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  • Leomie Anderson: Premier -> Tess, London

    26 juin 2017 ( #London )

    British model Leomie Anderson switched from Premier to Tess London. Leomie is also with Premium Paris, Fusion NY and Monster Milan. (courtesy of ELLE UK / Daniel Thomas Smith / models.com)

  • Juju Ivanyuk: Next -> Marilyn, NY

    26 juin 2017 ( #NY )

    Ukrainian model Juju Ivanyuk switched from Next to Marilyn NY. Juju recently joined Marilyn Paris and is also with Next Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Ukraine / Anna Goncharova / models.com)

  • Joanna Tatarka: Premier -> M+P, London

    21 juillet 2017 ( #London )

    Polish model Joanna Tatarka switched from Premier to M+P London. Joanna is also with Supreme Paris+NY. (courtesy of i-D / Paola Kudacki / models.com)

  • Dorota Kullova: Elite -> Silent, Paris

    20 juillet 2017 ( #Paris )

    Slovakian model Dorota Kullova switched from Elite Paris to Silent. Dorota is also with Supreme NY, Elite London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Czech Republic / Matus Toth / models.com)

  • Ez now also @ The Hive, London

    19 juillet 2017 ( #London )

    South Korean model Ez is now also represented by The Hive London. Ez is already with Oui Paris, The Lions NY and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Marion Sorrenti / models.com)

  • Rosie Tupper: Next -> IMG, Paris+Milan

    18 juillet 2017 ( #Paris+Milan )

    Australian model Rosie Tupper switched from Next to IMG Paris and IMG Milan. Rosie is also with IMG London. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Australia / Jason Capobianco / models.com)

  • Gem Refoufi: IMG -> Present, London

    18 juillet 2017 ( #London )

    British model Gem Refoufi switched from IMG London to Present Model Management. (courtesy of CR Fashion Book / Lucian Bor / models.com)

  • Tina Veshaguri: Why Not -> Brave, Milan

    12 juillet 2017 ( #Milan )

    Russian model Tina Veshaguri switched from Why Not to Brave Milan. Tina is also with MP Paris, Silent NY and Storm London. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK / David Urbanke / models.com)

  • Patricia van der Vliet: The Society -> Women/360, NY

    12 juillet 2017 ( #NY )

    Dutch model Patricia van der Vliet is switching from The Society (still on their website) to Women/360 NY. Patricia is also with Elite Paris+Milan but is not credited anymore on the website of Select London... (courtesy of ELLE Italia / Enrique Badulescu...

  • Rachel Roberts: Next -> D'Mgmt, Milan

    07 juillet 2017 ( #Milan )

    Canadian model Rachel Roberts is switching back from Next Milan (still on their website) to D'Mgmt. Rachel is also with Next Paris, One NY and Models 1 London. (courtesy of Marie Claire Italia / Jan Welters / models.com)

  • Nathalia Oliveira: Elite -> Metropolitan, Paris

    06 juillet 2017 ( #Paris )

    Brazilian model Nathalia Oliveira switched from Elite Paris to Metropolitan. Nathalia is also with IMG NY+London and Next Milan. (courtesy of Marie Claire Australia / Nicole Bentley / TFS)

  • Mia Brammer now also @ The Industry, NY

    05 juillet 2017 ( #NY )

    Brazilian new face Mia Brammer is now also represented by The Industry NY. Mia is already with Marilyn Paris and Special Milan. (courtesy of Prada / Willy Vanderperre / models.com)

  • Solange Wilvert: Ford -> Next, NY

    30 juillet 2017 ( #NY )

    Brazilan model Solange Wilvert switched from Ford to Next NY (Next Direct division). Solange is also with Ford Paris. Next NY is the agency where Solange has started her successful career since around 2005. (courtesy of Lucy's Magazine / Joe Ferrucci...

  • Nicole Atieno: Wilhelmina -> Storm, London

    27 juillet 2017 ( #London )

    Kenyan model Nicole Atieno switched from Wilhelmina London to Storm. Nicole is also with Supreme Paris, Wilhelmina NY and Women Milan. (courtesy of French Revue / Thierry Le Gouès / models.com)

  • Aaliyah Hydes now also @ Muse, NY

    27 juillet 2017 ( #NY )

    Caribbean model Aaliyah Hydes is now also with Muse NY. Aaliyah is already with Marilyn Paris, First London and Why Not Milan. Aaliyah is in the LOVE magazine 17.5 issue and the new MSGM FW17 ad campaign. Both were shot by Alasdair McLellan and styled...

  • Rebeca Marcos: Supreme -> Elite, NY

    26 juillet 2017 ( #NY )

    Model Rebeca Marcos switched from Supreme to Elite NY (Elite Direct division). Rebeca is also with Supreme Paris, Models 1 London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Playing Fashion / Sylvester Yiu / models.com)

  • Achok Majak: MP -> Viva, Paris and Nevs -> Viva, London

    26 juillet 2017 ( #Paris+London )

    American model Achok Majak switched from MP to Viva Paris and Nevs to Viva London. Achok is also with DNA NY and MP Milan. (courtesy of Courrèges Parfums / Julia Noni / TFS)

  • Tian Yi: IMG -> Fusion, NY

    25 juillet 2017 ( #NY )

    Chinese model Tian Yi left IMG NY and is back to Fusion. Tian Yi is also with D'Mgmt Milan. She is not currently credited anymore on the websites of IMG Paris and London... (courtesy of Vogue China / Jem Mitchell / models.com)

  • Vika Falileeva: Premium -> MP, Paris

    24 juillet 2017 ( #Paris )

    Russian model Vika Falileeva switched from Premium to MP Paris. Vika is also with Elite NYC, Premier London and Fashion Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Portugal / Mario Principe / TFS)

  • Jeisa Chiminazzo: IMG -> Elite, Milan

    23 juillet 2017 ( #Milan )

    Brazilian model Jeisa Chiminazzo switched from IMG to Elite Milan. Jeisa is currently not credited anymore on the websites of IMG Paris, NY or London... (courtesy of models.com / Billy Rood)

  • Kesewa Aboah now also @ DNA, NY

    26 juillet 2017 ( #NY )

    British model Kesewa Aboah (sister of) is now also rep by DNA NY. Kesewa rencently joined Viva Paris+London. (courtesy of LOVE magazine / Solve Sundsbo / models.com)

  • Raica Oliveira: Next -> Wilhelmina, London

    23 décembre 2019 ( #London )

    Brazilian model Raica Oliveira switched from Next to Wilhelmina London. Raica is also with Oui Paris, One NY and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of Costume Magazine / Polina Vinogradova / models.com)

  • Rachel Marx: Supreme -> Women, Paris

    23 décembre 2019 ( #Paris )

    German model Rachel Marx switched from Supreme to Women Paris (not credited on their website) earlier this year... Rachel is also with Women NY+Milano and Established London. (courtesy of Double Magazine / Camille Vivier / models.com)

  • Poppy Delevingne: One -> IMG, NY

    31 juillet 2017 ( #NY )

    British model, socialite and actress Poppy Delevingne switched from One to IMG NY. Poppy is also with IMG Paris and Storm London. Poppy is currently not credited anymore on the website of D'Mgmt Milan... (courtesy of LOVE magazine / Solve Sundsbo / f...

  • Natasha Poly: Women -> Elite, NY

    28 août 2019 ( #NY )

    Russian supermodel Natasha Poly is switching from Women NY (still on their website) to Elite NYC. Natasha is also with Women Paris+Milano and Select London. (courtesy of Vogue Paris / Inez & Vinoodh / models.com)