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  • Polina Kuklina now also @ Present, London

    20 mars 2018 ( #London )

    Timeless Russian supermodel Polina Kuklina is now also represented by Present London. Polina is already with City Paris. Unforgettable Polina shot by Mert & Marcus and styled by Katie Grand in POP Magazine (AW 2003)... (courtesy of POP Magazine / Mert...

  • Flavia Lucini: The Lions -> Marilyn, NY

    19 mars 2018 ( #NY )

    Brazilian model Flavia Lucini switched from The Lions to Marilyn NY. Flavia is also with Premium Paris and The Lab Milan. (courtesy of Flair Germany / Jurij Treskow / models.com)

  • Andreja Pejic: Elite -> Ford, Paris

    19 mars 2018 ( #Paris )

    Australian model Andreja Pejic switched from Elite to Ford Paris. Andreja recently joined Ford NY and is also with Storm London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Australia / Patrick Demarchelier / vogue.com.au)

  • Mathilde Henning now also @ Women, Milan

    18 janvier 2019 ( #Milan )

    Danish model Mathilde Henning is now also represented by Women Milano. Mathilde is already with Women in Paris and NYC. London soon? (courtesy of ELLE Denmark / Marco van Rijt / models.com)

  • Nina Gulien: Next -> Premier, London

    17 janvier 2019 ( #London )

    Dutch new face Nina Gulien, who has already shot ad campaigns with Steven Meisel and Willy Vanderperre, switched from Next London to Premier. Nina is also with Next Paris, NY and Milan. (courtesy of Prada / Willy Vanderperre / TFS)

  • Lieke van Houten: Monster -> Why Not, Milan

    17 janvier 2019 ( #Milan )

    Dutch beauty Lieke van Houten switched from Monster to Why Not Milano. Lieke is also with Ford Paris, Wilhelmina NY and Premier London. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar NL / Fernando Gomez / models.com)

  • Sara Sampaio: Oui -> Elite, Paris

    31 janvier 2019 ( #Paris )

    Portuguese model Sara Sampaio switched from Oui to Elite Paris. Sara is also with The Lions NY. (courtesy of Vogue Mexico / Giampaolo Sgura / models.com)

  • Andreea Diaconu: IMG -> DNA, NY

    31 janvier 2019 ( #NY )

    Romanian model Andreea Diaconu is switching from IMG NY (still on their website) to DNA. Andreea is also with IMG Paris, London and Milan. (courtesy of Madame Figaro / Fred Meylan / models.com)

  • Aaliyah Hydes: First -> The Squad, London

    30 janvier 2019 ( #London )

    Caymanian model Aaliyah Hydes is switching from First (still on their website) to The Squad London. Aaliyah Hydes is also with Marilyn Paris, Muse NY and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of M Le Monde Magazine / Oliver Hadlee Pearch / marilynagency.com)

  • Polina Oganicheva: Supreme -> Premium, Paris

    30 janvier 2019 ( #Paris )

    Russian model Polina Oganicheva switched from Supreme Paris to Premium. Polina is also with Supreme NY, Premier London and Women Milano. (courtesy of Numero Russia / Stephan Lisowski / models.com)

  • Bekah Jenkins: One -> Wilhelmina, NY

    29 janvier 2019 ( #NY )

    American model Bekah Jenkins switched from One to Wilhelmina NY (WHLM division). Bekah is also with Select London. (courtesy of Marie Claire USA / Enrique Badulescu / models.com)

  • Crystal Renn now also @ JAG, NY

    28 janvier 2019 ( #NY )

    American model Crystal Renn is now also represented by JAG in NY. Crystal is already with Elite Paris and Storm London. (courtesy of Vogue Portugal / Branislav Simoncik / models.com)

  • Kasia Jujeczka now also @ Metropolitan, Paris

    27 janvier 2019 ( #Paris )

    Polish model Kasia Jujeczka is now also represented by Metropolitan in Paris. Kasia is already with The Fabbrica Milano. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Singapore / Aitken Jolly / start10g.ovh.net)

  • Nina Gulien: Next -> VNY, NY

    26 janvier 2019 ( #NY )

    Dutch new face Nina Gulien switched from Next NY to VNY. Nina is also with Next Paris+Milan and recently joined Premier London... (courtesy of Coach / Steven Meisel / models.com)

  • Jena Goldsack: Why Not -> Women Direct, Milan

    26 janvier 2019 ( #Milan )

    British model Jena Goldsack switched from Why Not to Women Direct Milano. Jena is also with Premium in Paris, Women in NY and Models 1 in London. (courtesy of Numero Tokyo / Ellen von Unwerth / models.com)

  • Juliana Schurig: Why Not -> Monster, Milan

    26 janvier 2019 ( #Milan )

    American model Juliana Schurig switched from Why Not to Monster Milano. Juliana recently joined Ford NY. (courtesy of WSJ Magazine / Sarah Blais / models.com)

  • Olivia Forte now also @ Monster, Milan

    08 février 2019 ( #Milan )

    American model Olivia Forte is now also represented by Monster Milano. Olivia is already with Oui Paris, The Lions NY and The Hive London. (courtesy of Wonderland Magazine / Daria KobaYashi Ritch / models.com)

  • Nova Orchid: IMG -> Why Not, Milan

    07 février 2019 ( #Milan )

    Australian/Canadian model Nova Orchid switched from IMG Milano to Why Not. Nova is also with Premier London. (courtesy of French Revue / Thierry Le Goues / models.com)

  • Chiara Mazzoleni now @ Why Not, Milan

    07 février 2019 ( #Milan )

    Italian model Chiara Mazzoleni is now represented by Why Not Milano. (courtesy of Cosmopolitan US / Tesh / models.com)

  • Kaia Gerber: IMG -> DNA, NY

    07 février 2019 ( #NY )

    American model Kaia Gerber (and her brother Presley) switched from IMG NY to DNA. Kaia is currently not anymore credited on the websites of IMG in Europe... (courtesy of Vogue Japan / Luigi & Iango / models.com)

  • Jacquelyn Jablonski: IMG -> The Society, NY

    04 février 2019 ( #NY )

    American model Jacquelyn Jablonski is switching from IMG NY (still on their website) to The Society NYC. Jacquelyn is also with IMG Paris, London and Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar China / Trunk Xu / models.com)

  • Bente Oort now also @ Models 1, London

    04 février 2019 ( #London )

    Dutch model Bente Oort is now also represented by Models 1 London. Bente is already with Ford Paris+NY and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Celine / Hedi Slimane / fashiongonerogue.com)

  • Adele Taska now also @ The Society, NY

    02 février 2019 ( #NY )

    Estonian new face Adele Taska is now also represented by The Society NY. Adele is already with Elite Paris, The Squad London and The Fabbrica Milan. (courtesy of M Le Monde Magazine / Coco Capitan / Deskgram)

  • Niko Riam now also @ Monster, Milan

    01 février 2019 ( #Milan )

    British model Niko Riam is now also represented by Monster Milan. Niko is already with Oui Paris, APM NY and Milk London. (courtesy of Nylon Germany / Elizaveta Porodina / tumblr.com)

  • Liz Ord now also @ MP, Paris

    01 février 2019 ( #Paris )

    British model Liz Ord is now also represented by MP Paris. Liz is already with Fusion NYC, Storm London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Re-Edition Magazine / Roe Ethridge / models.com)