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  • Stav Strashko: Elite -> The Fabbrica, Milan

    11 octobre 2016 ( #Milan )

    Israeli model Stav Strashko switched from Elite to The Fabbrica in Milan. Stav is also with MP Paris, One NY and Established London. (courtesy of Vogue UK / Jamie Hawkesworth / models.com)

  • Yoon Young Bae now @ Elite, Paris and The Society, NY

    04 octobre 2016 ( #Paris+NY )

    Korean model Yoon Young Bae is now rep by Elite Paris and The Society NY. YYB is part of the Prada FW16 ad campaign shot by Steven Meisel... (courtesy of Prada/ Steven Meisel / TFS)

  • Ina Maribo Jensen now also @ Women, Paris

    01 octobre 2016 ( #Paris )

    Danish model Ina Maribo Jensen is now also rep by Women Paris. Ina walked yesterday the Dior SS17 fashion show. Ina is already with Women NY. (courtesy of i-D / Matteo Montanari / models.com)

  • Lera Abova now also @ DNA, NY

    01 octobre 2016 ( #NY )

    Russian model Lera Abova is now also rep by DNA in NY. Lera is already with Select London and The Fabbrica Milan. (courtesy of Joseph / David Sims / models.com)

  • Jena Goldsack: Wilhelmina -> Women, NY

    20 octobre 2016 ( #NY )

    British model Jena Goldsack switched from Wilhelmina to Women in NY. Jena is also with Premium Paris, Models 1 London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Paris / Mert & Marcus / models.com)

  • Lin Kjerulf: Next -> Oui, Paris

    14 octobre 2016 ( #Paris )

    Danish model Lin Kjerulf is switching from Next Paris (still on their website) to Oui (Oui by Oui division). Lin is also with Next NY+London+Milan. (courtesy of ELLE UK / David Vasiljevic / TFS)

  • Emanuela de Paula: Tess -> Elite, London

    14 octobre 2016 ( #London )

    Brazilian model Emanuela de Paula switched from Tess to Elite London. Emanuela is also with Elite Paris, The Society NY and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar India / Stockton Johnson / models.com)

  • Sui He: Women -> NYMM, NY

    13 octobre 2016 ( #NY )

    Chinese supermodel Sui He left Women NY and is back to NYMM. Sui He is also with Women Paris+Milan and Storm London. (courtesy of Madame Figaro China / Méi Yuǎn Guì / models.com)

  • Charlotte Kay: DNA -> Fusion, NY

    12 octobre 2016 ( #NY )

    German model Charlotte Kay switched from DNA to Fusion NY. Charlotte is also with Established in London. (courtesy of Vogue Germany / Greg Kadel / models.com)

  • Egle Tvirbutaite: Next -> Marilyn, NY

    27 octobre 2016 ( #NY )

    Lithuanian model Egle Tvirbutaite switched from Next to Marilyn NY. A change of agencies in Europe too (can't see her currently on the websites of Next in Europe) ?... (courtesy of ELLE UK / Mark Pillai / models.com)

  • Grace Bol: Storm -> The Hive, London

    27 octobre 2016 ( #London )

    Sudanese model Grace Bol is switching from Storm (still on their website) to The Hive London. Grace is also with Oui Paris, The Lions NY and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of LOVE magazine / Solve Sundsbo / models.com)

  • Lera Abova now also @ Oui, Paris

    25 octobre 2016 ( #Paris )

    Russian model Lera Abova is now also rep by Oui Paris. Lera is already with DNA NY, The Select London and The Fabbrica Milan. Lera has the same agencies as Ulrikke Hoyer. (courtesy of Cover magazine / Philip Messmann / TFS)

  • Julia Nobis now also @ Viva, London

    25 octobre 2016 ( #London )

    Australian supermodel Julia Nobis is now also rep by Viva London (she used to be with Premier London). Julia is already with Viva Paris, DNA NY and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Tiffany & Co. / Karim Sadli / models.com)

  • Aniek Klapwijk: Women -> Monster, Milan

    25 octobre 2016 ( #Milan )

    Dutch new face Aniek Klapwijk switched from Women to Monster Milan. Aniek is also with Oui Paris and The Squad London. New York ? (courtesy of Numéro / Sofia & Mauro / models.com)

  • Sarah Endres: The Hive -> Wilhelmina, London

    22 octobre 2016 ( #London )

    German model Sarah Endres switched from The Hive to Wilhelmina London (Development division). Sarah is also with Supreme Paris+NY and Women Milan. (courtesy of Numéro Tokyo / Sofia & Mauro / models.com)

  • Maggie Maurer: IMG -> D'Mgmt, Milan

    28 octobre 2016 ( #Milan )

    Canadian model Maggie Maurer switched from IMG to D'Mgmt in Milan. Maggie is also with IMG Paris+London and Marilyn NY. (courtesy of Stern Mode / Elizaveta Porodina / TFS)

  • Ally Ertel: Muse -> Wilhelmina, NY

    09 novembre 2016 ( #NY )

    American model Ally Ertel is switching from Muse (still on their website) to Wilhelmina NY. Ally is also with MP Paris, The Hive London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Self Service magazine / Alasdair McLellan / models.com)

  • Elise Agee now also @ Ford, Paris

    06 novembre 2016 ( #Paris )

    American model and V/Ford model search winner Elise Agee is now also rep by Ford Paris. Elise is already with Ford NY. London ? Milan ? (courtesy of Vogue Paris / David Sims / models.com)

  • Ellen de Weer now also @ Why Not, Milan

    06 novembre 2016 ( #Milan )

    Belgium model Ellen de Weer is now also rep by Why Not in Milan. Ellen is already with Viva Paris+London. NYC ? (courtesy of L'Express Styles / Stefano Galuzzi / models.com)

  • Coco Rocha: IMG -> Women, Paris

    06 novembre 2016 ( #Paris )

    Canadian supermodel and newly platinum blonde Coco Rocha switched from IMG to Women Paris. Coco is also represented by Nomad, the NY agency she co-owns and co-directs... (courtesy of Grazia China / Liu Zongyuan / models.com)

  • Brogan Loftus: Select -> Linden Staub, London

    01 novembre 2016 ( #London )

    British model Brogan Loftus switched from Select to Linden Staub in London and... Brogan is now also a model scout for Linden Staub. Brogan is also with Supreme Paris and NYMM. (courtesy of Numéro / Andrea Sportono / models.com)

  • Sui He: Women -> Fashion, Milan

    11 novembre 2016 ( #Milan )

    Chinese supermodel Sui He (Victoria's Secret Angel in Paris soon...) is switching back from Women Milan (still on their website) to Fashion. Sui He recently also switched back from Women NY to NYMM. Sui He is also with Women Paris and Storm London. (courtesy...

  • Grace Mahary: Why Not -> IMG, Milan

    11 novembre 2016 ( #Milan )

    Canadian model Grace Mahary switched from Why Not to IMG Milan. Grace is already with IMG Paris, NY and London. (courtesy of Glamour US / Patrick Demarchelier / models.com)

  • Alina Baikova: Next -> Marilyn, NY

    11 novembre 2016 ( #NY )

    Ukrainian model Alina Baikova switched from Next NY to Marilyn. Alina is also with Next Milan. (courtesy of Gavin O'Neill / models.com)

  • Vasilisa Pavlova: Supreme -> Muse, NY

    10 novembre 2016 ( #NY )

    Russian model Vasilisa Pavlova switched from Supreme NY to Muse. Vasilisa is also with Oui Paris, Select London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Denmark / Oliver Stalmans / models.com)