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  • Emmy Rappe: IMG -> Elite, Milan (30/04/2022)
    Swedish model Emmy Rappe left IMG Milano and is now with Elite Milano. Emmy is also with Elite Paris and Women NY. (courtesy of French Revue de Modes / Thierry Le Goues / models.com)
  • McKenna Hellam: IMG -> The Hive, London (30/04/2022)
    American model McKenna Hellam switched from IMG London to The Hive. McKenna recently joined Kollektiv NY and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK / Agata Pospieszynska / www.graveravens.com)
  • Ajak Deng now also @ Supreme, Paris (29/04/2022)
    South Sudanese/Australian model Ajak Deng is now also represented by Supreme Paris. Ajak is already with iDAL London. (courtesy of Vogue Portugal / Domen & Van de Velde / models.com)
  • Sasha Luss: IMG -> The Lions, NY (21/04/2022)
    Russian actress and model Sasha Luss switched from IMG NY to The Lions NY. Sasha is also with Elite Paris and is currently not credited anymore on the websites of IMG London & Milano. (courtesy of Numéro / Hans Feurer / models.com)
  • Theresa Hayes now also @ Muse, NY (21/04/2022)
    American model Theresa Hayes is now with Muse NYC. She was before with The Lions NY. Theresa is also with Milk London and Fabbrica Milano. (courtesy of InStyle US / Anthony Maule / models.com)
  • Julia Frauche: Next -> Women360, NY (18/04/2022)
    French model Julia Frauche switched from Next NY to Women360. Julia is also with Women Paris, Elite London and Fashion Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Italia / Laurie Bartley / models.com)
  • Elisabeth Erm: Wilhelmina -> Linden Staub, London (13/04/2022)
    Estonian model Elisabeth Erm is switching from Wilhelmina London (still on their website) to Linden Staub. Elisabeth is also with Elite Paris, Official NY and Women Direct Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Spain / Victor Demarchelier / designscene.net)
  • Mathilde Brandi: Official -> Next, NY (09/04/2022)
    Danish model Mathilde Brandi switched from Official Mgmt to Next NY. Mathilde recently joined Next London and is also with Next Paris and Women Direct Milano. (courtesy of Costume Magazine / Mariya Peplanova / TFS)
  • McKenna Hellam: IMG -> Why Not, Milan (09/04/2022)
    American model McKenna Hellam switched from IMG Milano to Why Not. McKenna recently joined Kollektiv NY. (courtesy of S Moda Magazine / Philip Gay / models.com)
  • Tessa Bruinsma: Next -> Viva, Paris+London (08/04/2022)
    Dutch model Tessa Bruinsma switched from Next Paris to Viva Paris and is switching from Next London (still on their website) to Viva London. Tessa is also with Next NY+Milano. (courtesy of Document Journal / Colin Dodgson / www.scoopnest.com)