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  • Theresa Hayes: Ford -> The Lions, NY (31/01/2020)
    American model Therese Hayes left Ford NY and is now with The Lions NY. Therese is already with The Fabbrica Milano. (courtesy of ELLE US / Terence Connors / TFS)
  • Bridget Malcom: Ford -> Women, NY (31/01/2020)
    Australian model Bridget Malcom switched from Ford to Women NY. Bridget is also with Elite London+Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Australia / Simon Upton / models.com)
  • Cintia Dicker: Ford -> Women, NY (31/01/2020)
    Brazilian model Cintia Dicker switched from Ford to Women NY. Cintia is also with Ford Paris, Storm London and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of Vogue Brazil / whynotmodels.com)
  • Emanuela de Paula: Ford -> Women, NY (31/01/2020)
    Brazilian model Emanuela de Paula switched from Ford to Women NY. Emanuela is also with Elite London and D'Mgmt Milano. (courtesy of ELLE Italia / Matt Jones / sinuousmag.com)
  • Nyasha Matonhodze now also @ Women, NY (30/01/2020)
    British model Nyasha Matonhodze is now also represented by Women NY. Nyasha is already with Elite Paris and Titanium London. (courtesy of LOVE Magazine / Michael Bailey Gates / Instagram)
  • Rebeca Marcos: Models 1 -> Storm, London (30/01/2020)
    Spanish/German model Rebeca Marcos switched from Models 1 to Storm London. Rebeca is also with Supreme Paris. (courtesy of Playing Fashion Magazine / Sylvester Yiu / models.com)
  • Issa Lish: The Squad -> Next, London (30/01/2020)
    Mexican model Issa Lish is switching from The Squad (still on their website) to Next London. Issa is also with Women Paris+Milano and Elite NYC. (courtesy of Marc Jacobs / Steven Meisel / models.com)
  • Bo Gebruers now also @ Wilhelmina, London (30/01/2020)
    Belgian model Bo Gebruers is now also represented by Wilhelmina London. Bo is already with Marilyn Paris and Brave Milano. (courtesy of Another Magazine / Paolo Roversi / models.com)
  • Carissa Pinkston now @ VNY, NY (30/01/2020)
    American model Carissa Pinkston is back with VNY in NY. (courtesy of M Le Monde Magazine / Olivier Hadlee Pearch / models.com)
  • Alice Metza: The Society -> VNY, NY (30/01/2020)
    American model Alice Metza switched from The Society to VNY. Alice is also with Elite Paris and Why Not Milano. (courtesy of Love Want Magazine / Richard Bush / models.com)