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  • Juju Ivanyuk: Storm -> Next London

    20 mars 2012 ( #London )

    Juju Ivanyuk, the return ! Further her move back to Next Milan, Juju also switched from Storm to Next in London. Juju is also with NYMM in NY. Oops can't see her anymore on the website of Nathalie in Paris... Next Paris ? Juju is credited again on the...

  • Chrystal Copland: Joy -> D'Mgmt Milan

    16 avril 2012 ( #Milan )

    The Milano fever of models switching agencies... Current covergirl of Vogue Italia, Chrytal Copland, switched from Joy to D'Mgmt... Chrystal recently joined Premier in London and is represented by Fusion in NY and Marilyn in Paris. (courtesy of Vogue...

  • Megan McNierney: IMG -> One Mgmt NY

    24 avril 2012 ( #NY )

    I did not recognize her when I saw her a few weeks ago on the blog of One... but she is now credited on the website of the agency with her last name... Megan McNierney did switch from IMG to One ! Megan is still credited on the websites of IMG Paris and...

  • Coco Rocha: Storm -> Models 1 London

    02 mai 2012 ( #London )

    Coco Rocha just switched from Storm to Models 1 in London. Is it linked to the "scandalous" ELLE Brazil cover ? Not at all. So why ? Coco is also with Wilhelmina in NY, Elite in Milan and Marilyn in Paris. (courtesy of Longchamp / models.com / Dane Shitagi...

  • Christina Kruse: Elite -> Oui Mgmt Paris

    01 juin 2012 ( #Paris )

    After Agyness Deyn, Alyssa Miller or Jamie Bochert, now Christina Kruse, another girl of Louie Chaban, is also moving from Elite (where she was credited for real on the website) to Oui Mgmt Paris... I guess there are more and more chances to see Hilary...

  • Amber Anderson now @ Marilyn NY

    12 juin 2012 ( #NY )

    I'm happy ! Amber Anderson (current face of Eres ad campaign) is for me one of the most beautiful, funny, and sexy... Brit girls of the moment and she is now represented by Marilyn NY. I wish her a fantastic career in the US like Vivien Solari or Michelle...

  • Anna Jagodzinska: Ford -> Women NY

    12 juin 2012 ( #NY )

    It was just a rumor but now it seems to be confirmed on the blog of Women NY ! Supermodel Anna Jagodzinka switched from Ford to Women NY. Anna is also with Premier in London and Elite in Paris+Milan. (courtesy of David Yurman / models.com / Peter Lindbergh...

  • Simone van Werkhoven: Why Not -> Women Milan

    19 juin 2012 ( #Milan )

    Dutch model Simone van Werkhoven left Why Not and joined Women in Milan. Simone had left recently Trump to join Supreme in NY and Viva to join Select in London. She is not credited anymore with Viva Paris. Soon with Women Paris ? (courtesy of Glamour...

  • Melodie Monrose: D'Mgmt -> Women Mgmt Milan

    09 juillet 2012 ( #Milan )

    Futher her switch from Silent to Women in NY, Melodie Monrose also switched from D'Mgmt to Women in Milan. Same scenario as Anna Selezneva a few weeks ago... Melodie is also with Silent in Paris and Premier in London. (courtesy of D&G / models.com / Mario...

  • Karolina Kurkova: IMG -> One Mgmt NY

    05 septembre 2012 ( #NY )

    End of a long suspense... Supermodel (and soon coach of "The Face" on Oxygen) Karolina Kurkova left IMG to join One Mgmt in NY. Models.com has made it official on its website... Karolina is also with Storm in London and D'Mgmt in Milan. And Paris ???...

  • News flash - Monster Mgmt Milan

    26 juin 2012 ( #News flash )

    The website of Monster Mgmt (the new model agency in Milan) is finally online ! You can now get access to the books of Querelle, Josephine, Alison, Cris, Julia, Milou, Antonia or Ros... Two Divisions: Main and Development (including Sam Rollinson or Sarah...

  • Nicole Pollard: Next -> Elite NY, Next -> Oui Mgmt Paris and Next -> FM London

    03 juillet 2012 ( #Paris+NY+London )

    Australian new face Nicole Pollard, one of the sensations of the Dior Couture show of today, switched from Next to Oui in Paris, from Next to Elite in NY and from Next to FM in London. Nicole is not still credited anymore with Next in Milan. (updated...

  • Charon Cooijmans: Storm -> Viva London

    16 juillet 2012 ( #London )

    Dutch model Charon Cooijmans is on the move again... After switching recently from Monster to Why Not in Milan, she left Storm to join Viva in London... Charon is not credited anymore on the website of Marilyn Paris and, logically, should appear soon...

  • Gaye McDonald: IMG -> Union Models London

    18 juillet 2012 ( #London )

    Hey what a great surprise ! Gaye McDonald is back in Europe and is now represented by Union in London. This girl is really gorgeous and so sweet. Amazing body :) Gaye is also represented by Muse in NY. (courtesy of Vogue Paris / Make Art Your Life / Cedric...

  • News flash - Nanou Vandecruys

    30 juillet 2012 ( #News flash )

    Belgian model Nanou Vandecruys is credited again on the website of One Mgmt and it feels really good ! Her presence in the very beautiful story of Alasdair McLellan in the August issue of W was a treat ! I really hope Nanou is going to be massively back....

  • News flash - Susannah Liguori

    28 juillet 2012 ( #News flash )

    The amazing new face seen in the story of Tim Walker for the September issue of Vogue Japan has a name... Susannah Liguori and she is already in the good hands of IMG NY and IMG London. Susannah had already been photographed by Hedi Slimane for The New...

  • Elaine Irwin: Next -> IMG NY

    28 juillet 2012 ( #NY )

    Supermodel Elaine Irwin is on the move... She is not credited anymore on the website of Next NY and IMG reported yesterday that she was about to make an incredible comeback ! Elaine is not credited anymore on the websites of Next Paris and Milan but she...

  • Jana Knauerova: NYMM -> Ford Women NY

    26 juillet 2012 ( #NY )

    Model Jana Knauerova (sharing with us her great interest for architecture and design on her blog called Model Adventures) switched from NYMM to Ford Women in NY. Jana is also with Models 1 in London, Why Not in Milan and Nathalie Agency in Paris. (courtesy...

  • Taylor Foster: One -> Women Mgmt NY

    01 août 2012 ( #NY )

    Taylor Foster left One Mgmt to be now with Women Management in NY. Taylor is also with Next in Paris. Like Lorraine Pascale in London, Taylor is both a model and a pastry chef (www.heavenonmainstreet.com)... If you want to know more, yo should read this...

  • Mae Lapres now @ Marilyn Model Agency NY

    13 août 2012 ( #NY )

    The very cute half Chinese, half Canadian, French model Mae Lapres is now credited on the website of Marilyn in NY. Mae, who already did Benetton and Lancôme ad campaigns, is also with FM London and Marilyn Paris. She has a great portrait/interview on...

  • Alana Zimmer: Ford -> Women Mgmt NY

    24 août 2012 ( #NY )

    Model Alana Zimmer switched from Ford to Women NY. She kind of went back to her roots as she used to be with Supreme before Ford... Alana is also with Elite in Paris, Milan and London. Will this switch impact her reps in Europe ? To be continued... (courtesy...

  • Anna Davolio now @ One Mgmt NY

    24 août 2012 ( #NY )

    Model Anna Davolio is now with One Mgmt NY. She used to be represented by IMG NY. Anna is also with IMG in London. One Mgmt has just updated the layout of its website (love it) and all the girls seems to be credited now (even the fabulous An Oost who...

  • Ros Georgiou: D'Mgmt -> Monster -> D'Mgmt Milan

    05 septembre 2012 ( #Milan )

    Looks like the lovely Greek model Ros Georgiou is still represented by D'Mgmt in Milan. She was not credited anymore on the website of D'Mgmt and had appeared in March 2012 on the website and blog of Monster. Is she really back (for good) ? Ros is also...

  • Kat Zakharchenko is (eventually) @ Models 1

    05 septembre 2012 ( #London )

    New face Kat Zakharchenko (Kat Z) is eventually credited on the website of Models 1 (New Faces) in London. She had been credited for the first on the blog of Models 1 in April 2012. Kat, who shot the Paige Denim SS12 ad campaign with Josh Olins, is also...

  • Karlie Kloss: Next -> IMG NY

    05 septembre 2012 ( #NY )

    Another KK rumor confirmed... Supermodel Karlie Kloss switched from Next to IMG in NY. After Elite and Next, Karlie is going to explore new horizons with IMG... Show must go on for Next, especially with Kendra Spears who has a true potential to become...

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