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  • Lily Cole: D'Mgmt -> IMG, Milan (13/10/2021)
    Model and actress Lily Cole switched from D'Mgmt to IMG Milan. Lily is already with IMG Paris, NY and London. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Taiwan / Mark Holyoak / models.com)
  • Kaja Wojakowska now also @ Ford, NY (13/10/2021)
    Polish model Kaja Wojakowska is now also represented by Ford NY. Kaja is already with Premium Paris, Storm London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Saint Laurent / Rory van Millingen / models.com)
  • Caroline Knudsen: The Hive -> Next, London (12/10/2021)
    Danish model Caroline Knudsen switched from The Hive to Next London. Caroline is also with Next Paris, NY and Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Paris / Charles Negre / models.com)
  • Sofia Mechetner now also @ One, NY (09/10/2021)
    Israeli model Sofia Mechetner is now also represented by One Mgmt (One.1 Division) in NY. Sofia is also with Fashion in Milan. (courtesy of RUSSH Magazine / Sam Hendel / models.com)
  • Kasper Kapica: M+P -> Storm, London (08/10/2021)
    British model Kasper Kapica switched from M+P to Storm London. Kasper is also with GIRL Mgmt in Paris. (courtesy of Vogue Spain / Liz Collins / TFS)
  • Loli Bahia now also @ Women, NY (05/10/2021)
    French model Loli Bahia is now also represented by Women NY. Loli is already with Women Paris and Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Oliver Hadlee Pearch / models.com)
  • Roos Abels: Fusion -> The Industry, NY (04/10/2021)
    Dutch model Roos Abels switched from Fusion to The Industry NY. Roos is also with IMG Paris, The Squad London and Brave Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Italia / Laurie Bartley / models.com)
  • Josie Canseco: Next -> Elite, NY (02/10/2021)
    American model Josie Canseco switched from Next to Elite NY. (courtesy of Town & Country / Matthew Brookes / models.com)