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  • Vaughan Ollier: APM -> Elite, NY (30/04/2021)
    American/Australian model Vaughan Ollier is switching from APM (still on their website) to Elite NY. Vaughan is also with Models 1 in London. (courtesy of V Magazine / Inez & Vinoodh / models.com)
  • Michelle Gutknecht: The Lions -> Ford, NY (24/04/2021)
    Polish model Michelle Gutknecht switched from The Lions to Ford NY. Michelle is also with Oui Paris, The Hive London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Japan / Patrick Demarchelier / polishmodelsblog.com)
  • Shanina Shaik: IMG -> The Lions, NY (22/04/2021)
    Australian model Shanina Shaik is switching from IMG NY (still on their website) to The Lions NY. Shanina is also with IMG Paris, London and Milano. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Greg Swales / models.com)
  • Maria Miguel: Next -> DNA, NY (21/04/2021)
    Portuguese model Maria Miguel is switching from Next NY (still on their website) to DNA. Maria is also with Viva Paris+London and Next Milano. (courtesy of Vogue CZ / Omar Macchiavelli / models.com)
  • Hayett McCarthy: IMG -> Tess, London (20/04/2021)
    French/Algerian/British model Hayett McCarthy is switching from IMG London (still on their website) to Tess Mgmt... Hayett is also with IMG NY and Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Arabia / Louis Christopher / fashioneditorials.com)
  • Vivienne Rohner: Elite -> Monster, Milan (17/04/2021)
    Swiss model Vivienne Rohner switched from Elite Milano to Monster. Vivienne is also with Next Paris, Heroes NY and The Squad London. (courtesy of V Magazine / Inez and Vinoodh / models.com)
  • Gabby Westbrook: The Lions -> Elite, NY (15/04/2021)
    New Zealand-born Australian model Gabby Westbrook switched from The Lions to Elite NY. Gabby is also with Select London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Australia / Derek Henderson / TFS)
  • Claudia Lavender: Next -> Women, Milan (15/04/2021)
    British model Claudia Lavender switched from Next to Women Direct Milano. (courtesy of The Observer / Lara Jade / fashiongonerogue.com)
  • Nour Rizk now also @ The Lions, NY (13/04/2021)
    Swiss/Lebanese model Nour Rizk is now also represented by The Lions NY. Nour is already with Silent Paris and Models 1 London. (courtesy of Vogue Paris / David Sims / models.com)
  • Paige Reifler: The Lions -> Women, NY (13/04/2021)
    American model Paige Reifler switched from The Lions to Women NY. Paige is also with Oui Paris. (courtesy of ELLE Italia / Matt Jones / fashiongonerogue.com)