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  • Annie Tice: Why Not -> Fashion, Milan (30/06/2022)
    American model Annie Tice switched from Why Not to Fashion Model Milan. Annie is also with New Madison Paris, Heroes NY and Premier London. (courtesy of Town & Country UK Magazine / Richard Phibbs / models.com)
  • Akiima: IMG -> Milk, London (30/06/2022)
    Australian model Akiima switched from IMG London to Milk Mgmt. Akiima is also with Oui Paris and Heroes NY. (courtesy of ELLE Sweden / Mattias Bjorklund / models.com)
  • Faith Lynch: IMG -> Supreme, Paris (29/06/2022)
    American model and singer Faith Lynch switched from IMG to Supreme Paris. Faith is currently not credited anymore on the website of Storm London. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK / Jem Mitchell / models.com)
  • Tindi Mar now also @ Silent, Paris (23/06/2022)
    Mexican model Tindi Mar is now also represented by Silent Paris. Tindi is already with The Industry NY. (courtesy of Vogue Mexico / Sonia Szostak / models.com)
  • Marihenny Pasible now also @ Linden Staub, London (22/06/2022)
    Dominican-born model Marihenny Pasible is now also represented by Linden Staub London. Marihenny is already with Women360 NY. (courtesy of LOVE Magazine / Dan Jackson / superselected.com)
  • Anna Cleveland: Next -> Premium -> Select, Paris (20/06/2022)
    American/Dutch model Anna Cleveland switched from Next Paris to Premium in March 2022 and is now with Select Paris... Anna is also with Muse NYC, The Squad London and Next Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Turkey / Santi de Hita / models.com)
  • Magda Laguinge: Next -> City, Paris (18/06/2022)
    Argentine model Magda Laguinge switched from Next Paris to City Models. Magda recently joined Linden Staub London and is also with D'Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Spain / Xevi Muntane / models.com)
  • Sigrid Agren now also @ Premier, London (16/06/2022)
    French model Sigrid Agren is now also represented by Premier London. She had been with Elite London. Sigrid is already with Ford Paris and Elite Milano. (courtesy of Chanel Beauty / Solve Sundsbo / models.com)
  • Michaela Kocianova: Elite -> The Squad, London (14/06/2022)
    Slovakian model Michaela Kocianova switched from Elite London to The Squad Mgmt. Michaela is also with Elite Paris, Supreme NY and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of Allure Magazine / Sebastian Kim / models.com)
  • Kremi Otashliyska: Premium -> GIRL, Paris (14/06/2022)
    Bulgarian model Kremi Otashliyska switched from Premium to GIRL Mgmt in Paris. Kremi is also with New York Model Mgmt and Kult London. (courtesy of Russh Magazine / Benjamin Vnuk / models.com)