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  • Veronika Kunz now also @ The Society, NY

    15 mars 2018 ( #NY )

    Swiss model Veronika Kunz is now also represented by The Society NYC. Veronika is already with The Squad London. She is currently one of Clare Waight Keller's favorite models... (courtesy of Interview Magazine / David Sims / anneofcarversville.com)

  • Dalianah Arekion: Next -> NYMM, NY

    15 mars 2018 ( #NY )

    Spanish model Dalianah Arekion left Next NY and is now with New York Model Mgmt. Dalianah is also with Premier London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of S Moda Magazine / David Dunan / models.com)

  • Sigrid Agren: Elite -> Ford, Paris

    15 mars 2018 ( #Paris )

    French supermodel Sigrid Agren switched from Elite to Ford Paris. Sigrid is also with The Society NY and Elite Milan. (courtesy of Sportmax / David Sims / fashiongonerogue.com)

  • Hannah Motler is now also @ Ford, Paris

    15 mars 2018 ( #Paris )

    British model Hannah Motler is now also represented by Ford Paris. Hannah is already with Ford NY, Premier London and The Fabbrica London. Hannah is one of the current faces of the Coach SS18 ad campaign shot by Steven Meisel... (courtesy of M Le Monde...

  • Hailey Clauson: Women -> Ford, NY

    15 mars 2018 ( #NY )

    American supermodel Hailey Clauson left Women NY and is now with Ford NY. Hailey is also with Women Paris and Premier London. (courtesy of Numéro Tokyo / Ellen von Unwerth / models.com)

  • Anna Brewster: Next -> The Hive, London

    26 mars 2018 ( #London )

    British actress and model Anna Brewster ("Versailles" TV series) switched back from Next London to The Hive. Anna is also with Next Paris and Milan. (courtesy of Tatler UK / Alex Cayley / chateaudejanvry.com)

  • Rachel Roberts: Next -> Karin, Paris

    24 mars 2018 ( #Paris )

    Canadian model Rachel Roberts switched from Next to Karin Paris. Rachel is also with One NY, Models 1 London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Marie Claire Italia / Mel Karch / Liz Bell Agency)

  • Luisa Bianchin now also @ Karin, Paris

    24 mars 2018 ( #Paris )

    German model Luisa Bianchin is now also represented by Karin Models Paris. Luisa is already with One NY and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Jute Magazine / Brian Boulos / models.com)

  • Inguna Butane: Premium -> Marilyn, Paris

    24 mars 2018 ( #Paris )

    Latvian model Inguna Butane switched from Premium to Marilyn Paris. Inguna is also with Marilyn NY and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Spain / Zoltan Tombor / models.com)

  • Jules Mordovets: Re:Quest -> One.1, NY

    24 mars 2018 ( #NY )

    Ukrainian model Jules Mordovets switched from Re:Quest to One.1 NY. Jules is also with Premium Paris. (courtesy of Numéro / Victor Demarchelier / pinterest)

  • Milena Ioanna: The Fabbrica -> Why Not, Milan

    23 mars 2018 ( #Milan )

    Russian new face Milena Ioanna switched from The Fabbrica to Why Not Milan. Milena is also Viva Paris+London and DNA NY. (courtesy of Vogue Russia / Patrick Demarchelier / cloverdesain.com)

  • Pauline van der Cruysse: Silent -> Premium, Paris

    23 mars 2018 ( #Paris )

    Belgian model Pauline van der Cruysse switched from Silent to Premium Paris. Pauline is also with Heroes NY, The Squad London and Special Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Japan / Maciek Kobielski / models.com)

  • Hanna Halvorsen now also @ Premier, London

    21 mars 2018 ( #London )

    Norwegian new face Hanna Halvorsen is now also represented by Premier London. Hanna is already with Exclusive Paris and DNA NY. (courtesy of The Forumist Magazine / Edgar Berg / theforumist.com)

  • Marine van Outryve: The Hive -> Wilhelmina, London

    20 mars 2018 ( #London )

    Belgian model Marine van Outryve switched from The Hive to Wilhelmina London. Marine is also with Premium Paris, Silent Direct NY and Elite Milan. (courtesy of Marie Claire Belgium / Hicham Riad / TFS)

  • Ansolet Rossouw now also @ The Society, NY

    04 avril 2018 ( #NY )

    South African new face Ansolet Rossouw is now also represented by The Society NY. Ansolet is already with Elite Paris+London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Valentino / David Sims / whynotmodels.com)

  • Jeisa Chiminazzo: IMG -> Marilyn, Paris

    04 avril 2018 ( #Paris )

    Brazilian model Jeisa Chiminazzo switched from IMG to Marilyn Paris. Jeisa is also with Marilyn NY and Elite Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Brazil / Bob Wolfenson / models.com)

  • Estelle Chen: The Society -> Ford, NY

    03 avril 2018 ( #NY )

    French model Estelle Chen switched from The Society to Ford NY. Estelle is also with Ford Paris, Storm London and Elite Milan. Estelle was part of the Victoria's Secret 2017 Fashion Show in Shanghai... (courtesy of Vogue Japan / Alexandra Sophie / mo...

  • Yulia Musieichuk: Why Not -> The Fabbrica, Milan

    01 avril 2018 ( #Milan )

    Ukrainian model Yulia Musieichuk switched from Why Not to The Fabbrica in Milan. Yulia is also with Supreme Paris+NY and Select London. (courtesy of Vogue Ukraine / Synchrodogs / models.com)

  • Ebonee Davis now also @ Select, London

    31 mars 2018 ( #London )

    American model Ebonee Davis is now also represented by Select London. Ebonee is already with The Lions NY. (courtesy of ELLE US / Marc de Groot / anneofcarversville.com)

  • Valerija Sestic: Elite -> Muse, NY

    31 mars 2018 ( #NY )

    Swiss model Valerija Sestic switched from Elite to Muse NYC (Main division). Valerija is also with Women Paris and Select London. (courtesy of Harrods Magazine / David Ferrua / models.com)

  • Monika Sawicka now also @ Established, London

    30 mars 2018 ( #London )

    Polish model Monika Sawicka is now also represented by Established London (she was before with Storm London). Monika is currently not anymore on the website of The Fabbrica Milan... Monika has done recently the Givenchy FW18 show. (courtesy of Harper's...

  • Michelle Gutknecht now also @ Select, London

    29 mars 2018 ( #London )

    Polish model Michelle Gutknecht is now also represented by Select London. Michelle is alrady with Oui Paris, The Lions NY and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Japan / Patrick Demarchelier / models.com)

  • Li Xiao Xing: Women -> Women/360, NY

    27 mars 2018 ( #NY )

    Chinese model Li Xiao Xing switched from Women to Women/360 NY. Li Xiao Xing is also with Elite Paris+London and Women Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Brazil / Zee Nunes / models.com)

  • Abby Hendershot: DNA -> Marilyn, NY

    27 mars 2018 ( #NY )

    American new face Abby Hendershot switched from DNA to Marilyn NY. Abby is also with Viva Paris+London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of SKP Magazine / Justin Borbely / models.com)

  • Milana Kruz: Women -> The Fabbrica, Milan

    15 avril 2018 ( #Milan )

    Russian model Milana Kruz switched from Women to The Fabbrica in Milan. Milana is also with Women Paris and Premier London. (courtesy of Madame Magazine / Louis Christopher / models.com)