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  • Samantha Ellsworth: Next -> Women, Milan

    15 septembre 2017 ( #Milan )

    American model Samantha Ellsworth switched from Next to Women in Mian. Samantha recently joined Women Paris+NY and The Squad London. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Peter Lindbergh / TFS)

  • Nina Agdal: IMG -> Elite, NY

    13 septembre 2017 ( #NY )

    Danish model Nina Agal left IMG NY and is back to Elite NYC. Hopefully soon represented in Europe. (courtesy of Cosmopolitan US / Tom Schirmacher / models.com)

  • Theresa Hayes now also @ Premier, London

    13 septembre 2017 ( #London )

    American model Theresa Hayes is now also rep by Premier London. Theresa is already with Ford Paris+NY and she recently joined The Fabbrica Milan. (courtesy of W Magazine online / Nadya Wasylko / models.com)

  • Maggie Rizer: Trump -> The Lions, NY

    13 septembre 2017 ( #NY )

    Iconic supermodel Maggie Rizer switched from Trump to The Lions NY. Welcome back in NY! Maggie is also with Marilyn Paris, Models 1 London and D'Mgmt Milan. Maggie just walked in the Anna Sui SS18 fashion show in NY. (courtesy of Telegraph Magazine /...

  • Maeve Whalen now also @ Silent, Paris

    12 septembre 2017 ( #Paris )

    American new face Maeve Whalen is now also rep by Silent Paris. Maeve is already with MC2 NY, The Squad London and The Lab Milan. (courtesy of Vogue China / Patrick Demarchelier / MC2)

  • Samantha Ellsworth: Next -> The Squad, London

    12 septembre 2017 ( #London )

    American model Samantha Ellsworth switched from Next London to The Squad (New Faces division). Samantha is also with Women Paris and recently joined Women NY. Samantha just walked the Calvin Klein, DVF, 3.1 Phillip Lim or Carolina Herrera SS18 fashion...

  • Crystal Renn: Elite -> Storm, London

    12 septembre 2017 ( #London )

    Model and photographer Crystal Renn switched from Elite London to Storm (Artists division). Crystal is also with Elite Paris. (courtesy of ELLE Russia / Alexei Hay / models.com)

  • Zuzu Tadeushuk now also @ The Fabbrica, Milan

    12 septembre 2017 ( #Milan )

    American model Zuzu Tadeushuk is now also rep by The Fabbrica in Milan. Zuzu is already with Ford Paris+NY and Models 1 in London. Zuzu is one of the stunning faces in the new Hermès fragrance advertising... (courtesy of Hermès / Liz Collins / CLM)

  • Stella Maxwell: Oui -> Elite, Paris

    25 septembre 2017 ( #Paris )

    New Zealander model Stella Maxwell switched from Oui to Elite Paris. Stella is also with The Lions in NY. (courtesy of Vogue Turkey / Miguel Reveriego / models.com)

  • Flaviana Matata: Wilhelmina -> The Lions, NY

    22 septembre 2017 ( #NY )

    Tanzanian model and FMF founder Flaviana Matata switched from Wilhelmina NY to The Lions. Flaviana is also with Next Paris+Milan. (courtesy of Iris Covet Book / Dustin Mansyur / models.com)

  • Kadri Vahersalu: Muse -> One, NY

    22 septembre 2017 ( #NY )

    Estonian model Kadri Vahersalu switched from Muse NY to One. Kadri is also with Premium Paris and The Fabbrica Milan. (courtesy of Ben Toms / Another Magazine / models.com)

  • Dree Hemingway: Models 1 -> Viva, London

    22 septembre 2017 ( #London )

    American model and actress Dree Hemingway switched from Models 1 to Viva London. Dree is already with Viva Paris and DNA NY. (courtesy of ES Magazine / Nick Hudson / models.com)

  • Cam Kerekes: The Lions -> One, NY

    22 septembre 2017 ( #NY )

    Hungarian model Cam Kerekes switched from The Lions NY to One. Cam is also with Oui Paris and Select London. (courtesy of Oleg Borisuk / models.com)

  • Anni Jürgenson: Marilyn -> One, NY

    22 septembre 2017 ( #NY )

    Estonian model, blogger and jewellery designer Anni Jürgenson switched from Marilyn NY to One. Anni is also with Elite Paris. (courtesy of Teen Vogue / Boo George / Pinterest)

  • Vika Ihnatenko: Silent -> Premium, Paris

    21 septembre 2017 ( #Paris )

    Ukrainian model Vika Ihnatenko switched from Silent Paris to Premium. Vika is also with Women NY+Milan and Storm London. (courtesy of L'Officiel Ukraine / Irina Lis Costanzo / Iconic Mgmt)

  • Maud Le Fort: Marilyn -> Premium, Paris

    18 septembre 2017 ( #Paris )

    Frnech model Maud Le Fort is switching from Marilyn Paris (still on their website) to Premium. Maud is also with ANTI NY, Elite London and Brave Milan. (courtesy of ELLE France / Gianluca Fontana / models.com)

  • Maeve Whalen: MC2 -> The Identity, NY and The Squad -> Select, London

    17 septembre 2017 ( #NY+London )

    American model Maeve Whalen switched from MC2 NY to a brand new model agency called The Identity and from The Squad to Select London (Verve division). Maeve is also with Silent Paris and The Lab Milan. (courtesy of French Revue / Thierry Le Gouès / m...

  • Freya Lawrence now also @ Premium, Paris

    06 octobre 2017 ( #Paris )

    British new face Freya Lawrence is now also represented by Premium in Paris. Freya is already with Select London. (courtesy of Double Magazine / Jamie Hawkesworth / models.com)

  • Amalie Schmidt: One -> Silent, NY

    06 octobre 2017 ( #NY )

    Danish model Amalie Schmidt is switching from One (still on their website) to Silent NY. Amalie is also with Oui Paris, Premier London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Miles Aldridge / models.com)

  • Raica Oliveira: Elite -> One, NY

    04 octobre 2017 ( #NY )

    Brazilian model Raica Oliveira is leaving again Elite NY (still on their website) but this time for One NY. Raica is also with Oui Paris, Next London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Costume Magazine / Polina Vinogradova / models.com)

  • Valery Kaufman: Storm -> Select, London

    04 octobre 2017 ( #London )

    Russian model Valery Kaufman switched from Storm to Select London. Valery is also with Elite Paris, The Lions NY and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Spain / Nagi Sakai / models.com)

  • Nora Attal now also @ DNA, NY

    30 septembre 2017 ( #NY )

    British model Nora Attal is now also represented by DNA NY. Nora is already with Viva Paris+London. (courtesy of British Vogue / Mario Testino / models.com)

  • Erjona Ala: Elite -> Present, London

    28 septembre 2017 ( #London )

    Norwegian model Erjona Ala switched from Elite London to Present. Erjona is also with Elite Paris+Milan. (courtesy of Ponystep Magazine / Miles Aldridge / models.com)

  • Annie Tice: Models 1 -> Premier, London

    13 octobre 2017 ( #London )

    American model Annie Tice is switching from Models 1 (still on their website) to Premier London. Annie is also with Oui Paris, Heroes NY and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Vanity Fair France / Daniel Thomas Smith / models.com)

  • Guinevere van Seenus: The Lions -> DNA, NY

    13 octobre 2017 ( #NY )

    American iconic model Guinevere van Seenus switched from The Lions to DNA NY. Guinevere is also with Elite Paris, Next London and Women Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Japan / Donna Trope / models.com)