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  • Ranya Mordanova: Ford -> The Lions, NY

    27 août 2013 ( #NY )

    Model Ranya Mordanova left Ford and is now with The Lions in NY. Ranya is also with Elite Paris+Milan and Premier London. Ranya is currently featured in a great story by Walter Chin in Russian Allure. (courtesy of Marie Claire Italia / David Slijper /...

  • Lydia Hearst: Wilhelmina -> Next, NY

    07 septembre 2013 ( #NY )

    American model and socialite Lydia Hearst left Wilhelmina and is now with Next NY. Lydia Hearst is also with Next in London, D'Mgmt in Milan and City Models in Paris. Next NY had just announced that Lydia will be one of the supermodels coaching alongside...

  • Betty Adewole: Elite -> IMG, Milan

    15 octobre 2013 ( #Milan )

    What a great SS14 season of shows for model Betty Adewole ! Givenchy, McQueen, Chloe, McCartney, Kenzo, Prada, Tom Ford,... Betty left Elite Milan and is now with IMG Milan. She recently joined IMG in London and... she should appear soon on the website...

  • Constance Jablonski: Elite -> Viva, Paris

    19 septembre 2013 ( #Paris )

    French supermodel and Estee Lauder face, Constance Jablonski, left Elite to join Viva in Paris. Constance is also with Elite in London+Milan and DNA in NY. (courtesy of The Last Magazine / Roe Ethridge, Vogue Japan / Hans Feurer, Interview / Fabien Baron...

  • News flash / M and P Models

    29 septembre 2013 ( #News flash )

    The London model agency, M+P Models, has freshened up its website... Perfect timing as Brogan Loftus, stunning Brit new face of the agency, just opened the Céline SS14 show in Paris (check the details on their Instagram blog) ! M+P, the agency of new...

  • Hana Jirickova: The Lions -> Women, NY

    10 octobre 2013 ( #NY )

    When Hana Jirickova appeared on the Board of Women Milan a few days ago, I knew there was a high chance to see her appear soon on the Board of Women NY too... Hana is leaving The Lions NY (still credited on their website) to join Women Mgmt in NY. Hana...

  • Katrin Thormann: Women -> Supreme, NY

    17 octobre 2013 ( #NY )

    A regular passage of models between Women and Supreme is maintained... This time the beautiful Katrin Thormann left Women to join Supreme in NY. Katrin is also with Women in Milan+Paris and Premier in London. (courtesy of Scandinavia SSAW magazine / Kai...

  • Dauphine McKee: The Society -> IMG, NY

    16 octobre 2013 ( #NY )

    Model Dauphine McKee switched from The Society to IMG in NY ! She is probably the first girl to leave The Society NYC for another agency in nearly a year of existence... Dauphine is also with Elite in Paris, London and Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Canada...

  • Merilin Perli: Marilyn -> Elite, Paris

    23 octobre 2013 ( #Paris )

    Estonian new face Merilin Perli left Marilyn and is now with Elite in Paris. Merilin is also with Elite in London and D'Mgmt in Milan. No more with Marilyn NY... she is probably with The Society NYC according to models.com... (courtesy of Sleek / Stefan...

  • News flash / Special Management in Milan

    11 novembre 2013 ( #News flash )

    Welcome to Special Management ! The brand new model agency in Milan has opened with a major board including several familiar names like supermodel Hannelore Knuts and stunning new faces Ine Neefs, Sofie Sjastaad, Vilde Gotschalksen, Ida Nielsen or Aleksandra...

  • Valerie Avdeyeva: Women -> Women Direct, NY

    08 novembre 2013 ( #NY )

    Model Valerie Avdeyeva is not with Women NY anymore. She joined Women Direct NY. Valerie is also with Women in Paris+Milan and Premier in London. (courtesy of German ELLE /Joshua Jordan / Premier and WSJ magazine / Tesh / TFS) (courtesy of German ELLE...

  • Carmen Maria Hillestad: Women -> Viva, Paris

    06 novembre 2013 ( #Paris )

    Look who is back ! The divine model and singer Carmen Maria Hillestad left Women and is now with Viva in Paris. On the website of Viva Paris, Carmen is now called Carmen Villain... She married a French guy or is it just her stage name ? Can't see her...

  • Roch Barbot: Root -> IMG, NY

    12 novembre 2013 ( #NY )

    Switching Models only covers occasionally switches of male models... A wish to focus on the most famous and stunning ones. Male supermodel Roch Barbot left Root to join IMG in NY... Roch is also with Success in Paris, Elite in London and I Love in Milan....

  • Karolina Kurkova now @ ZZO, Paris

    20 novembre 2013 ( #Paris )

    Supermodel Karolina Kurkova is now also represented by ZZO in Paris. ZZO is the agency representing also Carla Bruni, Helena Christensen, Melanie Laurent, Isabella Rossellini, Oh Land or Louise Bourgoin. ZZO was created by Veronique Rampazzo, ex-booker...

  • Morgane Warnier @ D'Management, Milan

    04 décembre 2013 ( #Milan )

    The so cute model Morgane Warnier is back on the website of D'Management in Milan. Morgane is with The Lions NY and Silent Paris just like Elodia Prieto also back on the website of D'Mgmt (longtime collaboration between Silent Paris and D'Mgmt). (courtesy...

  • Lieke van Houten now also @ The Society, NY

    04 janvier 2014 ( #NY )

    Dutch new face Lieke van Houten, Winner of Elite Model Look Nederland in 2011 when she was 14, is now also with The Society NYC... Lieke is part of the new SS14 Prada ad campaign shot by Monsieur Steven Meisel... Lieke is already with Elite in Paris,...

  • Tiana Tolstoi now also @ Fashion, Milan

    02 janvier 2014 ( #Milan )

    Since her beautiful editorial story by Serge Leblon in Vogue Italia, the buzz on new face Tiana Tolstoi has been growing significantly... No surprise to see this lovely Korean/Serbian model now also represented by Fashion in Milan. Tiana is already with...

  • News flash / Ulrikke Toft Simonsen

    26 décembre 2013 ( #News flash )

    Danish model Ulrikke Toft Simonsen is very beautiful but it's not all... ... her mother is the unforgettable iconic supermodel Renee Simonsen and you can't miss this small detail when you look at her first editorial photos. Actually Ulrikke's first photo...

  • Damaris Lewis: Angels -> The Face, Paris

    25 juin 2014 ( #Paris )

    American model Damaris Lewis switched from Angels (& Demons) to the new agency called The Face Paris. The board of The Face Paris includes several other models also coming from Angels (Kat Fonseca, Caroline West,...). Damaris is also with Marilyn in NY....

  • News flash / Ford Models, Paris

    16 janvier 2014 ( #News flash )

    Kate's birthday, the Oscar nominations and now Ford Models Paris is opened ! What a day... The agency website is online and Alison Nix, Alyosha Kovalyova, Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Goodling, Kate Harrison, Lexi Boling, Miriam Haney or Zuzu Tadeushuk (new...

  • Cameron Russell: Elite NYC -> The Lions, NY

    15 janvier 2014 ( #NY )

    Supermodel Cameron Russell, the "Renegade model"as The Telegraph named her recently in a great article, left NYC to join The Lions NY... Will Karen, Christina, Caroline or Hilary do the same move now that it is confirmed that Top Booker Louie Chaban left...

  • Caroline Schurch: Silent -> Women, Paris

    25 février 2014 ( #Paris )

    New face Caroline Schurch left Silent and is now with Women in Paris (she switched initially to Nathalie but eventually has a AW14 show card with Women... not a problem as both agencies are merging...). Caroline joined recently NYMM and Why Not in Milan....

  • Caroline Schurch now @ Why Not, Milan and @ NYMM, NY

    23 janvier 2014 ( #NY+Milan )

    New face Caroline Schurch is now represented by Why Not in Milan (she used to with D'Mgmt) and NYMM (she used to be with Silent NY). Caroline is also with Storm in London. Still with Silent Paris (not on their website anymore) ? (courtesy of Glamour France...

  • Nadja Bender: Nathalie -> Oui, Paris

    04 février 2014 ( #Paris )

    Like Malaika Firth recently, Danish supermodel Nadja Bender is not going to be part of the Women/Nathalie super agency in Paris... Nadja is switching from Nathalie (still on website) to Oui in Paris. Is any booker also switching from Nathalie to Oui ?...

  • Heidi Mount: IMG -> Premier -> IMG, London

    14 octobre 2014 ( #London )

    Change of mind ? Supermodel Heidi Mount switched back from Premier to IMG London (she had left previously in July)... She also reappeared recently on the website of IMG in Paris. Heidi recently left Marilyn NY for One and IMG Milan for Monster. She is...


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