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12 février 2012 7 12 /02 /février /2012 10:45

Freezing Paris

Wanted: Anna Speckhart, Addison Gill, Shelby Keeton, Lina Zhang (no more credited with Metropolitan) or Yulia Terentieva (with Next ?) or Johanna Kneppers (not more credited with Just WM)... Frida Aasen is not anymore with Viva but not yet on the website of Women Paris...

Where is Snejana Onopka ? No more with Silent Paris+NY. Will the Elite Paris show package will tell us more soon (no Snejana in the Elite NY package though...) ?

Welcome to Marilyn Paris and Viva Paris on Twitter... Women, Elite and IMG Paris where are you ? 



The new website of Fusion models is now online. The agency of Anna Schilling, Lina Zhang or Chrystal Copland indulged an elegant and chic website. Definitely one agency to follow...

Are Julia ZimmerMaddie KulickaAddison Gill or Sandra Hellberg still with Marilyn NY ? Why Yulia Dementieva or Asia Chow are not on their website ?

Is Dafne Cejas still with Ford or without any agency currently ? 

Hopefully after the FW and a deserved rest, the websites of the agencies will be updated (stunning Maria Palm Lyduch still not credited with Trump). Elite NY might even open soon their long awaited website...



Can't wait for the comp cards of the agencies for this FW... Where is Milou van Groesen ? Still with Select but too early credited and therefore taken off for legal reasons ?

Storm did a major coup last week with the unexpected switch of Ashley Smith (Diesel ad campaigns) from Models 1 to Storm...

Welcome to Viva London on twitter.



High number of switches since the beginning of this year and mainly to the detriment of Joy Model Management with major models like Siri Tollerod, Merethe Hopland, Frida Aasen or Kati Nescher leaving to Women and Why Not.

Surprising move of Karlina Kaune, leaving Why Not for a smaller agency called 2morrow... small can become big.

Is Maddie Kulicka with Next Milan or not ? Ranya Mordanova no more with Women ? 

Twitter... Forget it ! 

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