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13 août 2015 4 13 /08 /août /2015 15:37

MP Management (MP Milan and MP Mega in Miami) have just officially announced that they acquired Major Paris now renamed MP Paris. Matteo Puglisi becomes the CEO of the global MP network.

MP Milan represent supermodel Bar Refaeli but also it-model Marjan Jonkman, Anastasia Ivanova or Flavia Lucini.

MP Paris (ex: Major Paris) represent major new faces Ally Ertel, Cierra Skye, Frances Coombe or Sally Jonsson and supermodel like Sessilee Lopez.

Let's see in September if this announcement will have any "switching" side effects...


(courtesy of models.com)

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24 juillet 2015 5 24 /07 /juillet /2015 20:23

One Management has refreshed its website.

A new welcome page with all the latest news including the new Proenza Schouler AW15 ad campaign with Anne-Catherine Lacroix and Liisa Winkler (both members of the Mainboard division)...

One.1 has no more its own website and is now a true division located on the same website as the other divisions (One, One.1k or Celebrity). The Main division includes so many legendary names (Helena, Eva, Kirsten, Devon, Bridget, Karolina,...) and the Developement division shelters amazing new faces including YSL girl Marjan JonkmanGucci girl Lia Pavlova or Red Valentino girl Amalie Schmidt...

The website is much easier for navigation. I'm a fan!


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14 juillet 2015 2 14 /07 /juillet /2015 20:15

Major NY, the NY agency of Sessilee Lopez and Sally Jonsson (AW15 MJ ad campaign) but also Tony Ward or Rob Evans, has a newly revamped website... Ready for the NYFW in September.


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25 mai 2015 1 25 /05 /mai /2015 08:14

The one who said we don't need another hero was wrong...
Heroes Models, the new model agency in NY from the Silent Paris team, is coming soon. Can't wait to discover the model roster.


(courtesy of Heroes NY Instagram)

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5 avril 2015 7 05 /04 /avril /2015 08:17

What's happening between The Lions NY and Silent Paris ?

Aya Jones was placed with Silent Paris and then quickly moved to Oui, Emeline Ghesquiere moved from Silent to Oui and now Silent Paris models Othilia Simon, Elodia Prieto, Clarence Tennessee or Morgane Warnier are not credited anymore on the website of The Lions NY...

Is Silent Paris back in NY (Silent NY being a different company with no link anymore to Silent Paris) ? Has a booker left The Lions NY ? Are The Lions NY and Oui Paris more than in tandem ?

To be continued.

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31 mars 2015 2 31 /03 /mars /2015 12:30

I've heard through the grapevine that Elite Paris would be currently working hard on a Special Bookings division...

Ford Paris recently launched a Talent division including Harmony Boucher, Emily Ratajkowski or French Olympic swimmer Florent Manaudou.

Elite London launched beginning of 2014 a Special Bookings division including actress Rose Byrne and singer Chloe Howl.

To be continued...

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25 février 2015 3 25 /02 /février /2015 18:42

After IMG, Women/Supreme/Women360 or Trump NY, some more model agencies have also revamped their websites recently...


Silent NY, Muse NY, Elite network and Wilhelmina network ....


Inspired design, more modernity, white backgrounds or editorial photos as wallpaper, bigger pictures, videos, social networks... the golden touch of cDs, the company responsible for redesigning the 4 websites. Well done and great job for the image (major player) of all these agencies.

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12 janvier 2015 1 12 /01 /janvier /2015 18:16

Estonian models Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov and Harleth Kuusik are not switching from Elite Milan to The Fabbrica, the new agency in Milan.

The Instagram and Twitter messages posted on Friday by The Fabbrica were deleted.

Both models are still with Elite Milan.

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4 janvier 2015 7 04 /01 /janvier /2015 07:46

Union Models, the London model agency founded in 2005 by Rachel Du Preez has become Wilhelmina London ! A new step in Europe for the American model agency founded in 1967 by Dutch model Wilhelmina Cooper... 

Several major Union/Wilhelmina London girls are also represented by Wilhelmina NY including Charlotte Carey, Dempsey Stewart, Elisabeth Erm, Emely Montero, Marike Le Roux, Qi Wen Feng, Sung Hee Kim or Veronika Vilim.

Wilhelmina NY girls are currently also represented in London mainly by Storm (Manon Leloup, Sojourner Morrell, Keke Lindgard, Alexandra Martynova, Carolina Sjostrand, Carly Engleton, Charlotte Nolting, Victoria Anderson,...), Models 1 (Coco Rocha, Ali Stephens, Ava Smith, Neelam Gill, Jena Goldsack, Sofia Fisher, Taja Feistner,...) or Elite (Cindy Bruna, Kwak Ji Young)...

Union has recently lost several major models (including Alla Kostromichova, Anna Brewster, Josefien Rodermans, Milly Simmonds, Saara Sihvonen, Sophia Ahrens or Tamara Weijenberg) following their bookers to the new London agency The Hive. Korean supermodel Soo Joo Park was not credited anymore on their website in December 2014...

Will this acquisition have side effects (switches...) ? Let's keep an eye on wilhelmina.com

Can we expect Wilhelmina Paris soon ?

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16 décembre 2014 2 16 /12 /décembre /2014 20:03

Women Paris and Nathalie got married and gave birth to Supreme Paris !

Most of the girls now with Supreme Paris are actually ex-Nathalie girls and/or girls with Supreme in NY...

Here is a non-exhautive tentative recap:


Ex Nathalie girls (moving from Women Paris to Supreme Paris):

- Anna Nevala
- Anniek Kortleve
- Anouk Hagemeijer
- Becca Horn
- Brogan Loftus
- Carolina Thaler
- Carla Mattei
- Charlotte Carey
- Clementine Deraedt
- Daphne Velghe
- Dasha Denisenko
- Elena Bartels
- Emily Meuleman
- Estee Rammant
- Eugenia Volodina
- Irina Liss
- Julia Frauche
- Kersti Pohlak
- Laura Kampman
- Liberty Ross
- Lisanne de Jong
- Marie-Sophie Wilson
- Melissa Tammerijn
- Milagros Schmoll
- Milou Sluis
- Olga Maliouk
- Patricia Schmid
- Ros Georgiou
- Steffi Stoede
- Tess Hellfeuer

Girls also with Supreme NY (moving from Women Paris to Supreme Paris):

- Britt Maren
- Georgina Stojiljkovic
- Julie Hoomans
- Kel Markey
​- Kristine Froseth
- Laura O'Grady
- Lottie Hayes
- Maaike Klaasen
- Maria Borges
- Marique Schimmel
- Milou van Groesen
- Rachel Alexander
- Rebeca Marcos
- Shelia Marquez
- Stephanie Hall

Ex Nathalie girls also with Supreme NY (moving from Women Paris to Supreme Paris):

- Anastasia Ivanova
- Audrey Nurit
- Charlotte Wiggins
- Emilie Ellehauge
- Eve Delf
- Katrin Thormann
- Nova Malanova


Ex Women Paris girls (moving from Women Paris to Supreme Paris):

- Iris Strubegger

Currently missing on Supreme Paris or Women Paris websites:

- Anne Verhallen
- Elena Sudakova
- Fanny François
- Ilva Heitmann
- Joanna Tatarka
- Julia Fuchs
- Lais Oliveira
- Lakshmi Menon
- Laura Blokhina
- Marine van Outryve
- Megan Thompson
- Noot Sear
- Romina Lanaro
- Sophie Pumfrett
- Ylonka Verheul
- Vanusa Savaris
- Veranika Antsipava

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