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  • Adrienne Jüliger now also @ Heroes, NY (14/05/2021)
    German model Adrienne Jüliger is now also represented by Heroes NY. She was with DNA NY before. Adrienne is also with Viva Paris+London and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of Self Service Magazine / Alasdair McLellan / selfservicemagazine.com)
  • Kremi Otashliyska: Elite -> Kult, London (10/05/2021)
    Bulgarian model Kremi Otashliyska left Elite and is now with Kult London. Kremi is also with New York Model Mgmt and Women Milano. (courtesy of Russh Magazine / Benjamin Vnuk / models.com)
  • Laiza de Moura now also @ Elite, NY (05/05/2021)
    Brazilian model Laiza de Moura is now also represented by Elite NY. Laiza is already with Viva Paris+London. (courtesy of Puss Puss Magazine / Stephanie Volpato / models.com)
  • Willow Hand: Supreme -> Elite, NY (05/05/2021)
    American model and musician Willow Hand left Supreme NY and is now with Elite NY. Willow is also with Women Paris, The Hive London and The Lab Milano. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Vietnam / Jingna Zhang / models.com)