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3 janvier 2011 1 03 /01 /janvier /2011 19:39

Anna Ilnytska used to be represented by Next in NY but she is now with Muse NY.
Anna is also represented by Just WM in Paris and Fashion in Milan.

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22 décembre 2010 3 22 /12 /décembre /2010 19:11

In 2010, there is one name everybody has in mind... Paul Rowland, the guy who moved from Supreme to Ford NY with all the domestic and international consequences ! Let's see in more details what were the most important moments in the switching model business in 2010 in NY...

2009 had ended with the moves of Meghan Collison and Suvi Koponen from Supreme, Paul Rowland's home, to Next NY... A detail to remember to understand why Next was going to suffer a little later in 2010 when three supermodels were leaving for Ford NY, Paul's new home...

January 2010
Angela Lindvall
moved from IMG to Women. Another temporary move ? This time Women got her great creds and the Prada ad campaign... The girl stayed with IMG NY and even moved from IMG to Women Milan. A good switch. Kristy Kaurova also moved to Women but she came from Major. So far, Kristy has not been awarded with the great story allowing her to become THE one ! As good things come in threes, Ubah Hassan also joined Women after saying goodbye to Click and the fabulous story with Bruce Weber they had just offered her... Has she regrets now ? I don't have in mind other fantastic editorial stories with her...

February 2010
Ping Hue
hesitated between Major and DNA but decided eventually to be with DNA... Happy with her Teen Vogue credits ? I guess she can expect more in 2011... especially with this Asian major buzz (please read Vogue US December issue if you were on the moon during the last 6 months...). W-healthy Women NY added Madisyn Ritland on its website... OK she got the DKNY ad campaign but she has not seduced the US glossy fashion publications so far... 

March 2010
Caroline Trentini
 was not happy with IMG and switched to Women... A new "Angela Lindvall" move ? Not really.. She is still in Vogue US and does Victoria Secret like before but has still no access to the big ad campaigns... Better to seduce Katie "Love" Grand when you are Brazilian ;-D
March 9 2010 : The Imagist spreads the word that Paul Rowland is leaving Supreme with bookers to Ford and that the fired Ford NY team is moving to Supreme... Huge ! Who is going to follow who...
In the middle of this states of model war... Silent NY opened ! Anna Selezneva can be booked now from NY ! Magic...

Some models moved from Supreme to Women and don't follow Paul : Maria-Carla, Martha, Behati, Iris,...
Some models moved from Ford NY to Supreme : Chanel, miss J. Jablonski, Flavia, Lakshmi, Fabiana, Nataliia, Kate Somers,... 
Some models moved from Women to Supreme : Georgina, Sheila or Mina...
Some models moved from Supreme to Ford NY : Alana, Daiane, Darya, Hanne Gaby, Tao, Reina, Ranya, Heidi, Ana-Claudia, Dafne, Rose, Karolin, Rachel Clark, Antonella, Kate K., Veranika, Vika,...
Some models moved from Women Direct to Supreme : Alla (but she then moved to Women), Ieva, Dioni and Bregje...
What a month ! 

Ming Xi was signed by Ford NY.
New York models poached discreetly Marlene Szoka from Ford and Evelina Mambetova from Supreme...  
Next NY was also very happy... they got Cecile Mendez from Supreme and Nika Lauraitis from Ford... 

April 2010
Everybody thought that it would the calm after the storm but...
In April, Women NY poached Fei-Fei Sun from Muse... Was it such a smart move as she was not in Vogue US Dec issue ? 2011 will tell us... DNA poached Ymre from One. She is supposed to be back in 2011. Let's wait and see... Marilyn discreetly poached Julia Dunstall, Addison Gill and Alison Nix from Women while Egle Tvirbutaite moved from Elite+ to Next NY and Olga Sherer from Women to New York models... Marcelina Sowa said goodbye to Next and switched also to New York models when Kiki Kang left New York models for Surpreme... Michele Alves said adios to IMG for Elite+ and Liliane Ferrarezi switched from Ford to IMG... and the month ended with THE BIGGEST MOVE OF THE YEAR : Anna Jagodzinska was moving from Next to Ford NY !!! Paul Rowland had his revenge on the new agency of Meghan and Suvi...

May 2010
Karmen Pedaru followed her a few days after. At the same time in Paris, Milan and London, Paul Rowland moved his girls from Next and Women to Elite in Paris and Milan and to Premier in London... Loads of switches ! 

Ariel Meredith
left Ford for IMG and Tabea left Marilyn for IMG... yes so what ? 6 months after nothing big happened for them. In the meantime, Elite* poached Lyndsey Scott from Click a managed to get her in the next months a DKNY ad campaign and several great editorial credits... A smart move then.

June 2010
Megan McNierney switched from Marilyn to IMG... Again, so what ? 6 months later, nothing great happened to her ! Mayara Rubik left also Next for Ford... Too early to say if the move was smart but she has a big potential ! Hannelore Knuts created the surprise when she moved from Women to Ford for Paul... She did well as she is back in the magazines and was in the H&M Lanvin ad campaign... Smart move for the lady. Inguna Butane also left Women but for Marilyn... We are still waiting for Inguna to be again in the magazines... Maybe that's why Patricia Schmid left Marilyn for Muse... And ?

Summer 2010
Valerija Kelava
, face of Versace, Prada, Celine and Balenciaga ad campaigns, moved from Next to Ford !!! The third major switch from Next to Ford NY... Paul was King of the World ! Rumors on Anja started but were stopped. She stayed with Next. Kinee Diouf left New York models for IMG... Not sure it will be good for her. Last move before September with Esther de Jong leaving DNA for Muse... Nostalgia ! 

September 2010
Back in serious business... Anaïs Mali moved from Wilhelmina to Ford NY and she did well ! She appeared in Interview with Solve Sundsbo and is rumoured to be in the next Gap campaign... Amanda Norgaard moved from Supreme to DNA. A smart move ? To be confirmed in 2011... THE TWO BIG MOVES : Chanel Iman said bye bye to Supreme for IMG and Jessica Miller did the same with Next for IMG... Oki doki... So what ? 

October 2010
Milou van Groesen
 was now with DNA (and also in Numéro this month) and lovely Querelle Janssen was back in business with New York models and is rumored to be in the new Miu Miu ad campaign (youpi actually...). Paul Rowland can't get enough with Next as Elyse Taylor left Next for Ford... Elisa Sednaoui (rumored to be in the new Giorgio Armani ad campaign) switched from One to IMG NY and Yulia Leontieva left Marilyn to Silent NY.

November 2010
Elsa Benitez left One for Elite+ while Ana Milhajlovic left Women for Muse but Elsa Sylvan left DNA for One... Hyun Yi Lee switched from Major to Silent NY and appeared in Vogue US while Dasha Maygina was now with Next after leaving Supreme... Funny to see Milana Keller now at Marilyn NY leaving DNA months ago. The best move of the month is probably Juju Ivanyuk switching from Trump to New York models... Hopefully Juju will start to appear in major editorial stories.

December 2010
Alyssa Sutherland left Next for One. In the meantime, Tara Gill was declared switching from DNA to IMG and Sofie Oosterwaal would be leaving One for DNA... We will know in 2011 along with other surprises to come... I'm sure 2011 won't be disappointing...

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11 décembre 2010 6 11 /12 /décembre /2010 11:28

Eva Bohatova switched from MC2 to Wilhelmina NY. Hopefully it will help her to be featured one day in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue...
Eva is also with Storm in London and City in Paris.

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10 décembre 2010 5 10 /12 /décembre /2010 21:39

Alyssa, longtime runner at Next, has just moved from Next to One management NY.

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5 décembre 2010 7 05 /12 /décembre /2010 14:03

After Elite and Ford NY, Mollie Gondi is now with Q management NY where Cordula Reyer and Janelle Fishman are also represented. Molli is also with Just WM in Paris.

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5 décembre 2010 7 05 /12 /décembre /2010 08:49

Manon von Gerkan, the ex Sports Illustrated, Victoria' secret, Playtex and Coco Chanel fragrance face, switched from Wilhelmina to One management NY.

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23 novembre 2010 2 23 /11 /novembre /2010 20:56

After switching from Major to Women Paris, Hyun Yi Lee is now moving from Major to Silent NY. Hopefully her cameo in a photo shot by Steven Meisel in the last Vogue US issue, will open her doors for more credits in Vogue, Bazaar, Allure, Interview, W...

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22 novembre 2010 1 22 /11 /novembre /2010 20:39

Elsa Sylvan is switching...
She left DNA for One management and...
she left Viva Paris and London for ? and...
she left Fashion Milan for ?
To be continued...

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18 novembre 2010 4 18 /11 /novembre /2010 23:43

Do you remember this very beautiful model called Sierra Huisman Sullivan ? She was at IMG, did Prada and Guerlain campaigns and was a favorite of Bruce Weber (Vogue US) and David Sims (Bazaar US)...

She just switched from Ford NY to Supreme. Go girl you are fantastic !

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18 novembre 2010 4 18 /11 /novembre /2010 23:24

Milana Keller already reappeared recently at Women Paris. She is now represented by Marilyn NY.
Back in the game for more incredible editorials in Allure ?

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