

    13 avril 2012 ( #London )

    Model Lisa Seiffert switched from FM to Models 1 in London. Lisa is also with Angels in Paris, Muse in NY and Joy in Milan. (courtesy of ELLE US and TFS - Photographer: Gilles Bensimon)

  • Luize Salmgrieze now @ Premier Model Mgmt London

    26 mars 2012 ( #London )

    Model Luize Salmgrieze, who used to be represented by Viva London, is back in town and now with Premier Model Mgmt. Luize is also with New Madison in Paris, Women Direct in NY and Why Not in Milan. (courtesy of BE and TFS)

  • Sojourner Morrell now @ Storm London

    16 avril 2012 ( #London )

    Finally !!!!! Sojourner Morrell is now represented by an agency in London and the winner is Storm ! Sojourner is also with Wilhelmina NY, Marilyn Paris and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Vogue UK and models.com - Photographer: Dan Jackson and Stylist: genius...

  • Sofie Nielander: Women Direct -> Fashion Milan

    27 mars 2012 ( #Milan )

    Model Sofie Nielander switched from Women Direct to Fashion in Milan. Sofie is also with Premier Model Mgmt in London and Karin in Paris. (courtesy of Paradis magazine / Fashion - Photographer: Horst Diekgerdes)

  • Kristy Kaurova: Women NY -> NYMM

    28 mars 2012 ( #NY )

    Model Kristy Kaurova left Women Mgmt to join NYMM. Can't Kristy anymore on the websites of Women Paris or Select London. She is still credited with Women Mlan. (courtesy of Velvet / models.com / Takay and ELLE US / models.com / Terry Tsiolis)

  • Signe Kayser: City -> Just WM Paris

    29 mars 2012 ( #Paris )

    Model Signe Kayser switched from City to Just WM in Paris. Signe is also with Profile in London and joined recently Monster Mgmt in Milan. (courtesy of Cover Magazine / Joy / Andrea Muller-Schulz)

  • Karen Elson: Elite -> The Lions, NY

    24 janvier 2014 ( #NY )

    Supermodel and talented singer Karen Elson left Elite to follow Louie Chaban at The Lions in NY. Karen is also with Viva in Paris, Tess in London and Why Not in Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK / Alexi Lumbomirski and Jason Wu / Inez & Vinoodh -...

  • Irina Shayk now @ Women Milan

    21 mars 2012 ( #Milan )

    Supermodel Irina Shayk, who joined recently Women NY, is now also with Women in Milan. She used to be represented by IMG in Milan... Irina is also with Models 1 in London. Soon with Women Paris ? (courtesy of SI and Women Mgmt Milan / Bjorn Iooss - Tatler...

  • Lululeika Ravn Liep now also @ Women, NY

    23 septembre 2015 ( #NY )

    Model Lululeika Ravn Liep is now also represented by Women in NY. Lululeika is already with Women Paris+Milan and Premier London. (courtesy of Scoop models and NYT Style magazine / Jamie Hawkesworth - models.com)


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