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  • Poppy Delevingne: Storm -> IMG, London (04/08/2017)
    British model, socialite and actress (Kingsman 2 coming soon...) Poppy Delevingne is switching from Storm (still on their website) to IMG London. Poppy is also with IMG Paris and she recently joined IMG NY... (courtesy of Glamour Spain / Mario Principe...
  • Pooja Mor: Wilhelmina -> Premier, London (04/08/2017)
    Indian model Pooja Mor is switching from Wilhelmina London (still on their website) to Premier. Pooja is also with Premium Paris, Elite NYC and Special Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Arabia / Ben Hassett / models.com)
  • Jeisa Chiminazzo: IMG -> Marilyn, NY (01/08/2017)
    Brazilian model Jeisa Chiminazzo switched from IMG to Marilyn NY. Jeisa recently joined Elite Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Romania / Mark Squires / unomodels.com)


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