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  • Rachel Marx now also @ Women, Milan

    20 juillet 2018 ( #Milan )

    German new face Rachel Marx is now also represented by Women Milano. Rachel is already with Supreme Paris, Women NY and Wilhelmina London. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Steven Meisel / models.com)

  • Leah Rödl: The Hive -> Premier, London

    17 juillet 2018 ( #London )

    German-American model Leah Rödl switched from The Hive to Premier London. Leah is also with Oui Paris and Monster Milan. Lea is currently not credited anymore on the website of Silent NY... (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Germany / Regan Cameron / model...

  • Janaye Furman now also @ Why Not, Milan

    17 juillet 2018 ( #Milan )

    American model Janaye Furman is now also represented by Why Not Milan. Janaye is already with Elite NYC and Premier London. (courtesy of Mastermind Magazine / James Mollison / models.com)

  • Lorelle Rayner: Wilhelmina -> Heroes, NY

    17 juillet 2018 ( #NY )

    British model Lorelle Rayner is switching from Wilhelmina (still on their website) to Heroes NY. Lorelle is also with The Face in Paris, Select in London and Why Not in Milan. Model Lexi Boling also recently joined Heroes NY... (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar...

  • Ming Xi: The Society -> The Lions, NY

    17 juillet 2018 ( #NY )

    Chinese supermodel Ming Xi is switching from The Society (stil on their website) to The Lions NY. Ming Xi is also with Elite Paris+Milan and Storm London. (courtesy of Vogue China / Gilles Bensimon / models.com)

  • Pritika Swarup: Storm -> Select, London

    16 août 2018 ( #London )

    Indian model Pritika Swarup switched from Storm to Select London. Pritika is also with Premium Paris, Marilyn NYC and Women Direct Milano. (courtesy of Cosmopolitan / Tom Schirmacher / TFS)

  • Coco Rocha: IMG -> Models 1, London

    16 août 2018 ( #London )

    Canadian supermodel, TV host, SN expert, model agency co-founder & owner and... mother Coco Rocha left IMG London and is now back to Models 1. Coco is also with Women Paris and Nomad NY. (courtesy of Vogue Portugal / Branislav Simoncik / models.com)

  • Shlomit Malka: Elite -> Titanium, London

    15 août 2018 ( #London )

    Israeli model Shlomit Malka switched from Elite London to Titanium. Shlomit is also with Women Paris, The Lions NYC and Women Direct Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Spain / Mario Sierra / fashiongonerogue.com)

  • Veronika Vilim: Wilhelmina -> The Lions, NY

    07 août 2018 ( #NY )

    American model Veronika Vilim switched from Wilhelmina to The Lions NY. Veronika is also with Supreme Paris, Elite London and The Lab Milan. Veronika is part of the new Marc Jacobs FW18 ad campaign shot by Steven Meisel... (courtesy of Vogue Portugal...

  • Emm Arruda: Premier -> The Squad, London

    31 juillet 2018 ( #London )

    Canadian model Emm Arruda switched from Premier to The Squad London. Emm is also with Women Paris, NY and Milan. (courtesy of Glass Magazine / Albert Watson / models.com)

  • Hannah Elyse: Silent -> Fusion, NY

    30 juillet 2018 ( #NY )

    Australian model Hannah Elyse is switching from Silent NY (still on their website) to Fusion NYC. Hannah Elyse is also with Premium Paris, The Hive London and Oui Milan. (courtesy of Glass Magazine / Bojana Tatarska / thehivemanagement.com)

  • Juju Ivanyuk: Marilyn -> Oui, Paris

    27 juillet 2018 ( #Paris )

    Ukrainian model Juju Ivanyuk switched from Marilyn to Oui Paris. Juju is also with Monster Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Poland / Dirk Messner / models.com)

  • Marcelina Sowa: One -> Elite, NY

    27 juillet 2018 ( #NY )

    Polish model Marcelina Sowa switched from One to Elite NYC (Women division). Marcelina is also with Premier London and Fashion Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Mexico / Danilo Hess / danilohess.com)

  • Bente Oort now also @ Ford, NY

    26 juillet 2018 ( #NY )

    Dutch new face Bente Oort is now also represented by Ford NY. Bente is already with Ford Paris and Monster Milan. London soon? (courtesy of Document Journal / Richard Bush / models.com)

  • Tami Williams: Elite -> The Society, NY

    31 août 2018 ( #NY )

    Jamaican model Tami Williams is switching from Elite NYC (still on their website) to The Society. Tami is also with Elite Paris, Storm London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Spain / Gonzalo Machado / unomodels.com)

  • Victoria Schons: Wilhelmina -> Silent, NY

    30 août 2018 ( #NY )

    Brazilian model Victoria Schons is switching from Wilhelmina (still on their website) to Silent NY. Victoria is also with New Madison Paris, Wilhelmina London and Fashion Milan. (courtesy of Document Journal / Ben Grieme / models.com)

  • iris Landstra: Supreme -> Wilhelmina, NY

    29 août 2018 ( #NY )

    Dutch model Iris Landstra switched from Supreme to Wilhelmina NY. Iris is also with Supreme Paris, Premier London and Women Milan. (courtesy of The Last Magazine / Jody Rogac / models.com)

  • Allie Lewis: IMG -> NYMM, NY

    28 août 2018 ( #NY )

    American model Allie Lewis switched from IMG to New York Model Mgmt. Allie is also with Storm London. (courtesy of ELLE US / Jan Welters / models.com)

  • Laiqah Omar: Ford -> Viva, Paris

    28 août 2018 ( #Paris )

    British new face Laiqah Omar switched from Ford to Viva Paris. Laiqah is also with Viva London and The Fabbrica Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Ukraine / Alice Rosati / models.com)

  • Isabeli Fontana: Elite -> Women, Milan

    27 août 2018 ( #Milan )

    Brazilian iconic supermodel Isabeli Fontana switched back from Elite to Women Milan. Isabeli is also with Next Paris+London and Women NY. (courtesy of ELLE Italia / Gilles Bensimon / models.com)

  • Mariacarla Boscono: Elite -> Women, Milan

    27 août 2018 ( #Milan )

    Italian iconic supermodel Mariacarla Boscono switched back from Elite to Women Milan... Mariacarla is also with Women Paris+NY and Elite London. (courtesy of Madame Figaro / Paolo Roversi / models.com)

  • Imade Ogbewi: D1 -> Premier, London

    21 août 2018 ( #London )

    Nigerian model Imade Ogbewi is switching from D1 London (still on their website) to Premier. Imade is also with Silent Paris, Muse NYC and Brave Milan. Imade is one of the faces of the new Hermès FW19 ad campaign... (courtesy of Stylist France / Sol Sanchez...

  • Freya Lawrence now also @ NYMM, NY and Monster, Milan

    21 août 2018 ( #NY+Milan )

    British model Freya Lawrence is now also represented by New York Model Mgmt and Monster Milan. Freya is already with Premium Paris and Select London. (courtesy of Double Magazine / Jamie Hawkesworth / models.com)

  • Olivia Forte now also @ The Hive, London

    16 août 2018 ( #London )

    American new face Olivia Forte is now also represented by The Hive London. Olivia is already with Oui Paris and The Lions NYC. Olivia is part of the new Versace ad campaign shot by Monsieur Steven Meisel. (courtesy of LOVE Magazine / Alasdair McLellan...

  • Aira Ferreira: Premier -> Elite, London

    12 septembre 2018 ( #London )

    Brazilian model Aira Ferreira is switching from Premier (still on their website) to Elite London. Aira is also with Supreme Paris+NY and Women Direct Milan. (courtesy of Vogue India / Mario Testino / stephanemarais.com)