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  • To be watched - January 23, 2011

    23 janvier 2011 ( #To be watched )

    The past week brought answers on the move of Caroline Trentini in Paris but the mystery around Hilary Rhoda is still unsolved... Any hint anyone ? Is the rumor around Sessilee Lopez moving from Major to Supreme reliable ? No signs of switch so far......

  • Weekly switches of models - Week of January 17, 2011

    23 janvier 2011 ( #Weekly Report )

    Another week with serval major switches... Paris Caroline Trentini: Women -> Marilyn Esther de Jong now with Oui management Tatiana Lyadochkina : Marilyn -> Nathalie Jana Knauerova: Ford -> Nathalie Julia Valimaki: IMG -> Nathalie NY Sigrid Agren: NY...

  • To be watched - January 16, 2011

    16 janvier 2011 ( #To be watched )

    This week was full of surprises... Stella Tennant moving from Marilyn to Viva and Olga Maliouk from IMG to Nathalie were real ones. Elsa Sylvan now at Oui was pretty predictable after she appeared at One in NY... I really wonder in which agency Caroline...

  • Weekly switches of models - Week of January 10, 2011

    16 janvier 2011 ( #Weekly Report )

    What a week ! Paris Stella Tennant: Marilyn -> Viva Olga Maliouk: IMG -> Nathalie Elsa Sylvan: Viva -> Oui London Vicky Andren: Models 1 -> Next Tati Cotliar : Select -> Next Tatiana Usova not at Premier NY Loris Kraemerh: IMG -> Supreme Alice Burdeu...

  • To be watched - January 9, 2011

    09 janvier 2011 ( #To be watched )

    This first week after holidays was much calmer than expected on the side of model agency websites updates (most likely because the agencies were mega busy this week)... Many agencies (including Elite Paris, DNA or IMG) did not update their websites this...

  • Weekly switches of models - Week of January 3, 2011

    08 janvier 2011 ( #Weekly Report )

    All the agencies re-opened (except in Milan) this week but not many switches happened... To be continued ! PARIS Caroline Demarqui now (officially) at Major Daphne Groeneveld now at Women LONDON Hailey Clauson now at Next Raica Oliveira: Premier -> Next...

  • Weekly switches of models - Week of Dec 20, 2010

    02 janvier 2011 ( #Weekly Report )

    Due to the special Xmas season holidays, this (small) weekly report covers two weeks of switches spotted on the websites of model agencies... Paris London Naty Chabanenko: Premer -> Select Leticia Birkheuer: Premier -> Next NY Milan Emily Didonato now...

  • News flash - Hilary Rhoda

    23 décembre 2010 ( #News flash )

    I already mentioned earlier that Hilary Rhoda was not anymore on the IMG Paris website... I thought like everyone else that it was simple maintenance but, since today, Hilary is now not anymore on the IMG websites of NY, London, Milan... and Paris ! Still...

  • To be watched - December 20, 2010

    20 décembre 2010 ( #To be watched )

    Lots of maintenance or switches ? To be confirmed within the next weeks... probably beginning of 2011 due to the Xmas holidays. NY: Juliane Stensrud not anymore on the website of Major. Daisy Lowe, Sofie (she would be with DNA according to thefashionspot.com)...

  • Janaina Reis: Viva -> ? / Erratum

    13 décembre 2010 ( #Paris )

    Although Janaina is not listed yet on the website of Marilyn Paris, she has an editorial story in the January 2011 issue of French BIBA magazine where she is credited as a model of Marilyn... Mistake of BIBA. Janaina never joined Marilyn after Viva......

  • To be watched - December 12, 2010

    12 décembre 2010 ( #To be watched )

    Lots of maintenance or switches ? To be confirmed within the next weeks... probably beginning of 2011 due to the Xmas holidays. Updated on December 13, 2010 NY: Juliane Stensrud not on the website of Major... Daisy Lowe, where are you ? Daphne Groeneveld...

  • Weekly switches of models - Week of Dec 6, 2010

    12 décembre 2010 ( #Weekly Report )

    Paris Vanessa Lorenzo: City -> IMG Juliana Rossa: City -> Ford London Alana Zimmer: Storm -> Elite Madisyn Ritland: M&P -> Elite Ymre Stiekema now at Viva Ping Hue now at Viva Milan NY Eva Bohatova: MC2 ->Wilhelmina Alyssa Sutherland: Next -> One

  • To be watched - Nov 27, 2010

    27 novembre 2010 ( #To be watched )

    What are the next moves to be expected... Some hints: Tara Gill : Will she stay with Why Not in Milan or switch to IMG Milan ? Britt Maren should appear soon on the website of an English model agency... Select, Premier or Storm ? Daisy Lowe has still...

  • Weekly switches of models - Week of Nov 22, 2010

    26 novembre 2010 ( #Weekly Report )

    LONDON Tara Gill: Viva -> IMG Inguna Butane: Select -> Tess Mirte Maas: Union -> Select Ksenia Maximova : FM -> Elite PARIS Tara Gill: Viva -> IMG Tanga Moreau now at Oui management Liliana Dominguez : City -> Oui management NY Tara Gill: DNA -> IMG Elsa...

  • To be watched - Nov 21, 2010

    21 novembre 2010 ( #To be watched )

    In Paris, OUI management did well this week by adding Inguna Butane and Le Call to their list. In London, Storm was in great shape by gaining super actress Julianne Moore while Select was seducing Brazilian Caroline Trentini... In NY, NY Models most likely...

  • Weekly switches of models - Week of Nov 15, 2010

    20 novembre 2010 ( #Weekly Report )

    LONDON Caroline Trentini: IMG -> Select Julian Moore: IMG -> Storm PARIS Inguna Butane: Women -> Oui Taylor Warren: Elite -> Just WM Chiara Baschetti: City -> Metropolitan Grace Gao now at Viva Hyun Yi Lee: Major -> Women MILAN NEW YORK Milana Keller:...

  • Weekly report of articles posted - Week of Nov 8, 2010

    14 novembre 2010 ( #Weekly Report )

    LONDON PARIS Kirsten Owen : Marilyn -> Oui Tasha Tilberg : Marilyn -> Oui Linda Vojtova : Nathalie -> Oui Lizzy Jagger : IMG Celebrities -> Oui Ines Sastre : Marilyn Celebrities -> IMG Ekat Kiseleva : Silent -> IMG Ava Smith : City -> Marilyn Anett Greffel...

  • To be watched - Nov 6, 2010

    06 novembre 2010 ( #To be watched )

    POTENTIAL SWITCHES ? Jessica Miller in Paris and Milan after her switch in NY and London from Next to IMG - Jessica is not credited anymore on the website of Next Paris... Elisa Sednaoui in Europe. Her switch from One to IMG NY seemed to be just a local...

  • Weekly report of articles posted - Week of Nov 1, 2010

    06 novembre 2010 ( #Weekly Report )

    LONDON PARIS Valerija Kelava: Next -> Oui Mayara Rubik Marchi now at Oui Eden Clark: Elite -> Oui Addison Gill: Women -> Marilyn Elyse Saunders: Viva -> Just WM MILAN NEW YORK Elsa Benitez: One -> Elite Ana Mihajlovic: Women -> Muse Dasha Malygina: Supreme...

  • Shelby Keeton: Viva -> Storm London

    31 octobre 2011 ( #London )

    Shelby Keeton is on the move ! She just switched from Viva to Storm London and is not credited anymore on the board of Viva Paris. Shelby is currently credited on the websites of DNA in NY and D'Management in Milan. (courtesy of Flair Italia and Storm...

  • Amanda Laine: DNA -> Next NY

    01 novembre 2011 ( #NY )

    Amanda Laine, winner of the V/Supreme Model Search in 2008, just switched from DNA to Next in NY... Amanda is also credited on the websites of Why Not in Milan, Elite in Paris and Premier in London. Amanda was taken off the website of Next NY on Nov 2......

  • Vanusa Savaris: Women -> NY models

    26 mars 2011 ( #NY )

    Vanusa Savaris switched from Women to NY models (like Isa Asklof recently did...). Who is Vanusa ? She could be the sister of Bojana Panic and Maria-Carla Boscono... She is already featured in the latest edition of "Le Monde merveilleux d'Hermès" along...

  • News flash - Polina Kuklina

    12 avril 2011 ( #News flash )

    It's me again on Polina Kuklina... Polina finally got today her name listed in the "model finder" of models.com thanks to her fantastic photos in Contributor Editor and thanks to the great energy of FM models in London. I have the feeling she could back...

  • Edie Campbell now represented by DNA NY

    11 avril 2011 ( #NY )

    Edie Campbell, represented by Viva Paris+London, is now also represented by DNA in NY. I wonder where she will land in Milan. She was with Joy models during a short period when she used to be with Storm in London... She has already worked with Bruce Weber,...

  • News flash - ELLE France this week...

    09 mai 2011 ( #News flash )

    FANTASTIC issue of French ELLE this week with 3 covers shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino with 5 top models: Kasia Struss, Natasha Poly, Daria Strokous, Ginta Lapina and Iselin Steiro ! A nice coup for Women Paris ! Lots of great editorials inside including...

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