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  • Alex Binaris: Elite -> Ford, Paris (26/02/2020)
    South African model Alex Binaris left Elite and is now with Ford Paris. Alex is also with Titanium London and Elite Milano. (courtesy of Solar Magazine / Bjorn Iooss / unomodels.com)
  • Jessica Fennix now also @ Select, Paris (26/02/2020)
    American model Jessica Fennix is now also represented by Select Paris. Jessica is already with Crawford Models in NY, Established London and NOLOGO Milano. (courtesy of Marc Jacobs / Steven Meisel / models.com)
  • Willow Hand: Monster -> The Lab, Milan (26/02/2020)
    American model Willow Hand switched from Monster to The Lab Milano. Willow is also with Women Paris, Supreme NY and The Hive London. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Vietnam / Jingna Zhang / models.com)
  • Herieth Paul: Women -> Select, Paris (26/02/2020)
    Canadian/Tanzanian model Herieth Paul switched from Women to Select Paris. Herieth is also with Elite NYC and Women Milano. She is currently not credited anymore on the website of Elite London... (courtesy of Air France Madame Magazine / Marc de Groot...
  • Anna Speckhart: The Society -> Women/360, NY (25/02/2020)
    American model Anna Speckhart switched from The Society to Women/360 NY. Anna is also with Elite Paris and D'Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of ELLE France / Christian Ferretti / models.com)
  • Mia Brammer: Marilyn -> Women, Paris (24/02/2020)
    Brazilian model Mia Brammer switched from Marilyn to Women Paris... #FW2020PFW. Mia is also with The Industry NY, The Squad London and Special Milano. (courtesy of Amica Magazine / Frederico Martins / fashionotography.com)
  • Ai Tominaga now @ IMG, Paris (21/02/2020)
    Japanese supermodel, actress and essayist Ai Tominaga is now represented by IMG Paris. #FW2020PFW... (courtesy of Pin Prestige Magazine / Wee Khim / weekhim.com)
  • Lulu Tenney now also @ Ford, Paris (21/02/2020)
    American model Lulu Tenney is now also represented by Ford Paris. Lulu is already with The Lions NY. #FW2020PFW... (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Steven Meisel / magpile.com)
  • Natalie Ludwig: Silent -> Elite, Paris (19/02/2020)
    Canadian model Natalie Ludwig switched from Silent to Elite Paris. Natalie is also with The Society NY, Premier London and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of Glamour US / Bjorn Ioos / models.com)
  • Maggie Jablonski: Marilyn -> Titanium, Paris (17/02/2020)
    American model Maggie Jablonski switched from Marilyn to Titanium Paris, the brand new Parisian model agency. Maggie is also with Muse NY and Titanium London. (courtesy of German Flair Magazine / Simon Emmett / models.com)