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  • Caroline Corinth: Just WM -> Marilyn Paris

    08 mai 2011 ( #Paris )

    Danish model Caroline Corinth just switched from Just WM to Marilyn Paris. This new face already scored "Teen Vogue" with Paul Wetherell and "Glamour UK" with Pamela Hanson... Hopefully Marilyn will open doors in Paris. Caroline is also with Models 1...

  • Pixie Geldof back to Select London

    12 mai 2011 ( #London )

    Like Agyness Deyn, Pixie Geldof is also back to Select in London after a stay at Next (she had left Select at the same time as Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe, Emily Hope, Portia Freeman,...). Pixie, Like Agyness, is also represented by Women in NY. (courtesy...

  • Melodie Monrose now @ Premier London

    11 mai 2011 ( #London )

    Premier London is the lucky agency representing now Melodie Monrose who had so far no agency in the city of... beautiful royal weddings ! Melodie is also with Silent in Paris and D'Management in Milan. Is she still with Wilhelmina in NY (see the Latest...

  • Alessandra Ambrosio: Elite+ -> DNA NY

    25 mai 2011 ( #NY )

    The rumors are confirmed ! Alessandra Ambrosio just switched from Elite+ to DNA... and her super booker, Richard Habberley, also moved from Elite+ to DNA according to Wayne Sterling on The Imagist (or hisssquad on twitter).. Any other models following...

  • Heidi Harrington-Johnson: Next -> IMG NY

    10 juin 2011 ( #NY )

    The fabulous Heidi Harrington-Johson, who already worked with Solve Sundsbo and Ruven Afanador, has just switched from Next to IMG NY (she had already moved from Marilyn to Next NY one year ago...). Heidi is with Next in Europe. (courtesy of Wonderland...

  • Hana Jirickova now @ Storm London

    18 octobre 2012 ( #London )

    Model Hana Jirickova is represented again (she used to be with Elite) in London and this time her agency is Storm London... Hana is also with Silent in Paris. She may be with The Lions in NY... Can't wait to see all the girls this new agency represents....

  • To be watched - July 10, 2011

    10 juillet 2011 ( #To be watched )

    Paris Couture time is over in Paris and all supermodels left for holidays or just a few days of rest before the next shooting... I guess the web masters of certain agencies left too. I noticed that Edyta Zajac, the girl of the new ad campaign of Kenzo...

  • Thought / The price of Kate Moss

    17 août 2011 ( #Thought )

    I visited yesterday the Galerie de L'Instant, rue de Poitou, in Paris where several portraits of Kate are exhibited until September 14th. It is quite small, the photos are not shown in the best conditions and some portraits already sold are missing (forget...

  • News flash - S model management NY

    15 août 2011 ( #News flash )

    Silent NY has already a sister agency in NY ! It is called S model management. It is now called Silent Direct. This new agency has already on its board Mila Krasnoiarova and Hyun Yi Lee, who both moved from Silent to S, but also... Eden Clark (who used...

  • Nimue Smit: Women -> Next NY

    19 août 2011 ( #NY )

    Alright... The news given by models.com yesterday is confirmed today... Nimue Smit switched from Women to Next NY... Nimue already left Select for Next London this week... Will she also leave Women Paris and Milan when they reopen later this month ? It...

  • Alison Nix: Women -> D'Management Milan and now @ Storm London

    15 septembre 2011 ( #Milan )

    Alison Nix is back in the game... Represented by Marilyn NY+Paris, she is now with Storm in London (she used to be with Models 1) and just switched from Women to D'Management in Milan. Can't wait to see her more in the high-end fashion publications !...

  • Solange Wilvert: Next -> Supreme NY

    30 septembre 2011 ( #NY )

    Surprise... when everybody is focused on Women and Elite NY... Solange Wilvert just switched from Next to Supreme ! Let's go girl for a strong comeback in the best fashion magazines and ad campaigns. Solange is also with Next in Paris+London and Fashion...

  • Caroline Trentini: Select -> Next London

    10 octobre 2011 ( #London )

    Caroline Trentini left Select to join Next London... (just a few weeks after Isabeli Fontana). Muito Bem ! Caroline already visited Storm, Select (twice) and IMG... Hopefully this is the ONE ! Caroline is also with Marilyn in Paris and Women in Milan+NY....

  • Karlina Caune: Ford -> NY Models

    06 octobre 2011 ( #NY )

    Karlina Caune switched from Ford to NY models and just finished a fantastic season of shows with YSL and Miu Miu... Hope she will get the same luck as Sigrid and Patricia... Karlina is also with Viva in Paris+London and Why Not in Milan. (courtesy of...

  • Lara Mullen: Ford -> DNA NY

    09 janvier 2013 ( #NY )

    The unique Br-IT girl Lara Mullen is leaving Ford to join the prestigious board of DNA in NY. Can we please have Lara featured in the beautiful pages of Vogue, Bazaar, Allure, W, Interview,... Lara is also with Oui Mgmt in Paris, Premier in London and...

  • Lara Mullen now @ Women Mgmt Milan

    11 septembre 2012 ( #Milan )

    After already one (fantastic) year in the fashion business, Miss Lara Mullen has now Women Management to represent her in Milan and get ready for a successful SS13 RTW MFW. Lara is also with Premier Model Mgmt in London, Oui Mgmt in Paris and Ford in...

  • Michele Hicks back to Marilyn Paris

    21 octobre 2011 ( #Paris )

    Michele Hicks (the original one, not the new face...), supermodel and actress, is back to Marilyn Paris where she was represented before a period with IMG Paris... Caroline Trentini was also back to Marilyn Paris recently ! There's no place like... Michele...

  • Kelly Mittendorf is now @ D'Management in Milan

    21 octobre 2011 ( #Milan )

    New face and Prada ad campaign face Kelly Mittendorf is now ready to attack the editorial stories of the best high-end fashion publications... She has now an agency in Milan and it's D'Management (the same agency as Kate Moss !). Go Kelly Go ! Kelly is...

  • Daphne Groeneveld: Union -> Select London

    11 novembre 2011 ( #London )

    It took time for the lovely Daphne Groeneveld to appear on the board of Select London after leaving Union models several months ago... Daphne is also with Supreme in NY and Women in Paris and Milan. She is definitely one of THE models of the moment......

  • Solange Wilvert: Next -> Select London

    14 novembre 2011 ( #London )

    After recently switching from Next NY to Supreme, Solange Wilvert also left Next London to join Select. Solange is still credited with Fashion in Milan but not anymore with Next in Paris... To be continued (very) soon ! If you read To be watched of yesterday,...

  • Mariacarla Boscono: Select -> ? - ERRATUM

    17 novembre 2011 ( #London )

    Supermodel Mariacarla Boscono left Select but did not switch for Viva in London. Viva London apologized for the digiral error they made and Women Milan confirmed that Marie Carla has no agency in London currently ! Mariacarla is also represented by Viva...

  • News flash - Storm for the Rainbow Trust Children's charity

    24 novembre 2011 ( #News flash )

    Let's forget a minute the switches... I wanted to say a small word on this amazing initiative of Storm London. You can support a great cause and at the same time be the lucky one to own a print signed by one of 12 amazing supermodels/celebrities of the...

  • Simone van Werkhoven: Viva -> Select London

    26 novembre 2011 ( #London )

    Simone van Werkhoven is just another model of A Models (also the model agency of Milou van Groesen in Amsterdam) to switch from Viva to Select London... Simone had left recently Trump for Supreme and is with Viva in Paris and Why Not in Milan. (courtesy...

  • News flash - The 2011 LOVE magazine Advent calendar

    02 décembre 2011 ( #News flash )

    This new edition of the LOVE magazine Advent calendar seems to be extremely promising... A sweet Lindsey Wixson yesterday and a hot Doutzen Kroes today... Both videos directed by Daniel Jackson and styled by super Victoria Young. Can't wait for a day...

  • Caroline de Maigret: DNA -> Next NY

    02 décembre 2011 ( #NY )

    As guessed in an earlier New Flash, Caroline de Maigret left DNA to join Next NY... just like her best friend Audrey Marnay did recently. Caroline is still credited on the website of Viva Paris+London but not anymore on the website of Why Not in Milan......

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