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9 décembre 2010 4 09 /12 /décembre /2010 13:06

I noticed that model agencies take more and more time to credit on their websites new models switching to their boards. And vice versa, model agencies also take more and more time to delete girls from their websites.
Legal question, no time for updates or bad faith ?


City models has still Querelle Jansen on its website while she is already credited at Nathalie.
Linda Vojtova is still credited at Nathalie while she is already credited at Oui management.

Elsa Sylvan is still at DNA while she is already officially announced on the website of One.

Jessica Miller disappeared from Next Paris website but is not credited on IMG Paris website yet.

Tara Gill not credited yet on IMG Paris while she is not on the website of Viva Paris.

Ymre is still on the elite Paris website while she has been credited on the Viva Paris website for several months now.





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<br /> With Ymre it must be some sort of "silent protest", unless they are/were actually trying to hold her to her contract? It's clearly intentional anyway, given that she left Elite almost a year<br /> ago...<br /> <br /> The others seem more like slow updating, though in general I think the recent agency chaos in NYC have made everyone [even more] suspicious and a bit cautious.<br /> <br /> <br />