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  • Neelam Gill: Next -> CAA, NY (12/04/2021)
    British model Neelam Gill switched from Next to CAA Fashion. Neelam is currently not credited anymore on the websites of Next in Europe. (courtesy of ELLE UK / Liz Collins / veylex.com)
  • Laura Morgan: Marilyn -> The Management NYC (10/04/2021)
    British model Laura Morgan switched from Marilyn to The Management NYC. Laura is also with Premier London. She also recently left Marilyn Paris and is now with Ford Paris according to Laura's IG page. (courtesy of Collection Issue Magazine / Laura Morgan...
  • Matilda Lowther: The Squad -> Chapter, London (04/04/2021)
    British model Matilda Lowther switched from The Squad to Chapter Mgmt in London. Matilda is also with Marilyn Paris, Heroes NY and Special Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Portugal / Frederico Martins / TFS)
  • Nicole Pollard: The Lions -> Women360, NY (03/04/2021)
    Australian model Nicole Pollard switched from The Lions NY to Women360. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK / Lara Jade / models.com)
  • Anya Lyagoshina now also @ Marilyn, NY (03/04/2021)
    Russian model Anya Lyagoshina is now also represented by Marilyn NY. She had been with The Society. Anya is already with Elite Paris+London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Italia / Gilles Bensimon / models.com)
  • Cami You-Ten: Why Not -> Brave, Milan (03/04/2021)
    Canadian model Cami You-Ten switched from Why Not to Brave Milano. Cami is also with Premium Paris and Fusion NY. (courtesy of LOVE Magazine / Solve Sunsbo / 39lolas.blogspot.com)
  • Luisa Bianchin: Karin -> Makers, Paris (03/04/2021)
    German model Luisa Bianchin switched from Karin to Makers Paris (Metropolitan). Luisa is also with Monster Milano. (courtesy of Flair Magazine / J-F Campos / fashiongonerogue.com)
  • Ava Smith: Elite -> Select, Paris (03/04/2021)
    American model Ava Smith switched from Elite to Select Paris. Ava is also with Women360 NY and Women Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Spain / Mario Sierra / models.com)
  • Lily Cole: Storm -> IMG, London (01/04/2021)
    British model and actress Lily Cole switched from Storm to IMG London. Lily is also with IMG Paris+NY and D'Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of Super Magazine / Leslie Kee / models.com)
  • Samantha Gradoville: IMG -> Women, Paris (01/04/2021)
    American model Samantha Gradoville left IMG and is now with Women Paris. Samantha recently joined Women NY. (courtesy of Numéro / Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello / art8amby.wordpress.com)