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  • Nadja Bender now also @ Heroes, NY (31/07/2020)
    Danish model Nadja Bender is now also represented by Heroes NY. Nadja is also with Oui Paris, Premier London and Fashion Milano. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Turkey / Tom Schirmacher / models.com)
  • Leomie Anderson: Fusion -> CAA, NY (31/07/2020)
    Leomie Anderson, British model, brand founder, activist and TED Talker, switched from Fusion NY to CAA. Leomie is also with Premium Paris and Monster Milano. (courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs / Desiree Mattsson / models.com)
  • News Flash / Louie Chaban: The Lions -> Ford, NY (31/07/2020)
    One of the most influent model agents in NY, Louie Chaban is leaving The Lions where has was Director to go back to Ford NY where he will be Director of the US Women's business. When Louie was at Ford NY, he managed successfully the careers of supermodels...
  • Shanelle Nyasiase: Storm -> Select, London (31/07/2020)
    South Sudanese model Shanelle Nyasiase switched from Storm to Select London. Shanelle is also with Select Paris+Milano and Elite NYC. (courtesy of Vogue Japan / Luigi & Iango / models.com)
  • Luma Grothe: Women -> The Society, NY (31/07/2020)
    Brazilian model Luma Grothe switched from Women NY to The Society. Luma is also with Oui Paris, Premier London and Elite Milano. (courtesy of Madame Figaro / Eric Traoré / planet.fr)
  • Marlijn hoek: Next -> Monster, Milan (31/07/2020)
    Dutch model Marlijn Hoek is switching from Next Milano (still on their website) to Monster. Marlijn recently joined Women Paris and is also with Next NY+London. (courtesy of ELLE Sweden / Frida Marklund / pinterest)
  • Kremi Otashliyska now @ NYMM, NY (30/07/2020)
    Bulgarian model Kremi Otashliyska is now @ New York Model Mgmt. Kremi is also with Elite London and Women Milano. (courtesy of Eurowoman Magazine / Henrik Bulow / models.com)
  • Sasha Knysh: M+P -> Models 1, London (29/07/2020)
    Ukrainian model Sasha Knysh switched from M+P to Models 1 in London. Sasha is also with Muse NY and Monster Milano. She is currently not credited anymore on the website of Women360 Paris... (courtesy of Marc Jacobs / Steven Meisel / models.com)
  • Irina Kulikova: IMG -> One, NY (29/07/2020)
    Russian model Irina Kulikova is back and with One Management NY. (courtesy of Glamour UK / Philip Gay / anneofcarversville.com)
  • Anna Selezneva: Women -> Elite, NY (28/07/2020)
    Russian supermodel Anna Selezneva switched from Women NY to Elite NYC. Anna is also with Silent Paris, Select London and Women Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Paris / Vanina Sorrenti / models.com)