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  • Naomi Chin Wing: IMG -> M+P, London (05/12/2020)
    Trinidadian model Naomi Chin Wing left IMG London and is now represented by M+P Models. Naomi is also with Oui Paris and Monster Milano. (courtesy of The Sunday Times Style Magazine / Claudia Knoepfel / models.com)
  • Yumi Lambert: IMG -> Women, NY (02/12/2020)
    Belgian model Yumi Lambert switched from IMG to Women NY. Yumi is also with IMG Paris, London and Milano. (courtesy of Philosophy Magazine / Nicolas Kantor / models.com)
  • Mae Lapres: One -> Women, NY (01/12/2020)
    Canadian/Chinese model Mae Lapres switched from One Mgmt to Women NY. Mae is also with Premium in Paris and Milk London. (courtesy of Crash Magazine / Jermaine Francis / premium-models.com)
  • Rebecca Longendyke: Storm -> Models 1, London (01/12/2020)
    American model Rebecca Longendyke switched from Storm London to Models 1. Rebecca is also with Women Paris+Milano and Elite NYC. (courtesy of i-D Magazine / Alasdair McLellan / i-d.vice.com)