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  • Aivita Muze: IMG -> Viva, Paris and London

    02 septembre 2020 ( #Paris+London )

    Latvian model Aivita Muze switched from IMG to Viva Paris and London. Aivita is also with D'Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Ukraine / Henrik Purienne / models.com)

  • Heidi Mount: One -> Q, NY

    05 septembre 2020 ( #NY )

    American model Heidi Mount left One and is now with Q NY. Heidi is also with IMG Paris. (courtesy of Vogue Japan / Lachlan Bailey / fashiongonerogue.com)

  • Naomi Chin Wing: IMG -> Monster, Milan

    07 septembre 2020 ( #Milan )

    Trinidadian model Naomi Chin Wing switched from IMG Milano to Monster. Naomi recently joined Oui Paris. (courtesy of The Sunday Times Style Magazine / Claudia Knoepfel / models.com)

  • Rebeca Marcos now also @ D'Mgmt, Milan

    07 septembre 2020 ( #Milan )

    Spanish/German model Rebeca Marcos is now also represented by D'Mgmt Milano. Rebeca is already with Supreme Paris and Storm London. (courtesy of ELLE Sweden / Elisabeth Toll / models.com)

  • Elsemarie Riis now also @ Oui, Paris

    09 septembre 2020 ( #Paris )

    Danish new face Elsemarie Riis is now also represented by Oui Paris. Elsemarie is already with DNA NY. (courtesy of Eurowoman Denmark Magazine / Sarah Stenfeldt / TFS)

  • Louise Robert now also @ The Fabbrica, Milan

    08 septembre 2020 ( #Milan )

    Belgium model Louise Robert is now also represented by The Fabbrica Milano. Louise is already with Viva Paris+London and DNA NY. (courtesy of Vogue Australia / Ben Weller / models.com)

  • Charlotte Wiggins: Women -> Select, Milan

    15 octobre 2020 ( #Milan )

    British model Charlotte Wiggins switched from Women to Select Milano. Charlotte is also with Supreme Paris+NY and Select London. (courtesy of Telegraph Magazine / Liam Warwick / models.com)

  • Noemie Lenoir now also @ Muse, NY

    21 octobre 2020 ( #NY )

    French actress and supermodel Noemie Lenoir is now also represented by Muse NY. Noemie had been already with Ford NY, DNA and Elite NYC in the past. Noemie is also with Next Paris and Models 1 London. (courtesy of ELLE / Hans Feurer / elle.fr)

  • Antonia Wesseloh: Elite -> Marilyn, Paris

    21 octobre 2020 ( #Paris )

    German model Antonia Wesseloh is switching from Elite Paris (still on their website) to Marilyn Paris. Antonia is also with Official NY and Monster NY. (courtesy of Marjana von Berlepsch / Benne Ochs / models.com)

  • Tess McMillan: Muse -> IMG, NY

    21 octobre 2020 ( #NY )

    American model Tess McMillan switched from Muse to IMG NY. Tess is also with IMG in Europe. (courtesy of British Vogue / Paolo Roversi / models.com)

  • Madisin Rian: Supreme -> Elite, NY

    21 octobre 2020 ( #NY )

    American model Madisin Rian is switching from Supreme NY (still on their website) to Elite NYC. Madisin is also with Supreme Paris and Women Direct Milano. (courtesy of Armani Beauty / David Sims / journalduluxe.fr)

  • Alma Durand: Oui -> Marilyn, Paris

    22 octobre 2020 ( #Paris )

    French model Alma Durand switched from Oui to Marilyn Paris. Alma is also with Official NY, Milk London and Monster Milano.` (courtesy of French ELLE / Satoshi Saikusa / models.com)

  • Mariana Zaragoza: IMG -> Titanium, Paris & London

    22 octobre 2020 ( #Paris+London )

    Mexican model Mariana Zaragoza left IMG and is now with Titanium in Paris and London. Mariana is also with Fusion NYC. (courtesy of ELLE Mexico / Santiago Arau / TFS)

  • Duckie Thot: Elite -> Tess, London

    14 octobre 2020 ( #London )

    Australian model Duckie Thot switched from Elite London to Tess. Duckie has recently joined CAA NY. (courtesy of Vogue Australia / Nicole Bentley / models.com)

  • Isabella Emmack: DNA -> Supreme, NY

    28 octobre 2020 ( #NY )

    American model Isabella Emmack left DNA and is now with Supreme NY. Isabella is also with Oui Paris, The Hive London and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Italia / Simon Upton / anneofcarversville.com)

  • Antonia Wesseloh: Monster -> Fashion, Milan

    29 octobre 2020 ( #Milan )

    German model Antonia Wesseloh switched from Monster to Fashion Milano. Antonia recently joined Marilyn Paris and is also with Official NY. (courtesy of Numero Tokyo / Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello / models.com)

  • Marina Nery now also @ Select, London

    04 novembre 2020 ( #London )

    Brazilian model Marina Nery is now also represented by Select London. Marina is already with Elite Paris. (Courtesy of L'Officiel Azerbaijan / Lena Melnik / models.com)

  • Londone Myers: Select -> Storm, London

    04 novembre 2020 ( #London )

    American model Londone Myers switched from Select to Storm London. Londone recently joined Ford NY and is also with Oui Paris and Monster Milano. (courtesy of ELLE US / Yelena Yemchuk / models.com)

  • Fatou Jobe: Monster -> Special, Milan

    04 novembre 2020 ( #Milan )

    American model Fatou Jobe switched from Monster to Special Mgmt in Milan. Fatou is currently joining New York Model Mgmt (still on the website of State Mgmt) and is also with Oui Paris and Select London. (courtesy of ELLE UK / Ton Schirmacher / model...

  • Georgia Palmer: Ford -> IMG, NY

    09 novembre 2020 ( #NY )

    British model and DJ Georgia Palmer switched from Ford to IMG NY. Georgia is also with Supreme Paris, IMG London and D'Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / David Sims / models.com)

  • Olivia Forte: The Lions -> Heroes, NY

    09 novembre 2020 ( #NY )

    American model Olivia Forte switched from The Lions to Heroes NY. Olivia is also with The Hive London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Wonderland Magazine / Daria Kobayashi Ritch / wonderlandmagazine.com)

  • Ava Smith: The Lions -> Women360, NY

    05 novembre 2020 ( #NY )

    American model Ava Smith switched from The Lions NY to Women360. Ava is also with Elite Paris and Women Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Spain / Mario Sierra / models.com)

  • Angel Rutledge: The Lions -> One, NY

    12 novembre 2020 ( #NY )

    American model Angel Rutledge left The Lions NY and is now with One Mgmt. Angel is also with Premier London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Allure / Terry Tsiolis / TFS)

  • Indira Scott: Anti -> Premier, London

    17 novembre 2020 ( #London )

    American model Indira Scott switched from Anti Agency to Premier London. Indira is also with DNA NY and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of US Vogue / Jackie Nickerson / dnamodels.com)

  • Fatou Jobe: State -> NYMM, NY

    26 octobre 2020 ( #NY )

    American model Fatou Jobe is switching from State (stil on their website) to New York Model Mgmt. Fatou is also with Oui Paris and Select London. (courtesy of Numero / Robbie Lawrence / models.com)