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3 avril 2011 7 03 /04 /avril /2011 09:45

Daily routine... Waiting for the next major move ;-D


Silent NY get authority by representing not only Anna Selezneva but also now Snejana and Madisyn, two ex-Women NY models.

NY models also get higher authority with new residents such as Dovile Virsilaite, Vanusa Savaris and Lisanne de Jong. Smaller shops like Silent and NY models seem to be hot currently...

I'm impressed by the Image division of Wilhelmina including hot new faces like Chloe, Keke, Marike, Melodie Monrose or Wang Xiao. They also had launched Anaïs Mali (remember Interview...) before she switched to Ford... Rebirth of a legendary agency !

DNA credited on their website that a new website is coming soon... Hopefully they will include a new face division for women as they already do it for men. It is currently difficult to have a clear vision of who is new or established...


Major area of turbulence for Tess after the switches of Jacquetta, Magdalena, Lisanne and now Karolin Wolter... but Tess already managed to add hot new faces like Janice Seinen Alida, Mayara Rubik Marchi and Carola Remer to their board.

The sky is very blue for Select and Storm. Both agencies fight efficiently against international networks (IMG, Next, Elite or even Viva) by welcoming many major faces. Select seems to be in favour with Women/Supreme while Storm is in favour with Silent...

FM is currently doing a good job with their Image division including hot faces like Chloe, Nastya, Vanusa, Monika, Sydney and... Polina Kuklina (ah if only Katie Grand, Victoria Young, Kate Phelan, Catherine Newell-Hanson or Lucinda Chambers could cast her for Love, iD or Vogue UK...). All these great faces should help FM to get more major editorial credits in the UK major fashion magazines...


No major switches recently... Calm before the storm ?


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