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  • Naomi Campbell: Tess -> The Squad, London

    20 janvier 2017 ( #London )

    British iconic supermodel and actress Naomi Campbell switched from Tess to The Squad London. Naomi is also with ZZO Paris, NYMM New York and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Interview / Mert & Marcus / models.com)

  • Nykhor Paul: Wilhelmina -> Muse, NY

    18 janvier 2017 ( #NY )

    Sudanese model Nykhor Paul switched from Wilhelmina to Muse NY. Nykhor is also with MP Paris+Milan. (courtesy of How to Spend it magazine / Damian Foxe / models.com)

  • Ina Maribo Jensen now also @ Women, Milan

    18 janvier 2017 ( #Milan )

    Danish model Ina Maribo Jensen is now also represented by Women Milano. Ina is already with Women Paris+NY. (courtesy of Dansk / Tom Allen / models.com)

  • Leila Nda: Fashion -> D'Mgmt, Milan

    18 janvier 2017 ( #Milan )

    Belgian model Leila Nda switched from Fashion to D'Mgmt in Milan. Leila is also with Women Paris+NY and Models 1 London. (courtesy of Vogue - RIP Franca - Italia / Paolo Roversi / models.com)

  • Juliane Grüner now also @ Women, Milan

    17 janvier 2017 ( #Milan )

    Danish model Juliane Grüner is now also represented by Women Milan. Juliane is already with Women NY and Storm London. (courtesy of Vogue China / Amy Troost / The Fashionography)

  • Marie-Ange Casta: IMG -> D'Mgmt, Milan

    17 janvier 2017 ( #Milan )

    French actress and model Marie-Ange Casta switched from IMG Milan to D'Mgmt. Marie-Ange is also with Marilyn Paris. (courtesy of L'Officiel / Rayan Ayash / Lookbooks)

  • Liza Golden: Storm -> Milk, London

    16 janvier 2017 ( #London )

    American model Liza Golden switched from Storm London to Milk (Curve division). Liza is also with IMG NY+Milan. (courtesy of ELLE USA / Raf Stahelin / models.com)

  • Clarence Tennessee Haaster: Silent -> Oui, Paris

    16 janvier 2017 ( #Paris )

    French model Clarence Tennessee Haaster switched from Silent Paris to Oui. Clarence is also with Heroes NY. (courtesy of Unconditional magazine / Alexandra Nataf / models.com)

  • Alisa Ahmann now also @ Premier, London

    27 janvier 2017 ( #London )

    German model Alisa Ahmann is now also represented by Premier London. Alisa is already with Elite Paris+Milan and the Society NY. (courtesy of German Harper's Bazaar / Terry Tsiolis / models.com)

  • Sui He: Women -> Premium, Paris

    26 janvier 2017 ( #Paris )

    Chinese supermodel Sui He switched from Women Paris to Premium. Sui He is also with NYMM, Storm London and Fashion Milan. Happy Chinese New Year 2017 (courtesy of Vogue Thailand / Stockton Johnson / models.com)

  • Alla Kostromichova: Supreme -> NYMM, NY

    25 janvier 2017 ( #NY )

    Ukrainian model Alla Kostromichova is switching from Supreme NY (still on their website) to New York Model Mgmt. Alla is also with Premium Paris, The Hive London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of 10 magazine / Cedric Buchet / The Hive)

  • Sophie Rask: One -> Silent, NY

    24 janvier 2017 ( #NY )

    Danish model Sophie Rask switched from One to Silent NY. Sophie is also with Oui Paris, Premier London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Denmark / Katrine Rohrberg / Premier London)

  • Meghan Collison: Next -> D'Mgmt, Milan

    24 janvier 2017 ( #Milan )

    Canadian model Meghan Collison switched from Next Milan to D'Mgmt. Meghan is also with Next Paris+London and New York Model Mgmt. (courtesy of L'Officiel Thailand / Jacob Sadrak & Carrol Cruz / models.com)

  • Fatima Siad: Wilhelmina -> One, NY

    23 janvier 2017 ( #NY )

    Somalian model Fatima Siad switched from Wilhelmina to One NY. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Australia / Margaret Zhang / harpersbazaar.com.au)

  • Sofia Mechetner now also @ DNA, NY

    21 janvier 2017 ( #NY )

    Israeli model Sofia Mechetner is now also rep by DNA NY. Sofia is already with Viva Paris+London. (courtesy of Dior / Peter Lindbergh / Fashion Gone Rogue)

  • Rose Cordero: NYMM -> Re:Quest, NY

    31 janvier 2017 ( #NY )

    Dominican model Rose Cordero switched from NYMM to Re:Quest. Rose is also with MP Paris and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Paris / Mert & Marcus / Style Frizz)

  • Andie Arthur now also @ IMG, London

    31 janvier 2017 ( #London )

    American model Andie Arthur is now also represented by IMG London. She used to be with Elite London. Andie is already with IMG Paris+NY. (courtesy of Marie Claire US / David Schulze / models.com)

  • Flo Dron: Monster -> Why Not, Milan

    31 janvier 2017 ( #Milan )

    British model Flo Dron switched from Monster to Why Not Milan. Flo is also with Marilyn NY and Present London. (courtesy of ELLE US / David Burton / malefashiontrends.com)

  • Madison Leyes: Muse -> Q, NY

    30 janvier 2017 ( #NY )

    Canadian model Madison Leyes switched from Muse to Q in NY. Madison is also with The Squad London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Vogue UK / Josh Olins / models.com)

  • Nimue Smit: Next -> Select, London

    30 janvier 2017 ( #London )

    Dutch model Nimue Smit (currently in the SS17 Prada ad campaign) switched back from Next London to Select. Nimue is also with Oui Paris, The Lions NY and Next Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Korea / Lachlan Bailey / art8amby)

  • Britt Maren: Women -> Brave, Milan

    28 janvier 2017 ( #Milan )

    American model Britt Maren switched from Women Milan to Brave. Britt is also with Supreme NY and The Hive London. She is no more with Supreme Paris and should appear soon on the website of Metropolitan Paris according to models.com... (courtesy of Self...

  • Alessandra Ambrosio now also @ IMG, Milan

    06 février 2017 ( #Milan )

    Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is now also rep by IMG Milan. Alessandra is already with Viva Paris+London and IMG NY. (courtesy of GQ Brazil / Stewart Shining / models.com)

  • Ina Maribo Jensen now also @ Premier, London

    06 février 2017 ( #London )

    Danish model Ina Maribo Jensen is now also with Premier London. Ina is already with Women Paris, NY and Milan. (courtesy of i-D / Matteo Mantanari / models.com)

  • Irina Liss : The Lions -> Muse, NY

    04 février 2017 ( #NY )

    Russian model Irina Liss switched from The Lions to Muse NY. Irina is also with Supreme Paris, Select London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of L'Express Styles / Daniel Riera / models.com)

  • Luna Mira Alldinger now also @ The Hive, London

    01 février 2017 ( #London )

    German new face Luna Mira Alldinger is now also rep by The Hive London. Luna Mira is already with Oui Paris. (courtesy of Numero Tokyo / Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello / models.com)