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  • Moya Palk: Ford -> The Lions, NY

    31 août 2016 ( #NY )

    According to the The Lions NY SS17 show package, British model Moya Palk switched from Ford NY to The Lions. Moya is also with Oui Paris, Select London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Vogue UK / Tim Gutt / models.com)

  • Cheyenne Keuben: Viva -> Milk, London

    31 août 2016 ( #London )

    Dutch model Cheynne Keuben switched from Viva London to Milk. Cheyenne is currently part of the FW16 Marc Jacobs ad campaign (David Sims) and is also in LOVE magazine (Patrick Demarchelier). Cheyenne is also with Marilyn NY and Why Not Milan. (courtesy...

  • Shaughnessy Brown: Next -> NYMM, NY

    29 août 2016 ( #NY )

    American model Shaughnessy Brown left Next NY and is now with New York Model Mgmt. Shaughnessy is also with Women Paris, The Squad London and Next Milan. (courtesy of i-D / Nick Hudson / models.com)

  • Sasha Luss: Women -> IMG, NY

    30 août 2016 ( #NY )

    Russian model Sasha Luss switched from Women to IMG in NY. Sasha is also with Elite Paris, Premier London and Women Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Japan / Marcus Ohlsson / models.com)

  • Soo Joo Park: Wilhelmina -> IMG, NY

    30 août 2016 ( #NY )

    According to the IMG NY SS17 show package, Korean model Soo Joo Park switched from Wilhelmina to IMG in NY. Soo Joo is also with IMG Paris and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Korea / Karl Lagerfeld - models.com)

  • Tyg Davison: Major -> Special, Milan

    30 août 2016 ( #Milan )

    American model Tyg Davison is switching from Major Milan (still on their website) to Special. Tyg is also with MP Paris, Ford NY and The Hive London. (courtesy of Jalouse / Piczo / models.com)

  • Carola Remer: Oui -> Premium, Paris

    07 septembre 2016 ( #Paris )

    German model Carola Remer switched from Oui to Premium in Paris. Carola is also with Marilyn NY, Premier London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of ELLE US / Dan Martensen / models.com)

  • Tamy Glauser: Marilyn -> Next, NY

    07 septembre 2016 ( #NY )

    According to the Next NY SS17 show package, Swiss model Tamy Glauser switched from Marilyn to Next NY. Tamy was already with Next in Paris, London and Milan. (courtesy of ELLE US / Max Vadukul / models.com)

  • Marina Perez: IMG -> Next, London and IMG -> Next, Milan

    06 septembre 2016 ( #London+Milan )

    Spanish model Marina Perez is switching from IMG London (still on their website) to Next and from IMG Milan to Next. Marina switched recently from IMG Paris to Next and is credited on the website of IMG NY. (courtesy of 10 magazine / Knoepfel and Indlekofer...

  • Nastya Abramova: MP -> Oui, Paris

    06 septembre 2016 ( #Paris )

    Ukrainian model Nastya Abramova switched from MP to Oui in Paris. Nastya is also with Wilhelmina NY, Storm London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of French Revue / Thierry Le Gouès / models.com)

  • Roos Abels: Ford -> IMG, Paris

    22 septembre 2016 ( #Paris )

    According to the IMG Paris SS17 show package, Dutch model Roos Abels left Ford to join IMG Paris. Roos is also with Fusion NY, The Squad London and Brave Milan. (courtesy of T Style / Karim Sadli / models.com)

  • Iva Grdic: M -> New Madison, Paris

    21 septembre 2016 ( #Paris )

    Croatian model Iva Grdic switched from M Management to New Madison Paris. Iva is also with Silent NY, Storm London an The Lab Milan. (courtesy of D magazine / Stefan Giftthaler - models.com)

  • Constanze Saemann: Brave -> Monster, Milan

    11 septembre 2016 ( #Milan )

    German model Constanze Saemann switched from Brave to Monster in Milan. Constanze is also with Oui Paris, Marilyn NY and Premier London. (courtesy of Glamour UK / Walter Chin / models.com)

  • Emily Astrup: Monster -> Special, Milan

    29 septembre 2016 ( #Milan )

    Danish model Emily Astrup switched from Monster to Special in Milan. Emily is also with NYMM and Premier London. (courtesy of ELLE Indonesia / Lara Jade / models.com)

  • Meghan Collison: IMG -> NYMM, NY

    27 septembre 2016 ( #NY )

    Candian model Meghan Collison is switching from IMG NY (still on their website) to New York Model Management. Meghan is also rep by Next Paris+London+Milan but is still credited on the website of IMG in Paris+Milan. (courtesy of Numero China / Sofia &...

  • Meghan Collison: IMG -> Next, Paris+Milan

    25 septembre 2016 ( #Paris+Milan )

    Canadian model Meghan Collison seems to be on her way back from IMG (still on their website) to Next Paris and Next Milan. Meghan is also with Next London... (courtesy of Numero Russia / An Le / TFS)

  • Karmen Pedaru: IMG -> Next, Paris+London+Milan

    25 septembre 2016 ( #Paris+London+Milan )

    Estonian supermodel Karmen Pedaru is leaving IMG (still on their website) and going back to Next in Paris, London and Milan. Karmen is also with IMG NY. (courtesy of Amy Troost / i-D / models.com)

  • Tetyana Brazhnyk: IMG -> Exclusive, Paris

    24 septembre 2016 ( #Paris )

    Ukrainian model Tetyana Brazhnyk switched from IMG to Exclusive in Paris. (courtesy of Vogue Spain / Donna Trope / models.com)

  • Maggie Jablonski: The Society -> Marilyn, NY

    23 septembre 2016 ( #NY )

    American model Maggie Jablonski switched from The Society to Marilyn NY. Maggie is also with Elite Paris+Milan. (courtesy of Numéro Tokyo / Elena Rendina / models.com)

  • Emma Champtaloup: Viva -> Select, London

    23 septembre 2016 ( #London )

    New Zealander model Emma Champtaloup switched from Viva London to Select. Emma is also with D'Mgmt in Milan. (courtesy of Amica / Jacopo Moschin / models.com)

  • Nimue Smit: Next -> The Lions, NY

    22 septembre 2016 ( #NY )

    Dutch model Nimue Smit switched from Next to The Lions in NY. Nimue is also with Oui Paris and Next Milan. Nimue was part of the SS17 Prada show in Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Netherlands / Marc de Groot / models.com)

  • Marina Nery: The Society -> IMG, NY

    22 septembre 2016 ( #NY )

    Brazilian model Marina Nery switched from The Society to IMG NY (Development division). Marina is also with Elite Paris. (courtesy of Vogue Australia / Sebastian Kim and Teen Vogue / Ben Toms - models.com)

  • Gracie van Gastel: Ford -> Heroes, NY

    30 septembre 2016 ( #NY )

    Canadian model Gracie van Gastel is switching from Ford NY (still on their website) to Heroes NY. Gracie is also with Elite Paris and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Jill Stuart / Mario Sorrenti / models.com)

  • Tasha Tilberg: Wilhelmina -> Marilyn, NY

    11 octobre 2016 ( #NY )

    Canadian supermodel Tasha Tilberg switched from Wilhelmina to Marilyn in NY. Tasha is also with Oui Paris, Select London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Mexico / Nick Hudson / models.com)

  • Gertrud Hegelund now @ Oui, Paris

    11 octobre 2016 ( #Paris )

    Danish beauty Gertrud Hegelund is now rep by Oui Paris (Oui by Oui division). Gertrud used to be with IMG Paris. (courtesy of Marie Claire Italia / Elina Kechicheva / TFS)