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13 mars 2011 7 13 /03 /mars /2011 10:52

Nobody really mentioned it but this season the March issue of Vogue Spain is quite spectacular for several reasons...


All photographers were brought for this issue by Management+Artists (Alexi Lubomirski, Lachlan Bailey, Laurie Bartley, Camilla Akrans, Serge Leblon and Victor Demarchelier).


Management+Artists brought also several talented stylists they represent... Melanie Huynh, Sissy Vian and Samira Nasr but also make-up artists and hair stylists.


All models (Tati, Mathilde, Malgosia, Alina, Zuzanna, Ruby, Hailey, Anja) were brought exclusively by Next models which allowed Vogue Spain to get access to Arizona Muse, THE girl of the moment... 


Last but not least, the artistic direction was handled by Laird+Partners, a leading NY-based creative agency specialized in fashion and luxury ("Meet the Hilfigers", Donna Karan,...).


The result is "fenomenal" ! Congratulations to Yolanda Sacristan for this great initiative which positions this month Vogue Spain among the major editions... 

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13 mars 2011 7 13 /03 /mars /2011 09:37

Polina Kuklina is not switching but... why major magazines like ELLE or Vogue do not cast her ? She is so beautiful !
Which Editor will allow her to make a big come back in 2011 ? 
She is the face of Lola this season. 

Polina is represented by City in Paris, FM in London and Trump in NY. 

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9 décembre 2010 4 09 /12 /décembre /2010 13:06

I noticed that model agencies take more and more time to credit on their websites new models switching to their boards. And vice versa, model agencies also take more and more time to delete girls from their websites.
Legal question, no time for updates or bad faith ?


City models has still Querelle Jansen on its website while she is already credited at Nathalie.
Linda Vojtova is still credited at Nathalie while she is already credited at Oui management.

Elsa Sylvan is still at DNA while she is already officially announced on the website of One.

Jessica Miller disappeared from Next Paris website but is not credited on IMG Paris website yet.

Tara Gill not credited yet on IMG Paris while she is not on the website of Viva Paris.

Ymre is still on the elite Paris website while she has been credited on the Viva Paris website for several months now.





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