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  • Amalie Frijs-Djurhuus: DNA -> Silent, NY

    11 avril 2017 ( #NY )

    Danish model Amalie Frijs-Djurhuus switched from DNA to Silent NY. (courtesy of I-D / Daniel Jackson / models.com)

  • Eugenia Volodina: Supreme -> Wilhelmina, NY

    07 avril 2017 ( #NY )

    Russian iconic supermodel Eugenia Volodina is switching from Supreme NY (still on their website) to Wilhelmina NY (Image division). Eugenia is also with Supreme Paris and Next London. (courtesy of ELLE Spain / Xavier Gordo / models.com)

  • Iris van Berne: Next -> The Hive, London

    07 avril 2017 ( #London )

    Dutch model Iris van Berne switched from Next London to The Hive. Iris is also Next in Paris, NY and Milan. (courtesy of L'Officiel Ukraine / Christian Högstedt / models.com)

  • Shirley Mallmann: Trump -> ANTI, NY

    07 avril 2017 ( #NY )

    Brazilian iconic supermodel Shirley Mallmann is switching from Trump (still on their website) to the brand new model agency called ANTI Management. Shirley is also with D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of M.A.C. / Craig McDean / models.com)

  • Nika Lauraitis: Trump -> Women/360, NY

    07 avril 2017 ( #NY )

    American model Nika Lauraitis is switching from Trump (still on their website) to Women/360 NY. Nika is also with Next London+Milan. (courtesy of Grazia Italia / Zoltan Tombor / models.com)

  • Michele Hicks: Trump -> Wilhelmina, NY

    06 avril 2017 ( #NY )

    American supermodel and actress ("Mr. Robot") Michele Hicks switched from Trump to Wilhelmina NY (Image division), the agency where she started her fantastic career approx. 20 years ago... Michele is also with Models 1 London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy...

  • Viviane Oliveira: MC2 -> ANTI, NY

    21 avril 2017 ( #NY )

    Brazilian model Viviane Oliveira switched from MC2 to ANTI Mgt NY. Viviane is also with M Mgmt Paris and Monster Milan. (courtesy of LV / Juergen Teller / models.com)

  • Milana Keller: Trump -> ANTI, NY

    17 avril 2017 ( #NY )

    Russian model Milana Keller is switching from Trump (still on their website) to ANTI NY. Milana is also with Women Paris, Established London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Spain / Philippe Cometti / models.com)

  • Louise Donegan: One -> ANTI, NY

    17 avril 2017 ( #NY )

    British model Louise Donegan switched from ONE to ANTI NY. Louise is also with MP Paris. (courtesy of Allure / Carter Smith / models.com)

  • Daniela Pestova: Next -> Elite, London

    14 avril 2017 ( #London )

    Czech Republic supermodel Daniela Pestova switched from Next to Elite London. Daniela is also with Karin Paris and Women Direct Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Czech Republic / Branislav Simoncik / models.com)

  • Cara Taylor is now (officially) @ Oui, Paris

    24 avril 2017 ( #Paris )

    American model Cara Taylor is now (officially) represented by Oui Paris. Cara is also with Silent NY, The Squad London and Monster Milan. Happy sweet sixteen (too young to be credited before on the website of Oui...) Cara ! (courtesy of Vogue Italia /...

  • Paige Reifler: Storm -> Tess, London

    22 avril 2017 ( #London )

    American model Paige Reifler switched from Storm to Tess London. Paige is also with Oui Paris and The Lions NY. (courtesy of Glamour Germany / David Mushegain / models.com)

  • Hana Soukupova: IMG -> Marilyn, Paris

    22 avril 2017 ( #Paris )

    Czech model Hana Soukupova switched from IMG to Marilyn in Paris. Hana recently left IMG and joined Why Not in Milan. (courtesy of Marie Claire Czech / models.com)

  • Sharam Diniz: Next -> NYMM -> One, NY

    08 juin 2016 ( #NY )

    Portuguese/Angolan model Sharam Diniz switched from NYMM (joined in January 2016) to One. Sharam is also with Premium Paris, Models 1 London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of A/X / Christian Anwander / models.com)

  • Luping Wang: Wilhelmina -> NYMM, NY

    08 juin 2016 ( #NY )

    Chinese model Luping Wang switched from Wilhelmina to New York Model Mgmt. Luping is also with Oui Paris, Premier London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Thailand / Tada Varich / TFS)

  • Naomi Campbell: Marilyn -> NYMM, NY

    08 juin 2016 ( #NY )

    British legendary supermodel and actress Naomi Campbell left Marilyn and is now with New York Model Mgmt. Naomi is also with Tess London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Allure / Patrick Demarchelier / models.com)

  • Estelle Boersma now also @ Why Not, Milan

    06 juin 2016 ( #Milan )

    Dutch model Estelle Boersma is now also rep by Why Not Milan. Estelle is already with Viva Paris+London and DNA NY. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Steven Meisel / models.com)

  • Shaughnessy Brown: Next -> Women, Paris

    03 juin 2016 ( #Paris )

    American model Shaughnessy Brown switched from Next to Women Paris. Shaughnessy is also with The Squad London and Next Milan. (courtesy of Pop magazine / Brianna Capozzi / models.com)

  • Iana Godnia: The Squad -> Premier, London

    19 août 2016 ( #London )

    Ukrainian model Iana Godnia switched from The Squad to Premier London. Iana had joined The Squad after leaving M+P London. Iana is also with Oui Paris, Heroes NY and Special Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Ukraine / Phil Poynter / models.com)

  • Nina Agdal: Elite -> IMG, NY

    19 août 2016 ( #NY )

    Danish model Nina Agdal switched from Elite to IMG in NY. Nina is also credited on the websites of Elite Paris+Milan. (courtesy of Cosmopolitan / Tim Schirmacher / models.com)

  • Dasha Gold: Next -> M, Paris

    17 août 2016 ( #Paris )

    Russian model Dasha Gold switched from Next Paris to M (Metropolitan Models). Dasha recently switched from Next NY to VNY. (courtesy of Miss Vogue Australia / Jai Odell / models.com)

  • Julita Formella now also @ Elite, NY

    17 août 2016 ( #NY )

    Polish model Julita Formella is now also rep by Elite NY. Julita is already with Marilyn Paris, Storm London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of NYT Style magazine / Coco Capitan / models.com)

  • Louise Lefebure is now also @ Silent, Paris

    01 septembre 2016 ( #Paris )

    French model Louise Lefebure is now also rep by Silent Paris. Louise is already with MC2 NY, Select London and Fashion Milan. (courtesy of Nick Hudson / Monrowe magazine / models.com)

  • Paulina Frankowska now also @ Premium, Paris

    01 septembre 2016 ( #Paris )

    Polish model Paulina Frankowska is now also rep by Premium in Paris. Paulina is already with Elite NY, Elite London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Prada / Steven Meisel / models.com)

  • Karen Alexander: Trump -> IMG, NY

    31 août 2016 ( #NY )

    Timeless supermodel Karen Alexander switched from Trump to IMG NY. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Peter Lindbergh / models.com)