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  • News flash - Karolin Wolter

    03 avril 2011 ( #News flash )

    Karolin Wolter is not anymore on the website of Tess. Switch (Select ? Elite ? Storm ?...), maintenance or just anymore represented in London ? To be continued... Karolin is with Elite in Paris, Women in Milan and Ford in NY.

  • Liliane Ferrazzi now at IMG Paris (and Milan)

    18 mars 2011 ( #Paris )

    Liliane Ferrazzi joined IMG NY last year. Now she also represented by IMG Paris (she used to be with Ford) and Milan (she used to be with Beatrice). Liliane is still with Models 1 in London. (courtesy of i-D and models.com - Photographer: Richard Bus...

  • Anaïs Mali: Elite -> Viva, Paris

    12 mars 2013 ( #Paris )

    French model Anaïs Mali is switching from Elite to Viva in Paris... Anaïs left Ford NY to join DNA in January. She is also with Premier Model Mgmt in London and Why Not in Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Paris and Vogue US / David Sims / TFS)

  • News flash - Malgosia Bela

    03 novembre 2011 ( #News flash )

    Can't see currently Malgosia Bela on the website of Next Milan... To be continued !

  • News flash - Women NY update

    02 novembre 2011 ( #News flash )

    Jade Parfitt and Pixie Geldof are not credited anymore on the website of Women NY... Jade had already followed Louie Chaban from DNA to Women... Let's keep an eye.

  • Julia Bergshoeff now also @ Why Not, Milan

    27 juin 2014 ( #Milan )

    Dutch model Julia Bergshoeff (Prada SS 2014 ad campaign...) is now also represented by Why Not in Milan. Julia is also with DNA in NY and Viva in Paris+London. (courtesy of Prada / Steven Meisel and Vogue UK / Josh Olins - models.com)

  • Anaïs Mali: Premier -> Viva, London

    09 avril 2013 ( #London )

    Jolie Anaïs Mali left Premier Model Mgmt and joined Viva London. Anaïs recently left Ford NY for DNA and Elite Paris for Viva. She is also with Why Not in Milan... (courtesy of i-D / Matt Jones / DNA NY and French Numéro / J-B Mondino / wearesodroee....

  • News flash - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

    25 novembre 2011 ( #News flash )

    Where are you Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ? Can't see her anymore on the websites of Models 1, Women NY or Women Milan... Thrilling ! Someone told me that actually Rosie has decided to focus on her acting career... No new model agencies for the moment.

  • Miriam Haney now also @ SUPA, London

    15 avril 2014 ( #London )

    Model Miriam Haney (Spring 2014 Marc by MJ ad campaign) is now also represented by SUPA in London. Miriam is already with Ford in NY and Paris. Soon in Milan ? (courtesy of Marc by MJ / Juergen Teller / models.com)

  • News flash - Dovile Virsilaite

    04 mars 2011 ( #News flash )

    Dovile Virsilaite has suddendly disappeared from all IMG websites. Switch or maintenance ?

  • Kate Moss: Swimming model !

    03 mars 2011 ( #Paris )

    I just saw this great trailer of Longchamp on YouTube. Could not resist to show you Kate Moss, the swimming model ! Apparently there is more to come ;-D (courtesy of Longchamp & YouTube - Video by Alasdair McLellan)

  • Alyssa Miller: Monster -> IMG, Milan

    04 juin 2014 ( #Milan )

    LA model Alyssa Miller switched from Monster to IMG in Milan. Alyssa is already with IMG in NY, Paris and London. (courtesy of Allure Russia / Kenneth Willardt and Vogue Mexico / Yu Tsai - models.com)

  • Kori Richardson: IMG -> The Lions, NY

    13 juin 2014 ( #NY )

    Canadian model Kori Richardson switched from IMG to The Lions in NY. Kori is also with IMG in Paris. (courtesy of Numéro / Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello and Warehouse / Amy Troost - models.com)

  • Anya "Barrett" Lyagoshina: Models 1 -> Elite, London

    17 juin 2014 ( #London )

    New face Anya "Barrett" Lyagoshina (Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015 show) switched from Models 1 to Elite in London. Anya is also with The Society in NY. (courtesy of style.com / TFS)

  • Ali Michael: Elite -> IMG, London

    18 avril 2013 ( #London )

    Model Ali Michael is eventually credited on the website of IMG London (she used to be with Elite London). Ali is also with IMG NY, Paris and Milan. (courtesy of French Numéro / Sofia Sanchez & Mauri Mongello and Mixte / Jason Kibbler - models.com)

  • News flash - Marta Berzkalna

    13 février 2011 ( #NY )

    Marta Berzkalna is not credited anymore on the website of MC2 NY. Maintenance or swtich... To be continued. Marta is with City models in Paris, Select in London and Fashion in Milan.

  • Saara Sihvonen: Union -> The Hive, London

    05 décembre 2014 ( #London )

    Finnish model Saara Sihvonen switched from Union to The Hive in London. Saara is alo with Silent Paris and Why Not Milan. No more with Supreme in NY... (courtesy of Lucky / Boo George / models.com)

  • Anya Kazakova now also @ WM, Paris

    27 juin 2014 ( #Paris )

    Russian model Anya Kazakova is now also represented by WM in Paris. Anya is already with Wilhelmina in NY, Storm in London and D'Mgmt in Milan. (courtesy of Tatler Russia / John Akehurst / Visual Optimism)

  • News flash - Tara Gill

    01 février 2011 ( #Milan )

    Tara Gill is now not credited anymore on the website of Why Not Milan... Tara just left DNA for IMG NY and is not credited anymore on the websites of Viva Paris and London...

  • News flash - Patricia van der Vliet

    31 janvier 2011 ( #News flash )

    Patricia van der Vliet was not anymore credited on the website of Union models today. Maintenance or switch ? To be continued...

  • Issa Lish now also @ Storm, London

    05 décembre 2014 ( #London )

    Mexican model Issa Lish is now also represented by Storm London. Issa is already with Premium in Paris, Muse in NY and Why Not in Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Mexico / Alexei Hay and Vogue Italia / Steven Meisel - models.com)

  • Georgina Stojiljkovic now also @ Milk, London

    05 décembre 2014 ( #London )

    Serbian model Georgina Stojiljkovic is now also represented by Milk in London (she used to be with Select London). Georgina is also with Women in Paris+Milan and Supreme in NY. (courtesy of Chicago Tribune / Kevin Sinclair / models.com)

  • Jacquelyn Jablonski: Supreme -> IMG, NY

    20 juin 2014 ( #NY )

    Green-eyed American beauty Jacquelyn Jablonski switched from Supreme to IMG in NY. Jacquelyn is also with Elite in Paris+Milan. She is not credited anymore on the website of Select... (courtesy of Vogue Russia / Emma Tempest / models.com)

  • Kate Bock: Storm - > Milk, London

    09 décembre 2014 ( #London )

    Canadian model Kate Bock (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue) switched from Storm to Milk London. Kate is also with Oui in Paris, Elite in NY and Why Not in Milan. (courtesy of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit / David Burton / models.com)

  • Cintia Dicker: Marilyn -> Elite, Paris

    10 décembre 2014 ( #Paris )

    Brazilian model Cintia Dicker switched from Marilyn to Elite Paris. Not a big surprise as Cintia recently left Marilyn Marilyn NY for The Society... Cintia is aslo with Storm in London and Why Not in Milan. (courtesy of Marie Claire Brazil / Fabio Bartelt...


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