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  • Daniela Pestova: Fashion -> Women Direct Milan

    13 novembre 2010 ( #Milan )

    Daniela Pestova.... The beautiful Czech model, ex Victoria Secret model and Sports Illustrated cover girl, is now with Women Direct Milan. She is also with Women Direct NY. (courtesy of SI)

  • Lizzy Jagger: IMG -> Oui management Paris

    10 novembre 2010 ( #Paris )

    Lizzy is switching from IMG Celebrities Paris to OUI management... Lizzy is represented by One in NY and Tess in London... There is clearly a strong link between the new French agency and One in NY and Tess in London. (courtesy of OUI and allaboutmod...

  • Kirsten Owen: Marilyn -> Oui management Paris

    10 novembre 2010 ( #Paris )

    Kirsten Owen just switched from Marilyn to OUI management, the new (big) agency in Paris. (courtesy of OUI and allaboutmodels.net)

  • Tasha Tilberg: Marilyn -> Oui management Paris

    10 novembre 2010 ( #Paris )

    Tasha Tilberg like Kirsten switched from Marilyn to Oui Paris. Both girls are represented by One in NY and Select in London. (courtesy of OUI and allaboutmodels.net)

  • Ana Claudia Michels: Women -> Oui management Paris

    10 novembre 2010 ( #Paris )

    After City, Viva and Women, Ana Claudia Michels just switched from Women to OUI Paris... (courtesy of OUI and allaboutmodels.net)

  • Tamara Weijenberg: Union -> The Hive, London

    11 décembre 2014 ( #London )

    Dutch model Tamara Weijenberg switched from Union to The Hive London. Tamara is also with Oui in Paris, Elite in NY and Why Not in Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar / Paola Kudacki / models.com)

  • Iza Olak: Karin -> New Madison Paris

    11 novembre 2010 ( #Paris )

    Like Zuzana Lettrichova, Iza Olak moved from Karin to New Madison in Paris. I guess the booker of the two models made the switch first... Iza had moved recently in London from Premier to Elite London but is still with Elite Milan and Next NY. (courtesy...

  • Frankie Rayder: IMG -> Oui, Paris

    24 mars 2015 ( #Paris )

    Fashion icon/supermodel Frankie Rayder is switching from IMG Paris (still on their website) to Oui Paris. Frankie is also with The Lions NY. (courtesy of Allure / Terry Tsiolis and Marie Claire US / David Roemer - models.com)

  • Dasha Malygina: Supreme -> Next NY

    05 novembre 2010 ( #NY )

    Dasha moved from Supreme to Next NY and is still represented by Nathalie models in Paris. (Courtesy of V magazine - Photographer: Terry Tsiolis)

  • Veronika Vilim now also @ Supreme, Paris

    16 décembre 2014 ( #Paris )

    American model Veronika Vilim is now also represented by Supreme, the new model agency in Paris. Veronika is also with Wilhelmina NY and Union London. No more on the website of Next Milan... (courtesy of VIEN magazine / Saty + Pratha and Vogue Australia...

  • Zuzana Lettrichova: Karin -> New Madison Paris

    08 novembre 2010 ( #Paris )

    Zuzana Moved from Karin to New Madison in Paris but is still with Trump NY, Elite London and Elite Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Mexico - Photographer: Ken Pao)

  • Linda Vojtova : Nathalie -> Oui management Paris

    10 novembre 2010 ( #Paris )

    Linda Vojtova is switching from Nathalie to OUI Paris. Linda Vojtova is represented by One in NY... (courtesy of OUI and allaboutmodels.net)

  • Marija Vujovic at Why Not Milan

    31 octobre 2010 ( #Milan )

    Marija used to be with IMG Milan... and is now with Why Not. (courtesy of Vogue Spain - Photographer: Fabio Chizzola)

  • Milana Bogolepova Keller: Viva -> Women Paris

    31 octobre 2010 ( #Paris )

    Milana Keller, Ex Gucci girl, is now at Women Paris (she used to be with Viva Paris). She is still represented by Elite Milan. (courtesy of ELLE UK - Photographer: Matthias Vriens McGrath)

  • Valerija Kelava: Next -> Oui management Paris

    02 novembre 2010 ( #Paris )

    Against all odds... Valerija Kelava is not signed by Elite Paris but by a new agency called OUI management. OUI management office is in a suite at the Lutetia hotel, Boulevard Raspail in Paris. So Chic... (courtesy of Vogue Italia - Photographer: Craig...

  • Ciara Nugent: Select -> Profile London

    30 octobre 2010 ( #London )

    Good to know Ciara signed at Profile in London after long years at Select... (courtesy of Chanel)

  • Iza Olak: Premier -> Elite London

    30 octobre 2010 ( #London )

    Now at Elite London... I wonder if Iza also moved to Elite Paris... (courtesy of ELLE US - Photographer: Ruven Afanador)

  • Heide Lindgren: Nathalie -> Silent -> Major, Paris

    10 décembre 2014 ( #Paris )

    American model Heide Lindgren did not move from Nathalie to Women in Paris. She "thought different" and actually joined Silent in June but already switched to Major... Heide is also with Muse in NY and Storm in London. (courtesy of ELLE Spain / Riccardo...

  • Skye Stracke now also @ Major, Paris

    24 mars 2015 ( #Paris )

    Australian model Skye Stracke is now also represented by Major Paris. Skye is already with Red in NY. Good to see her back (remember her in the Cacharel Scarlett fragrance ad in 2010...). (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar LatAm / An Le / designscene.net)

  • Arlenis Sosa: Marilyn -> Elite, Paris

    24 mars 2015 ( #Paris )

    Dominican supermodel Arlenis Sosa switched from Marilyn to Elite Paris. Arlenis is also with The Society NY, Models 1 and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Self magazine / Jason Kim and Lucky magazine / Ben Morris - models.com)

  • Romina Lanaro: Viva -> Nathalie Agency Paris

    14 septembre 2012 ( #Paris )

    Argentine model Romina Lanaro left Viva and is now with Nathalie Agency in Paris. Romina is also with Ford in NY and Why Not in Milan. The other good news is that Romina has a show card for Milan and Paris... (courtesy of Italian Flair / Camilla Akrans...

  • Anna Nocon is now @ Just WM in Paris

    17 septembre 2012 ( #Paris )

    Lovely Anna Nocon is now represented by Just WM in Paris. She is also with United in London and Flash Model Mgmt in Milan. These eyes.... :) (courtesy of W and fashiongonerogue.com - Photographer: Bruce Weber)

  • Marina Heiden: Elite -> Premier Model Mgmt London

    14 septembre 2012 ( #London )

    Brazilian model Marina Heiden is back to Premier Model Mgmt after several months with Elite London. Marina is also with Wilhelmina in NY and Elite in Paris (but still credited too with Nathalie Agency). (courtesy of Premier Model Mgmt)

  • Grace Mahary: FM Agency -> Premier Model Mgmt London

    11 septembre 2012 ( #London )

    Although she has one SS13 show card with FM, new face Grace Mahary is already announced with Premier Model Mgmt. Grace is also with Ford NY, Why in Milan and Just WM in Paris. (courtesy of German Vogue / Greg Kadel / modelsofcolor.tumblr.com and tumb...

  • Sara Sampaio: Marilyn Agency -> Women Mgmt Paris

    12 septembre 2012 ( #Paris )

    Bon dia ! The beautiful Sara Sampaio left Marilyn to join Women Mgmt in Paris. Sara is also with Women Mgmt in Milan, Models 1 in London and Women Direct in NY. (courtesy of Spanish ELLE / Xavier Gordo and French Marie Claire / Thierry LeGoues - mode...


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