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  • Pixie Geldof now also @ Women, NY (30/11/2020)
    English model and singer Pixie Geldof is back with Women NY. Pixie is also with Elite Paris and London. (courtesy of ELLE UK / David Vasiljevic / TFS)
  • Maryel Sousa: Elite -> Premium, Paris (19/11/2020)
    American model Maryel Sousa switched from Elite Paris to Premium. Maryel recently joined Women NY and is also with Elite London+Milano. (courtesy of ELLE UK / Victor Demarchelier / TFS)
  • Indira Scott: Anti -> Premier, London (17/11/2020)
    American model Indira Scott switched from Anti Agency to Premier London. Indira is also with DNA NY and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of US Vogue / Jackie Nickerson / dnamodels.com)
  • Angel Rutledge: The Lions -> One, NY (12/11/2020)
    American model Angel Rutledge left The Lions NY and is now with One Mgmt. Angel is also with Premier London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Allure / Terry Tsiolis / TFS)
  • Aleece Wilson: Elite -> One, NY (11/11/2020)
    Canadian model Aleece Wilson left Elite NYC and is now with One Mgmt. Aleece is also with New Madison Paris and Premier London. (courtesy of M Le Monde Magazine / Richard Burbridge / models.com)
  • Olivia Forte: The Lions -> Heroes, NY (09/11/2020)
    American model Olivia Forte switched from The Lions to Heroes NY. Olivia is also with The Hive London and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Wonderland Magazine / Daria Kobayashi Ritch / wonderlandmagazine.com)
  • Georgia Palmer: Ford -> IMG, NY (09/11/2020)
    British model and DJ Georgia Palmer switched from Ford to IMG NY. Georgia is also with Supreme Paris, IMG London and D'Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / David Sims / models.com)
  • Theresa Hayes now also @ Anti, London (06/11/2020)
    American model Theresa Hayes left Premier and is now represented by Anti Agency in London. Theresa is also with Ford Paris, The Lions NY and The Fabbrica London. (courtesy of Numéro / Anthony Maule / numero.com)
  • Ava Smith: The Lions -> Women360, NY (05/11/2020)
    American model Ava Smith switched from The Lions NY to Women360. Ava is also with Elite Paris and Women Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Spain / Mario Sierra / models.com)
  • Fatou Jobe: Monster -> Special, Milan (04/11/2020)
    American model Fatou Jobe switched from Monster to Special Mgmt in Milan. Fatou is currently joining New York Model Mgmt (still on the website of State Mgmt) and is also with Oui Paris and Select London. (courtesy of ELLE UK / Ton Schirmacher / model...